“Now, Alice is in charge Alex, so you do whatever she tells you to do, understand?”


Alex nodded as he looked down, shuffling his feet as his mother slipped on her cream-coloured coat.  It covered not only the tight white jumper she was wearing, but also the short chocolate coloured leather miniskirt, which matched the tight leather boots that came up to her knees.


“Can I watch some television then Mum – I’ll be bored otherwise.”


“You know nothing comes on until Play School,” his mother said with a smile as she looked at him.  He was thirteen years old, three years younger than his sister Alice but four years older then his younger sister Andrea.  He had tousled brown hair, and was wearing a checked shirt with blue jeans and brown soft shoes.  “why don’t you see if Andrea will play a game with you?”


“All right – when will you be back Mum,” he said as he looked up.


“A couple of hours.  Now behave yourself, all right?”


Alex nodded as his mother fastened his coat up, and then left him in the house as she left.  He watched from the window as she walked down the path and then turned onto the pavement, before he smiled to himself.  There was one game he would like to play with Andrea – and he had been putting some things away for some time so that he could try.


He slowly made his way up the stairs, not wanting to make too much noise as he walked past Alice’s room.  Her record player was playing the latest David Cassidy record, and he looked in to see her on her bed, reading a book.  The blonde haired girl was wearing a pair of bib shorts, the material white with a floral print, the shorts very short.  Under the bib shorts was a green top with elbow length sleeves that had a heart on the side, and she was also wearing a pair of white knee length go-go boots.


Smiling, he walked past the door and looked into his younger sister’s room.  Andrea also had light brown hair like Alex, with a little knot on the top.  She was wearing a white mini-dress with long sleeves that had a gathered wrist cuff, and white PVC knee length boots which were tightly laced up the front.  She also had her back to him, which meant she did not hear or see him come in, until he placed his hand over her mouth and said “hey, Andi – want to be my captive?”


“Whitt, hgghhn,” Andrea mumbled as her lips moved on the palm of his hand.


Alex smiled and nodded.  He had persuaded Andrea to be his play captive a couple of times before, but it had always been pretend.


This time, however, was different.


“Oh yes – so are you going to come quietly with me to my lair?”


Andrea rolled her eyes and nodded as Alex turned her round and made her walk in front of him, before they went into his room.  Her eyes opened wide when she saw he had some of his and his father’s ties laid out on the bed.




“I thought you might like to see what it’s like to be really tied up, rather than pretend – unless you are chicken, Andi?”




“Prove it then, - if I take my hand away, put your hands behind your back.”  Alex removed his hand and then smiled as Andrea put her hands behind her back, intertwining her fingers as she said “will it hurt?”


“Not if you stay still and let me do it properly.”


She nodded as he picked up one of his father’s black ties, the excitement in his eyes clear as he used it to secure his sister’s wrists together behind her back.  He then tied one of his own ties between her wrists to make it tighter, before he said “there – how does that feel?”


“It’s tight,” Andrea said as she twisted round, the sound of The Cowsills now coming from their sister’s room.  “So are you going to do this to my ankles as well?”


“I sure am,” Alex said with a smile, “sit on the bed and I’ll make sure you stay there.”


Andrea smiled as she sat on the bed, watching as Alex used another of his father’s ties and one of his to make sure her ankles were secured together.  Andrea twisted her legs round, giggling as she said “that’s a funny sound.”


“Yeah it is – so you’re my captive now,” Alex said with a smile, “but I need to make sure you can’t tell anyone I have you as my captive in here.  I’ll do what the baddies do in the comics you read, all right?”


Andrea nodded as she opened her mouth, allowing Alex to pull one of his ties between her lips and tie it round her head.  She looked at him and said “whhthnhohh?”


“Lie down while I get the ransom for you,” Alex said, Andrea nodding as he turned on the radio in his room, and watching as he walked out.  He could not believe he had managed to tie his sister up, as he watched through the door while Andrea twisted round on the bed.  It was making him excited, as he heard his sister mumbling…


“Having fun?”


Alex turned round to see Alice standing behind him, her arms folded and her head to one side. 


“Errr – she agreed to let me do it…”


Alice looked through the door, and said “did she?  Give me one good reason why I should not tell your mother what you have dome to Andrea?”


Alex was blushing now, feeling hot as he stood there saying nothing.  “Well…   I could stop you telling her as well.”


“Oh?”  Alice raised an eyebrow as she said “what – tie me up and gag me as well?”


“Gag you?”


“that’s what you did to Andrea, by tying your tie in her mouth,” Alice said.  She then smiled as she said “I guess you are going to have to make sure I can’t tell your mother either.”




“Relax, kiddo – it happened all the time at Guide camps.”


“But I don’t have any of my ties or dad’s ties left…”


“Come with me,” Alice said as she took Alex into her bedroom – normally forbidden territory for the young man.  He looked at the posters on the wall of David and Donny as his big sister looked in a drawer, and took out of it some stockings.


“Right – you can use these to tie me to my chair,” Alice said as she sat in the chair at her desk, and put her arms down on the rests, palms against the wood.


“Are you sure?  I might hurt you…”


“I’ll let you know if you do.  So go on – use those stockings to tie my wrists to the arm rests.”


Alex nodded, not believing his luck as he picked up one stocking and wrapped it round her left wrist and the wooden arm rest, making sure it was held firmly in place.  He then used a second stocking to secure her other wrist, Alice nodding as he tied it as tightly as he could.


“That looks sore.”


“No, no it’s fine,” Alice said quietly as she wriggled in the chair, Alex noticing how her chest moved under the bib shorts.  “Use two more of the stockings, tie my ankles to the front legs of the chair.”


Alex nodded as he picked up two more of the stockings and knelt down, using them to tie her booted ankles to the legs of the chair.  He smiled as he heard the squeaking sound again as the boots was held firmly against the wood, when she twisted round.


“Why does it make that sound,” Alex aid as he looked up.


“What sound?”


“That squeaking sound – I heard it when Andi moved round as well…”


Alice looked at her brother as he stood up, and said “it’s the sound leather makes when it rubs against something – you tied that very tightly Alex.”


“Well, I have to make sure you cannot get away, don’t I?”


“Yeah, you do…”


Alex looked at her sister, who had a far away look in her eyes as she twisted round.  He could see the way her chest was moving as well, which made him feel strange as well.


“Oh yes… But I may call for help.  You need to stop me doing that.”


“I…  I could go and get another tie…”


“Or you could try and put one of those stockings in my mouth.”


Alex’s eyes opened wide as he picked up one of three stockings – and then Alice clamped her mouth shut.


“How can I put this in?”




Alex looked at his sister, and then very slowly reached over and pressed his hand on her chest.  She let out a low moan, so he continued to rub her chest, Alice looking at him and nodding before she slowly opened her mouth – and he pushed the rolled-up stocking in to fill the empty space revealed.


Alice nodded as she closed her lips, the edges of the nylon sticking out as she closed her eyes and slowly twisted round.  Alex still had his hand on her chest, so it rubbed against that – and it made him feel excited as well.


It was the sound of the door opening and closing that made them look at each other, Alice shaking her head as she said “ghhnhh – whll be fhn.”


“Are you sure?”


Alice nodded as she closed her eyes again, Alex leaving her and then checking on Andrea.  She was still tied up, the tie between her lips as she slept.


“Is anyone around?”


“Oh – hi Mum,” Alex said as he walked into the front room, seeing his mother as she removed her coat.


“Will you hang this up for me,” she said as she handed the coat to Alex, the young boy taking it into the hallway as she said “so where are your sisters?”


“The bad man has tied them up and made sure they can’t call for help.”


His mother stopped for a moment, and then said “what bad man?”


“Me – I’ve been playing a game with Andrea and Alice, like you asked me to.”


He looked at his mother, who shook her head as she said “well, I wonder why the bad man has not found me yet.”


“Mummy, are you suggesting…”


“Oh my,” she said as she raised her hands in the air, “please don’t hurt me, mister bad man.”


Alex stared at his mother, before he made the shape of a gun with his hand, and said “no shouting, lady – I need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm.  I need something to tie you up with – have you got any stockings?”


“No – but I have got the wool in my knitting basket.”




“All right,” she said as she winked at Alex, “I’ll lie face down on the couch, just don’t hurt me please.”  She walked over and lay on her stomach on the couch, putting her hands behind her back as Alex slowly walked to the knitting basket, and took out a roll of blue wool. Making a loop in the loose end, he passed it over his mother’s right hand and then pulled it tight, before he wound the wool around and between her wrists to hold them together.


“Do you have to tie my legs as well,” she then said as she bent her legs and crossed her ankles, Alex not believing his luck as he wound the wool round her ankles to hold them together as well.  He then took the wool back down and tied it round her wrists again, so that she could not put her ankles back down again.


“Where did you learn that Alex?”


“I saw it on the Saint, Mummy – I hope you don’t mind…”


“Did you do this to the girls?”


Alex shook his head as his mother wriggled onto her side, and he saw how her jumper was stretched over her chest.


“I…  I need to keep you quiet as well Lady – got something I can put in your mouth?”


 His mother shook her head, as she said “no – please…”


“But I have to keep you quiet.”


She nodded as she said “there’s a roll of sticking plaster in the kitchen – you can use that.”


“Really? I saw that in The Saint as well…”  Alex literally felt as if he was walking on air as he went to the kitchen and picked up the roll of brown fabric plaster.  He same back and slowly peeled a length off, before he said “lips together lady – and don’t struggle.”


“Okay,” she whispered as she raised her head, Alex pressing the sticking plaster down over her mouth and looking at her as she twisted round, the shape of her lips visible under the brown strip.  He was fascinated by the way she looked – and the way she sounded as she moaned softly.  It made him feel the same way touching Alice had – so when he walked froward while his mother lay on her side, she raised an eyebrow – and then both as Alex stroked her chest.


It made him feel so different – and he was aware of some other new feelings as well, something he had never experienced before.




“Sorry, Mummy – I didn’t think you would mind.”


She looked at him, and then nodded as she closed her eyes, feeling his stroke on her chest as Alex felt a throbbing somewhere – and then he stopped and turned red, before he ran off.


When he came back, she said “Thhmthchtmhfhrrh.”  She noticed he had put on a pair of shorts as he found the scissors in the sewing basket and cut her arms and legs free, helping her to sit up before she peeled the rape from her mouth.


“Okay – go and free the girls, and I’ll cook some tea,” she said, shaking her head as he ran off.  She knew she would have some extra washing to do – and a chat to have with him and the girls later.


Little did she know what the next week might bring…









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