The Danish Affair








As Clara looked round the living room of her house, set in the suburbs of Aarhus, she smiled to herself.  Her husband was out, and she was all set for her friends to visit and talk over their plans for the upcoming festival.


Picking up the paper, she read briefly the article on the Montreal Olympics, sitting in the low couch as she did so.  The coffee was brewing in the kitchen, and she was wearing a brand new outfit she had purchased a few weeks before.  It consisted of a brown sweater with a folded neck, a small waistcoat with black stripes on the brown material, and a matching knee length skirt with a silver buckle on the belt. 


Her reading was interrupted by a knock on the door.  Standing up, she walked to the door and opened it.


“Sonja – come in, come in please,” she said as she stood to one side, allowing Sonja to come in.  The tall blonde was wearing a long brown dress, with an open collar and a row of buttons down from the neck, but actually fastened by a short zip which ended at the waist.  Clara could see the brown suede hot pants her friend was wearing underneath, as she walked in, her wedge sandals hitting the wooden floor.


“How could I refuse an invitation to coffee and cake,” Sonja said with a smile as she went and sat down.  As she crossed her legs, the dress parted, her modesty only protected by the tight suede shorts.


“Here we go,” Clara said as she handed her friend a small cup of black coffee, and then turned as the doorbell rang.  “One moment,” she said as she went to the door, returning with a third woman with long brown hair, her gentle curls falling down her back.


“Astrid, you made it,” Sonja said as she stood up and hugged the new arrival.  She was wearing a high necked jersey dress, with horizontal brown and coloured stripes.  The skirt of the dress came to below her knees, but there was a brown stripe with buttons from her navel to the hem, the lower buttons undone to allow her to move.  She also wore a pair of knee length laced suede boots in grey and white.


“So what cakes do we have today,” Astrid said as she sat down, smiling as Clara handed her a coffee.


“We have the usual selection,” she said as she sat as well, “but I want to catch up on the gossip first.  Is it true about the Mordens?”


“It is – I understand a quiet wedding for their little girl is imminent, and the other family will keep them right.”


“And we are meant to be the liberated generation?”


“We reap what we sow dear,” Astrid said with a laugh.  “Come on Clara bring out the cakes.”


“All right, all right, I’ll go and...”  As Clara stood up, she looked out of the large windows behind her two guests, her face paling as her coffee cup dropped to the floor.


“Clara, what is....   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Shut the hell up,” the masked man said as he walked in, pointing a sawn off shotgun at the three women as two others followed him in.  They wore black sweaters and jeans, their masks balaclavas that only showed their eyes and mouths, black gloves on their hands – and two were armed with the shotguns, the barrels cut to the hilt. 


Astrid and Sonja slowly stood up and joined Clara as the man smiled.  “Right,” he said as a large canvas bag was dropped on the floor.  “Just keep fucking quiet, and do as you’re fucking told, got it?”


The three whimpered and nodded as they held each other.  “Right – you two, get their arms secured”


“Who are you,” Astrid finally whispered as one of the men yanked her arms behind her back, and she felt rough rope as it was pulled tightly around her crossed wrists.  “Hey – that hurts!”


“Shut it,” the man behind Sonja growled as she bound her wrists tightly, “or I’ll shut it for you.”


“You wouldn’t dare,” Astrid said, “you’re just big fucnkgkgnsarwddssswhttthhhh.”  Her mumbled curses were quietened by the large cloth the man had stuffed into her mouth, the red edges sticking out from between her lips as the shotgun was pointed at her head.


“Keep that in there, or you die,” he whispered quietly, Astrid nodding as a tear started to move down her cheek.


“Please,” Clara said quietly as the man secured her wrists, “what is this about?”


“Good question, baby – tie their arms now.”


“oh god,” Sonja whispered as the man wound rough brown rope around her upper body, trapping her arms to her sides as it went above and below her chest, forcing her breasts out as the zip fastening parted slightly.


“Something to say, bitch?”


Looking at Astrid, Sonja slowly shook her head, not wanting to say exactly how those ropes were making her feel at that point – or how she felt as she watched Astrid’s chest been thrust out as her arms were bound to her chest in the same way.


“You’re coming with me,” the man facing them said as he grabbed Clara by the arm and forced her to follow him, “keep them occupied, and rip the telephone from the wall.”


As one of the remaining men ripped the telephone from the wall, the other one reached round, groping Astrid’s chest as he looked at Sonja.  The woman heard her friend’s muted gasps and groans, as he said “this is turning you on, isn’t it?”


“Please, don’t hurt her...”


“Interesting – you said her, not us.  Give her a reward.”


Sonja felt the rope pass round her waist, forcing her wrists against her back, and then as he walked round and bound it at the front, she wondered what was happening.  As he knelt down, she felt his hand on her bare thighs, and then said “Oh merciful lord...” as he pulled the rope between her legs, the rear of her skirt pulled up as it pressed down on her hot pants, the pressure making her moan out loud as it rubbed against her.


“Whtruddngnthrrr,” Astrid mumbled as she looked at the expression in her friend’s eyes, while the man tied the rope to her back.


“Let me show you,” the man behind her said as he tied a crotch rope on her as well, making the skirt ride up as it pressed against her bare clit.  She closed her eyes as he pulled the rope tight, and then opened them again, seeing the way Sonja was looking at her.


“Well, now, I think these two want to be together,” the masked man chuckled as he pulled open their skirts.  Pressing the ropes against their crotches, they listened to their moans as he said “Oh yes – let’s keep them together.”


“No – please....”


“Shhh,” the man said as he pushed a cloth into Sonja’s mouth, and both women then heard the sound of sticking plaster as it was ripped off a roll, and pressed firmly down over their lips, and they were forced to kneel in front of each other.



“Please, I’ve opened the safe, what else do you want me to do,” Clara sobbed as the man emptied the contents quickly into his bag, “please...”


“Keep quiet,” he growled as he looked at the young woman.  Carla was sat in an office chair, her breasts bouncing in the bands of rope as she struggled to get free.  As he looked over, he licked his lips slightly, Clara stopping as she saw the way he looked at him.


“What...  Why are you looking at me like that...”


The man walked over as she tried to push herself back, and then pressed his hands into her chest, as eh roughly kissed her neck and chest.


As she felt the pressure, his fingers groping, squeezing, she started to scream out “NOOOOOO!!!  PLEASE GOD DON’T DO THIS!!!”


“You have no choice in the matter,” he growled as he pushed his hand under her skirt, feeling her crotch as she wriggled round.  With one movement, he ripped her panties off, and then stuffed them into her mouth, grabbing a roll of clear tape from the office desk and wrapping it tightly round her head to keep them in.


“Hwttrllrdddplsnnnn” she said as he pulled her to the floor, pulling her skirt up as he used his finger on her, making her scream out as the gag muffled her fears, her struggles only seeming to excite him as he unbuckled his own pants...


Sonja and Astrid moaned as they rubbed against each other, the chests pressed tightly together by the rope around their bodies.


They were lying on the floor, their legs wrapped around each other and their ankles bound, while their legs were secured together at their knees.  As they wriggled round, their pants grew louder, as the ropes rubbed on those parts of their body that were incredibly, ridiculously sensitive bodies.


Astrid looked into Sonja’s eyes, a smile under the tape as she nodded, her eyes closing as Sonja gently pressed her gagged lips against Astrid’s.  They both moaned as they rubbed their mouths together, their bodies heating up as they moved together, the ropes taking them to a height neither had experienced in their lives.


Astrid voted about her husband, and what he might say.  Sonja was thinking about Michel, and what he might have to say, but as they moved closer and closer they gave into their base instincts.  Their eyes shot open as they shook, and then collapsed, unaware of the two men watching over them.





Carla sobbed as the man stood up, having tied her legs tightly together.  “Your husband is a real lucky guy,” he said as he brushed her hair back, and left her alone.


She could hear the house fall silent, and rolled over and sat herself up, pushing herself along the wooden floor to where her friends were lying on the floor, moaning quietly as they pulled on their ropes...




“Oh this is ridiculous – this passed for entertainment at the time?”


“Hey,” Joann said as she stopped the DVD, “this was considered a real classic of the time.”


“When our grandparents were that age, yes,” Sasha said quietly.  “But the violence, the guns...”


“It was the only way it could get made as a mainstream film – the rest of the film is her getting her revenge.”


Sasha shook her head as she pulled on the ropes holding her wrists to the armrests.  Her ankles were tightly tied together over her black boots, her legs secured below her knees, the red tights compressed underneath.


“I’m going to be forced to watch this now, aren’t I?”


“Yes, you are,” Joann said as she pressed the micropore tape over Sasha’s mouth, and then started the film again.  “And when you get excited, I’ll help...”







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