The Family Business








“Mum? Mum, are you in the closet?”


“Of course not dear I’m out and ready,” Olive Homes said as she stood in the doorway of the inner office. She was in her early sixties, with blonde hair that was platted into two pigtails. She was also wearing a pair of glasses, the frames looking owl’s eyes, over her blue eyes.


She was wearing a fitted jacket and skirt which had a green floral print over a black material, and her legs were in a pair of tight-fitting high tan leather boots with a three inch stacked cork heel and wedge sole, and a detailed front to the shoe.


Coral Homes looked over and smiled as she saw her mother standing there. “Not the banana print pants today?”


“What sort of woman do you think I am,” Olive said as she looked at her forty-year-old daughter. Her brown hair was tightly styled and framed her face, while she was wearing a cream-coloured short sleeved jacket and knee length skirt, her feet in a pair of golden sandals.


“I won’t answer that today,” Coral said as she shook her head and looked at the front page of the Daily Mirror. “Where did you get to last night?”


“Out where is not important,” Olive said as she adjusted her glasses.


“I thought Bibi was meant to be the wild generation.”


“You’re as young as you feel, Coral.”


“Or as the man you feel?”


Olive just shook her head as she went back into her office and sat behind the desk, Coral standing behind the front counter in the shop outside. She heard the bell on the door ring, and looked up as two men walked in. Both were smartly dressed, wearing dark suits, white shirts with black ties, highly polished black shoes, and black bowler hats.


“Good morning gentlemen,” she said as one of them stood by the door, “can I help you?”


“Oh most assuredly Am I right in assuming you are Olive Holmes?”


“No I’m her daughter Coral. Can I help you?”


“Oh I think you both will,” he said with a smile as Coral looked at what he was holding in his gloved hand. “Now, I do hope you are ready for some fun “




“Who was it,” Olive said without looking up as the office door opened.


“Someone who wishes you to look up, Mrs Homes.”


“And why would “ Olive looked up to see Coral in front of her but her arms were behind her back, and her chest was forced up and out, the top button of her jacket almost ready to burst open.


It was the smartly dressed man behind her, who was aiming a pistol at Olive, which took her full attention however.


“Ah I see you wish to discuss something with me a little forward in your approach however.”


“Well, we do like to make a point, don’t we?”


“Mum!” Coral was twisting round as the second smartly dressed man walked in and went behind Olive, taking her hands behind the back of the chair she was sitting in before she felt the rope rubbing on her bare wrists.


“We are an estate agent,” Olive said as she felt the ropes being tightened, “we have no money or anything in our offices.”


“But you do have some things of value,”! the man said as he stood behind Coral, watching as the second man wrapped rope round Olive’s body and chest to hold her firmly against the chair back. “Nice jugs, by the way.”


“I beg your pardon!” Olive fumed as she saw the way her chest had being forced up and out by the ropes holding her to the chair.


“Wedgewood, if I am not mistaken,” he said as he walked Coral round to look at the display cabinets, the pottery items arranged on the shelves. Olive calmed down a little as the man knelt down and took her ankle against rh chair leg, using more brown rope to hold the two together as the rope squeaked by rubbing on the leather.


“I thought you were “


“Oh you are both very handsome women as well,” the man said as he turned Coral round, Olive seeing the bands of rope that were holding her elbows and her wrists together behind her back, and then made her kneel down on the floor, before he knelt down and started to bind her ankles together.


Olive tried to move, but her legs were held tightly against the front legs of the chair as the man used more rope to hold her legs together and to the seat of the chair. She then gasped as he grabbed her chest in his hands and started to massage them.


“Don’t do this “


“Oh be quiet,” he said as he pulled the handkerchief from his jacket pocket and stuffed it into Olive’s mouth, the edges sticking out as he returned to playing with her chest.


“Leave my mother alone!”


“You need to be quiet and focus on what you are ging to do,” she heard the man in front of her say, and then she looked round as he lowered the opening on his trousers.




“We have some time to pass,” he said quietly, “and I want you to be useful, so do what you know what I’m going to ask you to do without any more complaints.”


“But “




Coral looked over at her mother as Olive felt her breasts firming up, and then nodded as she slowly turned and gently kissed the man that was in front of her. She then put her lips over the top and pulled back, looking at the man as he put his gloved hands on her head.


“Go on and then when you are done, we make sure you stay where you are “


She slowly nodded as she took his cock into her mouth and began to work her tongue round it, feeling it throb as she started to bob her head to and fro. She could feel it expand, the throbbing intensify as she tried not to cry and bobbed her head forward and backwards.


“Whhdhthsthhsss “


“Yu need to accept we are in charge here,” the man kneading Olive’s chest said as he opened her jacket up and slipped her hands under her bra cups, and she closed her eyes, praying the way she was responding would not be noticeable to him.. She could feel the fire between her legs, and the slight dampness, as she closed her eyes.


Coral could also feel the intensifying of the throbbing on her tongue as she sucked and worked on him, knowing she truly had no choice as she felt the jerk and tasted the salty pre-cum. Closing her eyes, she prayed nothing worse than that would happen as she felt the pulsing and prepared herself.


When the flow came, it was swift and strong as she tried to swallow as much as she could, and heard her mother’s moans suddenly intensify before she fell silent. Her head was being held firmly in place, so she had no way of seeing what was happening as the flow went down her throat, until the grip was released and she moved her head back, coughing slightly as her binder knelt and used his handkerchief to wipe her mouth then stuffed it into her mouth, before he tore a length of brown sticking plaster form a roll and pressed it down over her lips.


He stood up and fastened his pants before he tossed the Elastoplast to his partner, Olive feeling the pull on the skin round her own mouth as she watched her daughter being made to lie on the floor, her bound ankles pulled back and secured to her elbows.


“Now, we had best get to work,” the man said quietly as he walked to a door that led to the rear of the shop and then said “ah we were expecting you. Come in, and keep those hands in the air.”


Coral rolled onto her side and said “nhhphlssnthrrr” as a twenty-year-old woman was forced to come into the inner office. She had long red hair which fell down the back of her cream cardigan, and she was wearing black top with a brown miniskirt, and knee length black go-go boots over her hose covered legs.


“Mum? Gran?”


Trixie Home looked at the two older women as the armed man said “don’t worry we just need to keep her secure. Come over here, and keep those hands where we can see them. You need to get to work.”


The second man nodded as Trixie walked slowly over, looking at the other two as the man turned her round, and then pulled her hands down behind her back. She felt the rope rubbing on her wrists as they were held tightly together, and then gasped as more rope was passed round her upper body and pulled tight, her arms forced against her sides as her chest was forced out and framed by the two growing bands.


Phllssdhntdhhtthr,” Coral aid as she twisted in the chair.


“I don’t think either of you are in a position to do anything,” the man said quietly as he pulled the bands tighter and then turned Trixie round, feeding another length of rope under the bands between her breasts and then taking the ends through the centre loop and puling tight before he tied and let the ends drop to the floor.




Bhbrrrhffmhlhf,” Coral said as she watched the man walk behind Trixie, and then reach between her legs, pulling the rope back and up as her skirt was hiked up. Trixie could feel the rope rubbing her between her legs as it was tied off, before her nose was pinched and white cloth stuffed into her mouth.


She heard the ripping sound and then felt the tug around her lips as the Elastoplast was pressed firmly down, before the man made her lie face down on the floor, and she felt her ankles being forced together, hearing the squeak as rope and leather rubbed together.


Her ankles were then pulled back and Trixie squealed as her ankles were tied to the rope between her legs, before he sat on the desk and looked at all three.


“Patience relax, enjoy the time,” he said with a smile as all three looked at each other, too scared to move.





Olive could see the sun was setting through the open door and the front window as the second man came back, carrying a large canvas bag which jingled as he walked.


“Excellent no problems?”


“No they behaved themselves.”


“Excellent - ladies?”


All three of them watched as the two men walked out of the front door, waiting before Trixie started to struggle nd try to get the ropes free.




Bhthehtthghtfhrrhhmhmm,” Trixie said as she thrashed around, and then both Olive and Coral heard the low moan before the youngest of them said “Hmmghdhddwhtthhphnnhthmmhhh.”




BhtthhwhttthghthffhrhrrhHHHNNNHHHHHH!” Both women watched as Trixie started to shake and then threw her head back, her cream loud even through the gag as she felt an orgasm for the first time. As she calmed down, Olive managed to roll herself over and somehow get on to her knees, before she shuffled over to kneel behind her mother.





Trixie watched as Coral looked at the knots holding Olive’s upper body in place, and then pressed her cheek against her mother’s hands, rubbing as she did so. Olive looked behind her, and then started to rub on the edge of the sticking plaster that was over her daughter’s mouth, Coral trying to help as well as slowly, slowly the edge started to come away from her skin.


It seemed to take an eternity before Olive was able to get a grip on the edge, holding it as tightly as she could as Coral twisted her head round, trying not to show any of the pain he was feeling as the Elastoplast was peeled away from there until it hung on her mother’s fingers. She then spat out the cloth and coughed, before she said “Trixie, I know you are panicking, but please unless you want it to happen again, lie still and wait until I can get your grandmother free.”


Trixie nodded as Coral looked at the knots, and then started to work on them with her teeth as they all hear the distant sound of sirens







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