The Office Party







“I wish you a hopeful Christmas,
I wish you a brave New Year…”


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and at the firm of Madison and associates the traditional Christmas Drinks party was in full swing – much to the chagrin of Diana as she stood with a glass of cheap red wine in her hand.  She really did not want to be there, but she had no choice in the matter…


She was wearing a long grey dress, with darker grey horizontal stripes and capped sleeves, over a black cowl necked jersey, her high black leather boots coming up to just under the hem of the skirt, a black beret perched on her blonde hair which was styled like the Princess.  The boots had squared brown heels, perfect for stamping on the feet of those she didn’t want to dance with.


People like Steve Madison, the son of the head of the firm, and a man who thought her was the pick of the crop.  He was in his early twenties, and was wearing a tailor made three piece pinstripe suit, the gaudy tartan tie tied with a large knot under the collar of his white silk shirt.  He looked ta Diana and walked over, smiling as he said “so what are your plans for the holiday?  If you haven’t got any, I can show you a good time…”


“No, thank you – I’m meeting my family,” Diana said with a forced smile.  She truly had no plans, save for the Turkey Dinner in her fridge, but even that was better in her mind than spending the day with someone who reeked of an after shave that was out of date five years ago.


“Well, if you change your mind,” Steve said with a drunken grin as he walked to the other side of the room, Diana watching as he walked towards Camilla.  Her colleague was wearing a similar dress, although hers had long sleeves and red stripes, and the dress had the cowl neck.  She was also wearing high black boots, with black heels – and she looked about as comfortable with Steve as she had a few minutes before.


“Can you believe that guy?  Just because his father owns the company…”


“I know,” Astrid said as she came alongside, “but I wouldn’t’ worry about it – he won’t get anywhere with Camilla either.”


“Why not,” Diana said as she looked at her colleague, wearing a short black evening dress with a band of sequins from shoulder to hem.  They both watched as Steve talked to Camilla – and then received a slap on the cheek for whatever he said as she walked off, her heels clicking on the wooden floor.


“Maybe I should check she is all right,” Diana said as Steve rubbed his cheek, smiled and walked to the other side of the room. 


“She’ll be fine – excuse me a minute,” Astrid said as she put her glass down and left the room, but Diana went in the other direction, making her way to the ladies restroom and walking in to find Camilla standing by the sinks, looking in the mirror.


“Hey,” she said as she closed the door, “Are you all right?”


Camilla looked over at her colleague and nodded as she said “yeah – I just lost my temper with the boss’ son though.  Think I’m in trouble?”


“Not with me – you just did what I wanted to do a few minutes before.  I know guys think they can get away with that sort of thing, but I’m glad at least one of us really showed him what he is.”


“I don’t have time for anyone like that – it’s Diana, isn’t it?  I like your dress.”


“Likewise,” Diana said as she looked at Camilla.  “Do we shop at the same boutique?”


“No idea – so, want to go and get another drink?”


“Why not,” Camilla said as they left the room, and walked down the corridor towards the sound of the music – but Diana stopped and looked a way down the long straight hallway.


“What is it,” Camilla said quietly.


“Someone’s in the main office – I can see the door is open and the light is on,” Diana said quietly, “we’d better check it out.”


Camilla nodded as they walked past the meeting room, but as they got closer they could hear voices in the office.


“You go that safe open yet?”


“Just about – there we go…”


As Diana looked in, she saw two men by the door to the secure safe, the door to which was open as they put documents into a bag.


“shit,” she whispered as she looked in, “we ned to raise the alarm.”


“No you don’t.”


Diana turned to her side to see Astrid behind Camilla, her colleague slowly raising her hands as she said “she…  She’s got a gun.”


“I do indeed, Diana – both of you, walk in there and keep those hands in the air.”


Swallowing, Diana walked in, the two men turning and looking at the as Astrid closed the door.  “You idiots nearly spoiled everything,” she said quietly, “but I covered your derrieres.  You two – sit in the chairs, and put your hands on your head.”


“What the hell is going on,” Camilla said as she and Diana sat down, the hems of their dresses rising to reveal the tops of their boots.  One of the men opened a second bag, saying “at least we came prepared” as he took out two skeins of rope, handing one to Astrid before he shook it free, doubled it over, and wrapped it round Diana’s waist, forcing her against the wooden back of the chair as it was tightly tied.  Her arms were then pulled round the chair back as she felt him bind her wrists together – and she could see Astrid doing the same thing to Camilla as she sat there.


“Astrid – what the hell do you think you are doing,” Camilla said as the rope was pulled tight around her arms.


“Robbing the company -what do you think it looks like,” she said as he took more rope and wrapped it round Camilla’s arms and upper body, forcing her further against the chair back as her dress was pulled over he chest.  Diana could feel the same thing happening to her as she wriggled round, and then the man knelt in front of her, putting rope around her ankles and forcing them together as he wrapped it around and between her booted legs.


She tried to move her legs, as the leather squeaked, before he pulled them to the side and bound them to one of the front legs.  She watched Camilla as the same was down to her, the grunt clear before their legs were secured below their knees, the man and Astrid folding their skirts back to do so, and then back over


“thanks – I think,” Camilla said as she looked at Diana and smiled.




“Don’t you find this a little – exciting?”


“Terrifying, if truth be told,” Diana said as she tried to move, with little success, “but – I guess it is, yeah, but what happens now?”


“Now,” Astrid said as she took from the bag a roll of brown sticking plaster, and tore a strip off, “you put your lips together.”


“Why did I see this coming,” Diana said quietly before the cloth was pressed firmly over her mouth, firmly stopping anything beyond mumbles coming from out of her mouth as she watched the brown fabric been pressed over Camilla’s mouth.  The brunette looked ta her, an eyebrow raised as Astrid looked at the two men.


“Finish off here,” she said as she picked up the bag they had loaded items into, and walked out, Camilla and Diana looking at each other as the two men cleared the last things out of the safe.






“We got a few minutes – how about we have a little bit of fun before we go?”


Diana and Camilla looked at each other, the two of them shaking their heads as the two men stood Infront of them.  “They’re a little plain,” the one in front of Diana said as she rubbed her chin, “but I’m in the mood.”


Diana shook her head and closed her eyes as he loomed over her, afraid of what was to come…


“Get your dirty hands off them!”


She opened her eyes to see the man pulled back, as Steve felled him with a left hook to the chin, another of her male colleagues tackling the second man as Camilla stared, her eyes wide.  As the two men were dragged off, Steve leaned over and peeled the tape away from Diana’s mouth.


“Are you all right,” he said as he put his hand on her cheek.


“Yeah – how did you know?”


“I saw Astrid leaving with a bag, and followed her with a security guard.  We caught her, she told us about you two – and we decided to play Jason King.”


“Without the ‘tach and sideburns,” Camilla said as she rubbed her wrists.


“Yeah – and with without the swarm from earlier.  Sorry about that – get you two ladies a drink?”









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