The Seduction of Mandy







“Nearly five o’clock,” Mandy Moore said as she sat at her desk, finishing the last piece of typing for the day and putting it in her “Out” tray.  As one of the secretaries at the legal firm of Barret and Holmes, she was looking forward to a long weekend away from the drudge of office life.


Not that the firm was a bad one to work for – and to be honest, it was just the sort of job a girl like her was taking up at that time.  She had heard of the ‘Sexual Revolution’ on the news, but in this Northern town it seemed a whole world away.  The closest she could get to it was the way she dressed – and even that had to be fairly conservative.  That particular day, she was wearing a black leather pinafore mini dress, with a white roll neck sweater underneath, hose and black knee length boots with a two inch heel – any more would have contravened the dress code set by Miss Parsons.  Her light blonde hair was swept back and held back by a white hairband, and she was wearing beaded drop earrings.


Miss Parsons was the personal assistant to Mister Holmes – a woman ten years older than Mandy, and a very well dressed woman.  She could see her now through the open door of the office – her black hair up in a bun, wearing tortoiseshell glasses as she listed to Mister Holmes, wearing a cream coloured dress with a blue cornflower print, and heels.


“So got any plans for the weekend,” Carol said as she looked over from the next desk.


“Not really,” Mandy said with a smile, “I might just go back to the flat and sleep for ten hours, then hit Northumberland Street tomorrow.”


“There’s a good film on at the cinema – the new Bond one.  Fancy meeting up to see that tomorrow?”


“Sounds fun – let’s get a…”




Mandy turned to see Miss Parsons standing next to her with a file in her arm.


“Amanda, Mister Holmes needs this document to be typed up and ready for delivery in the morning, but I need to check it over once you are finished.  I am afraid you will have to work late, and then bring it personally to my flat for my immediate attention.”


Carol looked at Mandy, her eyebrow raised as the file was placed on Mandy’s desk.  “But, Miss Parsons…”


“I heard you say you had no plans for tonight – I am sure if you get started now, it will not take too long.”  The dark haired woman wrote on a piece of paper, and gave it to Mandy before she said “I will expect you by seven thirty.  Don’t be late.”


“You’d better get started,” Carol said as Mandy shook her head, “I don’t want you to get on the wrong side of her…”




It was approaching seven thirty as Mandy walked down the residential street, her black mac keeping the chill out.  She had the document in her large handbag, the heels of her boots clicking on the pavement as she glanced at the piece of paper in her free hand, and then at the houses.


“This must be the one,” she said to herself as she walked up the stone steps, and saw “Miss L Parsons” on a slip of paper next to a white button.  Looking round, she pressed the button, and waited until she heard a familiar voice say “yes?”


“It’s Mandy, Miss Parsons – from the office.  I have that document for you?”


“Ah yes,” the voice replied, almost purring to Mandy’s ear.  “Come up – second floor.  The door is open.”


As there was a soft click, Mandy opened the door and walked in, climbing the spiral staircase to the second floor and then opening the door that led into a hallway.  She heard Miss Parsons say “go into the front room and take your coat off, Amanda – I will join you in a few minutes.”


“Would it be impolite to ask for a drink – a coffee or something,” Mandy said as she walked down the corridor, noticing the glamour shots of Hollywood stars that hung on the wall.


“I will fix something for you when I join you – please, make yourself at home,” Miss Parsons replied, Mandy slowly nodding as she walked into the large front room.  It was nicely furnished – a leather couch and tow matching chairs, and bookshelves filled with bound volumes.  As she slipped her coat off, folding it and placing it over a chair at a table with her bag on the seat, she walked over and looked at the spines of the books.


“I don’t think I’ve heard of many of these books – At the Casa de la Rosa,” she whispered to herself as she looked along, and then said “what on earth is Bizarre?”


“A magazine I own a collection of.”


Mandy turned when she heard the voice of Miss Parsons – and then stared at the older woman as she walked in.  She looked totally different – her dark hair loose, and dressed from head to foot in black leather.  The blouse she was wearing was open at the neck, with a wide belt around the waist of the trousers she was wearing.  The legs of those trousers were tucked into high leather boots, zipped up the inside and with a six inch stiletto heel.


“Miss…  Miss Parsons?”


“We are out of the office here, Amanda – you may call me Lynda, if I may call you Mandy,” she said as she walked across the room to a drinks cabinet, the leather moving with her body as if it were a second skin.  Mandy could not take her eyes off her as she opened a bottle of brandy, and poured a glass, before looking at her and saying “what can I get you?”


“Do…  Do you have a Babycham,” Mandy whispered, Lynda laughing as she opened a door and took a small bottle out, opening it and pouring the contents into a champagne glass before she handed it over.


“There you are – now, where is the document?”


“It’s…  It’s in the bag over there,” Mandy said as she looked over, “Shall I get it now?”


“No – sit down, have your drink, I will get it,” Lynda said as she walked over, Mandy sitting on the couch and sipping from her glass.  There was something about her that was intriguing her, but she had no idea what it was – the scent, heavy with musk and perfume?  Or the way her body seemed to move?


Lynda sat down and looked through the document, smiling as she sipped from her brandy glass.  “You have done an excellent job,” she finally said as she put it down, “thank you Mandy.  I hope I am not keeping you from anything by asking you to do this?”


“No Miss Parsons…”


“Lynda, Mandy, call me Lynda.”  Her voice as soft yet commanding, and Mandy nodded as she said “no Lynda.”


“No man waiting at home for you, or to take you out for a romantic evening?”  Lynda seemed to smile as Mandy shook her head, before she said “I find that hard to believe – a beautiful young lady such as yourself without a date on a Friday night?”


“It’s true though,” Mandy said as she sipped some more of her drink, “I just can’t seem to find the right man.  Do you have a boyfriend, Lynda?”


“No,” the leather clad woman said quietly, “I do not.  I find boyfriends – difficult to keep.”  She smiled as she said “you seemed surprised at my clothing when you came in.”


“Was I?  I guess I was,” Mandy said as she blushed, “you always dress so – normally at work…”


“Because that is what is expected of me – but you wear leather as well.  Do you like what I’m wearing?”


Mandy slowly nodded as she said “It – it suits you.  It makes you seem completely different from the woman I know.”


“I don’t think you really know me,” Lynda said quietly as she stood up, and came to sit next to Mandy, putting her hand on the young woman’s leg.  “But I do have to say one thing to you, Mandy.”


“And what’s that,” Mandy said as she looked into Lynda’s deep blue eyes.


“That I do find you an incredibly attractive woman.”


Mandy looked at her as she said “you do?  What do you mean by that?”


“this,” Lynda whispered as she put her hands either side of Mandy’s head, and then leaned in, gently pressing her lips on those of the younger woman.  Mandy’s eyes shot wide open – no woman had ever done this to her before, and very few men – but somehow, she was enjoying it, and somehow…


“Did you like that,” Lynda said as she pulled her head back, Mandy blushing as she slowly nodded.  “Would you like me to do it again?”  As she slowly nodded, Lynda kissed her again, Mandy returning the kiss as she pressed her lips against the red lips of her supervisor, closing her eyes as she wondered why this felt, tasted so good…


They stayed like this for a few minutes, before Lynda broke off, Mandy looking at her as she said “are you a woman who likes women?”


“I prefer to say I am a lesbian – but yes I am,” Lynda said quietly as she put her hand on Mandy’s leg, “does that shock you?”


“No,” Mandy said quietly, “I mean, I suppose it should, but…”




“Why what?”


“Why should it shock you?  Would it be more shocking if I was to say I’ve been admiring you for a few weeks now, and I’ve wanted to do that for almost all that time?”


Mandy looked into Lynda’s eyes, and shook her head as she said “it’s just – I don’t know if I…”


“How can you tell you do not like something if you do not try?  Don’t you have any secret little fantasies you wish you could fulfil Mandy?”  Lynda looked at Mandy as she blushed, and whispered quietly “I wish I was like Emma Peel?”


“Like Miss Peel?  In what way?”


“Tied down, waiting to be rescued,” Mandy heard herself say, surprised she was admitting this.  Lynda smiled as she stroked her hair from her face, and said “would you like to explore both fantasies?  After all, if I take you captive, and then do what I want to do, you cannot stop me, can you?”


Mandy was afraid for a moment, unsure of where this had sprung from, but then she slowly nodded as she said “what are you going to do to me?”


“Kiss you again first,” Lynda whispered as she started to kiss Mandy, the other girl returning the kiss this time as they put their arms round each other, stroking each other’s backs as they opened their lips, and allowed their tongues to play with each other.


After a few minutes, Lynda stood up, holding Mandy by the hand as she said “come with me.”  They walked back into the corridor, and then into a bedroom, Mandy sitting on the side of the bed as Lynda sat next to her.  Tenderly, she put her arm round Mandy’s neck and her left hand on the younger woman’s leg, Mandy putting her tight hand on Lynda’s shoulder before they looked into each other’s eyes, and then kissed again, Lynda holding her close as Mandy seemed to melt into her arms, losing herself in the passion.


“Do you give yourself over to me, to learn what true pleasure is,” Lynda eventually said as she looked into Mandy’s eyes, smiling as she saw her slowly nod.  Standing up, she went to a set of drawers and opened the top one, taking out some lengths of red silk rope.


“What are you going to do with that,” Mandy whispered as Lynda walked slowly back over.


“Make sure you are secured – put your hands behind your back,” Lynda said quietly, stroking Mandy’s chin as the younger woman nodded and did what she had been asked to do.  She turned her head and watched as Lynda doubled over a length of rope, and then put her hands together palm to palm before she wound the rope around her wrists.  The rope forced them together, and she was a little nervous at giving away control so easily, but as Lynda wound the rope around and between her wrists she started to feel different – as if this was what she had been looking for all along.


Lynda pulled the rope tight and tucked the ends into the binding, before she put her hands on Mandy’s arms and kissed the back of her neck.  “Does that feel good,” she whispered into Mandy’s ear, and then started to kiss it as she nodded.


“Stand up.”


Mandy slowly stood, her back to Lynda as she felt her supervisor – not just her supervisor, though – unfasten the buttons that were holding her dress up on her shoulders, and then letting it drop softly to the floor, before she reached round and started to gently massage Mandy’s chest with her hands.  The young woman closed her eyes and whispered “what… why are you doing this to me” as Lynda moved rhythmically, slowly, gently.


“Don’t you like it?”


“I do,” Mandy gasped, “but why are you…”  Her last words were cut off as Lynda kissed the side of her neck, gently squeezing her breasts as she did so.


“Well, is it is giving you pleasure, why should I stop – unless it is to give you greater pleasure?”


“And how…  How would you do that,” Mandy gasped as she felt her body responding to the pressure.  Her answer came as Lynda took hold of the bottom of her jumper, and then pulled it up and over her head letting it fall down her arms to her bound wrists as she now stood in her bra and panties, her hose held up by a garter belt.


Lynda reached round again and started to massage Mandy’s chest, more firmly this time as she felt her breasts starting to firm up, closing her eyes as she kissed the soft neck and heard the soft sighs.


“Do you know what this is making me feel like,” Mandy whispered as she started to push herself into Lynda’s hands.


“I can imagine – but how does this feel,” she whispered as she slipped her hands under the cups of the bra, Mandy gasping and groaning at the same time before she felt the hands pressing on her bare flesh, the fingers running over nipples which were suddenly incredibly sensitive…


“Oh my god…”


“Let me make it easier,” Lynda whispered as she pulled the straps of Mandy’s bra down her arms, revealing her breasts to the cool evening air before she started to play with the firm nipples, Mandy almost collapsing at the shocks that were starting to run through her…


Lynda then took a longer length of red rope, and wrapped it around Mandy’s body, pulling it tight under her chest as she felt her arms been forced against her body.  She then wound the rope round again and again, above and below her chest, the growing bands pressing her breasts and forcing them out – before she pulled the bands together behind her back, took the ends over one shoulder, then smiled as she fed the ropes around the lower band between her breasts, and pulled it back up. 


The touch of Lynda’s hands as she bound Mandy’s upper body on her chest, her nipples, was almost making Mandy faint before Lynda looked at her.


“I want you to lie on the bed.”


“Yes Lynda,” Mandy whispered quietly as she sat one the bed, and then lay on her back, watching as Lynda took more rope and lashed her ankles tightly together, then secured her legs below her knees, and then around her thighs, each band pulled tight and cinched between her legs so that all she could do was twist them round, the leather squeaking as her boots rubbed against each other.


“There,” Lynda said as she knelt across Mandy’s legs, looking at her as she stroked her hair from a face now lightly glistening with sweat, “my sweet little captive, all mine to do whatever I want with.  Does that idea please you, Mandy?”


“Yes – yes it does – do whatever you want.”  Mandy watched as Lynda smiled, and then leaned down, kissing the side of her neck, her throat, and then her breasts…


“Oh sweet lord,” Mandy called out as Lynda enveloped her nipples in her lips, her tongue stroking over them as she started to gently suck.  This was doing something new to her, and she wanted to scream her delight at how it felt…


“Do I need to keep you quiet?”


Mandy looked at Lynda, and said “if you don’t, I’, afraid I may scream the place down…”  She watched as Lynda opened the drawer in the bedside table, and took out what looked like a table tennis ball, with halls drilled in it and a thin leather thong tied onto either side.


“Open your mouth,” she said quietly, Mandy obeying as Lynda pushed the ball gently in behind her teeth, and then tying the thongs round her head as she felt the ball pressing her tongue down in her mouth.  She looked up, and tried to say “Thank you” – only to hear “Fhknkkuh” as Lynda smiled.


“I just want you to know pleasure,” Lynda whispered quietly as she started again to kiss Mandy’s breasts – and this time the young woman was aware of a heat inside her, a burning flame that seemed to be starting to grow as Lynda kissed and teased her breasts.  She was helpless, tied tightly, unable to do more than wriggle – and somehow, that was adding to the excitement she was feeling.  It was more than pleasure – it was as if a deep, deep longing she had never felt before was been unveiled to her, and she knew she wanted it to be fulfilled, her desires as she wriggled under Lynda to be satisfied…


The older woman looked at Mandy and smiled, before she ran a finger over her nipples, seeing Mandy close her eyes and wriggle round at the touch.


“I can see nobody has done this to you before – had anyone ever done this,” she whispered as she moved down and ran a finger gently up over her panties.  Mandy could feel they were damp, although she had no idea why – but that touch sent another electric shock through her, as she closed her eyes and shook her head.


“I see,” Lynda whispered as she moved to the side, and continued to kiss Mandy’s neck, chest and nipples, as she slipped her hand between her legs and started to move it slowly up and down, rubbing on her panties as she did so, smiling as she felt Mandy instinctively raise her hips and rub against the hand.


“Hmmm – you do like this,” Lynda whispered into her captive’s ear, Mandy nodding – and then screaming into the ball gag as Lynda slipped her hands into her panties and ran her finger up her damp, sensitive, aroused clit.


“We need to see this,” Lynda whispered as she took a pair of scissors, and then cut Mandy’s panties away, the other girl not protesting at all as she found herself falling into a strange state of euphoria – a state inly made stronger by the touch of Lynda’s fingers, and then…


The kiss took her completely by surprise as Mandy looked down, to see Lynda’s head on her crotch, her lips kissing and caressing her clit, her tongue stroking over it as her petals parted as if by magic.  That fire was growing stronger by the second, and there was another feeling – one of a shaking, a building of something Mandy had never felt before, and she was wondering what it was.


She pushed her pelvis up to meet the probing lips and tongue, and then squealed as she felt the tongue slip inside her – really inside her, and play with her in a way that had never been done before.  She was helpless to stop this – and even if she wasn’t she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to, as she pushed against her supervisor.


Her tormentor.


Her saviour.


Her lover…



That fire and desire was building more and more as she closed her eyes and groaned loudly, as Mandy’s body started to shake – and then it came as she opened her eyes and screamed out loud.  Lynda continued to kiss her as she felt a flow between her legs – not like her monthly one, but one that seemed to be tinged with pure pleasure, Lynda kissing and lapping up the juices as she kept Mandy going for as long as she could…


Eventually, however, she stopped shaking and slumped into the bed, looking up at Lynda as she smiled and kissed her body again.  She was covered in sweat, and yet she knew she was glowing, sated, satisfied in a way she had never felt possible.


“You stay here for a while,” Lynda whispered into her ear, “I’ll prepare us some food, and we can talk then.  I want you to stay the night, my love – if that is what you want?”


Mandy slowly lifted her head and looked at Lynda, slowly nodding, wondering what she was going to do to her…





“There now – how does that feel?”


Mandy looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she said “as if I was always meant to be like this.”  Lynda had eventually untied her, removed the gag, and allowed her to have a scented bath before they had eaten some spaghetti, drunk a very nice white wine, and talked about how they felt.


Then they had changed – Lynda was wearing a pair of cream silk pyjamas, and she had given Mandy a white baby doll nightie with thin shoulder straps to wear, explaining how they were going to sleep while she had dressed.  She had then used a red silk ribbon to tie the young woman’s wrists together in front of her, a second ribbon tied round her ankles before she stood behind her, both of them looking in the mirror as Lynda put her hands on Mandy’s shoulder.


“Are you ready?”


Mandy nodded and pursed her lips as she watched Lynda tear a long strip of brown sticking plaster from a roll, and press it gently over Mandy’s mouth, before she jumped over to the bed and lay on her side.  Lynda lay facing her, smiling as she said “so, what are you going to do now?”


“Thsss,” Mandy mumbled as she slowly started to unbutton Lynda’s pyjama top, “Hchntnkhssuhh, bht…”


“I know – but do what you want,” Lynda said with a smile as she kissed Mandy’s forehead, and then turned the bedside lamp off…







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