What If…  Betty and Wilma









In this series of stories, we ask what would happen if some of my characters were to find themselves in – unusual or impossible situations.  Take, for example, the question of What If…  The man who is Not A Robber was to visit the town of Bedrock, a place right out of history…


“DINO!   Put that Mastodon bone down right now!”


The young pup moaned as he put down the bone, Wilma Flintstone standing with her arms folded and tapping her foot.  She was, as always, wearing her white off the shoulder gown with her pearls round her neck, her red hair up in a bun on her head.


She shook her head as she returned to her kitchen, lighting the fire on her stove and putting some water on to boil as there was a knock on the door.  Fred had headed off for work an hour or so ago with Barney, so she assumed that meant Wilma was coming round for coffee.  Smiling she used her new coffee grinder, the small mammal running round to turn the wheels so that the beans were properly ground, and then out it in a pot before pouring the hot water over them.


“Did you bring the cakes, Wilma,” she said without looking round, expecting her friend had just walked in – so when the hand was placed over her nose and mouth, and she was pulled back, she let out a muffled gasp.




“Your dog is having a nap,” a male voice said, the tone soft, calm, measured, “so nobody will disturb us.  Do not scream, do not struggle – I am not going to hurt you if you do as I say.”


Wilma continued to struggle, but eventually she stopped, panting into the hand as the voice said “very good.  Now, I am going to take my hand away.  Are you going to scream?”


Wilma slowly shook her head as the hand was taken away, and she felt whoever this was putting her hands behind her back, then rough rope as it was pulled tightly round her wrists, holding them together as she felt it being wound around and between her arms.


“Please, whoever you are, we don’t have anything to take,” she said quietly, too scared to turn round – but then she let out a gasp as she felt more rope being passed round her arms, drawing her elbows together so that they were touching, but the rope went round and between her arms once again to hold them in place.


“What are you doing to me,” she whispered quietly as she twisted round, and then she heard a high pitched voice saying “Betty – ready for some coffee?”


“Not a word – two will be better than one,” the man whispered as he put his hand back over Wilma’s mouth, her eyes opening wide as she saw the arm going round her slim waist and holding her back.  She could feel something else, but all she could do was watch as her neighbour walked in.


Betty Rubble was a foot shorter, and was wearing her usual blue halter neck dress, the matching bow in her dark hair as she said “Wilma, you didn’t…”


“Not a word,” the man said behind Wilma as she looked at her friend, “do what I say, nobody gets hurt.  Understand?”




“Phlslsbhthheee,” she mumbled into the hand as Wilma slowly raised her hands.


“Good – do you see that dishcloth?”


“Yes,” Betty whispered.


“Put it in your mouth, then sit down with your hands on your head.”


Betty shook her head as she looked at Wilma, but the look in her friend’s eyes, and the fact she could not see her arms or hands, meant she knew she had little or no choice, so she picked up the rag and folded it, before she opened her mouth as wide as possible and pushed it in, the edges sticking out form between her lips.



“Much better,” the man said quietly as Betty watched him push Wilma over towards her.


“I…  I don’t know what he’s going to do,” Wilma said quietly, “but we’ll talk later, especially about what the boys know.”


“Fhrrdhllkhllhm,” Betty mumbled, Wilma nodding in agreement as she was sat down.  The man then picked up a second rag, and pushed it into her own mouth, before he walked back.  Both women noticed the large sack he was carrying as he put it down, and removed several more lengths of rough brown rope, before saying “it’s not fair one of you is unadorned.  Stand up, and face your friend.”


Betty slowly stood up and looked at Wilma, as the man pulled her hands behind her back, and she felt the rope rubbing on her bare arms as her elbows were pulled sharply together, forcing her chest out as he took the rope around and between her limbs.  A second length was used to secure her wrists together, before he said “both of you, take a walk with me please.”




“Your bedroom,” the man said as he picked up the sack.  Like most other men they knew, he was wearing an animal skin, but his was jet black, unlike his silver grey hair.  The two women looked at each other and then walked across the floor, the sleeping Dino not stirring, before they entered Fred and Wilma’s room.


“Good,” he said as he looked at them, “sit on the bed.”  As they did so, he removed yet more lengths of the brown rope from his sack and knelt in front of them, doubling the first length over before he wrapped it round her ankles and forced them together, continuing to take the rope round in neat bands before he separated the ends and took them between her legs to make it even tighter.


Berry watched, fascinated as tow more lengths of rope were employed to secure her friend’s legs together, above and below her knees, each band tightly cinched in turn so that when she tried to move, all Wilma could do was turn her legs from side to side. 


She then looked at Betty, and said “hruuhhlrhhtt?”


“Hmnhtshrr,” the dark haired woman said as the man took more ropes, and secured her legs together in exactly the same way, before standing up and taking two long lengths of white cloth out from his bag.  He smiled as he tied one round Betty’s head, blindfolding her as she wriggled round, before covering her mouth with the second strip - and then he took a much longer length of rope from his sack.


As Wilma watched, he made Betty stand up, and then wrapped the rope tightly round her body and arms below her chest, pulling it taut and then taking it round above her chest as well, so that the fabric was stretched tightly over her breasts.  She turned her head as she felt the ropes rubbing, saying “whttshsdhhnnwhlmh” as the bands pressed down on her.


“Thhnguhmhrr,” Wilma said as he took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of Betty’s neck, and then under the other arm before tying it off.  He then took another length, and tied it between her breasts, Betty moaning softly as the bands tightened even more around her breasts, and then letting the ropes fall to the floor as he walked behind her.


“Whlmmhh, whtshhphnNNNHHHH!”  Betty bucked and squealed as she felt him pull the rope back between her legs, hiking her skirt up as it rubbed on her between her legs, and then secure the ends to the ropes round her chest.  She twisted round, unsure of what was happening as the ropes made her feel giddy.


Wilma knew what was happening, her eyes wide as the man pushed Betty onto her side on the bed and pulled her feet back, tying her bound ankles to the rope going between her legs – and then he smacked her bottom, leaving her to squirm round as he looked at Wilma.


“I think she’ll be distracted for a while now,” he said as he smiled, “kneel down facing the bed.”


Wilma shook – she feared what was coming, but she complied, her bare knees on the rough ground as she felt, sensed him kneel behind her – and then felt for real his hands as he reached round and began to massage her chest.


Nobody – nobody had even done this to her, and as she squirmed round she realised that seemed to encourage him all the more, his fingers squeezing more firmly and sinking into the flesh of her breasts.  But she was also aware, dimly, of something else happening, of her body responding to his attentions.


She started to shake her head, and twist round – and as she did so, the ropes rubbed on her body, and they seemed to be having an effect on how she was feeling as well.


A low moan escaped from her stuffed mouth as she closed her eyes, feeling him grope and massage her even more as her twisting slowed down – and her breathing as well.  When Fred and she made love, it was a very special occasion – but this man was violating her, in the way he was doing that.


What she was beginning to realise, however, was that her body was responding – and as she twisted round, she realised from where she was rubbing that someone else was responding as well.


And that thought before terrified and fascinated her – his raw animal approach…


So when she felt him doing something on her shoulder, and then felt her dress fall down her body, her fear only increased as the cool air hit her naked body.  She then felt more rope as it was passed round her body and pulled tight, forcing her arms against her back as it was taken round her.  She could see the bands forming as her breasts were forced up and out even more, the bands tightening – and then she felt him take the rope under one armpit, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


The ropes were starting to drive her insane with the way they were rubbing on her, but the feeling intensified as she saw him stand in front of her, the rope back over her shoulder, and then down between her breasts, taken round the lower band and pulled back up, and over the other arm.


The bands now encircled the base of her breasts, her nipples growing more prominent as he tied the ropes off, and then knelt in front of her, smiling as she looked at him.




“This,” he whispered as he smiled, and then leaned over, his lips encircling her nipple as he ran his tongue over her breasts.  Wilma closed her eyes and groaned in response to the sensation of his tongue over her firm nipple, and she shook, an electric current running through her body.


He moved over and repeated the act on her other nipple, then went from side to side, sucking gently as he drew her nipples out, and she twisted round.  It was wrong, she knew it was wrong – but oh dear, it felt so good…


Even when she felt the bond clips go onto her nipples, the heat and pain mixed with pleasure, she could only groan as the man said “I want you to do something for me.”




She watched as he pulled his clothing up, seeing his cock engorged, and he said “kiss it.”  She shuffled forward, with each movement the ropes rubbing all over her, and the pain and pleasure from the clips, and waited for him to remove the damp cloth from her mouth before she kissed the cock, looking up to see him smile, before he said “you know what to do, don’t you?”


Wilma nodded as she heard Betty moan.  Her friend was twisting round on the bed, as the ropes rubbed on her clit, and she could feel something building inside her now, something wonderful…


Wilma slowly worked her lips up and down his member, and then took it into her mouth, drawing back as her lips popped.  She then opened wide and took it in again, feeling it press down on her tongue as she started to suck gently, bobbing her head to and fro as she felt it begin to engorge even more in there, touching the back of her throat as he held her head.


She could hear Betty panting, and then the loud moan as the bed creaked, before she heard the short pants of her breath. She was now feeling the throbbing on her tongue as well, as he grew larger in response to her attentions, and then she tasted the salty pre-cum.


She was losing herself now, wondering why she was agreeing to do this – yes she was captive, bound, and his cock was filling her mouth, but she wanted this, more than anything else in the world at the moment.  Fred was her love, her life – but the excitement that was now rushing through her as she sucked harder and harder was so sweet…


Her whole body started to shake as she felt the dampness between her legs, and she twisted round as she felt him jump – and then felt the hot salty fluid as it hit the back of her mouth, flowing down her throat before she started to swallow as he held her head.


Wilma swallowed as much as she could, taking it all down before she eventually let him go with a soft pop, her eyes misty as he knelt in front of her and stroked her cheek.


“Did you enjoy that?”


“Yes Master…”


“And do you want to be fulfilled?”




“Yes,” she whispered as he wiped her chin to pick up his cum – and then pushed it back into her mouth, before he went to his bag and took out more rope, as well as two more strips of cloth.


“Fhnkuhhh,” she mumbled as he gagged and blindfolded her with the cloths, and then he tied the rope round the bands between her breasts – and then he gently eased his fingers into her passage, moving gently as she moved her head back and let out a long deep moan, the fluids flowing as he worked her.


It did not take her long to come to a climax, before he went behind her and pulled the rope back, the lengths sinking between her lips as he tied it off, and then put her on her side, hogtying her before he stood up.




“She is resting,” he whispered into Betty’s ear, “and now, it is your turn.”  He released her from the hogtie and unfastened the clasp, before he pulled the dress down, the cold air on her body making her moan, before he laid her on her back – and she felt his lips on her nipples, kissing and sucking as she moaned and twisted round.


He then travelled down her body, kissing her as Betty arched her back, and wondered what he was going to do to her – and then she felt him kiss her belly, and groaned at how that felt.


But then she felt his lips between her legs, and she arched her back, pushing her crotch into his face as his lips and tongue started to play with her, licking the fluids that were there as she twisted and groaned.  He was hitting all the right spots – and then his tongue slipped into her, and she screamed as he worked her inside as well.


She soon felt the orgasm – much more strongly this time, as she felt the cold sweat and also the joy, the pleasure, the release, as her whole body gave itself over to pleasure…


He raised his head and then used his fingers as he had with Wilma, to take her fully over the edge and beyond, before Betty slumped in exhaustion.


“Thank you, ladies,” they both heard him say quietly, before he walked out, both women wriggling round as they tried to get free, and wondering what they were going to tell their husbands when they came home…







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