Croonford Detectives Case 32: Complex Love









Warning: Adult bondage only on an adult.


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“Michelle, that’s a well-argued essay, you just need to re-check the dates of the English Civil War,” Charlotte Hawkins, her Canadian history teacher remarked after handing back Chelle’s essay. Hawkins, who used to teach Geography now switched to History.


“Ok, Miss Hawkins, I’ll work on that,” Chelle replied then noticed her face was quite blank.


“You alright, Miss?”


There was a pause. “Just the strain of mark student essays. Do pick up your class essays later on Friday.” Hawkins turned quickly and Chelle took a metal note on her teacher’s look and reminded herself to pick up those essays; she was the class history rep.


That Friday, Lin finished school early having finished all her science practical really fast. Returning home, the first thing on her mind was: Halloween. There was the annual town festival with scary movies shown and later a competition for the best-dressed couple with costumes on. Lin planned that she and her boyfriend would wear werewolf costumes. She had some of the material for the costume and face paint those still required other items. That meant a shopping trip.


“Lin Ling , please just go to the store and return home immediately. Don’t get into any detective cases or get hidden in another chamber. Your father and I will be away late October and I want you home after school and the weekends,” Pearlyn, her mother stopped her.


“Yes ma. This time I’ve got Reinhard with me.”


“Well,” she knew her daughter’s growing attachment to the half German, half Jamaican boy. “I’m sure he’ a responsible and caring young man. I still don’t want you to fall into trouble, understand?”


“Yes, mama.”


Lin summarized what her mother said when she met her boyfriend. “Well, let’s make sure students don’t keep you hostage and take pictures of you.” He as mentioning the two perpetrators, Stuart Walter and older Year 13 brother Harry. Both students were quickly expelled from the school. Under intensive questioning, neither claimed to actually be the Cat, the detectives’ long-term nemesis or have any association with that person. That left the teen detectives with still another dead end regarding their foe.


As the two scientists headed to a store for costumes and paint, Chelle did of course collect her class history essays from the exterior pigeon holes, shelves that teachers and students would place their assignments for marking and collection. As she did so, Miss Hawkins rushed out of the teacher’s office.


“Miss...” Chelle started.


“If it’s essays or topics, I’ll discuss it later,” She walked raidly then literally moved fast towards the exits. Chelle instinctively rushed after her but could only not the direction her history teacher took and some T-shaped outline under Hawkin’s trousers.


The store which Lin chose was packed with customers since Halloween was coming up. She and Reinhard managed push through instinctively the crowd to find the relevant costume section. As she started browsing the shelves, a cherry voice called out, “Reinhard, bist Du das?”


Lin turned and saw her boyfriend chatting rapidly in German to a girl his height with blonde silky hair reaching her shoulders and light blue eyes. The girl was less muscular than she was and had breasts just a little smaller than as hers. Reinhard and the new girl kept chatting for more than ten minutes despite Lin kept trying to interrupt. Finally, he turned.


“Oh, my manners. Lin , this is my old kindergarten and primary classmate, Karin. Karin’s father is a German diplomat and her family now posted to the UK. She’s up her to find an old friend she met while living in India. Karin this is my schoolmate and...girlfriend, Lin Ling.” He started rattling off in German and explained Karin’s English was not so strong.


“Very nice to meet you,” She greeted in accented English and had trouble pouncing her name.


“Just call me Lin,” She suggested then Karin continued rattling in her mother tongue.


“She says I was always a man of culture because I’m dating a Chinese girl.” Lin just returned to shopping and tried to get Reinhard with her. Karin again started chatting to Reinhard, thus steering him away. Lin therefore did all the shopping though could help see how the two former students were immediately close and to her it appeared more than a rekindling of a friendship.


Chelle had homework and her media club activities to keep her busy during the weekend. Nevertheless, she was still thinking what her history teacher was wearing underneath her trousers. A quick Internet search yield nothing plausible, so she contacted the other detectives. Her boyfriend Mark apologised as he had extended rugby training. Jenn send short reply stating she had debate practice. In the mid-afternoon, Lin answered.


“T-shape, image underneath her trousers?” Lin repeated. “Haven’t any immediate idea. How far away were you?”


“Not that far. She was moving fast.” Chelle also described the pale look on her teacher’s face. “It can’t be just here undies, right?”


“G-string? Nah.” Lin laughed over the phone then updated her classmate on meeting Reinhard’ old classmate. “They seem not only like old schoolmates but like animals immediately mating together.”


“Mating, Lin are you jealous?”


“She’s blonde, blue eyes, his height and they were yapping in their own language...”


“You are jealous Lin, Take it easy. He’s just met her and didn’t say he’s breaking up with you right?”


“Err, no. But... Are you going to the town festival this Halloween?” Lin quickly changed the subject.


“Perhaps. Cath’s got a choir performance around then and my whole family’s going to support her.” Chelle was referring to her younger sister.



Jenn indeed had debate practice on and she was acting as one of the adjudicators. The two opposing teams were the junior debaters and the seniors, with Richard included. There were several practice motions, one in particular was ‘This House believes spanking is harmful for children’s upbringing’. The junior team was supporting while the senior was in opposition. Jenn tried to judge fairly but couldn’t help be amazed by Richard’s speech, his counter-arguments and closing speech. Finally, the junior team won.


“I really have to say those were exceptional arguments,” Jenn admitted, walking up to Richard.


“Why, thanks. I actually don’t believe what I said after being spinked growing up.”

Jenn’s eyes widened. “You were spanked as a child?!” She pulled him aside. “I was spanked by my dad until my early teens.”


“Ouch, ouch, “ Richard replied. “We’ve got much in common, don’t we? We love musicals, we love oldies and we were spanked by our parents.”


Jenn wanted to laugh but instead asked. “What else do you like or hate?”


“I hate Halloween,” the lanky lad pointed at the art work on the wall. They were in a room also used by art students. “Never a fan of ghouls and scary acts. I like the company of people who shared the same tastes as I do.”


“I detest Halloween as well. Are you asking me out Richard?!” Jenn couldn’t believe where a simple praise led to.


“Let’s go again, shall we? This time a proper date. We could...” Jenn mumbled an excuse and darted for the ladies, locking herself in the nearest stall. Oh gosh, some boy I treated as a rival and now he has much in common with me and is asking me out? Jenn sat there then got out then splashed water on her face.


“You two were discussing more than his debate arguments?” That came from Bethan.


Jenn nodded.


“He told you something about himself, right?”


Jenn couldn’t answer despite usually being able to.


“ You found he’s the person you like? He asks you out?”


Jenn nodded then asked how Bethan’s bisexual life was.


“Oh, I’m putting the bi part away, found a neighbour. Jenn, if you do like him, go out.”


Jenn walked back her mind buzzing and nearly collided into Richard.


“How about seeing another musical? This time say London’s West End?”


Jenn agreed really wondering what she got herself into.


Chelle didn’t have history class on Monday but still was wondering what that figure or clothing was underneath Miss Hawkin’s trouser. She took Hattie who was a keen artist aside and described as best as she could what she did not saw not mentioning any names.


“Oooh, mystery,” Hattie remarked, kept quiet aftere that and expertly drew what Chelle described.


“I’ll buy you a...” Before Chelle could complete her sentence, there was a commotion and shouts, “she’s back!” That person was Molly Peacock, once part of the Cat’s group and attempting to seal Jenn underground. Naturally, the first student Molly met with was Jenn.


After their maths class, Chelle caught up with Lin and showed her the drawing.


“Well,” Lin examined it. “Still looks like some sort of underwear. Maybe some type of knickers I’ve not seen yet?’ Lin remarked. She was constantly engrossed with fashion and knew many brands and styles. “You said she look pale?”


“Quite white, well I didn’t stay long enough to have a good look. You have any new gadgets for long-range observation, do you?” Chelle asked.


“Meet me in the science club room after school.”


Chelle did and Lin pulled out a cylindrical object from a drawer. “A telescope, well one you can keep under your coat. Original range 200 metres, I managed to increase it to 350 and magnified by three timex,” Lin proudly declared and showed her how to use it.


“Nice, what about the set of parabolic microphones you created earlier?” Chelle wondered


“I haven’t charged that up and plan to create a successor. What do you plan do really?”


“Follow Miss Hawkins to her home or where she’s staying. I suspect there’s trouble brewing there. You joining? I’ll rope in Jenn.”


“That’s still a speculation. Course I’ll join when I retrieve my guy from his German bird.”


“If he’s really silently breaking up with you. Tread carefully.”


Chelle’s history class was focused on post World War Two superpower relations and she was doodling on her spare Foolscap paper knowing much on the topic from her father. Her focus was focused more Hawkins’s appearance and behaviour. She again was appeared really pale in her face and arms and was talking more rapidly than before. There were calls from students, “Miss Hawkins, please slow down,” and she did though quickly returned to speaking fast. As Chelle was worried about her history teacher, Lin was similarly wondering what was on Reinhard’s mind. On their chemistry practical - his class joined with hers - she noticed him looking bored after finishing the experiments and kept looking at his watch.


After school, she immediately corned him. “What you up to this afternoon?”


“Meeting Karin for coffee.” Damn! I knew it.


“How long? Where?”


“Shouldn’t be long, an hour. She said she’ll get to me.”


Richard also met up with Jenn and informed her that he did manage to secure West End tickets to Les Mis rables.


“Gosh, how did you manage to find them?”


“Actually, my parents had them then last-minute decided not to attend. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell them who I plan to join me.” He handed her ticket.


“Either that happen or you pull other strings.”


“No really. They love...”


“Alright,” Jenn accepted then quickly shivered, “What’s the dress code?”


“I doubt it’s strict or definitely not casual.”


Chelle finished her English class fast then at her locker, she changed out of her uniform into jeans, shirt and her coat then exited the school grounds. Waiting at a shaded corner, it took more than five minutes before Miss Hawkins walked out.


Chelle was thankful that Hawkins was not driving or she would have to find another method of shadowing her. Waiting a few seconds, Chelle proceeded to follow her teacher who moved rather fast covering several blocks by two p.m. Hawkins hailed a taxi and Chelle likewise did so and found Hawkins alighting in the outskirts of the next town. As her teacher entered what appeared to be an abandoned building, Chelle pulled out the telescope which also had an in-built camera added.


Lin waited and timed Reinhard. A quarter of an hour passed, then twenty minutes , then thirty minutes, then finally when an hour passed, she sent him a WhatsApp message. No instant reply. She sent another two messages with no response.


Gritting her teeth, she dialled his number first receiving an engaged tone then there was an answer and before she could speak, there was laughter and she heard the sound of a cappuccino machine. Knowing where he was, she stormed out of her house.


The building that Miss Hawkins entered appeared without windows but after checking the corners, Chelle spied a single small, dirty window. Extending the telescope to its furthest magnification, she slid back into a side lane and focused on that window. Seconds passed and suddenly the frame of Hawkins appeared, her back turned. Chelle immediately took pictures, spotting her teacher twirl rapidly then started to remove her top, then unclip her bra. ok, Chelle thought, so she into some foreplay or just having adult fun with her lover. Hawkins appeared to have removed all her top clothing and her arms shifted downwards. She’s taking off her lower clothing, wish the rest of the window frame didn’t block my view, Chelle thought. Suddenly, what appeared like thick curtains covered the glass and stay there. Oh well, Chelle thought, at least I’ve some pictures.


Lin practically barged in the coffee shop, spotted her target and as that girl Karin left, Lin dragged Reinhard out of his chair and announced like a school teacher, “you are coming with me.” She literally yanked her surprised now supposed boyfriend for a short taxi ride and taking him up into her bedroom,


“ did you find me?”


“Which coffee shop doesn’t have that distinctive cappuccino machine sound? Is that the way you’re breaking up with me?”


“What?!” Reinhard shivered then Lin replayed the sound of him laughing on the phone.


“I can explain...” He was shivering faster now.


“Oh sure. Laughing how you’ll rather date German girl.” Lin replayed his laughter on her phone.


“No, no! You got it wrong! I was laughing at an old joke she told when we were in Primary school! I turned my phone off during our meet up, that’s all!”


“Oh really...” Lin started to describe Karin’s looks, her cherry voice her body language.


“Lin! What! I’m not breaking up with you! Karin is just old school friend!!!”


They stared at each other for over two minutes silently then Lin broke the silence. “ Alright, I believe you. I was having a huge feeling of jealousy. Let’s work on the werewolf costumes.”


Reinhard didn’t move and didn’t say a word. Lin handed him her desk mug and he slowly drank. “I’m sorry as well. Uh...I have to admit? Karin likes to attend the Halloween event. If you dislike, I’ll inform her.” He drew out his phone but Lin stopped him.


“She can come. Now, let’s work on the costumes.”


Two hours later, Lin managed to meet up with Chelle with Reinhard promising her not to meet up with Karin. “Nice,” Lin pointed at the photo of Hawkins unclipping her bra. “Look like the latest Victoria Secret design. Pretty expensive though. Maybe I should have taken history instead,” Lin laughed.


“What are your actual thoughts?” Chelle asked seriously.


“Like you summarised earlier, she’s having fun with her lover, stripping. The curtain closing could they were going to have sex,” Lin responded, never shying away from using the word ‘sex’. “She may have some trouble with her relationship, however, I’m not sure you can connect it to what you saw. Have you told Jenn or Mark?”


“Mark again in busy with rugby practice. Jenn says she’s busy.”


Jenn in fact had been constantly searching the Internet all Saturday for the actual dress code for West End Theatres. After an hour of intensive searching, she found many stating there was no set dress code and no one often came in casual wear. Jenn’s second worry was that it is a date, well not formally declared though not like the outings last time. Opening her closet, she just looked at her range of clothes and finally settled on the same maroon short-sleeved dress she wore last time. As it was an evening event and it wasn’t that cold, Jenn added her only skin-tone 30 denier tights and a matching cardigan. Taking a train and the London Tube, she reached the relevant theatre thirty minutes ahead of opening time.


Before she could look around, Richard’s voice behind her boomed. “Good evening, Jenn, you look beautiful.”


“Really Richard.” She quickly changed her tone and remarked, “Thank you very Richard,” trying to initiate a distasteful start. In truth, besides her clothing, Jenn had only clipped her hair, wore flat-heeled shoes and added lip gloss - she never had a makeup kit. The pair immediate heard calls and shout and saw Londoners dress early in Halloween costumes.


“Let’s get inside,” Richard suggested, lightly touching her back and Jenn didn’t shrug it off. Inside, they chatted a little about their favourite literature poems and debate topics then properly entered the hall. The curtain officially open ten minutes later and Jenn was fixed in with the acting and singing. She did see Les Mis rables as a child though it was a short version which she disliked. This cast captivated her with their movement, words and vocals. Part of the way through the song “Who Am I?”, Richard’s arm covered the top of her seat. When the cast sang “Master of the House”, his hand touched hers and despite Jenn noticing, she just didn’t flinch or tell him to withdraw.


At the twenty-minute interval, Jenn felt thirsty and silently Richard asked her was she would like from the drinks stand. In typical fashion, it was filled with soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices. “Bottled water, please.” That was her only statement and after she took a large drink, she rushed to the loo and again locked herself in a stall. Oh gosh, I’m not just focused on a musical I love but allowed a boy to touch my back and touch my hand?! and i this the date I wish? In Year 10 when GCSEs are approaching? Furthermore, the guy used to be my rival.


“Hey you alright?” Jenn just nodded in response to Richard and settled in her seat. She again was focused during the second act and again Richard’s hand touched hers. Finally, the musical ended and the pair noticed it was 10 p.m. “We got to touches run to catch the train.” They did and after a breathless dash, they found their train was delayed. “Food?” The lanky lad asked, pointing to a small Cantonese eating.


Chelle decided that despite the poor evidence, she would follow Ms Hawkins again. That arose on the Halloween weekend when she spotted her teacher exited the school earlier than most staff. Hawkins appeared walk randomly then again hopped into a taxi. Chelle found one and the driver without question followed the other Taxi. After a fifteen-minute drive, her drive announced, “this is as far as I can reach Miss; we don’t cover the next area.” Chelle noted the direction that Hawkin’s taxi took as she paid and after a frantic walk, she finally spotted Hawkins turning the corner and entering a shop with the sign ‘Hardy’s Products’. Chelle tapped a text message then dashed into the store.


It was a store for women’s fashion except that there were few clothes on display and those that were announced pretty revealing. I don’t think even Lin would want to wear them, Chelle thought.


“Hey girl, we’re closing early,” a voice called. Chelle replied saying she won’t be staying long. Where could Miss Hawkins have gone? After moving past the few clothes, Chelle found herself in the fitting rooms. Every cubicle’s door was open except one which was appeared closed. Chelle immediately called and knocked and with no reply, she pushed at the door and found it empty. As she stepped in, the floor creaked under her weight and it opened and Chelle fell in.


“Arhh!!! Woooh!!” The attendees at the town Halloween event shouted eerie calls as they gathered. “Well, we have stiff competition,” Reinhard pointed out as he as adjusting his werewolf costume.


“Oh, we’ll earn a spot,” Lin replied. “So, where’s old classmate?”


“Karin said she’s coming...ah,” he pointed at the approaching figure. The voice of the even emcee drowned out the trio’s greeting and the lights dimmed.


Chelle fell onto some hard ground with the obvious trap closing. Miraculously, she fell herself only with light bruise on her buttocks. After rising, through the dim light, Chelle saw the outline of naked figures, no naked women! Her mind buzzing at the sight, Chelle saw there was only a one small corridor in front of her. She pulled out her pen torchlight to improve illumination thus finding a further narrow corridor with rows of thick doors. Each were padlocked and there was an eerie silence from the first few doors but there was a ghost-like cry from the fifth door. Chelle used her laser pen then after much tugging, that padlock fell away. Opening the door, Chelle gasped.


The Halloween event participants screamed at the clips - the organisers showed just clips to prevent copyright claims, of various Halloween movies and horror shows. Lin was watching the clips and Reinhard’s Karin’s behaviour. Reinhard appeared to focus on the screen then occasionally smiled at his old classmate who returned the smile. Just as they were showing clips of the Scream series, the German girl told Reinhard she was going to find the toilet. That’s great, Lin thought silently, that leaves me with him, three is always a crowd. As the clips shifted to the low-rated Scream 3, Reinhard looked at his watch and muttered he was going to search for his friend. “Oh, forget it, girls always take time in the toilet.” Either he didn’t hear her comment or it was too noisy, he just moved off with Lin chasing after. Reinhard quicky found her within fifteen minutes, where some stranger in a Joker mask was fondling her, who in turn appeared hands bound behind her back and a cloth wedged in her mouth.


Charlotte Hawkins was chained to a wall and slightly raised, arms and legs spread out in a spreadeagle position. Without looking around, Chelle called, “hang on!” and dashed forward. Before she could attempt to free her teacher, arms grabbed her and a thick-gloved hand covered her mouth. Despite intensive struggling and muffled cries, Chelle was secured to chains in the opposite wall. The two strangers with ghost masks conversed rapidly in a language Chelle could not identify. Just as they secured the teen detective, they disappeared, shutting off the lights in that room.


“Are you alright Miss Hawkins?” Chelle called out in the darkness and received a weak affirmative reply. Hawkins said she dated a French Algerian boyfriend Aziz and every date seem fine until it turned into a dominance and submission relationship and she played the submissive person. She had accepted all his gifts, go to meet him in obscure areas and today she was informed to meet him in the store above and quickly she found herself here.


“I think something terrible is...” Before she could continue, the lights snapped back on and the two cloaked and masked individuals returned. One headed over to Hawkins and locked some device over her head. The other stuff a smelly cloth in Chelle’s mouth and wound duct tape around her lower jaw. With the gags in place, the pair disappeared.


Chelle was about to call out through her gag then spotted her teacher - the two figures forgot to switch the lights off - was now partly undressed. Chelle saw Hawkins was gagged with a harness gag, a black ball with a fairly air hole. tube Her magenta bra was clearly exposed, with one strap forced down, exposing part of her C-cup breasts. Her knickers were missing; there was a metallic strap around her hips and another strap was attached passing down her vulva, barely covering part of her labia.


“Whmmt izzit that Miss Hawmmkins?” Chelle asked through her gag.


“Chastity Belt. “ Hawkins could pronounce that term well despite the kinky gag. “You can call me Charlotte.” Charlotte explained that her boyfriend locked her in that device as part of the dominant-submissive act they were in. It also had some dildo which he could activate causing her to wince. Chelle quickly realised that was what she initially saw and what she photographed. No wonder Lin and I couldn’t identify what that was. Then what explained her pale look and her rapid talking? Chelle wondered.


“I ...” Just then the two thugs re-entered and released Charlotte from her chains and with her muted cries, she was dragged off and the lights were now turned off. Plunged again in darkness, Chelle twisted her chained arms and wrists willy though couldn’t reach her hidden gadgets. Suddenly, there were cries from another area and the girl detective hasten her attempts. After five tries, she managed to free her wrists fetters and despite with leg irons locked on, she manage to run towards the direction the two thugs took her teacher. She quickly found herself in a makeshift medical operation room. Two strangers were hunch over a semi-naked Charlotte Hawkins, holding medical scalpels. They were focused on her crotch with her legs spread wide in a V- shape formation. Besides the pair, there were other cloak- figures with ghost masks on and chanting some song with lyrics Chelle could not identify.


Just as one of those cloaked figures ran up attempted to push her away, there were cries of “police! You’re surrounded!” Officers swarmed in and within minutes the strange gang was arrested just in time before Charlottle Hawkins faced an unwanted medical surgery.


“Thanks for the message, sorry I couldn’t meet you earlier,” Mark, Chelle’s boyfriend hugged her as the familiar face of DCI Nikki Heath appeared. “Thanks Michelle,” Charlotte Hawkins said in weak voice as officers helped her out.


“Danke,” Karin thanked her old schoolmate and told him she’ll be heading back to London. Reinhard had managed to pry that costumed guy away and release Karin and luckily a police officer was around to arrest that person.


“You could stay for a while. I’ll buy everyone coffee,” he nodded to his girlfriend. He and Lin won fourth place in the costume competition.


“No, you belong here, I don’t,” she waved and disappeared. He stared, hand stretched out until Lin tugged him and said, “I need that cup of coffee.”


“FGM?! Female genital mutilation! That group wanted to disfigure your teacher’s genitals?!” Lin exclaimed days later as she and Chelle shared a pumpkin tart.


“Yeah, some small ultra-radical cult that cuts women’s genitals for their reasons of submission. Charlotte Hawkins was not only was locked in a chastity belt with an in-built dildo but also constantly given a drink laced with drugs that would affect her looks and speech, also turning her more submissive.


“Oh yucks,” Lin responded upon hearing that. “Relationships are not about submission hey Jenn,” the third girl detective slipped into the next chair.


“I know, I wasn’t free last two weeks.” Jenn gave a quick summary from what she learnt after debate practice, the musical and the brief touch and the close eye contact she had with Richard during their meal before their train ride. “I...I now have a boyfriend,” she finally announced before finishing the glass of water in front of her.


“Congratulations!” Her fellow detectives hugged her.


“I’m not sure how to continue with it,” Jenn added.


“Relationships aren’t easy Jenn. You have boyfriend who don’t meet up for days, “ Chelle replied.


“You have boyfriends who fantasise about other girls. Love is so complex, “ Lin also added.



Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer, Mark, Reinhard and Richard will return in ‘Underneath the Mistletoe’.







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