Highlighting her stories...





A Secured Weekend


Olivia was looking forward to spending the Easter weekend with her mother - but the two intruders had different ideas.  Very different ideas...


False Arrest


She just wanted to protest at the cuts and changes in student funding - but when things go badly, she found herself in a much more terrible situation...


How To Restrain Your Victim


A senior burglar instructs novice burglars how to bound and gag female victims


House Arrest, Home Invasion


Jordyn was delighted to be out of prison for a week, but did not expect a home invasion.



On a Little Street in Singapore...


Prom was over. But for two girls, the fun of the night was about to turn to horror.


Under The Sea


It was the job beyond all dreams for the young female officer. However, someone else was going to spoil it...


Under The Sea 2


Lauren is happily engaged and receives news of a temporary promotion and responsibility. However, an old nemesis haunts her again....


A Quick End


Julianne wakes up to a nasty surprise....


The Tomboy


A tomby-ish girl in in for a surprise....


A Spoilt Holiday


A female prison officer turns from officer to captive.....



In The Laundry


Not nice to plan a party and get stuck in the laundry.


The Wet Hostage


A young girl is taken hostage and gets into an embarrassing incident.



Five Daughters and One Mother


An intruder finds a large family with daughters with unusual names.


Christmas Wrappings


Her task was to keep the royal family member safe - she failed...


Tropical Punishment


A girl, trying to avoid a foreign sentence, goes through tribal punishment...


Skiing Captives


Sian and Charlie go skiing but end up in a tight predicament...


Wedding Bound


Sian and Charlie get into trouble again, this time at a friend's wedding...


Secondary School Tie-Up


A new after-school club...


Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Tricked and Captured


Round 2...


Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Failed Revenge


The best laid plans...


Secondary School Tie-Up Games: It's A Wonderful Life


Holiday Pool Party...


Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Circuit Breakers


The power of on-line meetings...


Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Uniforms Off


Surely they would not at this time...


The Prom Picture


It was meant to be a celebration...


The Bikini Shot


A rival wanted her out of the way...


Summer Terror


Why is nothing going right...


Maggie's War


A seasonal tale of the past...



Sibling Bonding - Part 1


A brother discovers something on his sister one Saturday morning.



Sibling Bonding - Part 2


The style of gag gets more effective.


Sibling Bonding - Part 3


Reading the script leads to new ideas.


Sibling Bonding - Part 4


Anne's secret is discovered.


Sibling Bonding - Part 5


Will Anne be released?


Sibling Bonding - Part 6


Anne still gets a bout of bondage, even at bedtime courtesy of her stepbrother.


Sibling Bonding - Part 7


Breakfast time...


Sibling Bonding - Part 8


Naughty girls get spanked...


Sibling Bonding - Part 9


The corrective program begins...



As Years Go By


A collection of stories by students of different Years (education levels) from St Edward's Girls School


As Years Go By - Year 12


A new story from St Edward's Girls School


As Years Go By - Year 13


The St Edward's Girls School is missing some girls


The Lucky Victims, Unlucky Man


The victims are lucky, the man isn't.


Tropical Troubles - Part 1


Two university students on holiday in a tropical region get more than they bargain for..


Tropical Troubles - Part 2


Could things get any worse for the girls...


Three Cases, One Detective


three contnients, three robberies - how are they linked...


The Things I Do For a Story


Making a name for yourself in the world of journalism takes a lot of courage...


Graduation on Hold


Charlie and Sian are ready to graduate - but will they...


The Preventative Program


A unique approach to bevioural therapy...


Post-IB Blues


The last day at college takes an interesting turn...


Take a Chance on Me


Her gap year may take a very different route, unless she can convince him...


From Cheers to Fears


A school meet takes a terrifiyng turn...


Post Lockdown Blues


Just a relaxing swim...


The Present and the Punishment


Always check where you are...


After The Practice


Smile and enjoy the ride...


Croonford Girls Detective Case 1: The Revenge


Michelle Summers accidentally bumps into senior students wearing her school's uniform, or so she suspects. But when they appear consistently after school, she suspects something. (Introduction of Lin.)


Croonford Girls Detective Case 2: The Missing Bust


A 14th Century bust goes on display but it disappears quickly. Who could have taken it?


Croonford Girls Detective Case 3: Brains and Brawns


An inter-school rivalry and a new partner


Croonford Girls Detective Case 4: Flaming Angels


The team is finally formed and decides to follow Michelle's family to a nearby resort during the mid-term break. But what seems to be a simple holiday turns out to be a case of drugging and smuggling.


Croonford Girls Detective Case 5: To Madame with Love


Michelle and Lin's class has a new teacher. But is she who she appears to be? Meanwhile, Jenn find herself in hot debate.


Croonford Girls Detective Case 6: Halloween Horrors


It's the end of October and naturally Halloween is here. But ghosts and haunted houses are supposed to be fictitious or is that really so? And who's this Catgirl?


Croonford Girls Detective Case 7: Who's afraid of the big bad boy?


Michelle faces a bully whose influence even reaches that of the local MP.


Croonford Girls Detective Case 8: Dreams come true


Do they? The girls find their dreams are alike and led them in saving girls in distress.


Croonford Girls Detective Case 9: I'm only sleeping


The school is troubled with its first dismal results and the girls suspect foul play.


Croonford Detectives Case 10: Time and Tide... Wait for no woman


Michelle is given several challenges, and should she fail, it could spell disaster. The other girl detectives come to her aid, but there are potholes at every turn. Mark comes to the rescue here and Michelle falls in love for the first time.


Croonford Detectives Case 11: Three's not a crowd


The relationship between Mark and Michelle develops. Lin and Jenn set off to Coventry for individual competitions where a carnival is making its debut.


Croonford Detectives Case 12: Scarborough Fair


Lin and Jenn are taken hostage along with someone else and Michelle, despite her parents' objection, secretly sneaks down to Coventry to rescue her friends


Croonford Detectives Case 13: Doggy Business


Jenn is asked to take care of a neighbour's dog which is more than it meets the eye. Meanwhile, Michelle manages to invite Mark to dinner at her home and stuff happens.


Croonford Detectives Case 14: Hostage


Michelle's birthday party is disrupted as she is taken hostage. What follows is a long ride across the UK and multiple failed attempts at escaping.


Croonford Detectives Case 15: Gone West


A RAF experimental jet crashes nearby and the team attempts to investigate.


Croonford Detectives Case 16: Operations and Considerations


The gang tries to rescue Jenn and Lin and Chelle get captured along with her. As the girls are freed, an old nemesis is back to haunt Michelle...


Croonford Detectives Case 17: To the Orient


The three girls travel to Lin's uncle's house in Penang, Malaysia for their summer holiday, with Jenn reluctantly agrees to wear a bikini. However, it is not all sun, sand and sea when a dead body washes up on the nearby beach. A normal murder case leads the girls into discovering a chilling act of astronomical proportions. But can they stop it in time?...


Croonford Detectives Case 18: Santa Clause is coming to town


Michelle's cousin Stacey is kidnapped by a Santa Claus. The group investigates, but it soon appears to be more than a short relationship...


Croonford Detective Case 19: Going to the Dentist


The local and well-loved dentist dies and another takes her place. Jenn feels there's nothing wrong with him, unlike the others, especially after a series of hospitalisations by the locals. Does this new member of the community care for just teeth?...


Croonford Detectives Case 20: The Truth is Out There.


Cattle at a nearby farm sudden show mutated parts. The group doesn't consider it a real case until a quarantine is placed on the farming area. However, Michelle might have crossed the edge this time...


Croonford Detectives Case 21: Multiple Cases.


Barely surviving her 'alien abduction', Michelle's parents place a stop on her detective activities while the others and the authorities clamber to find the truth. Meanwhile, the rest find mysteries of their own. Jenn finds it strange that one of her debate and drama club members is not performing as she should. Lin solves the reason why her classmate is harassed online while Reinhard helps a junior science club member...


Croonford Detective Case 22: State Property


Michelle has always believed that her father was just some sort of official in the FCDO. When an old nemesis appears, she's given clues to discover the truth....


Croonford Detective Case 23: The Truth Revealed?


Michelle has recurring nightmares of her alien abduction and is determined to final other what really happened. While the girls return to the site, Mark and Richard received some clues from an anonymous figure.


Croonford Detective Case 24: To Paradise


Staff and students are taken hostage by an Islamic militant group that threatens its destruction unless certain Muslim prisoners are freed. But only one of the team can tell where the bomb is.


Croonford Detective Case 25: Racist Rabbles


An extreme racist political party is targeting all non-whites, and Lin and her family caught in the middle. The team naturally tries to uncover the true mastermind behind these actions.


Croonford Detectives Case 26: Frenchies and pansies


Jenn travels to France on a school trip however she gets captured by corrupt French policemen and the others rush to find a way to rescue her.


Croonford Detectives Case 27: The Birds and The Bees


It's the annual sex education talk at Croonford school. Afterwards, Michelle and Mark spend a night in bed sleeping back-to-back. Reinhard enters Lin's room for the first time and gets caught touching Lin's clothes. Jenn questions her sexual orientation. Meanwhile, an exchange student arrives with some shady history with her.


Croonford Detectives Case 28: Scottish Fling


Chelle travels to Scotland for a history class trip but mystery awaits. Meanwhile, Lin helps Reinhard with his medical problem and Jenn has a challenging first date with Richard.


Croonford Detective Case 29: Drama Crisis


Jenn invites the other detectives to witness a preview of a drama she wrote but a mishap happens. As the drama is put on hold, the school and the team investigates and an old foe is suspected. Meanwhile, Lin and Reinhard meets each others parents respectively, with different results.


Croonford Detective Case 30: Resort and Mystery


With the fear of the Cat hanging over them, Chelle, Lin and Jenn join their female schoolmates at a resort where locally a case looms. Jenn receives shocking news from Richard..


Croonford Detectives Case 31: Charity Gone Wrong


The team participates in an unusual student council-organised charity event where girls are held as damsels-in-distress (DiD) bound and gagged by male captors and audiences pay for the best-looking DiD. Everything runs smoothly until Chelle and Lin go missing...


Croonford Detectives Case 32: Complex Love


Michelle suspects her history teacher is in trouble and finds herself in a cult that changes women. As Halloween approaches, Reinhard meets an old friend and Lin gets jealous. Meanwhile, Jenn discovers she has much in common with Richard and ponders an actual relationship....


Castle Bond - Part 1


A holiday resort with a difference...


Castle Bond - Part 2


Orientation begins...


Castle Bond - Part 3


Learning the ropes...


Castle Bond - Part 4


Advanced tools...


Castle Bond - Part 5


A tour of the castle...


Castle Bond - Part 6


The tour continues...


Castle Bond - Part 7


New friends...


Castle Bond - Part 8


The tour continues...


Castle Bond - Part 9a


New day, New Challenges, New Friends...


Castle Bond - Part 9b


A dance and a kiss...


Castle Bond - Part 10


To the island...


Castle Bond - Part 11


A fitting...


Castle Bond - Part 12A


The Contest continues, despite some snags...


Castle Bond - Part 13


Gainful employment...










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