Croonford Detectives Case 20: The Truth is Out There.








Author’s note: While Chelle might appear in just a gown in the later parts, there is no scene where she’s fully naked.

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"In this morning's breaking news, we bring you reports of new missile, artillery and gunfire attacks against Ukrainian forces and citizens... in local news, a farmer has reported that suddenly some of his cows have extremely small udders for their age and the bulls aren't growing up to their proper size..."


Michelle Summers raised her eyes wide at the second news report as she pulled up her 70 denier tights — the school temporarily allowed girls to wear thicker tights due to the colder weather — over her legs. She immediately judged it was something worth investigating. At the breakfast table, she replayed the video for her family and quickly stated her view. Her father instead talked about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and bringing up the history of that region. Her younger sister Catherine ignored the news and just slurped up her cereal, silently humming a song for her music project. As usual, her mother told her to focus on her schoolwork and tuned down her 'detective games.'


Chelle naturally replayed the news video for her fellow detective Chan Lin Ling, with both girls listening using earphones less the other students complain. She did comment on the fact that her East Asian classmate was only wearing 50 denier tights. Instead, Lin wrote back on an old school foolscap paper, 'insect bites?' 'Undeclared vitamins?' 'Just incorrect news?' Finally, at the school grounds, they met up with Jennifer Thompson and passed on the news.


"May be infect cattle, ingesting unauthorised foodstuff or as Lin wrote, vitamins," Jenn remarked, adding it could be like that evil dentist she faced last time. "Sure, we can look into it, but studies beckon. I've just switched to history for one of my GCSEs; geography feels very boring."


"But, you're the really smart one. Now, where are the..." Her boyfriend, Mark, with the weird surname Cadvish, quickly sauntered over. He agreed to meet up but had to call Reinhard Tomas, his German-Jamaican classmate and newest male detective over. The shorter boy just nodded and shifted away too fast to hear Lin call him. She repeated her call but he was far away.


"Darn, he's been avoiding me for days, no weeks since last time," she remarked causing Chelle to query what occurred. "Nothing," Lin head to class, ignoring the smile of racist guy Arthur Morton.


As usual, the detectives managed to meet up during break time. Mark decided on a location where other students wouldn't be nearby since he was getting much teasing from his classmates and rugby players over his dating. Chelle, Lin and Jenn looked at the various new sites and only the local Croonford news reported it.


"Maybe it's just something that will be easily stopped. Cattle grazing?  Isn't it too cold for cattle to be grazing?" Lin asked.


"The video stated they were in an indoors area," Chelle pointed. "Do you know much about the growth of cattle? Reinhard?" The latter just shook his head once and returned to a book. The girls and Mark agreed to head to this certain farm. Reinhard again dashed off as Lin called him.


"What's going on with him? Was it because..." Lin had to admit what she exactly wore when she was creating gadgets with the newest member.


"That's so you," Chelle patted her classmate. "Maybe he doesn't agree with your dress sense, no..."


"May he feels guilty about he saw, I mean how you exactly dress and..." Lin nodded at Mark's comment. She asked him to get his classmate to give her time to explain.


All students were very busy with the various studies but Lin, excelling in her various science subjects breezed though. At chemistry practical, both her classmates and Reinhard's who took the subject shared the practical. She was the first student to finish the assignment first then tried to get his attention. All she got was a blink of his eyes before he re-focused on the test tubes. A second time, her class had finished physical education (PE) and she spotted him and waved but only got a quick nod in return before he followed his class into the sports hall.


It was only Chelle and Lin who managed to head to the certain farm the next week. Mark had a last-minute indoor rugby training but promised to meet up. Jenn had a debate competition on but also hoped to conclude it fast. Reinhard stated that he had to help his dad which Lin thought was another excuse to avoid her. With Mark advising them to be careful, the pair, carrying some of Lin's gadgets found their way to the farm. As expected, they weren't greeted warmly until one assistant recalled seeing their face in previous new reports.


"Oh, ok, welcome," The owner Mr. Richard Stewart gestured. "Yes, we had the Environment Agency and AHDB official come but they all can't figure what wrong with my cattle." He was referring to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, a statutory board for farmers to aid them to in a changing business world.  "Alright," he heard their request," you can see the affected cattle," Chelle noted he used the word 'affected', not thinking it was a disease. Even so, both girl detectives were handed N95 respirators. Passing through several gates, the girls finally spotted first the deformed cows then bulls. They were as the news report described: bulls grown up yet look too small and cows with small udders. "Don't get closer," Stewart held up his hand. "Yes, this just happened recently. when the weather became colder and I brought all of them indoors."


"What have they been eating?" Chelle wondered.


'Normal grass. No, no genetically modified grass or vegetation at all." He answered Lin's additional question.


"Any new pests lately?"


The answer was negative; the farmer and his staff used natural ways like chickens or ducks to eat away bugs and the farm was well-fenced from outside prey or human intruders.


"Have you fed the cattle any additional foodstuffs? Or vitamins?" Lin recalled what she wrote.


"No, no, no, everything they eat is from the land. My whole cattle have always been organic, well now mutated. I've lost business - the cows supply fresh milk to supermarkets here and on the continent and the bulls were highly-valued veal and steak sources through Europe." He paused then remarked that they had one more question as he had business and personal business to take care of.


"Has there been any unusual incidents or phenomena around their grazing area?" Chelle asked with Lin wondering how she came up with such a question.


Stewart was about to give a negative reply when the assistant who recognised the girls spoke up.


"There was a bright light shining in the afternoon, daily then two spherical objects moved around in a criss-cross pattern then the objects disappear. It..."


"That wasn't unusual. I have to go. Please show the girls out." The farm concluded and left. As the girls followed the assistant out, Chelle asked him to show them where that phenomenon could be seen. Lin was about to interrupt but her classmate was moving fast. They passed through several gates and got their stained by mud until they reached a far corner. "It happens..."


They was a bright flash and as mentioned, two circular objects flew randomly until they vanished in sight.


"Spectacular, isn't it? Usually happens at this time," he pointed to his watch showing four o'clock in the afternoon or random late afternoon times. It..." His phone buzzed, and mention he had other matters to tend to, the detectives were escorted out.


"What do you think those objects were?" Chelle.asked.


"Searchlights or some weather phenomena."


"Weather phenomena? There's nothing I recall that can form such a bright light and such circles. Searchlights? It's still winter and there no carnival or property immediately beyond."


"Ok, aircraft or such...what's on your mind."


"Well, UFOs..."


Lin shook her head. "Look, that's far-fetched. You've been reading too many science



Jenn and Mark appeared both carrying umbrellas with the former still in her formal school uniform, one hand holding down her skirt less she get an unwanted upskirt due to the wind.


"Chelle was..."


"It has happened before; it's called cattle mutilation," Chelle continued. "There have been multiple news reports of animals deformed suddenly with no clear explanation.


In September 1967, an Agnes King and her son found their three-year-old horse dead. It's head and neck had been skinned and defleshed, and the body displayed cuts that appeared very precise lacerations. The dead animal also emitted a strong medicinal-like odour."


"Oh that," Lin recalled, "There was a formal report which stated there was no evidence to support the assertion that the horse's death was associated in any way to abnormal causes."


"Well in 1973, sexual organs were reported removed from cattle in the US states Kansas and Nebraska and there were around 38 deaths..."


"Those reports were cleared as cattle dying from blackleg, a bacterial disease," Lin countered.


"Well, those cattle till might be infected by unknown means. Look, a year later, there were further reports in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Coincidentally, there were helicopters of unknown origin flying around and they continued despite federal warnings. Those objects could..."


Lin shook her head and stated there would always be a rational human-centred reason, "Can we adjourn to a warmer non-windy place?" Jenn added, really clutching her skirt. They retreated to the nearby train station and Lin continued, "You really think UFOs and aliens infected those cattle?"


"Well, what scientific theories can you offer?" Chelle politely countered with Lin suggesting they, not just she, would find many. The group made their ways, with Lin reminding Mark to talk to Reinhard why the latter was avoiding her.


Despite their heavy school work and school activities, Chelle managed to conduct research on cattle mutilation and sightings of unidentified flying objects across the local area. Lin on the other hand focused on producing scientific-centred arguments.


"Goodness," the East Asian student shook her head seeing the news articles and books her fellow detective collected. "Unknown flights over Croonford and its wider region? Excited aircraft observers have increased gatherings spotting new objects in the sky?" Lin shifted the folder and shook her head again. "It's a tabloid." She turned to the books, noting the titles, Stalking the Herd: Unravelling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery, Enter The Valley: UFO's, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilation, and Other Unexplained Phenomena and An Alien Harvest.


"Good gosh, you really have UFO and alien crazy, she remarked.


Chelle, trying not to feel insulted, replied, "So what do you have Miss Scientist?"


Lin's arguments were neatly laid out: There were all scientific answers, stating that deformed animals all were examined thoroughly by government agencies such as the FBI. Natural causes such as dehydration or small scavengers and burrowing parasites. Other unusual changes could be due to feeding insects and these were tested in labs. She also presented her own scientific and mathematic models of how the cows and bulls were deformed." But none of what you presented can be countered with what I found." The duo kept arguing, trying not disturb any nearby students. Neither could win their own arguments when Lin remarked if Chelle really believed the cattle was infected by unknown sources like the government, she suggested her friend contact her father. "My dad works on foreign relations," Chelle replied but still sent him a WhatsApp message, leaving out the words 'UFO' and 'alien'. As Jenn joined them, Lin asked if she could talk to her cousin in the RAF about any new aircraft flying above that farm. "We did save him after all."


The answers came back after school: Chelle's father knew nothing about deformed cattle and mentioned that he was extremely busy. Jenn's cousin took long to reply saying he could not reveal anything being a military officer bound by the Official Secrets Act. "He recommends asking via the Freedom of Information Act," Jenn remarked then added replies to any query take at least 20 days and Chelle noted some government departments would never disclose their activities. "Ok, Lin, you have your science-centred theories I have my controversial ones. Let's return to see that weird aerial display and to the farm."


While the pair decided when to venture there, Mark sprang out of one corner and literally pulled Reinhard aside, holding a finger to his classmate's lips.




"What's with you and Lin? You've been ignoring her since the last case regarding that evil dentist."


The shorter boy tried to walk away but the rugby player's figure blocked all his way.


"Come on, what's going on?"


Reinhard stared up at Mark and just blurted. "None of your business."


"Oh, come on, as classmates and fellow detectives, I know something's up."


"I''re too intrusive. Let me..." Mark gently pulled him aside as other students passed by.


"We're all in the same boat, no group. So, ignoring Lin doesn't help. Speak to her."


"Ok, fine, I'll will some time."


"No, as soon as possible."


Chelle and Lin returned to edge of the farm where the assistant informed them where they could spot the unidentified objects. They were late so they decided to head to that area first then check out the cattle later. Jenn once again had a debate competition. Lin started to look bored as the seconds and the sky looked normal. All of a suddenly, the bright light shone intensely, a few seconds longer than previously. The two spherical objects appeared and randomly moved. Chelle excitedly pulled out her camera phone and ran next to the fence snapping pictures wildly. Several minutes later, the two objects vanished.


"We lost ten minutes!" Chelle cried, pointing at her watch with Lin raising her eyes.

"I looked at my watch just before the objects disappeared and it was four-thirty-five. Suddenly, my watch and phone turned four-forty-five!"


"It' can't be," Lin started as Chelle showed the time stamps on the pictures she took.

You can't lose time; time is a universal variant!"


"It has happened to alien abductees or people who witness UFO sightings...ooh, take a look, oh crap," Chelle moaned and she showed Lin the blurry pictures.


"You need to max zoom and stay still and you took an empty picture of the sky," the taller girl tapped the last shot which showed an empty sky.


"Hey there were there; they must have been used some cloaking shield."


"Oh gosh, that's so Star Wars-geek like," Lin shook her head when she saw her friend staring at her watch and phone again. They were next joined by Jenn who remarked her team lost a debate match against an unknown school and some student named Richard Weaver was named best debater in her place. Chelle was about to lead them to the farm entrance when Jenn showed a news video on her phone.


"Authorities has placed a quarantine at 4:50pm on Stewart farm where cattle’s organs and other body parts have been much deformed. The owner Richard Stewart and his staff have been taken in for question and supermarkets and small retailers and advised not to sell milk or meat from that particular farm - government authorities will be in touch. Citizens are advised not to approach the farm for any particular reasons.” Figures in biohazard suits nearby further confirmed the report.


"Let's head back," Jenn naturally suggested and Lin found her watch was at the same time as Jenn's. Before she could further chat with Chelle, she received a message from Mark.


Reinhard has agreed to meet and talk to you. But only at a place without many others especially people especially schoolmates.


Lin was partly relieved and typed a reply. Chelle was silently dejected that they could not further stay around the farm or check out the animals. The news that there was a quarantine placed by government agencies or departments furthered her theories that there was really something sinister happened. She decided not to argue with Lin as she silently decided what to next to do.


The quarantine news involved every group as possible and it took Chelle ages to get into contact with their long-term police Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Nikki Heath.


"We're looking into whether the farmer or any of his staff have devious motives in infecting the cattle. No, we're not investigating in any aerial objects. No, can't brief you on more details. Really advise you and the group to stay well away from the area."


Lin had chosen a cafe titled New Items which actually sold snacks and drinks that were made globally and there was not one British-made item there. She knew proprietor and he arranged a two-seat table in a corner far away from the usual clientele without question. Instead of her usual sexy clothing she chose a dark blue jeans skirt that reach around four centimetres below her knees with her legs clad in 70 denier black, something she could bear with. Her jumper was dark red over a beige long-sleeve shirt. She toyed her handless cup of Chinese Jasmine tea when Reinhard dressed in black jeans and a brown jumper entered. He nodded at her rising from her seat but returned the handshake for only two seconds. "Go ahead, get your own drink," she pointed to the counter. As he returned with a less sweet Turkish coffee, she smiled while he tried to not to shiver or worse, spill his drink.


"Something is bothering you." She started, not with a question.


Chelle was definitely bothered. There were so many questions that no one would or could answer. The news droned on about the quarantine droned on as were her mother's reminder to avoid the area. Deciding otherwise, she dressed in simple jeans and jumper telling her mother that she was conducting field research for an article for the school's literature and media club. "I'll return to tuition Catherine, mum and help you prepare dinner." Repeating that twice, her mum again told her to avoid the farm and Chelle was off. At a toilet in a nearby pub, she changed out of those clothes into an all-black slack and jumper that was quite skin-hugging.


Reinhard felt like he was an ice cube slowly melting away upon hearing Lin's opening statement. He just wanted to run away or find a table to sit alone. "Please, tell me. Take a sip of your coffee and explain."


Reinhard finally drank nearly a quarter of his cup, wiped his lips then blurted out, "It's you! It's how you dress!"


After taking a different train journey, the black-clad Chelle position herself on a hillock that was directly opposite the area where the unidentified objected appeared. She checked her watch and her phone - they both stated the same time. She withdrew a cheaper watch and let it run. Noting the time again, she rolled downwards closer to the farm's fence, double-check her own watch, phone and drew out a cheap binoculars that she bought beforehand.


Lin already guessed what was troubling the short boy so did shout back but just told him to continue. "It was what you wore! No what you wear, what you dress in! You..." Reinhard stopped, banged the table and lowered his head down. It was amazing that both their drinks didn't spill. Her hand lightly tounched his forehead and he lifted his head up. "You said 'yes' when I askd if you like what I wore."


Reinhard lifted his head and slightly nodded.


"Do I scare you?"


He shook his head.


"So, it was what I wore? I better cover up now, " She was about to put on her coat when he stopped her.


I should have worn a thick coat, Chelle thought as the afternoon weather grew chiller. A part of her started to say that Lin may be correct; there was a scientific explanation for all of this. Yet her curiosity pushed that away - there wasn't a clear explanation for the sudden deformation of the cattle. Nor was there a distinct reason for the quarantine or even the random burst of light and the random moving aerial objects. Her thoughts were interrupted as her watch then the time on her mobile phone jumped by five minutes. Rushing back up the hillock, the watch she left showed no changed in time. What...\


"Well...when I was looking you, your chest -- I shouldn't have --- I had this feeling between my legs, I don't know how to explain it," he didn't state the ‘E’ word out loud mostly because he was not taught it. "Or just looking at you, even in your school uniform, I get...that muscular feeling..." He turned his head away but she gestured him to look at her. Lin easily understood that he was getting aroused and constant erections due to her looks.


"Reinhard, I am what I want to be; I'm sure that true for yourself." She told him how she was the first girl in primary school to start puberty, how she was bullied for having breasts - he didn't react when she used that term -- and teased for being taller than the boys. Her primary school wasn't friendly for girls with their periods.


"Other girls also wear sexy clothes, dress to beautify themselves. Harriet, Bethan, Heather and some girls in your class looks pretty and dress to beautify. Does that affect you?"


He shook his head.


Meanwhile, Chelle witnessed the sudden bright light although this time it was much brighter than before. For precautions, she had donned sunglasses but the pair or unidentified spherical objects appeared much faster than before. They moved around less randomly this time as she looked through the binoculars. In some way in was very enchanting.


"We're both teenagers Reinhard, we're both having feelings due to puberty, there are those sex education classes, ok not well-designed. The point is, it's natural. Take another drink, feel calm. Now look, what do you see?"


Chelle saw the two objects continue their 'dancing' in the sky. She had already drawn out her phone and took dozens of pictures. The first five were blurry while the others showed an empty or slightly cloudy sky. Shaking her head, she tried to send the blurry ones to her detective colleagues but each time she got a blocked signal.

Someone is really causing this disruption and I'll...


"I..I see a student. A girl...a scientist," He still was unsure but wasn't shaking anymore. "I feel so stupid now."


"Don't ever be. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Want a snack?" Lin was about to order one when there was message from Chelle. It was gibberish, "#$$$###^^@@@&.("


She dialled Chelle's number direct. "Chelle? Chelle? Are you there?"


Chelle in fact saw the two objects suddenly grew closer and a gigantic force pulled her off the hillock. She was not blinded as her eyes just saw the whole area turn black then a stark white. What on earth could...Chelle couldn't think straight, hear anything, feel anything, all her senses suddenly disappeared.


Lin kept on dialling, texting, sending WhatsApp messages to Chelle and found no replies and received, 'The number you have called is unavailable, please try again later." Throwing some money to pay for the drinks, she yelled, "Chelle's in trouble." That set off a 'chain reaction', with her and Reinhard reporting it to the police. DCI Heath, despite manging the mutilated cattle case, took it, asked questions neither student could answer and she logged it. Mrs Summers nearly fainted upon hearing the news, repeatedly scolding herself for not stopping her eldest daughter. By late evening, Michelle Summers was declared a 'missing person'.


The whole town was now shifting talk form the quarantined farm to Michelle's disappearance, even though it was not the first time. DCI Heath, along with her trusted partner Detective Sergeant (DS) Bluebell Ransom pulled all-nighters but after intensively interviewing the farmer, his staff and other locals, there were no leads. At school, students could not stop talking about Michelle, many setting up groups wishing for her safe return, some thinking she was playing a fool.


Chelle awoke, or part of her was. She could see, somewhat since there was a gigantic light above no around her. Was she still where she was? What was this light? She tried to move but couldn't. Bound once again, but she couldn't identify what it was. Was sitting, standing or lying on the ground? She tried to open her mouth but her lips couldn't move. There was nothing coming from her vocal cords.

How was she gagged? How was she silenced. Figures, no just white heads appeared. or so she could barely make out.


Chelle's disappearance affected every other teenage member. Reinhard couldn't think properly during hi English classes, Jenn made simple errors in her Shakespeare studies, Mark was scolded by his rugby colleagues and coach. Lin was the most affected, not just her studies but also personally since she mostly blamed herself for not helping Chelle to see more rational explanations regarding and judging her rash action.


Chelle now could judge those 'heads' were humanoid-like. Who were they - alien? Humans in gowns? She couldn't think properly. Her eyesight was slightly better now and she wasn't shocked to see herself undressed down to her white bra and knickers. She could not move, talk and failed to comprehend her plight.


Lin woke up in the early morning, still blaming herself for her friend's disappearance and all the news about it. She knew her parents had formally stopped her from any after-school activities but despite their bedroom being near, she managed to quietly dress and slipped out of her room window, managing to close it without much noise. It was naturally cold but the chill wasn't on her worries. After a quick stroll she found herself walking past a closed shop when a limousine sped past, nearly knocking her down. Before she could get up and shake her fist at that reckless driver, the vehicle reversed back, pushing her into an alley.


"Miss Chan, please join me inside," one door just sprang open and a deep non-British broke the silence of the morning.


"Who the..."


"I have the means to save Michelle's live."


"What the hell did you...." She stopped one window partially lowered and a taser or gun was pointed at her. "We don't want further trouble, so please..." Lin weighed her options and cautiously entered. A pouch was dropped on her lap. Opening it, she found a syringe, a small medical bottle and several neatly hand-written lines on a crumpled paper.


"A vaccine against what your friend is infect with. It must be administered within six hours. That leaves you little time to reach the area." He pointed to the note then the time on the car clock.


"A virus?! You infect Chelle with a virus?! What about the cattle?! What about..."


"I ask you lower your voice young lady. The person in front has fingers that won't hold that weapon properly. The animals were part of the means the create a cure for farmers working very close with livestock. It's a long story but it became a virus that has mutated and intensive tests on humans were required."


"Why Chelle? Why did you pick her!" The limo's interior lights were dimmed but she noted the man's face was deeply scarred.


"I have even my limits in the full scale of the project. Those objects in the sky may have a relationship with the project. The vaccine is the main area I know about."


"Who exactly are you? How can I trust you?" Suddenly the limo turned sharply three times, throwing both of them out of their seats. There was a loud explosion but as Lin recovered, the gunman in the front had shot himself, then two more shots came, killing the driver and then the gunman.


"Even friends I know can never be trusted," the unknown figured continued without a change in tone while Lin was slightly shocked. "Now, it's best you go to save your friend. The questions you have may be answer at the location." The door on Lin's side clicked open. She pondered then stepped out. There was a more muted 'move away' from him and as she crawled away, the vehicle somehow jerked then exploded, the shrapnel nearly striking her.


An hour or so later, Lin somehow managed to reach the area written in the note. It was an open field, with no other structure sight and it was formed from Satnav coordinates in the note. She previously took pictures of the note and sent it to her detective friends and the police. Ok, what next? She scanned the area but it was just an open field. Nowhere near than farm, where exactly was Croonford now? She moved randomly and just as she thought it would be better to walk back when she fell. It wasn't a long fall then suddenly she found herself standing on a narrow edge. Spreading her arms, she managed to balance herself until she spied a wider area. As she reached that part, she suddenly stared down. Right below her was a gigantic hole that showed rows of walkways all leading to further areas. As she looked down, one particular walkway showed steam rising from it. That could be...suddenly she fell again, her hands finally catching some railing. With much strength, she pulled herself up, and felt a blast of chill.


In front of her was a large bolted door, akin to those in banks or ICBM bunkers. There was a small keypad with no numbers on it but she pulled out the now-dirty note and imagining how a numerical key pad would look like, she punched 5982.


The door clicked open but slammed shut as she entered. Inside was a medical examination table but no other equipment around it. On the left were at least ten vertical crypods and when Lin touched the first, it was icy cold. Wiping her coat against it, she gasped as she saw a male inside, waist covered with a tube running inside his mouth. Lin quickly wiped the second, third and fourth crypods yet all contained semi-naked men. As she rubbed away the ice around the fifth tube, she gasped seeing Chelle wearing a gown with that same tube stuck inside her mouth.

"Chelle! Hang on!" She looked around wildly but there was no lid or lock to open the crypod.


Spying the table, she unlocked the wheels and hoping for the best, she rammed in as hard as she could against the particular crypod. There was a creaking sound and the structure shattered, gooey liquid sliding down the floor, dirtying her trainers.

"Chelle!" Lin cried as she caught her sat her friend down on a clean surface. "Can you..." Lin pulled out the syringe and trying the remember how doctors and nurses filled it, she managed to wheels and filling it with the unknown vaccine and slowly injected it in Chelle's bare arm. Suddenly, the organic-like tube in her mouth shrunk then slid away with Lin pulling it off.


"Chelle, can you hear me? Michelle?" She heard a loud cough then barely head the word cold. Taking off her coat, Lin wrapped it around her friend and again look around for an exit. Before she could finish looking in detail, the first crypod exploded, with more goo spilling out. "Shit!" Lin cried, not at the substance, but as the semi-naked man inside slowly walked out hunched. Another explosion blew the second crypod, and Lin dragged herself and Chelle away as the next man got out. Suddenly, the wall she leaned against clicked open and turning, she saw a ladder slide out.

"Chelle, hold onto to me!" She called as felt the cold still slightly sticky feeling of her half-unconscious friend on her back. Despite the weight, Lin managed to climb as she heard more explosions beneath her and found and open hatch above. The last thing she heard was a tremendous explosion as she pulled herself and Chelle out, not before seeing the two same objects dancing in the sky.


In the early morning aft, Lin, held an ice pack against her bruised cheek and was joined with the four others in the visitor’s area of the town's hospital. Dr. Gordon Holdon, the A&E doctor, finally exited and held out hands to stop their excited questions.


"Yes, she's conscious. Ok, I'll allow you all to see her. But only five minutes; she really needs a long rest."


Inside, Chelle was in a hospital gown an IV drip runnng to her left vein and wires running to a heart monitor. As they gathered aroound, Lin started.


"Who...are you?" Was Chelle's response.


"Oh, no please!" They all wailed. Chelle's eyes blinked and she laughed. "Did I miss anything?"


Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer, Mark and Reinhard will return in 'Multiple Cases.'


The End







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