Saturday Night Takeaway







“And now it’s time to – WIN THE ADS!”


“Oh lord above – why are we watching this,” Cynthia said as she sat back on her taupe leather couch.  For a woman in her early sixties, she looked twenty years younger, her long blonde hair falling over the shoulders of her black dress with elbow length sleeves and a short skirt.


“Because it’s Saturday night, we’re on our own, and it’s brainless,” her daughter Sharon said as she came in.  She was forty-two, with long hair which she dyed brown, and on this evening was wearing a taupe coloured jersey dress, with knee length leather boots that had a fake sock at the top.  She handed her mother a glass of white wine, and sat down with her own glass of red.


“Hey Jessie – come on, the show is about to start!”


“All right, all right – I’m coming,” eighteen year old Jessie said as she joined them.  She had long light brown hair, and wearing a charcoal grey sweater and blue jeans, the lower legs tucked into tan leather boots.


“So,” she said as she drank some juice from a red plastic cup, “no mourning for Dad and Granddad, right?”


“No - it’s time we moved on and started to live life anew,” Sharon said with a sigh.  “A year is long enough – let’s start as we mean to go on.”






“Are you sure they are all in there?”


“They are – control, update please?”


“They ordered Thai – should be delivered in twenty.  Once delivered, we will close off their bank accounts, and the other paperwork has been put in motion.”


“Excellent – we’ll let them enjoy their meal…”





“Right – I’m heading to get another bottle of wine,” Sharon said as she stood up.  “Want anything Jess?”


“No thanks Mum – I’m good,” Jessie said as she picked up one of the dumplings and put it in her mouth.  Sharon nodded as she made her way towards the kitchen, the soles of her boots hitting the wooden floor as she made her way to the kitchen.


Placing the empty bottle in the recycling bin, she opened the door to the refrigerator and looked in.  “Let’s see, let’s see…  Chardonnay or sauviggnnnnwhtthttt!”


The latex gloved hand has clamped over her mouth, covering it as she was pulled backwards, and she saw the four intruders, dressed in black with balaclavas over their heads, allowing only their eyes and mouths to be seen.  Her eyes darted from side to side, wondering what was going on as one of the masked people said “scream, and you will regret it.  When my friend takes their hand away, say nothing, simply open your mouth.  Do you understand?”


Sharon nodded as the hand was taken away, only to taste the sponge ball as it was pushed into her open mouth, expanding and filling the space as her mouth was gently pushed closed.  There was a sound like peeling backing paper, before a wide strip of white tape was pressed firmly over her mouth, forming to the contours of her face as she looked round.


“Test the gag.”


Sharon squealed as the latex gloved hands reached round and pressed firmly on her chest, before her arms were pulled behind her back, and she felt rope on her bare wrists as they were bound tightly together.


“Whtssggnnnn,” she mumbled as ropes were passed round her upper body, forming two bands that framed her chest as her dress was pulled tightly over it, the ropes pressing firmly as they were tightened still further by ropes between her arms and body.


“Take her upstairs, find her valuables,” the man said as Sharon was pulled out of the kitchen.  As she was starting to walk up the stairs, the door to the front room opened and Cynthia came out.


“Sharon, where is…”  She stared at her daughter, unable to comprehend what she was seeing as the other three masked intruders walked to her and pushed her back into the front room.




“No shouting, girlie,” the man said as he looked at Jessie, who was pushing herself back into the couch.  “Both of you, we want you face down on that couch, hands behind your heads, and don’t say a word.”




“Do as they say Jessie – they have your mother as well,” Cynthia said quietly as she lay along one side of the corner unit, Jessi lying along the other side as they looked at each other across the corner.


“Better – do as we say, everyone gets on just fine.  Bind their arms.”


“You don’t have to do that, we’ll – OWW!”  Jessie called out as her hands were taken behind her back, and the rope pulled tightly over the bare flesh as it was passed round and between her wrists to secure them.




Cynthia could only watch as her granddaughter’s arms were pulled together at her elbows, her shoulders pulled back as they were secure in the same way, barely aware of the fact her own wrists and arms were being bound in the same way.  She then grimaced as her ankles were crossed and tied together, the rope forcing them to be locked as Jessie’s boots squeaked under the rope.


“what are you doing to Mum,” Jessie asked as her binder tied the ropes off.


“She’s showing us where to look,” the man said as he doubled over a length of rope, and slipped it under her waist, taking it round and then tying it tightly in the small of her back.  Cynthia felt the rope as it was tied round her waist, and wondered what it was there for.


“Roll over, both of you.”


Cynthia and Jessie nodded as they did this, the leather of the sofa squeaking as well, wondering why the rope had been left where it was.  So when the man put his hand between Cynthia’s thighs and pulled the rope through, her eyes opened wide as she said “oh my god no – she’s still a virgin!!!”


“What are you talking about GRRANOHMGODDDDD!!”  Jessie’s eyes opened wide as the rope was pulled sharply up between her legs, pressing on the crotch of her jeans as it was kept taut and tied to the rope belt.


Bad as it was for Jessie, it was worse for Cynthia – the skirt of her dress was hiked up, the ropes rubbing on her panties as it was kept tight and tied off.  She could feel it as it rubbed on her, and she was afraid of what else might happen as they were both made to sit up, two of the masked men kneeling in front of them and securing their legs together below their knees.






“Nice collection,” the man said as Sharon watched from the bed.  He had made her lie on it before securing her ankles together with a length of rope, and then a second length below her knees, before her ankles were pulled back and tied to their chest ropes.


As she wriggled round, the masked man emptied her entire jewellery collection into a bag, before he sat down and looked at her.


“Now, you must be thinking, that’s it, they’re going to leave us alone now.”




“OH we have something else entirely planned – but first, we need to have you nice and relaxed,” he said as he started to massage her chest, Sharon trying and failing to get out of the way as her body responded to the pressure, unsure of what was happening…





Jessie was trying not to react as the ropes were pulled still tighter round her body, forcing her arms into her sides as the band added to the pressure above her chest.  Her jumper was stretched so tight now, her nipples could be seen, but the intruder had not finished yet as he pulled the bands together behind her back, then fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm. 


Cynthia could only watch – before her arms had been bound, a large white cloth had been pushed into her mouth, and a long, wide strip of white tape pressed over her mouth and made to form to the contours of her face.  She grimaced as the ropes were tied off, and wriggled – then remembered the rope between her legs, and tried not to move again.


Jessie was confused, as her nose was pinched, forcing her to open her mouth as the cloth was pushed in, and then the tape smoothed over her mouth.  Cynthia could see the shape of her lips underneath, as the men stood behind them, the third one nodding as the latex gloved hands reached round and groped their chests.


“Hmswwtllrrddd,” Cynthia said as she tried to wriggle out of the way, but with no success, only to feel the rope as it rubbed on her damp panties.  Jessie was wondering what was happening, the fear mixing with the fact she was – enjoying what the man was doing?


The rope was rubbing on her, making her feel hot, bothered, and aroused at the same time as she closed her eyes, and moaned.  Both men continued their massage, the women wondering what was going on as they started to feel a fire inside them…








Sharon bucked as she felt the orgasm coming as a result of the masked man’s attention, his hands pressing on her crotch under her skirt, and the fluids flowing freely now.  He smiled as he looked at her, and said “there – relaxed and ready.”




“Hush now,” he said as he poured some clear fluid onto a cloth, and held it over her nose and mouth, Sharon’s eyelids fluttering before the finally closed.   As he walked down the stairs, he heard the dual muffled screams, and smiled as he dampened the cloth again.


Cynthia was taken completely by surprise as the damp cloth was pressed over her nose and mouth, Jessie watching in horror as her grandmother succumbed to the fumes.


“I will see you later,” he said as he walked over and pressed the sweet smelling damp cloth over her nose and mouth, Jessie trying to hold her breath, but it was no use, as her mind became befuddled, and she drifted into unconsciousness.


“Right – get them into the van, and let the clean-up crew know,” he said as he looked round.  “We’re on a schedule here….”





Jessie slowly opened her eyes, wondering where she was, and why her jaw hurt.  It took moment for her to be able to focus, as she found herself sitting at a kitchen table.


She could see her grandmother and mother on either side of the table, but something was wrong.  What it was was unclear – maybe it was the leather bra and bikini bottoms they were both wearing, or the fact their arms seemed to be strapped to the chair back with leather cuffs.


After all, hers were the same.  As she looked down, she saw her ankles were secured as well – and then it hit her what was really bothering her.


It was the red ball each of them had pushed into their mouths, held in place with leather straps round their heads.




Sharon slowly opened her eyes and looked at her daughter, then at her own mother as Cynthia opened her eyes.  They looked at each other, and then listened to the noises as a curtain was pulled back.


They could see the ‘kitchen’ was on the floor of a large warehouse, with other scenes set up around the floor, and a number of other women secured and gagged in some way.  A large, well dressed African man stood in the centre, looking at them all as he said “My name is George – welcome, all of you, to Objects of Beauty, and to our auction.


“Please do not panic – relax, and soon you will be on your way to your new lives…”









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