The Wedding Display




From across the large desk, the African man looked at the three smartly dressed men sitting there.


“So, you understand what you have to do?”


The men nodded, before one said “Aren’t we going to be missing something?”


“It has been taken care of – now, to work, and I will see all of you later.”






Bonnie Whiteface strode down the high street, attracting a variety of looks from the passersby as she did so.  For some, it was the look from behind of her thin, lithe body which moved like a snake as she walked.  For others, it was the fact she wore skin tight brown and yellow leopard print pants, with heels that would kill a super model, and a black leather jacket that fitted her upper body like a glove.  For a few of a certain age, however, it was remembering her from a show that was over forty years old – The Silencers.


Even now, in her late sixties, she was a stunner, and all without the aid of plastic surgery or other “adjustments”.   With her, it was combinations of clean living, a small glass of wine each night and regular Yoga classes.  The rumour mill was that there were other factors, including Tantric sex, but those were just rumours.  She made damn sure that was the case.  Now, as she turned down the side street towards the apartment block in which she lived, she smiled to herself knowing the looks she was drawing.


“Good morning, Miss Whiteface,” the uniformed porter said as she walked into the foyer of the building.  Bonnie turned and looked at the young man, removing the sunglasses from her eyes as she did so.


“Where’s Raymond?” she asked as she looked the man up and down.  “He had to leave suddenly – family emergency,” was the reply that came back.  “The agency sent me at short notice to stand in for him today.  There was a message for you while you were out.”  He handed Bonnie a small sheet of paper, which she read before folding it and placing it in the small clutch bag that hung over her shoulder.


“I will be expecting a visitor at 2,” she said to the doorman, “Please make sure they get access.”


“Of course, Miss Whiteface,” he replied as he went to open the lift door.  As she turned and smiled at him, he touched his cap as the doors closed together, before walking back behind the desk and looking in through the door behind.  Sitting down, he smiled as other residents came and went.



Bonnie opened the door to a young woman, dressed in a smart pink skirt and jacket, and a man carrying a photography bag.


“Miss Bonnie Whiteface?  My name is Lillian Harwood, from SciQuest magazine.  This is my photographer, James.  You were expecting us?”


“Of course dear,” Bonnie said as she stepped to one side, “do come in.”  She had changed into a black suede pinafore dress, with was cut up the side to her hip, a white blouse and knee length black patent leather boots.


“I believe you wanted to take some photographs of me in my one of my old outfits,” she purred as she escorted them into her front room.  “A review of the series, I believe?”


“Indeed, Miss Whiteface...”


“Please, call me Bonnie,” she said as she sat down, crossing her legs as she looked at the young man.  “So, Lillian, how can I begin?”


She watched as the young woman took out a small recorder and laid it on the coffee table.  “Oh, where are my manners – can I offer you a drink?”


“A glass of water will be fine, thank you Bonnie,” Lillian said with a smile as she watched the actress stand up and walk into the kitchen.  The smile disappeared for a second as she nodded to James, who walked over and stood by the doorway, a small cloth in his hand.


“Here we are,” Bonnie said as she walked in, the glass of water in her hand.  She was not prepared at all for the cloth to be clamped over her mouth, the glass falling as she reached up to try and claw it away as the sweet smelling fumes filled her nose and mouth.  As her eyes slowly closed, the last thing she saw was Lillian standing up and walking over to her, smiling as she slipped into a deep sleep.


“For an old dame, she looks fantastic,” Lillian said as James allowed Bonnie to fall gently to the floor.


“Yes, well, we only deal in the very best,” James said as he went to his bag and opened it, taking out several lengths of soft rope.  Walking back, he handed a length to Lillian before kneeling and turning Bonnie onto her stomach.  As she drew the older woman’s hands behind her back and tied them together at the wrists, he crossed her ankles and did the same with a second length.


Twenty minutes later, the door to the lobby opened as Lillian walked out with James, the man carrying a large burlap bag over his shoulder.  They smiled at the doorman as he opened the entrance to the block, saluting as they walked out to a van parked outside, before returning to the room behind the desk.  Leaving the coat and hat on the floor, he then slipped out as well, leaving the desk unattended.




“Well, we want to thank you, Sophie, for spending some time on the sofa with us this morning, and wish you all the best with your latest single.  Ladies and gentlemen, Sophie Simpkins.”


The brown haired girl smiled as the camera panned past her and focused on the two presenters.  Removing the earpiece, she slipped quietly to the side where her minder was waiting.


“Well, that went as well as can be expected,” the tall redhead said as she handed Sophie her denim jacket.  “We need to get a move on, however – you have a lunch date and then the recording studios.”


“Yes, mum,” Sophie said with a sigh.  She was wearing a short denim skirt and white vest top, with brown cowboy boots, as fitted the theme of her latest single.  She had only had two hits, but she was learning the trade fast, and knew that image was everything.


Belinda could only smile at the comment.  Appointed by the record company, she knew Sophie was really just a young kid, but she also knew the dangers that could happen in the record industry, and she liked the kid too much to see anything happen to her.


As she walked Sophie to the rear of the studio, a uniformed chauffeur appeared and touched his cap.  “The car is waiting outside,” he said as he held the door open for the two ladies, “If you would follow me?”


Belinda walked behind him, the heels of her shoes clicking on the floor as she did so.  She was dressed conservatively, in a grey jumper dress with a matching jacket over the top, and kept one eye on Sophie as they approached a large black limousine.


“Thank you,” Sophie said as the driver held the door for the two women, before closing it and walking to the driver side.  As the car pulled away, Belinda opened her notebook and looked at some entries inside.


“Strange, isn’t it,” Sophie said as she watched the people on the pavements as the car sped by, “it’s not that long ago since I was on the street, trying to make a go of things, and then I won the Karaoke competition.  How was I to know the A&R man from your company would be there?”


“Sometimes it works that way, Sophie – pure luck,” Belinda said without looking up as the limo turned a corner.  As it turned down the streets, Belinda glanced up.  “Hang on,” she said to herself as she looked out of the window, “This isn’t the way to Chez Gerard.  Hey, driver, where are we going?”


As if in reply, the cat stopped in a deserted car park, save for a lone unmarked black van that was alongside.  “Are we there,” Sophie asked, but when she saw the worried expression on Belinda’s face she stopped herself and said “What’s the matter?”


“All right ladies,” the chauffer said as he opened the door and climbed in the back, smiling as he pointed a pistol at the two women, “Just do what I say and nobody will get hurt.  Please, put your hands on your heads and don’t move them until I say so.”


Looking at each other, the two women slowly raised their hands as the man opened a panel under the seat and drew out a number of items.  “All right, lady,” he said as he threw a roll of grey tape at Belinda, “I want you to tape your young charge’s wrists together behind her back.  Make it nice and tight – I’ll be watching.”


“All... All right,” Belinda said as she caught the roll and turned to Sophie.  “We’d better do as he says, Sophie – this is a kidnapping, and we don’t want to upset these people too much.  Just let me do what they tell me to, all right?”


The young girl nodded as she turned her back to her minder and slowly brought her hands behind her back, tears flowing down her cheeks as she felt the tape sticking to her bare skin.  Belinda wound the tape around and between them, securing them together as the young singer sat quite still.


“Very nice,” their captor said, “Now, around her arms and chest if you please.”


“That hurts,” Sophie said as her arms were pulled against her side.  “Sorry, sorry,” was all Belinda could say, more afraid of the smiling man with the gun at that moment then how her charge was feeling.  Eventually she sat back and looked at Sophie, bands of grey around her upper body and hands.

“Please be brave,” was all she could say as Sophie sat round and looked at her, then at the man.  “You just sit tight for a minute,” he said as he pointed the gun at her.  “Now you – cross your ankles and tape them together.”  Belinda nodded as she leaned forward, the back of her jacket riding up as she crossed her ankles and pressed the loose end of the tape against her bare leg, winding the tape round until they were secured tightly.  “Now your legs – below the knees,” was his next comment, and he watched as the frightened woman wound the tape around her legs below her knees, then above them at his command.


“All right,” he said as he handed Belinda a large white cloth.  “I want you to blindfold young Sophie here with this cloth.”  He watched as she folded the cloth into a wide band and tied it over Sophie’s eyes, pulling the cloth tightly over her brown hair.  “Now gag her,” Sophie heard him say, followed by the sound of strips of tape tearing and the pulling on her mouth and lips as they were smoothed into place.  “Please, don’t hurt her,” she heard Belinda say as the doors of the limo opened and she felt herself been pulled out of the car.


Belinda watched as the two men walked Sophie to the waiting van, bundling her into the back before the door closed and they drove off.  “All right, I did what you said,” she snarled as she turned back to the driver, “So what happens now?”


“Now,” he said with a smile as he held a large handkerchief in his hands, “You stuff this in your mouth and seal it with tape.”


“But I thought you said you would let me go if I helped you?”


“I lied,” he said in a minute, “now get on with it.”  He watched as Belinda stuffed the cloth into her mouth, before sealing it with several strips of tape.  Moving quickly, he forced Belinda to turn round and taped her wrists together, before taping her arms to her side above and below her breasts.


“U fckng bsrd” she screamed as he climbed back into the driver seat and set off.  Punching a number into the car phone, Belinda could only watch as she heard him say “Dave?  I’m bringing in the order you wanted.”







The masked man watched her as she lay on the bed, her breathing soft through her nose as the white medical tape covered her mouth.  She lay on her side, the ropes holding her wrists firmly together against the small of her back tied around her waist to hold them in place.  Other ropes were clearly visible around her arms and chest, the pale blue cotton of her blouse stretched tightly over her erect nipples as they crossed and embraced her breasts, pulling them forward and up as they wound around her arms and body.


Her breathing was not the only sound – there were also occasional squeaks, but it was not clear if they were from her knee length brown leather boots as they rubbed together at the ankles and against the rope, or her tan coloured corduroy trouser as her legs moved against the coils above and below her knees.  There were also moans, but that may have been due to the rope that was passed between the unfortunate woman’s legs, rubbing against her crotch with every twist and turn of her body.


She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the man, widening with fear as she discovered her predicament.  She started to thrash around, but realised she was bound too tightly before something else happened.  She started to close her eyes and moan no tin fear, but in pleasure as the rope rubbed against her crotch.  “Good,” the man said as he reached down and opened her blouse, “and now...”




Lynda opened her eyes and nodded to the man, who peeled away the tape.  “I was just beginning to enjoy that,” she said as the crew came forward to untie her, “Still, at least tomorrow we get to take the clothes off and have some real fun.”


“I’ll look forward to that,” he said as he walked towards his trailer.  “Great work, Lynda,” the director said as he walked forward.  “At least we got the boring stuff out of the way first.” 


“Trust you to say that, you little pervert,” Lynda said lightly as she got up and walked away, rubbing her wrists as she did so.  She had worked in the Adult Movie industry for a few years, and was known to be one of the best bumper and grinders around, to use an old burlesque term.  As she stripped off in her trailer and stepped into the shower, allowing the hot water to wash away the day, she was already thinking of the next day and the fun she was going to have then.


It was an hour later as she stepped out of the trailer, her tight jeans tucked into mid length felt boots and her v-necked top showing her cleavage to the best of advantage.  She was always the last to leave, so it was no surprise to her that the car park was deserted as she walked across.


What was a surprise to her was the masked man, dressed in a black boiler suit, who came up from the back seat of her car and grabbed her around the neck as she started the engine.  “Turn it off,” he snarled at Lynda as she tried to pull his arm down, “or I swear I will tape a tube from the exhaust pipe to your mouth.”  Slowly, Lynda removed her arms and lowered them to her lap, after killing the engine.


“Better – now, lean forward and put your hands behind your back,” the masked man said as he released his grip and pushed on the back of Lynda’s head, forcing her to place her forehead on the driver’s seat.  She felt rather than saw the thin plastic strip that was quickly wrapped around her wrists and pulled tightly, the rasping noise matching the pressure as they were brought together.  She had been tied in this way before, and usually naked, but this was the first time it had ever felt totally real to her. 


What felt even more real was the way her arms ached as they were then pulled together by another zip tie around her elbows, forcing her large chest out so that her breasts almost spilled out through the plunging neck of her jumper.  “What the fuck do you think you are doing,” she screamed out as she tried to turn round, only for her eyes to widen as she briefly saw a flash of red cloth before a knotted bandana was pulled into her mouth, filling it and effectively silencing her.


“Get out of the car,” the man said as he climbed over and opened the driver’s door.  Looking at him, Lynda stepped out of the car and tried to run off, only for him to grab her arm and pull her right back towards him.  “Dumb move,” he said as she marched Lynda to the rear of the car and popped the boot.  “Get in?”


“R u serees?”


“I said get in,” the man repeated as he pushed Lynda to the open space.  Turning her round, he pushed her down as she sat on the rim, before making her slide into the boot space and draw her legs inside.  She watched as a second zip tie was used to secure her legs together, the plastic biting into the felt around her ankles.


“Have a nice trip,” he said as he shut the boot on the girl, before removing his mask and getting into the driver’s seat.  Lynda heard the engine start and the car begin to move, and wondered what might be happening next.


She lay there for over an hour before the car started and the boot was opened by two men dressed in blue.  As they lifted her out of the boot and carried her through a doorway, she caught glimpses of two other women, bound and gagged like her, before she was taken into a room and left alone for a few minutes.


Eventually the door opened and a thin, well dressed woman walked in with two female assistants also dressed in blue.  “excellent,” she said as she looked at Lynda.  “Prepare her.”  Lynda’s eyes widened as the two women walked forward and started to untie and strip her....







“I thank you, George – a truly wonderful gift and display.”


Bonnie slowly opened her eyes to see two men standing in front of her.  One was of African descent, tall and well built, dressed in – in wedding attire of a formal jacket and trousers, with a large buttonhole in his lapel.  The other man was dressed in some sort of uniform, with a wide sash over his shoulder.


“Well, your Excellency, for the wedding of your son no request is too unreasonable.  You asked for a wedding themed gift, and here they are.  Something old, something new and something blue.”


Glancing to her side, Bonnie’s eyes opened wide as she saw Sophie standing there, dressed in a pink dress with full petticoats, white socks and plain Mary Jane black shoes.  A bow was tied in her hair, but she was standing against a post, her arms secured behind it as her upper body was lashed to the support.  A wide strip of flesh coloured tap covered her mouth as she looked back over tat Bonnie with tear stained eyes.


On the other side she saw Lynda lying on a bed, in a pale blue baby doll nightdress.  She was tied spread-eagled to the bed frame, and also had a tape gag over her mouth as she tried to call out.


Looking at herself finally, she found she was dressed in a high collared blouse, and twin set of cardigan and skirt with a string of pearls around her neck.  She was securely lashed to the chair, with no room for movement, and as she tried to move her lips she realised she too had been tape gagged.


“I am confused however, George,” the uniformed man said.  “Does not the rhyme also talk of something borrowed?”


“Ah yes – I must confess to a little cheat for that,” George said as Bonnie watched Lillian walk forward.  “May I present Ms Lillian Harmon – our esteemed friend, Madame X, agreed to allow us to borrow her to help out.”


“Madame sends her regards, your highness” Lily said as she curtsied to the uniformed man, “and hopes you will accept a humble gift I have brought as a present for your honoured son.”  She passed a case over before looking over and smiling at Bonnie.


“A most gracious gift,” the man said as he opened the box and bowed back to Lily.  “So, you are enjoying the time here?”


“I am sure she is,” George said as he guided the two away, “but we must go into the ceremony now.  As always, the display will be shipped to your castle within the next ten days.  You are, after all, one of our most valued customers.”  The three gagged women looked at each other and started to scram out as the full extent of their predicament became clear to them.





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