Dial-A-Fantasy – Modestly








Fatima sighed as she looked round her home office.  The lockdown may be coming to an end, but this had been where she had been based, been working for the last year, and one feeling was paramount over everything else.


“I am bored,” she said quietly as she adjusted the end of the camel coloured scarf the hung down the right side of her white blouse.  In line with her beliefs, the scarf covered her head and neck, black buttons on the cuffs and down the front of her blouse.  Modesty was what was expected of her, and modesty was what she displayed.


The black denim skirt she was wearing came down to her knees, but as she sat a glimpse of the dark hose she was wearing could be seen between the hem of her skirt and the tops of the camel coloured long leather boots she was wearing, a matching leather belt around her waist.  The boots themselves were a classic style, with a wedge sole and a matching high heel.


“Well, it’s nearly closing time,” she said to herself as she checked some information on her laptop, and then began to shut them down.  It was as she moved the cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen that she was taken by surprise, a latex gloved hand pressed down over her mouth as she heard a male voice say “no, don’t log off yet, there is something I need you to do for me.”


“HRRRUHHH,” she shouted out as her head was pulled back and rested against a muscular chest.


“That really is not important,” the voice replied, “just do as I say, and I promise you, you will be unhurt.  So do not struggle…”


Fatima sat still for a few seconds, and then slowly nodded as she said “whtduuhwhnt?”


“Open up your personal banking account,” the voice said, “and then I want you to write down on the pad the necessary details for when I need to access it later.  Do that quickly, please.”


Fatima felt she had no choice, as she opened a new window up, accessed her bank account, and then wrote on the pad by the laptop both her account access details, and also the password for her laptop.


“Thank you,” the voice said quietly, “now, I am going to take my hand away, and I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can.”




“Please, I have no desire to harm you – just do it.”


Fatima nodded as the hand was removed, and she licked her lips in an attempt to rid herself of the taste of the latex before she opened her mouth.  To her surprise, she saw the edges of a folded brown cloth before it was gently pushed into her mouth, the latex gloved fingers making sure it went in as the edges sat between her lips.


“Do not push that out,” the voice said quietly, “but I want you now to stand up, and slowly put your hands behind your back, putting them palm to palm.”


“I’m going to be tied up and robbed,” Fatima thought to herself as she complied, wondering what was going to happen.  She expected to feel something on her wrists – but instead she felt something being passed around her arms and forcing them together, making her elbows touch as a muffled gasp escaped from her stuffed mouth.


The man continued to wind the rope around her arms, forcing them together as she stared straight ahead, wondering what was happening.  This simple act was having a strange affect on her, as she glanced down and saw the way her chest had already been made more prominent.


She was then aware of a tug behind her, and then the feeling as the rope was taken round her wrists and used to secure them together as well.  She flexed her long fingers as the binding got tighter with each pass, and then the rope went between her arms before she felt her captor at her hands.


When the binding stopped, she tried to reach the binding s- and was surprised at how soft it felt, as well as how tight it was.


“The rope is silk – I have no desire to hurt you, merely to restrain you and allow you to be comfortable in that, to find enjoyment in that.”


“Hwwcchhhwhnhmuherchthfff,” Fatima mumbled, feeling the cloth in her mouth soak up the saliva as she tried to talk.


“You will see.”


She wondered what that meant as he said that, and then she saw rope being passed round her -red rope, as it sat on her chest, and then was slowly pulled tighter, the band forcing her upper arms against her sides as it rubbed on her.


She then watched as the rope was taken round again, this time under her chest, and she felt the pressure on her arms there as well.  It was the strangest of feelings as more and more rope was added to the bands, restraining her – and yet, in that restraint, something else was happening to her.  A not unpleasant feeling of acceptance – and the way the bands were now rubbing on her chest over her blouse as well…


That was the strangest feeling of all – as she felt the bands tighten behind her, she could see how the material of her blouse was now stretched over her chest, the buttons straining at the front.  If she moved, if she was not careful, then…




“Is it too tight?”


Fatima shook her head, as she felt his gloved hands on her arms.  It was tight – very tight – but she could breathe, albeit through her nose and the sides of her mouth.  The cloth felt much heavier in her mouth now, as she wondered what he was going to do next.


“I’m going to help you to kneel on the floor,” he said quietly into her ear, his hands stroking up and down her arms.  IT felt worn, and yet it felt so different…


As she nodded, he guided her down onto her knees, and then she felt the rope as it was passed round her ankles, forcing them together with her feet side by side.  She was feeling more and more helpless with each passing second, but something else seemed to be stirring inside her…


“What is going on – I should be terrified,” she thought to herself as her legs were forced together.  “No – IO am scared, I am afraid of what is happening, but I am not terrified.  I’m almost excited, as if this was a dream…”


Her eyes opened wide as she felt the tug of the rope between her ankles, and then the man securing the ends, before she looked to the side and saw him.  He was tall, swarthy, well built, dressed in black, with a black scarf tied over his own hair and dark glasses – but he looked at her and smiled as more rope went round her legs above her knees, and he secured them together as well.


“There – would you like to know what I am going to do next?”


Fatima nodded, her hears somehow subsiding as he walked behind her, and then she sensed rather than felt him kneeling behind her.  It was really happening – and if that was the case, then…


She twisted round, feeling the ropes on her as they held firm, flexing her fingers but finding no knots – and then she felt his hands on her arms, as he whispered “a beautiful woman like your should not be left unappreciated – and I can discern that there is nobody to appreciate you.  Am I wrong?”


Fatima thought for a second, and then slowly shook her head as he said “pity – your modesty and beauty are a credit to Allah, and this is a fault that should be rectified.  I am going to help you to stand – remain still.”


He helped the young woman to stand holding her as she gained her balance, and then he walked in front of her.  “Please, forgive my forwardness,” he said a she leaned forward and gently kissed her neck, Fatima groaning at that simple gesture, and then he slowly started to unfasten her blouse.  No man had ever done this to her, and by rights no man except her husband should – but as he moved down, and kissed her neck again, Fatima felt the cool air on the bare flesh above the cups of her bra, and she closed her eyes – she had never realized just how sensitive they were…


He walked behind her and moved her blouse to the side, exposing her chest as she felt the ropes rubbing on them, and she let out another soft groan – before she saw his arms round her, and felt his hands as they caressed her chest, his fingers gently kneading into her flesh as she slowly twisted round.


This was so wrong…


This felt so different…


This felt so good…


She closed her eyes and leaned back against him as he continued the gentle caressing, her body feeling so warm now as he did so.  It felt the most natural and wonderful thing to do, and yet…




“Appreciating your beauty, celebrating your modesty – do you like it?”


Fatima nodded as she wriggled round, no longer feeling afraid of the restraint, but strangely liberated by it to feel whatever she wanted.   She slowly groaned as she felt her body respond, felt the flesh of her breasts firming, seeming to almost grow larger, and praying whatever else he was going to, her modesty would still be preserved in some way…


“I am going to do something – do not be afraid,” he said quietly as he walked round and stood in front of her.  Fatima wondered what he was going to do, as he slowly unfastened her belt, and then reached round, pulling the zip of her skirt down before he let it fall to the floor.




“Do not be afraid,” the man said as he walked behind her, returning with a long length of the red silk rope which he doubled over.  He then passed it between her breasts and fed the end through the center loop, Fatima watching as he gently pulled the rope and brought the ropes even more tightly round her breasts.  Now she understood why it felt so much tighter at her arms and legs, as he took the rope round twice more, and then let the ends drop to the floor as he walked behind her.


“Phlhhss, whtruuhhhgnhhh,” she mumbled and groaned as he fed the rope between her legs and then pulled it back, the lengths resting somewhere very personal as he pulled the rope up and back, and then secured the ends behind her back.  This was new, different, and – amazing?


She barely noticed as he puled her skirt back up, preserving her modesty as he fastened it and then rebuckled the belt round her waist, before he stood in front of her and said “does that feel good?”


“Hyhhsss,” Fatima groaned as she slowly nodded, twisting round as she felt the rope under her skirt, and then feeling it tighten as he made her kneel again.  She looked up at him, the flush in her cheeks as she wondered what he was going to do – and then she saw the bulge in his pants.


How did he know?


“I can see you looking at me – would you be offended if I was to show you?”


Fatima thought for a moment, and then shook her head as he slowly unfastened the front of his pants, seeing how large, how strong his manhood was a she exposed it to the air.


“Now you have seen it,” he said quietly, “what do you want to do?”


IT was something Fatima had often asked herself, as she slowly moved her head forward, and rubbed the edge of the cloth in her mouth along it.


“Is there something more you would desire to do?”


She looked at him and nodded as he gently removed the cloth, Fatima seeing the string of saliva as he threw it to one side.  Swallowing, she leaned forward again and placed her lips on it, surprised at the taste and also at the throbbing she could feel.


“What is your desire?”


She looked at him, and licked her lips as she said “to serve you, my master.”


“Then do so.”


She nodded as she kissed his member, moving her lips up and down, and then shuffled forward, surprised at herself as she kissed the tip, her tongue brushing over it.  He saw her nod, and then parted her lips, tasting the saltiness as she out them over the tip and then drew them back with a soft pop.




Fatima then put her lips over his cock, pulling her head back and then repeating, each time taking it a little further into her dry mouth.  She was beginning to crave it, and as she twisted round she felt the ropes rubbing between her legs, adding to the excitement…


As her tongue enveloped the member, she could feel the throbbing on that as well, as she began to gently suck, bobbing her head to and fro in time to the motion of the rope between her legs.  She was surprising herself, and yet it felt so right and natural to service the one who had done this to her, preserving her modesty, even making sure the scarf was still there.


She could hear his soft groans as his gloved hands at on her head, and she could also feel the engorgement as his penis swelled in her mouth, pressing down on her tongue as the throbbing seemed to intensify.  And it felt so wonderful…


She was working harder now as she felt the tip against the back of her throat, feeling it fill her mouth in every way as she sucked and felt the dampness between her legs.  Was this truly what it would feel like to be one man’s woman, his plaything?  And of so, why had she hidden herself away from it for so long?


She could feel the sweat on her body, her blouse clinging to her back under the bands of rope, and feel the flow between her legs as the fire seemed it increase in strength as it burned inside her.  She wanted it quenched, but knew that was not going to happen.


Was it?


The throbbing was now a drumming as she wondered exactly what was going to happen – and then it came.  The hot salty flow hit the back of her throat as she shivered and groaned, forced to swallow as it seemed to come in a never-ending flow.


But there was more - the fire had seemed to explode inside her as her body shook, and she felt the dampness between her legs.  She had, it is true, played with herself there before now, but had never caused anything this intense to happen.


And she wanted more…


Eventually, she felt the flow stop as he removed his hands and stood back, kneeling and lifting her chin with his gloved finger as he looked into her eyes.


“Was it all you had expected, all you had imagined?”


Fatima slowly nodded as he wiped her chin with a white cloth – and then pushed it into her mouth, all the way in as her lips closed over it.  Standing up, he adjusted his own clothing, and then produced a strip of brown sticking plaster.  Removing the backing paper, he gently pressed it down over Fatima’s mouth and chin, sealing her lips as it kept the cloth in, before he laid her on her side and pulled her legs back.


She was barely aware of him securing her ankles to the chest ropes before he sat himself at her desk and started to work on her laptop.  She slowly twisted herself round, feeling the way the rope moved now as she tried to move her legs, and loving the sensation.


“thank you, dear lady,” the man said a she looked at her, and showed her a box with a numerical display on it.  Smiling, he pressed a button at the top, the clock starting to cunt down as he placed it behind her, and then closed the lid on her laptop, leaving Fatima as she slowly bucked and moved the ropes again…





IT was an hour later when she heard a soft ping and felt some moisture behind her, before the ropes seemed to fade away and she slowly stood up, looking at the damp rope as it fell between her legs.  She walked over to the laptop and opened it, shivering before she walked to the bathroom.


Her cousin had showed her the advertisement, and she had thought it a joke.  Now she knew it was serious – and she had been right to call on the services of Fantasy Fulfilment…







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