Adam and Eve Return







6 pm


Daisy sighed as she walked out of the underground station, and looked up and down the busy street.  As the rain fell heavily on her, she sighed and tried to pull her short jacket round her body, barely covering the shirt sleeved black top and kneel length grey skirt she was wearing.  She then walked quickly out, the heels of her knee length black boots splashing in the puddles and the water hitting her legs – she could feel it through the dark tights she was wearing.


“Hot bath, wine, bed,” she thought to herself as she made her way along, hoping for a nice quiet weekend…


As she walked along her street, the rain now making her dark hair fall down her neck and cheeks, she saw the cars parked outside, and in particular noticed the white car that was parked a short distance down from her door.  “Not seen that one before,” she said to herself as she found her keys and unlocked the door, letting herself in and closing the door as she put her keys in the pot, her coat on the rack, her bag on the table, the gloved hand over her mouth…


“Whththhl,” she mumbled as she looked in the mirror, and saw a young man behind her, smiling as he held a gloved hand over her mouth.  He was wearing a blue shirt under a dark suit, as he said “Hello Daisy – we’re so glad you made it home, as we have a busy weekend ahead of us.”




“My name is Adam – my friend Eve,” the man said as she glanced to the side and saw a young woman standing there, smiling as she waved.  She was wearing a denim jacket and jeans over a white t-shirt, as she said “relax, Daisy – do as we say, no harm comes to you.  In fact, it can be fun.”




“All in good time,” Adam said, “if I take my hand away, are you going to scream?”  Daisy thought for a moment, and then shook her head as the hand was taken away, before her hands were taken behind her back.  As she heard a rasping sound, and felt a thin strip on her wrists forcing them together she said “look, I don’t have much – just take it and then go…”


“Now who said we want your money,” Eve said with a smile as a rolled up black scarf was pulled between Daisy’s lips, pulling the corners of her mouth back as the band was tied round her head, “come in and sit down.”


Daisy had no choice as she walked into the front room, seeing the curtains had been drawn as she sat ion a chair.  Adam knelt in front of her and used what she now realized was a zip tie to force her ankles together, before he said “as Eve said, do as we say, and no harm will come to you.  I hope you don’t mind Pizza for dinner tonight – but I think that bottle of wine in your fridge can still be enjoyed by you.”


Daisy could not believe what was happening as Eve sat with her while Adam left the room.  She was being held captive in her own home – and they were talking about pizza and wine?  She twisted round as she said “whhthurrghnnthdh?”


“All in good time, Daisy, all in good time…”




9.30 pm


“Okay – good pizza, I grant you that,” Daisy said as she sipped from the plastic cup, savouring the wine, “but if you don’t want what I have – what do you want?”


“We will explain when it is time to,” Adam said quietly, “but for now, your safety is our concern.  Have you had enough to eat and drink?”


As Daisy nodded, Eve knelt down and cut the zip tie away from round her wrists.  “I want you to come upstairs with me,” she said as she helped Daisy to stand up, and walk up to her bathroom.   Cutting the tie away from her wrists, she smiled as she said “I want you to go, shower, and put on the outfit you will find inside.”


Daisy nodded as she went in, sitting on the toilet and removing her boots before she slowly stripped off and put herself under the shower.  As the water washed over her, she wondered what the hell was going on – she was a captive in her own home, and she had no idea why…


After she had dried herself off, she looked at the clothes, shaking her head as she slipped on the grey striped shorts, and then the white vest top with a picture of Olive Oyl on the front.  As she came out, she looked at Eve and said “why this?”


“So you will be comfortable,” she said as she held up a wide roll of white tape.  “Now, please, put your hands behind your back.”


“So you’re going to tie me up in my bed?”


“On your bed, actually,” Eve said as she taped Daisy’s wrists together behind her back, and then wound the tape round her waist and her upper arms so that they were held against her back.


“Shall we go to your bedroom?”


As she walked along, Daisy glanced into the spare bedroom and saw some cases there.  “So you are staying here?”


“We are,” Eve said as Daisy walked into her bedroom and sat on the bed, watching as Eve taped her ankles together, and then her legs below and above her knees.  Eve then tore a long strip of tape from the roll, and pressed it down over Daisy’s mouth before she helped her to lie on her side.


“Sleep well,” Eve said as she turned the lights off and close the door, Daisy twisting round as she looked in the gloom.


“Sleep well?  How does he think I…”


The line of thought slipped away as her eyes closed, while Eve went down to where Adam was looking at a laptop.


“The reaction is good so far,” he said as he looked up, “and we have the choices for tomorrow.”  Eve looked over his shoulder as she said “interesting – want to take the first watch?”




8 am


As Daisy slowly opened her eyes, she wondered for a moment what was happening – she could not move, and something was tugging on the skin round her mouth…


Then she saw the young man standing there, wearing a blue jumper and jeans, as she said “Hmgghdhsnhthdhrm…”


“No, it’s not a dream, Daisy,” Adam said as he started to cut the tape round her legs, “When I have freed you, go and do what you have to do – Eve will be waiting with your clothes for this morning, and will explain what is going to happen.”




Adam said nothing as he helped her to sit up and cut her arms free, then let her walk to the bathroom.  As she went in, she looked at herself fin the mirror and peeled the tape away, looking at herself as she said “I wonder what is going to happen next…”



As she stepped out, a towel wrapped around her, she saw Eve waiting, dressed in a grey sweatshirt and joggers.


“I hope you feel more awake,” she said as she escorted Daisy back to her bedroom.


“I do – but when are you going to tell me what’s going on,” Daisy said as they walked in, and she saw the clothes on the bed.  As well as underwear, there was a black round necked top and a pair of crimson slacks, as well as red trainers.


“You… You picked the clothes from my wardrobe?”


“Oh yes – I hope you approve of the choice?”  Daisy slowly nodded as Eve said “I want you to put the underwear on, and then stand with your hands on your head.”




Eve said nothing as Daisy but on the bra and panties, and then put her hands on her head, watching as Eve wrapped a doubled length of white rope round her waist, and knotted it under her belly button, letting the ends drop to the floor as she Daisy watched her walk round.


“Oh no,” she whispered, “tell me you’re not…”  She then gasped as Eve brought the rope back between her legs, pulling it up so that it pressed on her panties before she secured the rope behind her back.


“Now, finish getting dressed,” Eve said, “Adam is preparing breakfast.”


“Why,” Daisy said quietly as she pulled the slacks and top on, and then put the trainers on her feet.


“You will understand later,” Eve said quietly as they walked back down the stairs, Adam looking up as they walked into the kitchen and saying “ah – good, have a seat Daisy.  I have croissant sin the oven and coffee ready.”


“Do you…  Do you know what your partner did to me?”


“Oh yes,” Adam said as he put the plate of croissants down, and handed her a mug of coffee.  “Now, you and Eve will be going for some shopping today, and then you can rest for the afternoon.” 


“A shopping trip,” Daisy said as she sipped from a mug, “aren’t you scared I am going to raise the alarm and say I’m being held hostage?”


“No,” Eve said as she swallowed some of her croissant, “have your breakfast -you will see…”




10.30 am




Daisy looked at herself in the mirror, turning her head from side to side as she stared at her face.  The clear tape Eve had pressed down over her mouth was virtually invisible, and with her lips together nobody could see the cloth tat sat behind them, filling her mouth.


“Now,” Eve said as she looked at Daisy, “we go and we shop for the weekend.  Adam will hold the fort here.”


Daisy slowly nodded as she took the gilet and pulled it on, Eve taking her purse in her handbag before she picked up the shopping bags and they both walked out.  The street was clear, as Eve walked her to the white car, and unlocked it, letting Daisy sit in the passenger seat before she got behind the wheel and drove off.


As the car went onto the main road, Daisy looked round, amazed that nobody will have realised her predicament – and also at the way her body was feeling, with that rope hidden under her pants, rubbing on her.  It was a most unusual feeling, and not an unpleasant one…




“Why do we do this?”  As Daisy nodded, Eve said “you will understand fully when we are gone.  For now, be assured, nothing is going to happen to harm you, but to excite you – that’s another matter.”


Daisy turned and looked at Eve as she tried to move in the chair – and then let out a muffled groan.


“Use it, let it give you pleasure,” Eve said with a smile as they pulled up in the car park of a large supermarket, several miles form Daisy’s home. As Eve got out, Daisy unfastened her seat belt and then got out of the car.  The two women walked together to the store entrance, Eve taking a trolley and then using a card to get a self-billing gun before they started to make their way round.


Again, Daisy was amazed at the fact nobody seemed to take any notice of them.  It was as if…  as if they were in their own little world…




“The rope doing its job?”


“Yhss, bht – hghttht.”


Eve looked at Daisy as she nodded.  “that’s right – everyone is so concerned about their own lives, they don’t notice what is in front of them. Exciting, isn’t it?”


Daisy looked at the young woman, and then slowly nodded.  It was exciting, even if she had no choice in the matter.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly, before she said “shwhhy?”


“Al in good time,” Eve said as she looked at a leg of lamb, and then scanned it in, “all in good time….”




1.30 pm


“Welcome back,” Adam said as Eve and Daisy came in, carrying the bags of groceries.  “Any problems?”


“No – but Daisy could use a rest before we celebrate tonight.”


Daisy looked at both of them before she said “Chllhbrht?”


“Your birthday – you have several cards there,” Adam said as he looked at the small pile of envelopes.  “But, for now, come with me.”  He allowed Daisy to take her gilet off and then escorted her up to her bedroom, Daisy’s eyes opening wide as she saw the ropes laid out.


“I want you to put your hands together behind your back, palm to palm,” Adam said, Daisy nodding as she knew she had no choice.  She stared ahead as Adam wrapped the first length of rope round her wrists, and then pulled them together as he wound the rope around and between her wrists.  As he tied that length off, he took a second length and wrapped it round her arms at her elbows.  Daisy gave a muffled gasp as she felt them touch and saw the way her chest was made to rise as her shoulder blades were pulled back.


She stood still as Ada tied the ropes there off, and then wrapped a longer length round her, forcing her arms against her back as the bands framed her chest, stretching her top over her breasts as he pulled them tighter and tighter.  When he was dons, he smiled as he said “lie face down on the bed.”


“Shmshtthhnhr,” Daisy mumbled as she did what he said, and then felt the rope around her ankles as they were secured together.  His hands stroked her legs as the rope went between them, and then the same below her knees, before she felt him bend her legs and bring her ankles back, tying more rope between them.


The surprise came when he lowered her slacks, and tied the end of that rope to the one between her legs.  She opened her eyes wide at how that felt, before rolling onto her side and looking at him.


“Enjoy the rest – we will see you shortly,” he said with a smile as Daisy tried to move -and then groaned with a mixture of pleasure and fear…




5.30 pm

“There – rested?”


“Whttduhfhnk,” Daisy said quietly as she looked out, and Eve saw the damp stain between her legs.     The woman nodded as she rolled Daisy over and untied her ankles from the crotch rope, and then stated to release her from the ropes.


Daisy slowly stretched her arms and legs out, and then sat up as Eve removed the tape, and the soaking wet cloth from her mouth, before she said “do you have nay idea how intense that is?”


“A fairly goo done,” Eve said with a smile.  Daisy then looked at her, in a black cocktail dress and heels, before she said “so if I’m celebrating my birthday, what am I wearing?”


“So glad you asked – I think we found the perfect dress,” Eve said as she held up a hangar, Daisy nodding as she said “you know, for someone holding me hostage, you have incredible taste.”


“I take that as a compliment,” Eve said as she helped Daisy to stand, “so why don’t you go and get washed, and then you can get ready…”



7 pm


Eve smiled as Adam accompanied Daisy into the front room, a large banner saying “Happy Birthday Daisy” on the wall as she looked round.  She had put her dark hair up on her head and put on the dress she had been given – over some ‘special underwear’ that had been left out for her.  The dress was sleeveless, and made from a silver silk with a black fern pattern printed on it.  Daisy was also wearing dark hose and black ankle boots.



“I hope you are ready for a drink,” Adam said as he poured some champagne into a glass, and handed it to Daisy as she sat down.


“What – not going to tie me up?”


“Of course not – that would ruin the party,” Eve said as she accepted a glass, “and besides, if we thought you were going to try and escape or call for help, we have another plan.”




Adam and Eve looked at each other before Adam took a small white box from his pocket and pressed the button – Daisy almost collapsing as she felt the vibrations on her breasts and between her legs.  As Adam pressed the button again, she said “what…  What was that?”


“They’re called VibraPants,” Eve said, “they have tiny little vibrators sewn into strategic parts of the fabric of the panties and bra.  Adam controls the intensity – do you like them?”


“After today in the supermarket?”  Daisy thought for a moment, and then said “yeah.”


“Excellent – a birthday present from us,” Adam said as he raised a glass.  “To Daisy’s special weekend!”


“You still haven’t told me why you are doing this,” Daisy said as she slowly sat down.


“True,” Eve said, 2now, we understand you love Greek food, so we’ve taken the liberty of ordering some tapas from the local restaurant.  We also have some wine chilling, and we invite you to pick a film to watch.”


“Well, I wasn’t going to celebrate,” Daisy said with a smile, “but if you insist, I have no choice, do I?”


“Not really, no,” Eve said with a laugh.


“Can I be really old fashioned – I would love to watch Summer Holiday…”


“We suspected as such,” Adam said as he handed a present to Daisy, watching as she opened it to see a box set of Cliff Richard films.


“How… How did you know…”


“Oh we know a lot about you Daisy – we always carefully research those we visit,” Eve said as she looked over.


“Those you visit…  I’m not the first?”


“Nor the last,” Adam said as he stood up.  “So, shall we eat, and then you can enjoy the film.”


Smiling shyly, Daisy said 2only if you use that device on me…”



10 pm


As Cliff and Una went off into the distance on the double decker bus, Daisy shivered – the low vibrations in those places making her giggle.


“Well, time for you to retire for the night,” Eve said as she stood up.


“Am I going to be taped again?”


“No – something else.  If you will come with me?”


“Good night, Daisy,” Adam said as she stood up and walked up the stairs with Eve.  Laid out on the bed was a pair of her pyjamas – a purple short sleeved top and a pair of white capri-style pants with a black fern pattern on them.


“You want me to put them on?”


“I do – but keep the underwear on for tonight.”


Daisy slowly nodded as she sat down and removed her shoes, then stripped out of the dress and her tights.  She then slipped on the pyjamas, as Eve unravelled a coil of rope and made a lasso at one end.


She then put the rope over Daisy’s head and pulled it tight under her chest, making her gasp before she took the rope round above and below her chest.  Eve then fed the rope round both bands between her breasts, and pulled it tight to bring the bands together.


“Lie down, Daisy, and cross your wrists on your lap.”


“Guess I am staying in bed tonight,” Daisy laughed as she lay on her back, watching as Eve took the rope round and between her wrists, then bent her legs to secure them above and below her knees, as well as round and between her ankles.  Daisy wriggled round as Eve secured the end of the rope to the foot of the bed, and then rolled into a band a blue scarf.


“Lift your head up, and open your mouth, Daisy.”


“Hmmwhhthswhl,” Daisy said as she was cleave gagged, and then let her head fall down onto the bed.


“Enjoy the night,” Eve said as she held up the control box, and pressed on it as Daisy felt the vibrators working on her.  The light went off as she moaned softly…



8 am


Eve smiled as Daisy looked up at her, her body covered in sweat, and feeling so different…


“Would you like to put on a robe and come down,” she said as she untied her captive, “you can wash and change later.”


Daisy nodded as she stood up and went to the bathroom, coming back on with a robe on as Eve looked at her.


“Do you intend to keep the gag in all day?”


Daisy’s eyes opened wide – she had forgotten she had it in her mouth, as she reached round and untied the ends, taking out the soaking wet cloth and looking at it.  “How…  How on earth did I get so comfortable I forgot about this?”


“A good question,” Eve said as she looked at Daisy.  This morning, she was wearing a black blouse and pants.  “Come, let us eat, and then you may dress.”


“Why - are we going to church?”


“No – but it is Sunday…”


As they walked into the kitchen, Adam said “good morning Daisy – today you will be our most special hostage.  Be seated, and Eve will secure you to the chair.”


“Thank you,” Daisy said, surprised at how compliant she was as she sat in the chair, raising her arms as Eve fastened a length of rope around her and the chair back.  Adam then placed a cooked breakfast in front od her, as Daisy said “thank you – I am rather hungry.”


“Well, when you have eaten,” Adam said, “you may go and change – Eve, will you sort the outfit out please.”  Her captor was wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki pants – and unusual combination.


“Of course,” Eve said as she left the room and Daisy started to eat.  “Can I ask – are you two together,” she said after she had taken a drink of coffee.”


“In what sense?”


“In – well, in that sense.”


“That – would be telling,” Adam said with a smile, “please keep eating.  Then I will take you to wash and change, before we let you watch another film while we prepare dinner.”


“Oh – what is it this time?”


“Les Misérables – and we encourage you to sing along.”


“And will I be heard?”





11 am


Daisy nodded as Adam took her arms round the back of the dining chair, and she felt him start to bind her wrists together with the soft white rope.  At the same time, Eve was kneeling in front of her, crossing and binding he rankles together over the dark hose.


Once she had showered, Daisy had found on her bed a black dress with lace sleeves, a red line round the skirt near the hem, as well as the hose and flat black shoes.  She had put them on and come down, to find the chair and the rope waiting for her – but she found that she actually wanted this now, the security of the ropes as her wristswere tied to the chair back, her ankles to the chair leg.


She smiled as she saw the rope going round her arms and upper body, holding them and her against the chair back as Eve wrapped more rope around her legs below her knees and bound them together.  Once she was secured, Adam went out of the room, coming back with a black cloth and a roll of black tape.


“Thank you,” Daisy said quietly as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then the tape torn off and the strips pressed down over her mouth, before the television was turned on and the film began.  She was aware of Adam and Eve taking turns sitting with her, but she didn’t mind – Hugh Jackman was on the screen…


And there was the most delicious smell coming from the kitchen…



3 pm


“This is delicious,” Daisy said as she put some more of the roast lamb into her mouth, “so what happens today?  Do you finally tell me why you are doing this to me?”


“Not quite yet,” Adam said with a smile, “we thought you might like to come to a recital with us – a black tied event.”


“You mean a black tie event?”  Daisy looked at Adam and Eve, before she said “you meant what you said, didn’t you?”


“We did indeed.” Eve said with a smile, “and we need to be ready to go at seven, so we’ll make sure you are ready in plenty of time…




6 pm

“Okay, now this is officially strange,” Daisy said as she fastened the diamond earrings on her lobes, “you’re not robbing me, I can go out wearing this – and you say the fact I’ll be tied up and gagged will not be noticed?”


“Not at this establishment, no,” Eve said as she laid certain items out.  “Now, if you are ready to dress?”


“I’d better put these on first,” Daisy said as she sat down and pulled up the black leather boots, taking them over her knees before she stood up, and Eve helped her to put on the black dress.  The skirt fell down to cover the tops f the boots, as Eve adjusted the shoulders to get the look correct.


“I have not worn this in a long time,” Daisy said as she looked at herself in the mirror, “but damn I look good in it.”


“Are you ready?”


Daisy nodded as Eve picked up the leather sheet and walked behind Daisy, wrapping the material round her arms as she held her hands together behind her back, then pulling the sheath round and lacing I tup so that her arms were held behind her back, encased in the leather.  Eve then passed leather straps round Daisy’s body so that the armbinder was held against her back, before she picked up the leather pad.


“How bad can it be,” Daisy said before she opened her mouth, Eve easing the rubber bung in as she closed her lips over it before she fastened the straps round her head.  Daisy looked at herself, the leather covering her mouth and chin, and she felt as if there was nothing she could do now.


“Htssghd,” she said, the bung pressing her tongue down as she looked at Eve in her dark blue evening dress.  Adam came into the room, adjusting his bow tie as he said “well, I see you are ready.  One moment.”  Eve picked up a travelling cloak and put it over Daisy, so that her arms were covered and the hood over her head, before she said “shall we?”




8 pm


As they drew up to the front of the manor house, a liveried man walked down and opened the door, Adam getting out and then opening the door to help Daisy to get out.  Eve walked round to join them as the servant go tin and drove the car away. The trio walked up the stone steps and entered the main hall, Eve talking to a few people as Adam removed Daisy’s cloak and handed it to a maid.


She looked round – she was not the only one to have her arms secured, her mouth gagged, as other women and a few men stood with whoever had brought them there.  It was obviously a social gathering of like minded people – and Daisy over the weekend had come to like being this way.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, guests – please take your seats,” a butler called out, as Eve came over and walked with Adam and Daisy to their seats.  As she sat down, Daisy realised the chair allowed her to sit back, as she relaxed and the music started…








“Did you enjoy the concert,” eve asked as Daisy pulled the grey night dress down over her head.


“I did – so what happens tonight?”


“The full Works,” Eve said, “as practised by someone we sometimes help out – a guy called Jay Edwards.  Pull these socks up over your hands, and then cross your wrists behind your back.


Daisy nodded as she puled the grey socks up and then crossed her hands behind her, feeling the rope as her wrists were secured together, and then the rope round her arms and upper body framing her chest.


As she wriggled round, Daisy smiled before she sat on the bed, watching as Eve started to bind her ankles as Adam came in.  “Ah – almost ready for bed,” he said as he put some materials on the bed, and compressed a half sponge.  “Open wide.”


Daisy felt the sponge expand in her mouth as Adam puled a knotted strip of towelling between her lips, then wound white tape round her head followed by silver duct tape.  Finally, he folded a grey scarf, and tied it round her head as Eve finished securing her legs below her knees.  They then helped Daisy to lie on her side before she was hogtied.




“Tomorrow – well, later today.  Good night Daisy,” Eve said as the light was turned off, and she fell asleep…




9 am


“Our time together is nearly over,” Eve said as she sat on the bed while Daisy ate from a tray, her legs still secured but her upper body released.


“So why have you kept me captive all weekend?”


“Oh you’ll find out later,” Eve said with a smile as she went to Daisy’s wardrobe, and took out one of her favourite dresses.  It was a low cut black dress with cap sleeves, with varying panels of white dots of varying sizes printed on.  Eve also had clean underwear, dark hose and her knee high black boots ready, as Daisy slowly ate some toast.


“I still don’t get it – you’re not taking anything from me, you knew I had the day off today, and yet…”


“And yet – you have enjoyed it, yes?”


Daisy nodded as she moved the tray, and swung her legs out.  “Can you untie me – then I can shower and dress, before you and Adam do whatever you are going to do.”


“Of course,” Eve said as she untied Daisy’s legs, the young lady walking quickly to the bathroom and showering, before she came back into the room and changed.  As she made sure the dress was right, Adam came in, carrying the white ropes.


“Are you ready, Daisy?” 


“I am,” Daisy said as she allowed him to guide her wrists behind her back and secure them together with the rope, before he wound the rope round her upper body, above and below her chest before he fed the rope under one arm, up and round the back of her neck, and then under the other arm before he tied the ropes off.


He then picked up a roll of white tape, and peeled a length away before he said “now put your lips together.”  Daisy nodded as he pressed the tape down over her face, covering her mouth and jaw from ear to ear, and then she walked behind them to the main room of her house.  As she passed the bedroom they had been using, however, she saw it was empty…


She sat on the couch, watching as Adam knelt down and secured her ankles together and then her legs below her knees before Eve helped her to lie on the couch, her head resting on the arm.  She was strangely comfortable, but it was more than that, as Adam placed an envelope, and a knife on the coffee table in front of her.


“This will explain everything,” Adam said quietly.  “How long you stay there will depend on how long you want to stay there – the knife is sharp, so use carefully.”


Daisy knotted as Eve said “so long Daisy” and the two of them left, both in the same clothes they had arrived in.  she lay there for a while, wondering just why she was feeling so good, before she slowly lowered herself to the floor, carefully picking up the knife as she looked over her shoulder.


1 pm


As she put the last of the ropes and tape into the bag, Daisy walked to the kettle and poured the hot water into a mug, stirring the coffee before she took it to the kitchen table and sat down.  After the weekend, she still could not quite believe it…


The envelope was sitting in front of her, as Daisy stared at it, and then she opened it.  A USB stick fell out, as she pulled out a letter and read.




You wondered why we did what we did.  Well, Eve and I are employed by a particular agency to provide weekend experiences for people, at the request of a friend or colleague.  You were chosen for one of those experiences – and under the rules of our contract, what you wore, how your were bound and gagged, what you did was all pre-requested.


We apologise for the inconvenience you may have felt, but we also wish to offer recompense.  First, a sum of £10000 has been deposited to your bank account, in thanks for your cooperation.


Second, the entire weekend was recorded – and the record is on the USB stick.  A memory for you.


Thirdly, the stick will also grant you access to our site – and the name of the person who did this. We offer you the opportunity to, shall we say, get some payback.


Thank you for hosting us this weekend, Daisy.


Adam and Eve.


Daisy looked again at the letter, taking a drink from her mug, and then picked up the stick hoping her laptop was still there…







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