Anna in Chicago









Friday 29th May


Chicago O’Hare Airport


Walking towards the arrival area, young Anna Carlton felt a little self conscious, as she wheeled her small case behind her.  Dressed in a tan leather jacket over a white t-shirt, jeans and brown ankle boots, she was a typical teenager, but this was the first time she’s flown anywhere on her own before.  The flight was short, but she had needed to be at the airport for eight that morning, so even getting an extra hour she was tired.


As she came through the arrivals hall at O’Hare Airport Anna noticed a tall black man in his early fifties, his dark hair greying at the temples, dressed in a dark suit, and wearing a chauffeurs peaked cap holding up a cardboard sign, and scanning faces as they came through.


“Mmmmm I’m Anna Carlton, is it me you are looking for?” Anna tentatively asked the uniformed driver holding up the sign with the words ‘Miss Carlton’ on it.


“It is indeed Miss,” the driver smiled at the teenager. “May I take your bag please?”


“It’s quite heavy, are you sure?”


“Quite sure.”


“Well okay.” Anna let the man take her suitcase.


“Your first time in Chicago Miss?” the chauffeur asked as he caught her glancing round.


“Yeah, I’m New York born and bred, I’ve not really travelled much.”


“Well welcome to Chicago Miss.”


“Thank you.”


“Miss Blair is awaiting your visit eagerly, and so I believe is Master Chet.”


“Is he now.” Doc smiled to herself.


“By the way my name is Thomas Miss.”


“You can call me Anna.”


“No Miss that would never do.” The driver smiled as he escorted her to the waiting car, and held the rear door open, waiting until she had sat down before closing it and placing her case in the trunk.


“Please sit back and relax,” he said through the partition as he got behind the wheel, “the journey to the house will not take too long.”



As she sat in the backseat of the Lincoln MKX, Doc tried to take everything in. Chet had been able to come east for her big Seventies disco at school, but the engraved invitation from him to attend his school’s formal as his date had come as a major surprise to her when it landed on the breakfast table, complete with plane tickets.


It’s not that she didn’t have a great evening dress for the dance; she’d bought herself some beautiful ones while she had been hooking. It was more that she was still enough little Anna Carlton the geek from Grant Memorial Middle School, to believe that a rich boy would invite her all the way to Chicago to be his date for such a big thing.





“OH WOW!” Doc mouthed the words as the car pulled up in front of the large brick mansion. She had seen Curragh Park and some other pretty impressive places in the past year, but this house was certainly up there.


“Hey Anna.” Blair van Roon embraced her as Thomas opened the car door and she got out.  The young heiress was dressed in a short sleeved blouse and blue leggings


“Hi Blair!” Anna hugged her back.


“Welcome to Lake Forest Anna,” a tall auburn haired woman said as she came out and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m Tracey van Roon.”


“Thank you for allowing me to stay at your lovely home Mrs. Van Roon.”


“It’s our pleasure Anna, or is it Doc? Blair and Chet say your friends use the names interchangeably.”


“Either will do Mrs. Van Roon.” Anna smiled as they entered the house and stood in an imposing marbled entrance hall. “Wow this is beautiful.”


“Thank you, I wish I could take credit, but it was my Mother-in-law who built the house…Mmmm Thomas could you please take Miss Anna’s case up to the room next to Blair’s please.”


“Yes ma’am.”  Anna watched as the man carried her case up the stairs, still trying to get used to the idea of a servant doing that.


“So do you want a drink Anna?”


“I’d kill for a good strong cup of coffee Mrs. Van Roon.”


“Oh I think we can supply that.” Blair giggled as she dragged Anna towards the kitchen.


“This is Carmelita,” Mrs. van Roon introduced the maid, “This kitchen is very much her domain, but if you feel hungry or thirsty, please help yourself.”


Carmelita was a slightly stout Latino woman, Anna guessed aged about 40, not very tall, but with a huge welcoming smile.  She wore a blue coat dress with a white apron tied round her waist.


“Hello Miss Anna.”


“Hello Carmelita.” Anna said as she shook her hand.


“Anna needs a good strong cup of coffee Carmelita.” Blair spoke.


“Well I guessed she might, the coffee in the pot is fresh. Now you and your friend sit down Miss Blair, and I’ll serve you both.”


“I’ll leave you in Carmelita’s good hands.” Mrs. Van Roon nodded, “something I need do quickly.”





“Oh thank you Carmelita.” Anna sighed as she sipped eagerly from her coffee cup.


“So how was the flight?” asked Blair.


“Not bad,” Anna said with a smile.  “I think I spent longer going through check in and security then we did in the air.”


“Yeah it can get pretty bad.”


“Oh before I forget your Aunt Pussy asked me to give you these.” Anna reached into her handbag and pulled out a couple of keys on a key ring.


For a second Blair looked bemused, and then nodded.   “Oh yeah, these are the keys to the apartment on Fifth Avenue. Aunt P said something about sending them.”


“So are you looking forward to college Blair?” Doc asked.


“Tremendously, do you want to see my studio?”


“Don’t let Blair bore you Doc.” Tracey van Roon spoke as she re-entered the kitchen.


“Can I finish my coffee and get changed first Blair, but then I’d love to see your studio.”


“Sounds like a plan to me, we have a couple of hours till Chet gets home from school.”


“I hear you want to be a doctor Anna?” Mrs. van Roon asked.


“That’s the plan, I’m thinking I want to be a OBGYN.”




“According to Carina the only reason Doc isn’t already taking AP and college credit classes is that her school won’t let freshmen do so.” Blair added.


“That is truly impressive. I had enough trouble with such classes when I was in college, let alone while I was at school.” Tracey shook her head.


“My Mom always tries to pretend she’s dumb, but she graduated from the University of Chicago majoring in English Literature.”


“I hear that’s a great school.” Anna smiled again.


“It is, but I think Blair gets most of her brains from my husband’s side of the family…not from me.”


“Mom you are doing it again.” Blair laughed.


“Alright I will try to stop,” Tracey laughed as well, “now go show Doc her bedroom please Darling.”


“Sure thing.” Blair stood up, “Follow me Anna.”


The two young women walked up the large staircase, Blair opening a door as she showed Anna into a room as big as the main room in her house.


“This is a guest bedroom?”


“Sure is – bathroom and shower through there.  I’ll give you a few minutes to get cleaned up and changed, and then I’ll take you up to the studio.”


“I’d better hang my dress up for later.”


“All right – see you in ten,” Blair said as she closed the door, Anna sitting on the bed and looking round.


“All right, I’m definitely not in Kansas,” she whispered before opening her case and unpacking.





“This room was an attic that wasn’t being used, so I talked my Pop into letting me turn it into a design studio.” Blair looked round proudly as Anna looked at the desk, cluttered with sketches and then the workbench with Blair’s equipment.


“Did you make these yourself?” Doc asked as she picked up a couple of pieces of silverware.


“They are experiments - I’m still quite not sure about them.”


“The knife is beautiful.”


“It’s getting there, what do you think of the fork?”






“It seems a little heavy when compared to the knife, it lacks a little of the grace.” Anna looked up, “I’m sorry if that sounds wrong.”


“No, it’s precisely what I think myself. I have been racking my brains for days trying to come to a solution.”


“I wish I could help.” Anna laughed, “But I am a scientist, not an artist.”


“Well, this is 50% science, 50% art and 100% guesswork,” Blair said as she looked at the fork.  “It will come eventually – I guess the answer is staring me in the face.”


“This is an unusual design as well,” Anna said as she looked at a sketch on Blair’s desk.  “What is it?”


“Well, the basic design is a creamer – similar to what old Jacob would make, but I wanted to give it a more personal touch.  What I’s like to try, given the chance, is to inlay the design in another metal to provide a contrast.  At the moment, it’s just a sketch, but I’m keeping it to see if it’s a suitable design for a college project.”


“So what do you do in the freshman year anyway?”


“Same as most other freshmen do – attend a variety of classes.  It’s just my majors will cover history of metals and design, as well as theory of metallurgy and artistic design.”


“Completely different from normal college work then,” Doc said with a smile, “although all I hear about from Carina and the other girls is history or music or English.”


“Hey – to each their own,” Blair said as she curled up in an armchair, “so come on, what’s the gossip?  I hear Jeans and her man finally got round to it…”


“They did indeed – to the satisfaction of both according to Jeannie.  She’s an incredibly lucky girl.”


“Yeah – Chet told me how they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other at the disco.  How come Abby wasn’t there anyway?”


“She was babysitting – With Jo at her prom with Curt, Heather and Sandy took the opportunity to have a night out, so she watched the kids.”


“Rather her than me – a brother is bad enough…”


“Oh come on – Little Sandy and George are treasures.”


“I jest, I jest – so is that it for school?”


“That’s it – sports day today, which I’m missing.  It’s really winding down for the summer…”


The two girls stopped as there was a knock on the door, and Blair opened the door, allowing Carmelita to carry in a tray with two drinks and plates of sandwiches.


“I figured you and Miss Anna would like something to eat and drink, Miss Blair,” she said as she set it down on the work bench.


“Thanks Carmelita,” Blair said, the maid smiling as she left the room, closing the door behind her.


Grabbing a sandwich, Doc said “I hadn’t realized how hungry I was getting,” before she took a bite out of it, “and that does taste good.”


“She’s a great cook,” Blair said, “one of the things I’m going to miss in the city.  But I guess I can always learn to cook as well.”


They sat eating for a few minutes, before Blair said “so, I hear you had an interesting day last Monday.”


“Oh yeah – Operation Takeover, the fund raising day.  It was certainly different,” Doc said with a smile.  “None of us, except for Abby, had any idea what was going on when we went into the assembly room that morning.  We were sitting there, waiting for Miss Tennant or Mrs Hardistay, when Jo came to the front and announced that, in return for donations, the entire faculty had agreed to stand down for a set of guest lecturers that day.”


“Agreed?  In what way?”


“That’s the thing – not even Ama knew what had happened.  She told us Annie Kelly had left on time that morning.  Mind you, it was an amazing day – the guest speakers all did a fantastic job, and at the end we’d raised over fifty thousand dollars.”


“So where were the faculty?”


“They’re not saying – not even Annie.  She just said they had a very relaxing day, and that was it.  Jane Molloy was one of the guests, however, and she had promised all will be revealed on Sunday in the Post – so watch out for it.”


“I’ll get Pop to buy a copy,” Blair said with a smile.  “So, the summer beckons – what are you doing?”


“Hanging out with the girls mostly, I think – Abby and Jo have some modeling assignments…”


“Jo’s modeling?”


“One or two particular shoots – Certainly in June Cari and Annie are spending some time in Germany and Austria with Judith.  They’re meeting up then with Juliette, Heather and Sandy in London – Shirley is having a house warming there, before they all come over to LA for a wedding.  After that, I’m not sure.”


“So a nice, quiet, relaxing break.”


“Yeah – but I’m sure with Becca and the others, we’ll find something to do.”


“So when’s Commencement for Jo?”


“Tomorrow.  I think she just wants it over now, if truth be told.”


“I can imagine – the last week for me last year seemed to drag on forever.”


“So what do you fancy doing tomorrow?  Your flight isn’t until late afternoon – we could go shopping in Chicago if you wanted.”


“Anything around here we could do?”


“Not really – but I know this little mall that sells unusual jewelry.  I can show you some of the things that inspire me.”


“Sounds fun – if Chet is in agreement.”


“Oh don’t worry about little brother – he knows my word is law.”


“It usually is,” a male voice said from the doorway.


“Well, that’s the peace and quiet shattered,” Blair said as she and Doc looked at the young man standing there, wearing a dark blue blazer with a grey jumper and trousers, the red and black striped tie neatly fastened under the collar of his white shirt.


“Hey - Mom said Blair had you imprisoned up here.” Chet came in and kissed Anna on her cheek.


“Hey back to you…look at you in your school uniform.”


“I know…” Chad grimaced, “they aren’t exactly fashionable, but St Hector’s is a very traditional place.”


“Well I think you look good.”


“Thank you, and by the way it was great of your place to give you Friday off.”


“It’s sports day, and believe me, no one will miss my meager talents on the games field.”


“Oh, so the wonder that is Anna has some weaknesses,” Blair said as she dug Anna in the ribs.


“Well I’m still just so happy you are here,” Chet said as he kissed Anna on the lips.


“Ummmm I’m in the room guys.” Blair spoke.


“Sorry,” her brother laughed, “I wasn’t being rude sis.”


“I know, you were just happy to see Anna.”


“We have been trying to solve the problem of Blair’s fork.”


“Oh Lord,” Chet said as he rolled his eyes, “you must be bored rigid.”


“Actually no, I admire artistic talent, I just wish I could tell Blair just what to change.”


“Unlike you little brother, Anna takes me seriously.”



4.30 pm




“Anyone home,” Doc heard an older man said as the three of them walked downstairs.  As they came down, they saw Blair and Chet’s father standing in the hall, handing a coat to Thomas.


“Hi Pop,” Blair said as she walked up and kissed him on the cheek.  “Anna, this is my Pop, Pop this is Anna.”


“Both Uncle Gus and Chet said you were a pretty girl Anna,” Mister van Roon said, “but they should have said more then pretty though.”


“Thank you sir.” Anna blushed charmingly. “I know a lot of famous models, next to them I think I’m pretty plain.”


“Well since I don’t know them, I’m not revising my opinion, you are a beautiful young lady.”


“Thank you,” again Anna blushed.


“I understand you go to the same school my cousin Liz went to?”


“St Angela’s…yes I do.”


“Do you know Liz and Patricia Anna?” Mrs. Van Roon asked as she came out.


“A little, they are friends of some of my friends’ parents.”


“Anna brought the apartment keys Aunt Puss…sorry Patricia,” Blair smiled at the expression on her fathers face, “promised me.”


“And your ambition is to be a doctor?”


“It is.”


“So any idea, which school yet?”


“Probably Harvard.”


“Don’t you like the way she says probably Harvard and knows there is no way in hell they won’t take her.” Chet laughed. “Meanwhile we mere mortals sweat and strain towards the goal of ANY Ivy League school accepting one.”


“If Harvard will take Ally and Nell what makes it so hard? Right Blair?” Anna smiled.


“I know, I still can’t believe the sluts are going to Harvard.” Blair shook her head.


“Is this a private joke?” Tracey van Roon asked looking confused.


“Not really, a couple of girls I know from New York, Allyson and Eleanor Rochermann, are renowned for their hard partying ways. To even their own surprise Harvard has taken them.” Blair smiled.


“Aha, I know their mother, she’s one of my cousin Liz’s best friends.” Augie van Roon smiled, “I take it they…”


“Have followed in their mothers stiletto’s.” Blair giggled.


“Well Kelly wasn’t dumb herself.”


“No the twins are terribly bright, just a bit wild shall we say.” Doc laughed.


“You know we really must go to New York more often darling, I feel like an outsider when you all gossip about people I don’t know.”


“Sorry my love, and yes we do need to visit New York, with a daughter at school there, a son dating a local, and Uncle Gus and Aunt Paulie re-emerging, I think it’s time.”


“Dinner will be ready in an hour sir, as requested,” Thomas said as he reappeared.


“Good – we have time for a pre-dinner drink and a chat, then you can both get ready.”


5.30 pm


“Now who could that be,” Tracey said as the front door bell rang.


“A Mister John Jacobs at the door sir.” Thomas announced.


“Who?” Augie looked a little confused.


“He’s that fascinating antique dealer I met at Shirley’s party Pop.” Blair spoke up.


“He’s a top antique expert, I know him too.” Anna smiled.


“Oh well then show Mr. Jacobs in please Thomas.” Tracey van Roon signaled the servant.


“Of course, Madame,” Thomas said as he left, returning a few moments later with a tall, well built man in a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie.  He was carrying a black pilot’s case, and smiled as Chet’s father came forward, his grey-black hair neatly combed.


“I’m sorry to intrude.” John shook Augie van Roon’s hand, “But I was in Chicago buying furniture and I found something that Blair had previously told me you collect.”


“Hello John.” Chet shook his hand.


“Hello Chet, Anna, I didn’t know you were here in Illinois?” John kissed her on the cheek. “Hello Blair,” he said as he did the same to her.


“I’m here to go to Chet’s school formal John.”


“Ah, well that explains it.”


“Mr. Jacobs, my wife Tracey.” Augie van Roon made the introduction.


“It’s a pleasure.” John smiled.


“I hear you have a ewer made by old Jacobus in your own private collection Mr. Jacobs.”


“I do, and please it’s just John.”


“Alright,” Mr. van Roon smiled, “We’re Augie and Tracey.”


“Thank you.” John smiled again, “Well that is what prompted my rudeness in dropping in unannounced.  Blair had told me of your desire to acquire some pieces, and – well, I found this in a sale I was at earlier today.” From out of his case John pulled a box, and from within that a silver creamer.


“Is that what I think it is?”  For a moment Gus van Roon’s breath was taken away as he looked at it.


“I’m pretty certain it is, looking at it the simple elegance of the shape caught my eye, and then I looked at the marks…”


“Oh God, those are his.” Augie turned the small object upside down to look. “Mr. Jacobs this is a find indeed…just be glad you found it before I did.”


“Would you like it?”


“You are prepared to sell it on?”


“For just what I paid for it, here’s the receipt.”


“But Mr. Jacobs…John…you are a professional dealer, surely you should add a markup?”


“Augie, with the profits I’ll make re-selling the furniture I bought, I’ve already had an extremely good day. Look at this as a present and encouragement to young Blair for reviving my faith that the young ARE interested in more then just computer games.”


“That is most generous of you John…and Thank You!” Augie shook hands again.  “Let me write a check for you.”


“We were just going to eat John, would you care to join us?” Tracey offered.


“If it wouldn’t be too inconvenient? I drove over after the sale finished, and I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”


“Not at all.” Tracey smiled. “Thomas, tell Carmelita please to set an extra plate for dinner.”


“Certainly ma’am.”


“Thank you John.” Blair smiled broadly, “I think you just made Pop’s day.”


“Well I must admit it wasn’t something I was expecting…”


“Where did you find it John?” asked Blair.


“At a house sale in Shermer, a family called Bensingham selling up after a death.”


“I knew Tom Bensingham, but the old devil never told me he owned a piece of van Roon silver though.” Augie shook his head.


“I take it you were bidding on his colonial furniture John?” Tracey asked, “It’s been a few years since we’d been in the house but I do remember he was very proud of it?” 


“I was indeed, some spirited bidding for some pieces, but I got most of what I wanted to buy.”


“Where will you sell it out of interest?” asked Chet.


“I have clients in New York…Sandy Richmond for example likes to use early colonial in her projects, some goes to Philadelphia, and the rest I have buyers for in England.”


“Well I’m just glad this caught your eye John.” Augie grinned broadly, “And that you thought of me.”


“Well as I said, my chat with Blair at Shirley’s party about American silver rather restored my faith in the younger generation.”


“She is an enthusiast,” Augie smiled proudly at his daughter.


“So where are you staying John?” asked Chet.


“Evanston, an old school chum of mine teaches at Northwestern, he’s putting me up for a couple of days.”


“Anyone I might know?” Augie asked, “I’m on the Board of Trustees.”


“John Parrier…do you know him?”


“Actually I do, a classicist of his stature makes him one of Northwestern’s adornments.”


“Yes, he has made a great contribution in his field, but I think he surprised even himself by doing it. We were reminiscing last night and saying just how much his scholastic reputation might suffer if people knew just how bad his Latin was when we were both fourth formers at Winchester.”


“Oh you must tell me more about that John. Always nice to be able to take a professor down a peg or two.” Augie van Roon smiled broadly.


Just at that moment Thomas came into announce that dinner was ready to be served.





“Now before you go John, can I pick your brain about my fork I designed and made?” Blair asked as they sat round the coffee table.


“Well I can try.”


Five minutes later, John sat looking intently at Blair’s knife and fork on the coffee table.


“I’ve looked at it, Anna looked for me, and even Pop has tried to help…”


“I think I might have a solution Blair,” John said with a smile.  “To give it the same lightness as the knife, get away from the traditional four tines.”


“You mean make it a trident?”


“I think it would work.”


For a couple of minutes, Blair looked and stared. “You know it’s actually so darn obvious,” she shook her head.


“I think you were wedded a little too much to the traditional form Blair, sometimes you have to try a different approach.”


“I know,” Blair stood up and hugged the Brit.


“Ummm Blair any chance of you helping me get dressed?” Anna pointed at her watch.


“Oh yes…look I’m sorry John, can I send you a drawing tomorrow of the three tine fork.”


“Please do Blair…and looking at the clock I’d better go as well.” John stood up. “Thank you for a wonderful meal Tracey.”


“Thank you for enjoying it.”


“And I want to thank you again for finding me the creamer.” Augie shook his hand.


“Also thank you for your encouragement of Blair.” Tracey kissed him on the cheek. “It’s done wonders for her morale that someone like you takes her seriously in her ambitions.”


“Well as I said it’s lovely to meet a young person who appreciates both antiques and design, so it’s actually my pleasure trying to help her…Anyway I need to run, John said something about a drinks party with colleagues of his.”


“Well we better let you go then John,” Augie shook his hand again, “and I look forward to meeting again in the future.”


“Right – let’s make you the belle of the ball,” Blair said as Tracey showed John out, and the girls went upstairs.



7.30 pm


Chet came down the staircase, adjusting the cuffs of his dinner jacket as his parents stood at the bottom. 


“Why they insist on this I’ll never know,” Chet said as his father adjusted the bow tie.


“It sets a good impression,” his father said as his mother looked over his shoulder.  Chet turned to see Anna walk down in a pale blue ball gown, the neckline cut to show a little of her chest, the long sleeves hooked over her middle fingers, the skirt flowing from her waist as she walked down.


“Anna you look beautiful.” Chet gave her a little kiss as she descended the stairs.


“And you look very handsome.”


“Alright, I’m not missing this photo opportunity.” Augie van Roon waved the young couple to stand next to each other and started to take photographs.


“You’ll be the loveliest couple there.” Tracey van Roon smiled broadly.


“Who’d of thunk it, little brother not only gets a date for the dance, but she’s a beautiful model?” Blair grinned.


“I’ve only modeled a teeny amount Blair.” Doc smiled happily.


“Well whatever, at least I don’t have to be his date this year.” Blair smiled, “It ruins little brother’s rep as a ladies man having to take his sister along as his date.”


“Hey Big Sis, it was you dragged ME to New York for Shirley’s birthday party…”


“And you met ME,” Anna laughed, “So isn’t Blair a wonderful sister?”


“She’s got you there Chet,” his father laughed.


“I guess so.” Chet kissed Anna lightly on the lips.


“Sir, the car is ready?”


“Thank you Thomas,” Chet said as he took Anna’s arm, and they walked out of the house.




8.15 pm


“Wow – a small school, you said,” Anna said as Thomas drove them to the large oak double doors of St Hector’s Academy.


“Well, it is,” Chet said as he waited for Thomas to open the door, and then took Anna’s arm as they walked into the ballroom.


“This is a nice room, a very nice room.” Anna looked round carefully at the oak paneled hall. “Much nicer then our school gym to hold a thing like this in.”


“We are probably the only school with its own ballroom.” Chet checked both their coats in.


“Lucky you guys.”


“Hey Chet, so this is the mysterious lady from New York?” a tall fair-haired boy in a black suit said as he came over and greeted them.


“Harry Pratt meet Anna Carlton…Anna meet Harry.”


“Nice to meet you Harry.” Anna shook his hand.


“Where is Sarah H?”


“Coming back from the powder room…here she comes.” Harry put his arm round a slightly dumpy little girl with short light brown hair, wearing a white shirt sleeved dress.


“Anna this is Sarah, Sarah this is Anna from New York.”


“Hi.” Sarah smiled as she shook hands. “And it’s going to be official that I HATE you Anna,” she giggled, “What I’d do to have a body like yours?”


“Well I’d kill for your blue eyes.” Anna giggled back, “And to not have to wear these glasses.”


“I wear contacts.” Sarah laughed.


“Well I’m a geek.”


“So am I.”


“I think we should go get them drinks H, while they decide who is worse.” Chet smiled.


“I think so.”


As the two boys walked off, Anna said “Harry seems really nice Sarah.”


“He is…up to a year ago we sort of hated each other, I was just the dumb girl next door, but then my boobs finally grew and he sort of noticed me.”


“Typical man.” Anna laughed, “What is it about our mammary glands that turns them on so?”


“I don’t know.” Sarah giggled again, “But I’m at least glad they finally got H to notice me.”


“Do you go to school here?”


“No…this place is all boys…. I go to Engelwood across town, its sort of the sister school.”


“Okay, I get that.”


“I hear you go to the notorious St Angela’s in New York, and that you actually know both Jeannie Brewster, and Abigail de Ros?”


“Yes, yes, and yes.” Doc laughed again.


“WOW!” Sarah looked impressed. “What are they like?”


“Just like other girls, except I keep seeing their pictures everywhere.”


“No seriously…what are they really like?” Sarah looked disbelieving.


“As I said, they really are just like other girls. Jeans is funny, brave, and caring. Abs is diabolically tall, very sweet, and rather shy.”


“God,” Sarah shook her head.


“They both may be stars, but neither has a swollen head.”


“So what were you talking about?” Harry asked as he and Chet brought cokes over from the bar.


“Abigail de Ros and Jeannie Brewster, Anna really does know them.” Sarah looked slightly awestruck.


“Well Anna has modeled herself.” Chet smiled proudly.


“You have?” Sarah asked.


“Only a calendar for school…”


“And the Dior retrospective show.” Chet continued.


“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Harry all but dropped his drink, “you were Miss January?”


“That damn calendar.” Anna shook her head, “How the heck did anyone see it in Chicago?”


“It’s famous worldwide.” Harry grinned.


“What calendar?” a bemused Sarah asked.


“We did a school pinup calendar to raise funds for the scholarship fund that I won. I got to be in it.”


“It featured Abigail de Ros, Jeannie Brewster, Maggie Fife, Marnie Paget, oh and loads more stars…she,” Harry pointed, “was Miss January in ski wear.”


“Can we just keep that secret please Harry?” Anna asked. “This is your party, I’m just a very minor guest.”


“Alright, but don’t be surprised if other guys recognize you.”


“You are a pinup Anna?” asked Sarah. “Now I DEFINITELY hate you.” She laughed hard.


“You should see the pictures of her from the Dior show.” Chet looked very proud.


“So are New York girls as bitchy as they always seem to be on TV shows?” Sarah asked.


“You get a few of those yeah, but most of them are really just normal people.” Anna nodded.


“Are they always hopping in and out of guys beds?” Harry asked.


“On the advice of her lawyer…that is me…my client will be exercising her Fifth Amendment rights, and will not be answering that question H.” Chet said solemnly.


“You two have done it…really?” Harry asked in a hushed whisper.


“Again my client will take the Fifth.”


“Damn I thought he was bullshitting.”


“Harry you are making Anna blush.” Sarah dug him in the ribs.


“I’m sorry…I apologise.”


“It’s not a problem H.” Anna answered quietly.


“Harry you dance with Anna, Chet you dance with me.” Sarah tried to defuse the situation. “NOW GUYS!” she ordered.


“Sorry.” Harry whispered as he led Anna onto the dance floor.


“Oh it’s not a problem,” she smiled, trying to hide that for the first time she was embarrassed by her own sexual adventures.








“Watch out for that fucking asshole.” Sarah nodded towards a string bean of a boy in a blue dinner suit, with a ruffled shirt. “His name is Wayne Metz, he’s both a total creep, and serious bad news.”


“He looks it.” Anna sipped her coke.


“He’s 19, but still in school, he’s been expelled from more places then I knew existed.”




“I’m surprised they took him back here to finish up, after St Augustine’s in New York threw him out earlier this year.”


“Who are you talking about?” Chet asked as he and Harry brought fresh sodas.


“That creep Metz.” Sarah nodded.


“Yeah why the school let him back I’ll never know.” Harry shook his head.


“I hear the only reason he got accepted at Northlands University is his Grandpa donated a new wing to their library.” Chet glared cross the room.


Anna looked at the young man, and realized he was staring back at her.   Something in his eyes made her uncomfortable – and what was worse, she was sure she had seen him somewhere before.


“I’ll be back in a minute,” Chet said as Harry took Sarah onto the dance floor, leaving Anna to look round.  She suddenly turned to see Metz standing beside her.


“I knew van Roon was desperate, but desperate enough to hire himself a hooker as his date for the formal?” The boy sneered at her


“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop calling me names before Chet returns.”


“Or you’ll do what Madame Angel?”


For a moment Doc stood amazed that this boy knew her former nom-de-plume.


“You don’t remember do you? I suppose to whores like you we are all faceless, what is the word? Johns?” He leaned over her and whispered, “I was a guest at Clark Kent’s birthday party in New York, when you and your little troop ‘entertained’ us.”


Slowly the boy reached in his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and retrieved a business card that Doc recognized too easily, it was for Angelic Escorts.


“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Doc tried to bluff it out.


“Oh I think you do Angel, and if you don’t want me telling everyone here that you are just a common whore, then you and I will have to come to some kind of arrangement…now won’t we?”


Thinking back, now Anna could place him, this was the bastard that had wanted to fuck her ass that night. Quickly her brain recalled the scene.


She was sitting on the edge of one of the large tables in her basque, stockings, gloves, and stilettos, sipping champagne and watching Kerry prove how quickly she’d taken to whoring as she lay back with her legs wrapped round a boy as he pounded into her eager little pussy.


He’d approached her like a slimy little rat, staring at her breasts as he struggled to get his request out.


“Can I…can I fuck your ass Madame Angel?” he eventually got the words out.


“Darling it’s much better just in my tight warm cunt.” She had whispered the words in his ear.


“I’ll pay extra if you want…”


“Darling just put a rubber on…you can fuck me all you like the way nature intended.” To emphasise her message she began to stroke his large dick.


“You are getting excited aren’t you…naughty boy,” she had giggled at the sight of his pink flesh in her black gloved hand.


“I still want to fuck your ass.”


“Big Boy, I don’t do anal, and if my hot little pussy isn’t what you want, let me suggest you go ask one of the other girls.”


Then she had stood up and walked away, over to the bar to get another drink. Later she had seen him try the same thing with other girls, but each had turned him down.




“You were too much of a bitch to even take my extra money to fuck your whore ass,” he laughed. “Guess what the price of my silence is Bitch?”


“Oh no!”


“Oh yes, I get to fuck your pretty little ass, or everyone, and I mean EVERYONE learns the truth about you. I’ll give you 15 minutes to make up your mind” This time it was his turn to just walk away.


“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! And CRAP!” Doc breathed the words out. She’d been afraid one day she might run across one of her former clients, but tonight had not been either the place or time she had expected it. “FUCK!” what was she to do? There was no way the nice decent girl within her would allow the van Roon’s and especially Chet to be embarrassed by learning her nasty little secret. And if they did, what about outside Chicago? What would the school say if they learned? What about her scholarship? Juliette might fight to save her, but she was just one of three trustees. And finally, and above all, what would her parents say? “Oh Goddess what to do?” she thought hard.


“Penny for them?” she hadn’t noticed Chet come sit next to her.


“Sorry – that Metz character just said something to upset me.”


“Did he now,” Chet said as his brow darkened, “maybe I should…”


“No, Chet – he’s not worth it.  I need to freshen up – don’t go away, I’ll be right back.”  Anna kissed Chet on the lips, and then smiled as she walked to the rest room – only to continue on and step outside, searching for her cell phone.


“Goddess, please pick up the phone,” she said as she dialed, and then heard Nell Rochermann say “Yes?”


“Nell, thank the goddess you are there.”


“I’m out on a date Anna, what’s the problem?”


“You remember that kid’s birthday party at the Altama?”




“Remember the kid who wanted to fuck one of us in the ass?”


“Yeah…little creep.”


“Well he goes to the same school as Chet now - and he has recognized me.”




“The price of his silence about our previous meeting is he gets to fuck my ass at last.”


“I said the kid was a creep.”


“Nell, help please. What should I do?”


“Well for starters don’t panic…Let me try and think.”


“Think quick Nell, I’ve only got five more minutes to give him a decision.”


“I take it you don’t want to…?”




“Sorry…all I can think of is for you to stall and play for time.”


“I don’t think he’s exactly the patient type Nell.”


“Down boy…my friend is in trouble.” Doc heard Nell whisper to someone in the room with her.


“Did I catch you at a bad time?”


“Yes…but this is more important.”


“So any ideas?”


“Just one, you are at a school dance, he can’t expect you to do it right there, even if he is a complete turd.  So agree, but say it will have to be later and done discreetly.”


“You mean I should let him?”


“God no Doc, but it buys time for us both to think of a way of getting you out of this mess…and besides like all blackmailers you pay him off once he will be back for more.”


“Yeah, I guess so – but think fast Nell.  I need to end this tonight.”


“Let me mull it over – I’ll call you back in a little while.”


“Thanks,” Anna said as she put her phone away, and walked back in – only to see Wayne Metz waiting for her.


“Well what is my answer bitch?”


“Do I really have a choice?”


“Not really,” the boy licked his lips.


“We will work out a time for later, when we can both safely slip away…by the way what does your date make of this?”


“What date, I wasn’t bright enough like van Roon to hire myself a prostitute.”


“That figures asshole.”


“Hey play nice, remember you don’t want your little secret leaking out Madame Angel.”


“Stay away from me until then,” Doc scowled as she walked back in, and rejoined Chet with his friends.


Twenty minutes later, she apologized as her phone rang, and she slipped into a corner.


“Nell?” Doc answered her phone.


“Yeah it’s me. I spoke with Cari and she phoned Blair…”


“Dear Goddess why not just tell the whole world?”


“Calm down, between the three of us, and John Jacobs, we’ve come up with a plan to get you out of all this.”


“You told John as well?”


“Only the barest outline, that this guy knew about a wild sexy night you’d participated in and was blackmailing you with that knowledge. No mention of prostitution or Angelic Escorts.”


“Not to Blair either?”


“No nor to Blair.”


“Okay,” Anna breathed a sight of relief. “Now just what is this plan?”


“Well for starters tell him that you’ll meet him outside the van Roon house after Chet has taken you home.”


“I just hope he will buy that.”


“If he’s as stupid and as horny as I remember he will.”


“Alright what then?”


“This was Cari’s stroke of genius, get him to think it’s a kinky game, and that wouldn’t it be all the more thrilling and enjoyable if he was to tie you up and pretend he’s going to rape you.”


“That was genius? Nell I’ll be tied up and held, how the hell am I going to stop him?”


“You aren’t. John and Blair will tape and film it all…then at the crucial moment…”


“That actually isn’t such a bad idea.”


“Yeah the only way to hurt a blackmailer is to get better blackmail material on him then he has on you.”


“He’ll guess it’s a setup.”


“Not if you play your part well enough, it will look absolutely convincing.”


“Well, Angel comes out again, I guess,” Doc said as she looked at Metz standing in the corner.  “Let’s do it.”


Ending the call, she walked to the bar and whispered “Meet me at the front of Chet’s place, one am – and you can have your way then.  In fact, if you’re really lucky, we can make it even more exciting.”


She saw the light in his eyes and smiled as she went back over to Chet.


“What did he want,” Chet said as Metz walked off.


“A personality – come on, let’s dance.”


11.00 pm


“Thomas is outside.” Chet said as he glanced at his phone, “we’d better go.”


“Sarah, H, the rest of you I’ve had an awful lot of fun.” Doc smiled as she kissed them all on the cheek. “Don’t forget to look me up when you’re in New York please.”


“It’s been lovely Anna.” Sarah hugged her again. “You’ve got my number, ring often please.”


“I will, and that’s despite you hating me.” Doc giggled.


Thomas smiled as the young couple got into the back of the limousine, and then got in behind the steering wheel, moving noiselessly off.


“Well what did you make of my friends?” Chet asked as they snuggled in the backseat of the car.


“I like them, especially H and Sarah, they are real fun to be with.”


“Yeah, I’ve known them both since we were tadpoles, it’s just nice you like them as well.” Chet kissed her very slowly and gently.


“Chet does it ever worry you that I wasn’t a virgin when we met?”


“Not really, Blair and I talked about it, she said she’d heard you had had a couple of guys let you down, that you’d been misused a bit. It just made me more determined to be a stand up guy for you.”


“I can see,” she giggled as she felt his cock standing to attention through his pants.


“Thomas can you put up the screen please.” Chet laughed.


“Yes sir,” the chauffeur smiled as he complied.


“Now where were we? Oh yes you were being a stand up guy.” Doc chuckled as Chet kissed her and their tongues entwined.



Saturday 30th May.

12.30 am



Anna lay on her bed, waiting for the clock to tick slowly round to the appointed hour. Inwardly she smiled as she remembered her lovemaking with Chet in the back of the limo. He might not be the most skillful lover she’d ever had, but he was certainly the kindest, and tenderest, and he was learning quickly how to please and excite her. He knew that making love was not just about his pleasure and he worked hard to ensure that she was satisfied as well. The look on his face while he concentrated so not to cum early was adorable.


It wasn’t going to be Chet’s Anna though going out to hopefully deal a crushing blow to this bastard. For now she had to put on her whore’s persona, to go out and convince a man she detested that he really was the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. She just hoped that everything worked out just as planned and she didn’t have to accept being taken by this monster.


There was a quiet tapping on the door. Anna stood up and went and opened it.


“Are you all set?” Blair asked.


“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be I guess.” Anna checked her dress and makeup in the mirror. “Well do you think he will be convinced I’m playing along with him?”


“As hot as you look? Yeah I’m guessing lust will override his other senses.” Blair went towards the door. “Now quick, John will meet us in his car at the end of the drive.”


“Well here goes nothing.”


The two young women slipped quietly out of the house and down the drive, where John was waiting in his hire car.  Anna nodded to Blair as she got into the car, and then slipped out of the house, waiting a little down from the gates.


“I hope you guys are ready?” Anna spoke to herself as she stood shivering by the white rail fence. “If not Mrs. Carlton’s little girl is going to end up with a big pain in her ass.”


She heard a car approach, slowly a red Ferrari pulled up beside her.


“Okay Anna, time to remember how to play hooker,” she told herself as she tried to achieve a sexy smile.


She watched as Wayne Metz eagerly climbed out of his car.


“Hey big boy, ready to have some fun?” She purred as she wiggled towards him.


“That’s more like it bitch,” he grinned. “I knew you were nothing but a fucking prostitute.”


“Well darling this is a freebie, so I get to have a little fun for once.” She kissed the repulsive bastard full on his lips.


“Oh and what do you have in mind Madame Angel?”


“How about a little role playing darling?” she breathed in his ear as she whispered the words.


“And what do you have in mind?”


“Have you ever read any rape fantasies online?” she purred and felt his cock through his pants to emphasise the point.


“What do you mean?” he looked suspicious.


“Well how about I let you tie me up, and you pretend to rape my pretty little ass?” Doc kissed him hard, forcing her tongue between his lips.


“I don’t know, that sounds kinky…”


“Exactly.” She purred once again.


“So what do you have in mind?”


“Darling you can always try ripping my clothes off, and I’ll pretend you are hurting me and I’ll scream a bit to get us both in the mood.”


“Is this for real?”


“Very real.” She kissed him hard again, hating every second. “Why do you think I chose a place nobody would hear us?”


“Well I’m not sure…”


“Sweetie you want to fuck my ass, first of all you gotta help me have a fantasy come true.” Anna nibbled on his ear lobe. “So rip my clothes off, tie me over this fence, and darling I’m all YOURS.”


“YEAH!” he licked his lips at the thought.


“So talk dirty to me stud, call me every dirty name you know, and I’ll scream and pretend you really are raping me.”


“Sounds good to me you fuckin’ hot bitch.” He moaned as she massaged his dick through his pants.


“Alright, 30 seconds and we start darling, just remember the fantasy is better if we both get fully into it.”


Wayne licked his lips, before he popped the trunk of his car and took out several lengths of cord.  “Let’s get started bitch,” he said as he grabbed her arm and forced her to turn and face the fence, wrapping our end of a length of cord round her wrists and securing it to the fence, before he tied her other wrist in place as well.


”NO! Please don’t.” Anna squirmed and squealed as he secured her against the fence.  She then heard the ripping of her dress as he forced it open behind her and pulled it to the sides, the fabric hanging in front as he tied her ankles to the fence as well.


“That was a good idea of yours to make pretend I was really raping you, it’s turning me on baby.”


“I’m a virgin you bastard!” Doc screamed as he used a knife to cut her knickers away, hoping that out there in the dark John and Blair were getting all of this.


“Yeah…RIGHT!” he grinned as he started yanking his pants down, “Like anyone is going to actually believe a whore like you is a virgin.”


“I am, and I’m only 15 you bastard…Fifteen!” she screamed that to make her point hopefully on film.

“I like it baby,” he ran his hands up her inner thighs, “just nice and wet for me…Now be a good girl...” He parted her butt cheeks, she braced for the onslaught she now was sure was coming when suddenly a pair of flashlights went on.


“Hello what do we have going on here?” An English voice said from out the dark.


“None of your fuckin’ business, and who the hell are you?”


“Us?  We’re friends of young Miss Carlton here,” the voice said as she turned her head to see Blair and John.  “We were concerned she was not in her room, so we were looking for her – and it appears we arrived not a moment too soon.”


“Thank you.” Doc smiled as Blair undid her from the fence. “That wasn’t very comfortable.”


“Are you alright Anna?” John asked.


“I am now.”


“Well young man what do you have to say for yourself?” John asked.


“What gives you the right to question me even?”


“Well the fact that I’m a friend of this young ladies parents.” John watched in amusement as the would be rapist pulled his pants on. “Does that do for starters?”


“Here Anna.” Blair passed Anna a warm up suit to put on as she slipped out of her tattered dress.


“I don’t know what you think you saw old man, but it wasn’t me doing wrong.”


“That’s not how it looked through the lens of my camera.”


Metz stared at John as he stammered “You fuckin’ filmed it?”


“Well we did the important bits.” Blair smiled maliciously, “and honestly you didn’t look good.”


“But…  But…  IT was play-acting.  What’s wrong with that?”


“Well that for starters that this girl you tied up and tried to rape is just 15 years old son.”


“No fuckin’ way…she’s a damn whore.”


“Be that as it may, she’s still just 15 years old, how do you think the courts will look upon a boy tying her up and trying to force his attentions on a girl her age?’


“But she was the one suggested it?”


“Can you prove that?” Blair asked, “I can testify that I heard her pleading with you not to.”


“And I can corroborate that evidence with recorded words and pictures son.” John smiled.


“But the bitch asked me to pretend that it was real, she said it would all make the game better.”


“Do you really think the police will believe that?” Blair grinned wickedly.


“You fuckin’ set me up whore.” The boy lashed out to hit Doc, who sidestepped the move and instead twisted his own arm up in an arm-lock.


“Now lover would you like it if I apply just a little bit more pressure?” Doc lifted the lock till he screamed.


“You’re hurting me…STOPPIT!”


“Son if I was you I’d now run away, forget everything you think you ever knew, and if we ever hear one hint of scandal surrounding Miss Carlton’s name, these recordings and photos will go straight to the police.”


“That’s blackmail.”


“Indeed it is son,” John said with a smile, “and you should recognize it.”


“Remember, one whiff of scandal and I let the Lake Forest PD have all this, and don’t worry I will make copies.” Blair whispered in his ear.


“NOW FUCK OFF!” Anna gave his arm one more wrench, making him scream in pain.


Slowly, resentfully, the boy got in his car and sped away.


“I don’t think he will cause you any more trouble Anna.” John said as he put his arm round her


“Just be thankful that Nell and Carina have such evil minds.” Blair beamed. “You New York girls need to be a little more discreet in your activities though, I don’t know what he had on you, and I don’t want to know, but for next time, just be more careful.”


“Oh I will Blair, I will.” Anna said as she hugged her friend.  “I just want a quiet weekend now – and not a word to Chet, right?”









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