When Chrystine met Adam and Eve...








Christyne was sitting in her front room, watching a restored print of Casablanca on her television, wiping away a tear as she watched Humphrey Bogart make sure Ingrid Bergman got on that plane.


“Never fails to move me,” she said as she removed her glasses and wiped away a tear.  She was wearing a knee length dress with elbow length sleeves, made in a pattern of coloured zig-zag stripes.  On her legs she was wearing an old pair of dark brown leather boots, with a strap round the ankle.


“I think it’s time for a coffee now,” she said quietly as she stood up and walked to the kitchen, listening to the sound of the television as she put on the kettle.  The ring on the front doorbell made her smile, as she wondered if that was the delivery she had ordered.


So as she opened the door, she was surprised to see a young couple standing there, the man wearing a smart suit, shirt and tie, the young lady wearing a short sleeved dress with a black leather jacket and knee length leather boots.  She also noticed the leather gloves they were both wearing.


“Yes,” she said politely, “how can I help you?”


“Well,” the young man said quietly, “I hope you can help us.  We’re looking for someone called Christyne, spelt with a y?”


“Well, that would be me,” Christyne said, “What can I do for you?”


“Excellent,” he said with a smile as he produced a small handgun and pointed it at her, “then you can come back inside, nice and quietly, and do nothing to raise the alarm.  Understand?”


Christyne nodded slowly as she packed up, her eyes wide behind her glasses while the woman closed the door.


“I am Adam, and my friend here is Eve,” the man said quietly, “and you are going to do exactly what we say, aren’t you Christyne?”


As she nodded, the woman opened her handbag, and took out several lengths of white cord.  “Go,” Adam said quietly, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Whhh...  What are you going to do,” the frightened woman said, as her hands were put together, palm to palm, and then she felt the rope as it was used to lash her wrists tightly together.


“That hurts,” she whispered, and then she gasped as a second length was passed around her arms, just below her elbows, bringing them almost together as her shoulders were pulled back, her chest forced out.


“Open your mouth, Christyne.”


“Please, you don’t have to dthhssmmggg...”


She felt the knot in the centre of the rolled up scarf as it pressed down on her tongue, the band sitting between her teeth as it was tied off round her head, while Eve walked into the front room.  When she came out, she nodded as Adam took Christyne by the arm and walked her back into the front room.


She could see the curtains closed across the windows, as she was made to sit on the couch, and then lie on her side, Eve placing a cushion under her head as Adam crossed and bound her ankles together, before securing her legs together below her knees.


“Now, you stay there,” he said as he stood up, “while Eve and I make sure the house is secure.”




“All in good time,” Eve said as she turned on the Blu-ray player, and put in a copy of The Sound of Music.  Christyne had no choice but to watch, as she heard the intruders move around the house.  As she lay there, she tried to find the knots holding the rope around her wrists in place, but the man – was his name really Adam? – had kept it out of reach of her fingers.


The question was, who were they?  It wasn’t like the first time something like this had happened to her – and often a lot more – but for the moment she had been left on the couch.  True, she could not move, and the rapidly moistening scarf was keeping her quiet, but beyond that nothing.




So she tried to keep still, not to panic, as the music played, controlling her breathing as she watched Adam and Eve pass in both directions outside the door, and also going up and down the stairs...




As the von Trapp family crossed over the Alps, Eve came into the room, kneeling by the couch and untying Christine’s legs.


“I want you to come upstairs with me,” she said quietly, “the gag will remain in place until I remove it.  Nod if you understand.”


Christyne nodded slowly as she was helped to stand up, and then slowly walked up the stairs.  As she went to the foot of the staircase, she noticed that the phone had been disconnected from the wall, sighing as she was helped to walk up and into the bathroom.  She saw the window in the small room had been sealed with tape, as eve removed the ropes from around her arms, and then removed the gag.


“I want you to strip and shower,” Eve said quietly, “and then come out in the robe hanging on the back of the door.”


“Please, what is it you want from me?”


Eve just smiled as she said “I will be just outside the open door.”  As she stepped out, Christyne sat on the lowered toilet seat, and slowly removed her boots.  Unfastening her dress and slipping it off, she removed her underwear and rubbed her wrists and arms, before turning on the shower and allowing the warm water to wash over her.


She had no idea what was going on, but for the moment she was grateful they hadn’t tried anything else.  They wanted her as their hostage for some reason, but for  the life of her she could not understand why.  Was this something to do with work, or a friend?  Or some event from her past?


The memory of when the Gentlemen Robbers came to mind, as she turned off the water, and wrapped a towel round her hair, before she put on the white towelling robe.  Stepping out, she stopped when she saw Eve standing there, smiling as she held a gun in her hand.


“I hope you feel better after that, Christyne?”


“Yeah – but what are you going to do to me now?”


“Right now?  Ask you to go into your room ad put on the outfit you will find in there.  I will retrieve your glasses and bring them to you in a moment.”


The older woman nodded as she walked into her room, and looked at the clothes laid out on the bed.  There was a brown sleeveless dress, with a gathered waist and a pocket on each breast.  Laid out next to the dress were clean panties and a pair of white knee length socks with a lace top, while by the side of the bed sat her dark brown mid-calf leather riding boots, with a ring hanging on each side.


“Now why on earth are they asking me to wear this,” Christyne said to herself as she looked at them, and then at the doorway.  “Not as if I have a choice, however,” she said to herself as she removed the robe, and started to dress.


A few minutes later, she was sitting on the bed, pulling the zip up on the boots as Eve brought her glasses in.  Putting them on, she looked up and said “now what?”


“Kindly put your hands on your head, and walk downstairs,” eve said, Christyne nodding as she walked slowly down in front of her, and then into the dining room.  She could see Adam there, and that the table had been laid for dinner.


“Ah good – come Christyne,” he said as he pulled a chair away from the table, “please, be seated.”


As she sat down, Christyne saw the large holdall by the table, from which Adam took a length of rope and passed it round her waist, using it to secure her to the chair back, and then around her upper body and the chair back.  At the same time, Eve knelt down and tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair, as well as her legs below her knees.


Adam then pushed her into the chair, as Eve went to answer the front door bell. 


“Who is that,” Christyne said as Adam put his gloved hands on her shoulders.


“Not your concern – beyond the fact that we hope you like Chinese food.”


“Chinese...”  She turned her head as Eve carried several bags in, and started to lay out a Chinese banquet.


“I hope you do not mind using a fork and your fingers,” Adam said as he poured some wine into a plastic glass, “and we will serve you.”


“But you are the ones holding me hostage – why would you...”


“Because it is the right thing to do,” Eve said as she sat down.  “Would you care for a spring roll?”


Christyne was taken by surprise, as she looked at the smiling young woman and simply nodded...



In a life that had included a few strange moments, Christyne felt this was right up there at the top.  It was as if she had two friends round for dinner, as they talked about music, films, all sorts of things – but she was tied to a chair, only her arms free.  She heard the rope rubbing on her legs as she tried to move her ankles, but even that was not that uncomfortable.


Eventually, she wiped her mouth and finished her glass of wine, before she asked a question that had been uppermost in her mind?


“Why are you holding me hostage?  And for how long?”


“I am afraid we cannot answer either question at the moment,” Adam said, “but it is time we made sure you were settled for the night.  In a moment, I will release you from the chair, but before we do that, it is necessary to make sure you cannot raise the alarm during the night.”


“You’re going to stay the night?”


“We’re going to stay for as long as it is necessary for us to stay,” Eve said as she stood up.  “For now, please, open your mouth.”




Christyne looked at Eve as she removed the scarf that was tied round her neck, folded it into a small pad, and then held it in her gloved hand.  She nodded, and said “oh – right,” before opening her mouth, calming herself as the pad was pushed in behind her teeth.  As she closed her lips, she saw Adam tear a long strip from a wide roll of white tape, and press it firmly down over her lips, covering her mouth and forming to the shape of her jaw and chin.


“Now, I will untie you,” Adam said, “and you will go with Eve, and prepare for bed.  I hope you have a good sleep.”


“Nkuu,” Christyne said, realising her lips were sealed as Eve helped her to stand and walked her up to her bedroom.


The female captor watched as Christyne sat down, removing her boots and then slipping off her dress before she put on a white nightdress.


“Lie down, and put your hands on your chest.”


As she did so, she watched as Eve tied one end of a long scarf to each of her wrists, and then moved them above her head, tying them to the two sides of her headboard.  She then looked down as Eve secured her ankles together with rope, and then tied the rope to the foot of the bed.


“Good night Christyne,” she said as she turned the night off and closed the door, Christyne herself tugged on the silk bands, before the adrenaline wore off, and she fell fast asleep...




It was the sound of birdsong outside the covered windows that woke Christyne up.  At first, she wondered why her arms ached, and why she had them stretched above her head – and then she opened her eyes and looked up, groaning as she remembered the events of the previous night.


“Smmmbdeehplpmmm,” she called out, and then as the door opened she turned her head to see who was there.  When she saw Eve come in, she groaned, realising whatever was going on was not over yet.


“Good morning,” Eve said as she reached down and removed the tape from over her lips, then eased the soaking wet scarf from her mouth, “I hope you slept well?”


“Under the circumstances, yes – but why are you still here?  What is this all about?”


“All in good time, Christyne, all in good time.  Now, I will untie you, and then secure your wrists in front of you, before we go downstairs and you can have your breakfast.  All right?”


“Do I have a choice?”


“Not really, no,” Eve said as she untied the scarves from Christine’s wrists, and then taped them together in front of her with duct tape before untying her legs.  As she stood up, eve took her arm and walked her back down the stairs.


As they entered the front room, she saw Adam sitting there, a tray with mugs of coffee and pastries set down on the coffee table.


“Ah – good morning,” he said as Eve helped her to sit down, and then taped her ankles together.  “I hope you are ready for breakfast?”


“Why won’t you tell me what this is about, why you are doing this?”


“As I am sure Eve has said,” Adam replied with a smile, “all will be explained in due course.  For now, please – eat, drink.”


As she looked at the tray, Christyne could not deny she was hungry, so she picked a Danish up in her hands, holding it in both of them as she nibbled on it.  Eve sat next to Adam, and took a pastry and a mug of coffee for herself, smiling as their captive held a mug and took a drink as well.


“If you are going to stay here,” Christyne said, “what’s going to happen to me?”


“Nothing, if you continue to do as we say,” Adam said as he drank some more coffee.  “When we are done here, you will be allowed to shower, and put on an outfit which will be laid out, before we get into the events of the day.”


“Why can’t I pick the clothes?”


“I had the feeling you liked the dress last night,” Eve said, “was there a problem?”


Christyne shook her head as Eve said “good – well, if you have had enough...”




As she looked at herself in her mirror, Christyne had to admit Eve had some taste.  The dress was chocolate brown, with short sleeves, a v-necked collar, and a skirt that came to just above her knees.  She also had on clean underwear, and her feet sat in a pair of matching suede cowboy style boots.


“They haven’t stolen anything,” she said to herself, “and apart from the fact I’ve been tied up and gagged, nothing else has happened.  So what is the point of all this?”


“Ah good – you’re ready,” Adam said as he came in, carrying several lengths of rope in his hands.  “It’s time to make you comfortable for the morning.  Please, cross your wrists behind your back.”


“I suppose I should thank you for treating me gently,” she said as she felt the soft rope encircle and then force her wrists together.  She looked over her shoulder as he took the rope around and between her arms, before he tied the ends off out of reach of her fingers.  He then doubled over a long length of rope, passed it around her arms and body below her chest, and pulled the rope tight, so that her arms were forced against her body.


The rope was wrapped above and below her chest, Christyne watching through her glasses as her upper body was secured as tightly as her wrists.


“So where am I going?  Are you going to take me out of the house?”


“Oh no – not yet anyway,” Adam said with a smile, “but now it is time for you to be quiet for a while.”


She watched as he rolled up one of her grey headscarves, tied a knot in the middle of the band, and then held it in front of her head.  Rolling her eyes, she opened her mouth and allowed him to ease the silk knot into her mouth, and then tie the band tightly round her head.


“Shall we?”


Christyne nodded as they walked down the stairs, and back into the front room, Adam waiting as she sat on the couch before he knelt down and secured her ankles, followed by her legs below her knees.  Both bands were cinched between her legs, as she twisted them round.


“Now,” Adam said as he tied her ankles to the leg of the coffee table, “why don’t you watch the cookery programs – it seems a nice way to pass the morning.”




“Not really, no,”


Christyne nodded as he turned the television on, and found the program he had talked about.  She knew the only thing she could do was get comfortable, allow herself to just quietly watch the program.


Occasionally, she twisted herself round, trying to find any slack at all in the binding, but there was none – or at least, none she could find.  What was worse, not only was the food preparation on the screen appetising, but the smells she could detect coming from the kitchen were making her mouth water.


Which was soaked up by the knotted cleave gag, adding to her levels of frustration.  She watched both Adam and eve walking to and fro, and looked round the room, but nothing else happened, as she sat there, wondering just what she was smelling.


“Lunch, Christyne?”


She was taken by surprise as Eve stood in the doorway, and nodded as her legs were released, and she was allowed to walk into the dining room.


“I made some Linguini Alfredo,” Adam said with a smile as she was sat down, “I hope you’re hungry?”


Now Christyne had no idea what was going on, as Eve tied her ankles together and to the crossbar under the seat, and then the rope around her waist before her arms were released.


“Allow me,” Adam said as he removed the cleave gag, handing it to Eve as Christyne worked her jaw.


“I don’t understand – why are you feeding me and holding me hostage at the same time?  What is going on?”


“We are eating lunch,” Adam said as he put a bowl of the pasta in front of Christyne, and handed her a fork, “and then I invite you to change into an outfit on your bed.  We’re going to go out for the afternoon.”


Christyne stared at him as Eve put some food in her own mouth.  “This is good,” she said with a smile, “try it.”  The captive nodded as she put some pasta on her fork, and slowly began to eat it.


She was right – it was good.





“So why do I have to change outfit?”


Eve smiled as she escorted Christyne up the stairs.  “Change is good – embrace it,” she said as they walked into her room.  Lying on the bed was a grey scoop necked dress with a floral print pattern, the cuffs of the sleeves gathered by an elasticated band.  There was also a brown plaited leather girdle belt, a pale brown sleeveless jerkin, and tan leather cowboy boots.


“Go on – get changed,” Eve said with a smile, “you’re going to love this...”




As the cab stopped, Adam got out and opened the door, helping Christyne to get out of the car as Eve paid the driver and got out at the other side.  He was wearing a black leather jacket over an open necked shirt, and blue jeans, while Eve was wearing a green sleeveless dress with strappy sandals.


“Here we are,” Adam said as Christyne looked up at the marquee, “Avenue Q.  I hear you like good musicals – I think you’ll like this one.”


Christyne nodded as they walked in, and took their seats.  That was all she could do – is one looked really closely at her, they may see the way the makeup had been used to obscure the edges of the clear tape that covered her mouth, keeping the sponge ball in her mouth.


The audacity was clear – she was still being held hostage, and Adam had a very real gun in his jacket pocket.  But they were here, in public, in a theatre, waiting for one of the funniest shows in the world to start – and she couldn’t even make a noise.


Which was not the most maddening thing – that was the rope Eve had tied round her waist, and then passed between her legs, pulling it up tight and securing it before covering it with her skirt?  It was now rubbing on her with every step, every movement...


If this was hell, if this was torture, Christyne thought to herself, then it was especially nasty – she really, really wanted to laugh, but instead she would have to sit an enjoy.


In silence...





“Now that was an entertaining show,” Eve said as they returned to her house, Adam closing the door as Christyne pointed to her mouth.


“Yes, you may remove the gag,” Adam said as Christyne peeled the tape away, and then spat out the wet sponge ball.


“Can I get a drink?”


“I’ll fetch us all one,” Eve said as Adam took Christyne into her front room.


“So what now – do I get tied up again,” she sighed and then she shivered.


“No – but the extra rope remains for the moment,” Adam said.  “We’ll order out for pizza, and after that you may prepare for bed.”


“In which I will be tied up again?”


“Yes,” Adam said with a smile, “in any way you wish.”


“Well,” Christyne said with a small smile, “if I must be...”



“Well, it is a little unusual for us, but this is your request.”


“Yes it is,” Christyne said with a smile as she felt the heels of her feet with her fingers.  She had showered, and changed into a baby doll nightdress, before Eve had bound her wrists, arms and upper body, and legs as before.  There were two differences to the previous night.  The first was she still had the rope tied between her legs.  The second was the fact her ankles were connected to her chest ropes, and to the crotch rope, so that it rubbed her in the most sensitive of areas.


A fact she looked forward to getting a great deal of pleasure from, as Eve pushed a fresh sponge ball back into her mouth, and then wrapped the white tape tightly round her head, so that her lips and mouth were sealed.


“Well, I am glad you made your request,” Adam said with a smile.  “Enjoy your evening.”


Christyne nodded as the light was turned off, the door was closed, and she started to move the ropes...





“Thank you,” Christyne said as she sat at the table, raising her hands so that she could be tied round her waist to the chair back, before Eve handed her some coffee.  She had been woken up, showered, and allowed to put on a new outfit.  This time, she was wearing a brown tartan coat dress, grey socks and baggy brown leather boots.


“For what,” Adam said as he sat down.


“For allowing me to enjoy myself last night,” Christyne said with a shy smile.


“Well, you have been a good host to us,” Adam said, “and it was unusual, but we were glad to help.”


“So when does this end?  And when do I find out what this is all about?”


“Soon,” Adam said with a smile, “eat some breakfast, and then we’ll get you ready.”


“Ready for what?”


Adam and Eve looked at each other, and smiled, before she said “Want some pancakes?”


An hour or so later, Christyne grunted as Adam lashed her wrists tightly together behind her back, tying the ropes off before he began to make a rope harness round her arms and chest.  The resulting bands held her arms tightly to her sides, and supported her chest as it was forced up and out.


“Open wide.”


Christyne nodded, saying “thank you” as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then her lips covered with three strips of silver duct tape.  She then closed her eyes, feeling the pressure on her eyelids as Eve held two cotton wool pads on them, and Adam covered her eyes with a length of silver tape as well.


As Eve went to open the front door, Adam helped Christyne to walk out of the room, then waiting as Eve walked quickly to the car in the driveway and opened the boot.  Adam then walked her quickly along, before lifting her into the open space, bending her legs before he tied her ankles and legs together.


She heard the boot being shut, and then the car start up, before it moved off, and she wondered what was going to happen.






How long she was in the car when it stopped she wasn’t sure – they had said it would be no more than an hour, but it seemed like...


“Holy shit – there’s a woman tied up in here!”




She winced as the tape was pulled off her eyes, and she saw a uniformed officer looking at her.


“What happened to you,” he said as he removed the tape and eased the cloth from her mouth.


“I don’t know – I was taken off the street last night, and then...  Where am I?”


“Mall car park – sheesh, let me untie you and then we’ll call the police...”




It was nearly dark by the time Christyne got home, closing the door behind her.  Adam and Eve had left her with her handbag, and her keys, but no indication of what this had been about.


Heading to the kitchen, she made herself a coffee, and then sat in her front room, trying to process her experiences.  Who were they?  Why the hell had they...


She then saw the USB stick, and picked it up, reading the note underneath.  Unsure if it was true or not, she found her laptop, and switched it on.  Plugging in the stick, she opened the file and looked at the message, thanking Chrystine for being a most gracious host, and explaining about the money deposited into her account for the inconvenience.


She then clicked on the link, and saw the website, describing the way they took a person captive, and then let viewers decide clothing and binding.


The pictures of Chrystine from throughout the weekend.


The video, the comments, the praises...


“I am going to kill him,” she finally said to herself, before looking at the invitation to nominate someone, and typing in a name...







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