Private Workout








“Come on now, I want to see you moving those muscles, nice and smooth, that’s it, keep going…”


Christyne was keeping time with the instructor on her exercise DVD, sweating slightly as she moved to the music.  Her light blonde hair was held back with a sweatband, and she was wearing a pair of light purple exercise tights under a matching leotard, white socks and trainers.  She may not be the slimmest of women, but she kept herself fit with regular exercise like this.


The music was loud, so that she could concentrate on the exercises – and besides, she liked this type of music.  Her husband was at work, she wasn’t expecting any visitors, and it was a quiet afternoon at home for her.  As it was, the music drowned out any other sounds – the car in the street, the children playing in the yards, and the sound of her kitchen door opening and closing, not to mention the soft foot fall of the man as he walked to the door of the front room and looked in.


He was in his early twenties, about six foot and broad shouldered, wearing a white polo shirt, jeans and brown loafers.  He smiled as he watched the older woman doing her exercises, talking to herself until she said “You’ve got to work to keep this body trim.”


He smiled then as he said “And you do a very good job of it.”


Christyne stopped and turned as she heard the unfamiliar voice, unsure what to do about this.  There was a stranger in her house – an uninvited stranger – and while half of her wanted to scream for help, the other half was too scared of what he might do to her if she did.


“Hello,” he said as he walked into the room and stood in front of her, the music still playing in the background, “now, I want you to keep quiet, all right?”


“Oh god,” she whispered, “please, I don’t have much, just take it and go.”


“Now, now,” he said as he looked at Christyne, “just do as I say, and you’ll be just fine.  Are you expecting anyone to call?”


“No,” Christyne whimpered as she shook her head, one thought going through her mind.


“Good, then I want you to lie face down on that recliner and put your hands behind your back.”


Slowly, Christyne walked over to the black leather couch and lay down, he feet hanging over the edge and her head turned to the side as she watched him take two lengths of thin cord out of his pocket.  He crossed her wrists in the small of her back, and lashed them together with one of the lengths if cord, pulling it tightly around and between her arms.


“OW!  Do you have to tie it so tightly,” she said as he pulled her socks down, crossed her ankles and started to tie them as tightly together as her wrists.


“It needs to be tight – I don’t want you to get free,” he said as he cinched the band of rope by passing then ends between her ankles, and then gave her a light slap on her bottom.  Christyne let out a little yelp as she turned onto her side and watched him walk over to the blinds, drawing them over the windows and leaving the room in a shaded haze as he looked at her.


“Now,” he said as she twisted round, “where is your purse?”


“In… In the kitchen, two rooms that way,” she said as she looked to the door.  The man looked down at her and smiled as he said “Don’t go anywhere now.”


“Funny,” she thought to herself as he walked out, and she tried to find any give in the ropes, any way at all of getting to the knot and loosening it.  It was no use, however – he had tied the knots out of reach of her fingers, and she could not find any give at all.


“Having fun?”


She looked at him as he stood in the doorway, her large brown purse in his hand, and said “What?  Didn’t you think I would try to escape?”


“Oh I thought you might,” he said as he started to untie a large gold silk scarf that was tied to the handle of the purse, “and, if I am being truthful, I hoped you would.”


“What…  What are you going to do with that,” Christyne said as she watched him fold the scarf in his hands, and then she said “No – I’ll be good and quiet, I promise…”


“Hush,” he said as he looked over and stroked her cheek, “just open your mouth as wide as you can.”


As she did so, the intruder pushed the folded scarf into her mouth, so that as she closed it the edges were sticking out from between her lips.  “Now keep that in there,” he said quietly, “because if you push it out, I will make sure it stays there.”


“Lkmmgngnwhrr,” Christyne mumbled as she watched him sit down and search through her purse, first disabling her cell phone, and then opening her wallet and removing her money and cards.  She groaned as she watched him doing this – that was all she had for the next week, and the cards could not be replaced until Monday now.


He then looked round the room, carefully looking for anything her could find, before he went into the next room.  She could hear him moving round, and considered pushing the soft material out of her mouth with her tongue, but the fear of what he would do stopped her from even doing that.


Eventually, he came back in and said “Where do you keep your valuables?”


“Edntthffnee, plslffmm,” Christyne pleaded, her eyes wide under her glasses, but he just smiled and rolled her over, sitting by her side as he pulled her legs back and slowly unlaced her trainers.


“Whrrudgngngnn,” she mumbled as she tried to look round, only to yelp in surprise as he removed her shoes and socks, and then started to massage her feet.  She tried to twist them free of his grip, but his hold was too tight, and his strong fingers were pushing on her tired, sweaty feet.


She closed her eyes, hating the experience, but then she opened them suddenly as somehow he found the sore spot on the sole of her left foot, and his fingers worked some sort of magic, easing the knot out of the muscle.  “Hhmmssgggddd,” she mumbled as he continued to massage her feet, and then felt his lips as he started to kiss them.


“What must they smell like to him,” she thought to herself as he continued to kiss them, and then her toes, gently pressing his lips against them one by one before he sucked on each one of them in turn, each suck making her moan a little more.  This man…  This man had tied her hand and foot, stuck her scarf in her mouth, robbed her, and now he was…



“HMNNNNN” she called out as she squirmed on the recliner, her breasts rubbing against the leather in a mixture of pleasure and fear.  She had had fantasies from time to time about a man breaking in and doing things to her, but this has never entered into those daydreams, never at all…


“I want you to sit up,” he said as he lowered her legs to the seat and stood up, watching as she rolled herself over and then got into a seated position.  As Christyne did so, she saw the washing line from the store room on the floor, and looked at him.


“You need to be more firmly secured,” he said as he sat behind her, his strong hands now working their magic on her shoulders, “but do not be afraid, I promise I will not hurt you.”


“Whtruggngtddd,” she mumbled as she closed her eyes, his hands working on her neck and shoulder muscles as she slowly started to relax despite her fears.


“You’ll see,” he whispered into her ear as his hands slowly came round and pressed into the front of her shoulders, Christyne leaning back against him as he slipped his hands under the straps of her leotard, and slowly slipped them down her arms, exposing her chest to the cool air.


“Whtthhhhll,” she said as he placed her hands on her bare breasts, and then the fingers got to work there as well.  Only her husband had done that to her, and Christyne’s brain was screaming at her to force him to stop, but something about his touch was making her groan, and she could feel her sensitive nipples responding already to the caress.


One of her more vivid daydreams was coming to the fore – of the masked man who slowly stripped her, seduced her, and had her totally under his control.  As the fingers stroked over her nipples, and she moaned in response, she wondered if that daydream was becoming a reality.


He stopped for a moment, and she opened her eyes to see why, only to watch as he passed some of the washing line around her arms and body under her chest, and pulled tight, his lips starting to caress her neck and shoulders as he did so.  “Hmgddd,” she moaned as she felt the rope pull her arms into her sides, going several times above and below her chest, framing her breasts as they were forced up and out, before the man passed the rope over her shoulder and made a rope bra, pulling the lower band up between her breasts before he tied the ends off behind her.


He then returned to kissing her and caressing her chest, Christyne’s moans of pleasure increasing as he did so.  A small, quiet voice in her mind was screaming this was wrong, but as he untied her wrists and slipped her leotard off her arms, and then re-tied them, his lips travelling down her back, that voice got quieter and quieter…


“Lie down.”


Christyne nodded as she lay on her stomach, her bare breasts rubbing against the leather as his kisses travelled down her back, and then she felt his hands under the top of her tights, easing them and her panties down with the leotard until they sat above her ankles.


Her fantasies seemed so real now, especially as she felt the dampness on the leather from between her legs, and she realised with a shock she was getting more and more aroused by what he was doing – especially when his bare hands massaged her buttocks, and she moaned in delight, the leather rubbing on her firm nipples.


“Hssmsjssss,” she moaned as she felt more rope going around her legs, pulling them together below her knees and then his hands stroking her thighs as he passed the rope between her legs.  She barely noticed as he untied her ankles, removed her clothes and then retied them side by side, before he started to massage her bottom again.


“Turn over.”


Christyne rolled herself over and looked up at him, wondering what he would do next as he looked at her, and then removed her glasses, folding them neatly as he placed them safely out of reach.  He then kissed her gently on her lips, and moved down her body, his lips caressing her neck, the top of her chest, her nipples…


“HSWTTMMRSSSSSWEEEE” she called out as she felt his lips gently encircle and suckle on her nipples, and she writhed round, the tight ropes holding as she felt the dampness and warmth down there.


She could only see one way this was going to end, as she opened her eyes and looked at him.  Her deepest, most intimate fantasies were coming true, and there was nothing she could do about it, as he moved his lips down and kissed her between her legs.




“I want you to open your mouth.”


Christyne opened her eyes and slowly nodded, opening her mouth as he gently pulled out the soaking wet scarf.


“Tell me your desire…”


“I know what you’re going to do,” Christyne panted, “so do it – quickly.”


“You cannot rush something like this,” he said with a smile as he proceeded to start to kiss her chest again, his lips over her nipples, his tongue making shocks run through her as it stroked her firm nipples, his hand gently stroking between her legs.


“MMMMMGNNNNNNNNN” she moaned as the music stopped, and then he started the exercise music again, the sound filling the room.


“Tell me your desire,” he said again as he looked at Christyne, his finger gently stroking over the lips of her clit. 


She looked up at him, eyes filled with desire, and said quietly “Take me – take me now.”


“I want you to open your mouth again.”


Christyne nodded and did as she was asked, expecting the scarf to be put back in, but instead he pushed her panties in, the taste of her juices sending her even further over the edge as she closed her lips over the satin.  She heard a sound like tape ripping, and then felt something being smoothed over her lips and jaw, forming a seal over her mouth.


She looked up to see him holding a wide tape of white tape, as he leaned over and kissed her gagged lips.


“Do you wish to be blindfolded?”


Six words, six simple words that made Christyne nod vigorously.  This was the final part, unable to see as the intruder ravished her.


“Very well, close your eyes.”


As she did what he asked, she felt the gentle pressure of his lips on her eyelids, and then the tape over them, sticking to the temples on either side of her head.  She was truly helpless – blind, dumb, unable to move as he kissed and caressed her chest again, and then between her legs, his tongue making her moan even more.


She sensed him stop, and then heard a zip being pulled, and something falling to the floor, before she was lifted off the recliner and onto the floor.  She moaned as she felt him sit across her hips, his lips on her neck and chest, and…


Christyne moaned as he entered her, the large member filling her passage with ease despite the way her legs were tied, and she pushed up with her hips as well, wanting what he had to give more than anything.


“MMFFFFKMMMMMM” she groaned out as she felt the throbbing inside her, and she gripped back, moving with him as he pushed in and out, and gripping him with her muscles as hard as she could.  She put aside the thoughts that this was not her husband and groaned into the silk and tape, urging him on as the throbbing intensified, and she felt him pressing against the walls inside as well as her body outside.


He had already taking her so close to the edge, and she was holding off as much as she could, but she was lost in the passion of her fantasy, as she groaned and grinded alongside him, feeling the throbbing push her finally over the edge.


“HMMMMMMGGGGGGDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” she screamed into her gag as she had the fiercest orgasm of her life, her pressing on him also sending him over the edge as he deposited his seed inside her.  She heard him shout “YEEESSSSSSSS” as the hot flow filled her body, and she arched her back to prolong the moment as long as possible.


Eventually she slumped onto the carpet, breathing heavily through her nose as she felt him withdraw, and wondering what her husband would say when he found her.  She was therefore surprised when she felt his lips and tongue between her legs, cleaning her and licking their mingled juices as she moaned softly under her gag.


Those moans became louder as he continued to tease her with his tongue, working across and inside her passage as she raised her head and tried to look at him, forgetting for a moment the tape over her eyes.


“Shhh,” she heard him say as small shocks started to run through her again.  She felt his tongue play with her, and she lay back down, enjoying the soft and gentle arousal as a second, softer orgasm washed over her.


She then felt him lift her and carry her, before she realised she was being laid on her bed.  Her legs were pulled back, and she offered no resistance as he tied her ankles to her chest ropes.


“One more thing,” he said as she felt him pass what felt like more rope around her waist, and then pulled up between her legs, making her moan as it was tied to her wrists.  She tried pulling them, her moans increasing as she felt the pressure where he had just been.


“Do you wish to be able to see now,” he whispered as his hand stroked her hair.  To her surprise, Christyne shook her head, and then felt a cover being placed over her as her head rested on what she assumed was a pillow.


“Thank you,” she heard him say, and then his lips on her forehead before he left her, the only sound the exercise video playing before it stopped.  As she lay there, moving the rope to help her to pass the time, Christyne wondered what her husband was going to say.


Not that it mattered – she was content, despite the way it had happened.







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