Red Mist







Vera smiled shyly as she stepped out of the wine bar, and started to walk down the main road, drawing admiring looks from some of the men – and she knew that she was doing this, and enjoyed doing this.  The thirty year old woman had long blonde hair, the wind blowing softly through it, and smiled as she walked along.


She was wearing a floral print blouse wrapped round her and tied at the side, red and brown on black, and a short red skirt with a small split at the hem.  He long legs were in dark hose, and a pair of knee length red fabric boots completed her outfit.  She was confident in herself and the way she looked – so she didn’t pay too much attention to the young man who was walking along behind her, watching the way she moved, the way her bottom wriggled under the tight skirt, the click of each step…


It was a half hour later that Vera turned and walked the short path to the front door of her house, the man looking at her and then turning down the side street.  She unlocked the front door and walked in, pressing a button on the telephone and listening to the messages – a friend asking if she was coming out later.  It sounded like a good idea to her, as she walked up to the toilet.


It was as she walked back down that thing started to change from her perspective.  As she walked past the door to her main room, she was taken by surprise, a latex gloved hand grabbing her and covering her mouth as she was pulled back in.  The room was dim, the curtains pulled over the windows, but she could feel someone behind her, and then she heard the voice.


“Lady, stop struggling and do what I tell you to do, or I cut you.”


Vera glanced to her side and saw the glint on the thin metal blade – one of her own kitchen knives, as she stopped and looked at it.


“You going to do what I say?”


Vera slowly nodded as the man said “good – I’m going to take my hand away – but if you scream or raise the alarm, you will not enjoy what comes after.  Nod if you understand?”


Vera slowly nodded, as the hand was taken away and she was pushed toward the long couch.  Falling on it, she turned and sat, looking at the man who was standing there.  He had a black balaclava over his head, only his thin lips and piercing blue eyes showing, and was wearing a black jumper and pants, the white latex gloves covering his hands.


“What’s your name?”


“Vera,” she whispered, “please, just take what you want, I won’t raise the alarm…”


“I know you won’t,” the man said quietly as he stood in front of her, “because you will do exactly what I tell you to do.  Understood?”  As she nodded, he said “good.  Lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”


Vera slowly did as he asked, shaking as she looked to the side and saw him reach into his pocket, taking out a length of thin white cord before he took her arms and crossed her wrists behind her back.  She could feel the thin rope as it bit into the flesh round her wrists, forcing them together as he took the cord around and between her arms.


She then felt him cross and bind her ankles in the same way, feeling his hands on her legs before he rolled her onto her side and looked at her.


“Jewellery, money, valuables – where are they?”


As Vera struggled on the couch, she said “in my bedroom, in the drawers – please, just taker what you want and lhffmhhllhnnhghdd.”


Her words were muffled as he pushed a white cloth into her mouth, the edges sticking out before he said “if you spit that out, I hurt you” and walked out of the room.  She lay there, hearing the noises in the street outside, too scared to move, too scared to call out.


There was something else as she struggled – she could feel the fastening of her blouse starting to work loose, and she prayed he would not notice…




It seemed like an eternity before she heard him walking back down, and looked at the doorway as the masked man walked in, placing a rucksack on the floor.  He knelt down and stroked her hair from her face, before he said “are you afraid?”


“Yhshshmmm,” Vera mumbled, the cloth now soaking wet in her mouth.


“Well, if you please me, then I will take the fear away, he said with a smile, “I want you to kneel on the floor for me.”




“I said,” the man repeated, more angrily this time as he forced Vera to roll off the couch and land on her knees, “kneel on the floor.”  As she did so, the side fastening on her blouse came loose and it flapped in the air.


She wondered what he was going to do – and her fears were not abated when he pulled her blouse down her arms, exposing her red strapless bra as she noticed the goosebumps on her chest.  She saw the latex gloved hand come round and gently trace a finger over them, before the rope was passed round her body, pulled tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides.


He then wrapped the rope around her again and again, two bands forming that framed her chest as it forced her breasts up and out, locking her arms in place so that she had control her breathing.  She knew it was going to be impossible for her to get free from this, but other thoughts were starting to creep into her mind.


She could feel his hot breath on her bare shoulders, feel the stroke of his gloved hands on her body, and both made her shiver for different reasons.  IT only got worse as he pulled the bands together behind her back, and then took the rope over one shoulder.  Vera watched as he fed the rope down between her breasts and under the lower band, and then pulled it sharply up, making her grunt as he took the rope over her other shoulder, and secured it.  The rope was now rubbing on her breasts, forming almost a second bra as they were held more prominently.


She wondered what he was going to do next, and then she found out as he reached round and started to grope her chest, his fingers kneading and massaging her as she struggled to get him off her.  That only had the effect of making him grip more strongly, as she felt them firming under the pressure, her body responding to the touch in spite of the situation.


But it wasn’t just her body, as she was pushed back against him, and she could feel something else pressing against her skirt – a large, throbbing lump as he continued to knead her breasts.  She was sacred of what that might mean, but something else was stirring inside her now – and she wasn’t sure how to describe it.  There was a feeling she should help him, push herself forward and move in the time to his massage…


“No – that’s wrong,” her mind screamed, but she felt herself start to do it, as she closed her eyes.  She was then pulled back against him, the grip even stronger than before as she felt how hard her nipples had become.


So when he unfastened and removed her bra, the ropes now rubbing on the bare flesh, his gloved fingers gently squeezing her nipples as she closed her eyes and groaned.  This was wrong, it was totally wrong…


It felt so different, but it was so wrong…


It felt…




She started to move her bottom against him in a reflex action, hearing him sigh as she did so, her animal brain winning the fight over the rational one as she wondered what he was going to do to her next. 


So when he stopped, Vera opened her eyes and watched as he stood in front of her, the bulge evident in his pants – and then he opened the front, and she saw it, large, prominent, and she wondered if he was going to…


“Kiss it.”


She looked up again at him, and saw the knife in his hand as he whispered “kiss it.”  Vera nodded and shuffled forward, afraid of what he might do as she pressed her lips against it, the cloth in her mouth brushing over it as she did so.


She then looked back up at him as he reached down, and pulled the cloth out, a long line of saliva slowly dropping off it as he held it in her hand.  “Go on,” he said quietly, “kiss it again.”  Vera nodded and kissed it, hearing his sigh, and knowing what he was going to ask her to do next.  So she put her lips over the top, kissed it and then pulled back.


“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”


Vera nodded – admittedly, not with her upper body tied as if she was a chicken ready for the oven, but with some past boyfriends she had pleasured them this way, so she knew what he was asking her to do, what she had no choice but to do.  She slowly opened her mouth and placed it over his cock, gently kissing it and then pulling back, her lips making a soft popping sound as she looked at him, and said “please…”


“Go on…”


Vera swallowed and repeated the process, running her tongue over the bottom of it as she sucked it, and then tried to push it out – only for the man to gran her head and make sure it stayed there, so she started to use her tongue to move it to and from, feeling it rubbing no her tongue as it started to engorge, to fill her mouth even more.  Somewhere in her mind, she knew it was wrong, but other feelings were taking over as well, warm memories as she closed her eyes, and continued to gently kiss and suck, to play with it as it grew larger and larger,. The pressure on her tongue increasing as she felt the throbbing from him.


She felt his hand son her head, making sure she could not stop as he groaned.  It was obvious it was having the desired effect on him, and she had to hope that this was all he was going to make her do…


“Yes…  Yes…”


Suddenly she felt him jerk, and knew what was going to happen.  Vera braced herself, and then felt the surge of semen hit the back of her throat as he gave all he could to her, holding her head and forcing her to swallow it down as he kept cumming.  There seemed to be no end to it, as the hot sticky fluid filled her mouth and she swallowed as quickly as she could to swallow…


Eventually, however, she felt him stop, but she kept her lips over him until she had swallowed all she could, only then letting him go as a thin white line ran slowly down her chin from the corner of her mouth.  Through misty eyes, she saw him kneel down and reach round her, feeling the skirt get looser as he unzipped the fastening and let it fall slowly to her knees.  He then pulled her hose down, and took a hand between her legs.


Vera’s eyes opened wide as she felt him run a gloved finger up between her legs – she had been unaware of what exactly was happening to her, but as she felt the dampness pressed against her, she shivered.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as he pushed her back so that she sat down, stretching her legs out in front of herself as he sat across her legs, and used the knife to cut her panties away.  She knew what he was intending now as he folded the silk in to a pad, and used it to wipe her chin before he uttered the words she had been dreading.


“Open your mouth.”


“Please…”  Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he pulled back on her hair, waiting until she opened her mouth to protest before he stuffed the damp silk inside.  For her part, Vera had to stop herself from choking, as he moved down and untied her ankles, then removed her boots and her hose.


It didn’t surprise her as he stuffed the gusset of her hose into her mouth as well, and then tied the legs tightly round her head to keep them in place.  She groaned softly, and then watched as he bent her legs and secured her ankles to her thighs with more rope – and then knelt between her frog tied legs, smiling before he knelt down and kissed her between her legs.


The shock that ran through her made her gasp, as his lips and tongue stroked over her sex – she had not realised just how sensitive she had become down there, but he must have, and he continued to use his tongue on her she started to shake again, more strongly with each touch.


She closed her eyes and put her head back, sinking into a pure animalistic state as he worked on her, licking the juices which were starting to flow from inside her, but it was the way she felt, the power, the fire inside her that was growing.


She was aware of him moving up her, kissing her belly, and then his lips on her breasts, kissing her and then encircling her nipples, sucking gently on each side as his tongue ran over them, and the shocks just seemed to intensify with each kiss, each stroke, each suck…


“Hmhhghhddd,” Vera groaned as she pressed her hips up, rubbing on his crotch as he did this, feeling that his own body was responding in kind as he continued, and then he looked at her, before unbuckling his pants and pulling them right down. 


“Hruuhhh…”  She nodded as he took a small foil square from his pocket and opened it, taking the condom out and slipping it over his engorged cock as she closed her eyes…


She then felt him enter her, gripping him with her own muscles as she closed her legs around him, allowing him to move to and fro as she started to push herself up against him while he continued to kiss and suck on her breasts.  The ropes were rubbing even more on them, but now it felt as if they were taking her to a new place, as she realized her helplessness meant she had no choice but to let this happen…


She could hear his grunts as he pushed harder, further in, as he grew larger again inside her, but this time he was rubbing on some very sensitive, very special spots as she moaned more loudly.  She pushed herself up, gripping him as he moved in her, feeling the throbbing as she felt the fire he was stoking inside her.  Against her will, true, but the fire was beginning to burn so brightly, so hotly now she did not want it to stop…


And then it happened as she threw her head back, her whole body shaking as the fire engulfed her, making her scream into the gag as her body convulsed and shook in the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.  She was dimly aware of him cumming inside her as well and of his grunts, but they were mingled with her own noises, her own pleasure, her own feelings…




Eventually she collapsed onto her back, panting softly as the man looked at her, and then removed the condom before he pulled her own pants up.  Vera looked up at him, as he took another length of rope and slipped it under her waist, tying the ends at her belly button and letting the rope drop between her legs, before he rolled her over.


“Hmhghdhdd” she groaned as he pulled the rope up and back, feeling it slip between the damp lips of her sex and rub on it as he tied the ends to her chest ropes, and then pulled her ankles back, securing each of them to the new rope between her legs so that as she tried to move, it rubbed more and more.


“Thank you,” he said quietly as she rolled onto her side and looked at him through mist filled eyes, the pleasure starting to build again.  “I’m sure someone will come and free you soon.”


She watched as he left, and then started to struggle as the ropes worked on her.  She had about an hour before he returned – and she knew her boyfriend would want her to be free…







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