Serving Christyne







The rear door to the kitchen was unlocked, as I slowly opened and came into the house.  It was early evening, and there was the noise of the traffic outside, the children laughing – but I put that behind me.  I had a task to perform, and that was the sole focus of my mission.


The sound of the television was also clear, as I slowly walked in and put my bag on the floor, looking in as I did so – and there she was.  Her greying hair was cut short, and she was wearing a long sleeved white blouse, as well as a knee length black skirt, and black heels.  She was watching something on the television – but I had my own plans, as I walked in and said quietly “good afternoon, my lady.”


She suddenly looked up at me, fear and concern clear on her face as she said “what the…  Who are you?  Get out of here before I…”


“Please,” I said quietly as I pointed the gun I was holding in my gloved hand at her, “do not scream, do not raise that alarm.  You are Christyne, are you not?”


She looked at me through her glasses, and said quietly “how do you know my name?”


“I know all about you, dear lady,” I said with a smile, “so I want you to do what I say, and I promise you, you will not be harmed.”  I waited as she slowly nodded, and then I said “slowly, stand up, walk to the curtains, and draw them over the windows.  And do not try to raise the alarm – that would not be a good idea.”


She nodded as she slowly stood and walked to the windows that faced onto the street, standing for a moment before she drew the long drapes closed, and then turned to look at me.


“Very good, Christyne,” I said with a smile, “now, are you expecting anyone to call?”


“No – why?”


I continued to smile, as I said “all will be clear in due course, dear lady.  May I say one thing first?”


“And that is?”


“That you are a truly beautiful woman.”


That made her laugh, as she said “no I’m not…”


“I will be the judge of that, dear lady,” I said quietly, “for now, I want you to come over, and to stand in front of me.”


“And do what?”


“And then I want you to unbutton your blouse, and take it off.”


Christyne looked at me for a moment, and then said “no, please…”


“Christyne,” I said as I looked at her, “would you rather I removed it from you?”


As I watched, I saw she was hesitating for a moment, and then she shook her head as she came over, reaching up and unbuttoning her blouse from the top to the bottom.  As it opened up, I saw the white bra underneath, and smiled as she pulled it free from the waistband of her skirt and let it fall to the floor.


“Thank you, dear lady,” I said quietly, “now, turn round, and put your hands behind your back, palm to palm.”


I saw her shiver as she complied, before I drew something form my pocket – something I had removed from my bag before walking in.  I whispered into her ear “you are beautiful” before I doubled over the rope, and took it round her arms, drawing her elbows together.


“Oh my,” she whispered, “that feels tight – and soft…”


“It is silk rope,” I whispered into her ear, “a beautiful creation, for a beautiful woman.”


“But I told you, I’m not…”  She fell silent as I took the rope round her arms several times, and then tucked the ends into the binding, separating them and taking them between her arms before I tied the ends off.  Holding her arms, I looked at her, her breathing deep, before I said “I trust that does not hurt.”


“No – but I cannot move my arms,” she whispered, “What are you going to do to me?”


“I told you – I want to show you you are beautiful, dear lady,” I said quietly before I walked out of the room, coming back with my bag and putting it on the floor before I removed a second length of rope, and started to bind her wrists together in the same way as her arms.  I could hear her breathing quicken as I did this, saw her fingers flexing, but she seemed to be just staring straight ahead.


Tying the ends off, I stroked my gloved hands down her arms, and said “there – tell me how you feel?”


“Tied up,” Christyne said quietly, “but how does this show me I am beautiful?”


“That will become clear,” I said, “but let offer two thoughts first.  Firstly, I do this only for those I find beautiful.”


“And the second thought?”


I smiled before I gently kissed her neck, and heard her gasp, before I said “beauty is to be appreciated – and I want to appreciate your beauty.”


“But you’re tying me up…”


“And that accentuates your beauty,” I whispered as I stroked my hands over her body, and I saw her shiver at my touch.  It didn’t seem to be a shiver of fear, however, but of something else…


“What are you going to do now,” she whispered.


“Ensure your arms are properly secured,” I said before I took a longer length of rope from my bag, and doubled it over, before passing it round her and pulling it tight under her chest.  It forced her arms against her back, and rubbed on her bare skin, but somehow the soft rope was doing what I thought it would do, as I wound it round Christyne again and again, forcing her arms against her and her chest even further up and out than it was before.  She stayed still, but I could hear her breathing change, become quicker, shallower as I pulled the bands tighter, and then fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of the neck, and then under the other arm so that her breasts were framed in the ropes.


“That…  What are you doing to me?”  It was a demand framed in a question, but the tone it was asked in made me smile as well.


“Ensuring that I can admire your beauty appropriately, dear lady,” I whispered into her ear before I started to kiss her neck and shoulders, hearing her soft moans – moans which got louder as I reached round and started to stroke over her chest with my gloved hands.


“What…  What are you…”


“Hush, dear lady,” I whispered as I started to caress her chest, gently squeezing them as I started to kiss her neck and shoulders again.  I heard her groan at my touch, but it wasn’t just a complaint – it was as if she was having an internal struggle to decide if she wanted this to happen or not.  I could sympathise with that – from what she had said already, she did not believe she was a beautiful woman.


And I was there to show her she was wrong, as I continued my approach, my fingers squeezing more firmly now as I could feel her breasts growing firmer, and heard her soft groans.


“I…  I…”


“You are a beautiful, a radiantly beautiful woman,” I whispered into her ear, “and I want you to know that, to feel that to the fullest extent possible…”


“But you’re holding me hostage…”


“Yes I am – but consider, Christyne, you are helpless – so why put further barriers to your happiness?  Why not let yourself go, feel fully, and enjoy what is happening?”


She didn’t answer, so I reached under the cups of her bra and gently squeezed her nipples, making her groan – and this time, it was not a groan of complaint, of fear.  It was something else, of pleasure, as I slipped her bra straps down her arms, uncovered her breasts so that the cool air could hit them – and I could see the goose bumps, the glisten of sweat as she said “please…”


“Of course – it is my pleasure to do so,” I whispered as I caressed and held her against me. Letting my fingers and lips do all the talking that was needed, as she pressed back against me – and as she did that, she discovered that I was also getting pleasure from what I was doing.  Indeed, I felt her fingers on my crotch, and as I continued to kiss and tease her I felt her starting to stroke over the bump there.


“See,” I whispered into her ear, “I find your beauty intoxicating as well.  Do you believe me now?”


“I…  Oh god, what are you doing to me?”


“Removing the veil, revealing yourself,” I said as I walked in front of her, looking at her before I removed her glasses.  Folding the legs and putting them on a small table, I smiled as I took her head in my hands, and then gently kissed her lips – and she returned the kiss.


“What are you doing to me,” she sighed as I looked at her.


“You will see,” I said quietly as I reached round and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.  From there, I went back to the bag and took out another rope.  Doubling it over, I passed it round the two bands between her breasts, and then pulled it tight so that the ropes formed bands around the base of them, forcing them up and out, making her nipples even more prominent.


“OH god, that feels…” she whispered as I looked at the rope, and then tied a triple knot before letting the ends fall to the floor.  I then looked into her eyes, before I caressed her breasts again – and then kissed them, my lips travelling over them and then covering her nipples as I sucked on them, my tongue stroking over them as Christyne said “oh my god…”


I looked up at her and continued to tease her in that way, as her eyes closed and she seemed to slump a little, so I stopped and said “do not move” as I walked behind her.  Reaching between her legs, I pulled the rope back, smiling as I saw I had made the correct calculation as the knot nestled against her crotch, and I heard Christyne moan even more loudly.


“Oh Christ – do you know hew that feels…”


“No, dear lady,” I said as I stood up, “but I can tell it is giving you pleasure, adding to your release.  As I said, you are a beautiful woman, and are to be adored, to be worshipped, to be loved – do you believe that now?”


“I…”  She stayed silent as I pulled the rope up, and tied them round her wrists, and then her elbows, before I said “I want you to kneel down, Christyne.”




“Because I want you to show me your appreciation,” I said quietly, as she slowly knelt down, and I walked in front of her.  She looked up, her eyes glistening, as she said “you’re not going to tie my legs?”


“Not yet – but I do want you to do something,” I whispered as I slowly opened the front of my pants, and Christyne saw my member as it came out, erect, hard.


“You want me to…”


“I do, dear lady – and in return, I will add to your pleasure,” I whispered as she looked at me, then looked at it – and then back at me.  She nodded slowly and then shuffled forward, groaning softly before she put her lips on the tip of my cock and kissed it.


And as she did this, I reached over and pulled on the rope between her legs.


“Sweet Jesus…”


“Do you wish me to continue in this manner, dear lady?”


I looked into her eyes, deep into her eyes as she slowly nodded, and then opened her lips, taking the tip in and then pulling back as I pulled gently on the ropes.


“Carry on…”


And Christyne did so, as she took it into her mouth, and I felt her lips close over it, felt her tongue stroke over it as she started to play with me, felt the throbbing start to intensify as she started to bob her head to and fro, sucking and kissing gently.  And in return, I pulled the rope up and down, which seemed to be giving her pleasure as well, as she twisted her body round.


And as she did so, I knew the ropes were rubbing on her, and I knew where that large knot was positioned, and what would be happening there.  That was clear from the way her kissing and sucking was getting more vigorous, stronger, and my body was responding in turn.


Time seemed to slow down as this happened, and then I felt the jerk, and let go of the rope, holding Christyne’s head as her body started to shake – and then I released, feeling her sucking on me as I gave to her, and she swallowed, taking it greedily in as her body continued to shake…


Eventually, I let go of her head as she pulled back, her lips popping softly as a thin white line came out of the corner of her mouth.  I knelt down and stroked her cheek, saying “do you believe you are beautiful now?”


Christyne looked at me through misty eyes, and then nodded slowly as she said “it has been so long…”


“I know – but I wish to show you more.”  She nodded as I walked behind her and untied the crotch rope, then helped her to sit on the floor as I removed the rope at the front, feeling how damp the knot was – and seeing how damp her panties were as I slipped them off, and wadded them up, sniffing them before I used them to wipe the line from her mouth.


“What…  Where are they…”


“Hush, dear lady – open your mouth.”  As she did so, I pushed her damp panties into her mouth and waited as she closed her lips over them, before I fetched from the bag a roll of white tape and more ropes.  Kneeling across her, I leaned down and kissed her lips before I tore a long length of tape from the roll and smoothed it over her face, covering her jaw and mouth as it held to the shape, the contours of her body.


“Hmghddd,” she groaned as she looked at me, and then I kissed her throat, travelling down her body as I kissed her chest, her firm erect nipples, her belly button, and moved further down.




That was her muffled call as my lips touched her clit, my tongue running over it and lapping up the fluids that remained there.  She twisted round, and groaned even more, as I looked at her and then bent her left leg.


With more of the rope, I tied her ankle to her thigh, taking the rope around both parts of her legs and then between them so that they were secured firmly.  I then did the same to her right leg, frog tying her as she lay there, and then separated her legs as I looked at her, my gloved finger playing with her between her legs.


“Are you ready to be appreciated, dear lady?”


She looked at me, and the fire was now clear in her eyes as she nodded, and then groaned as my finger eased past the petals of her clit, and stroked inside her.  I removed it and licked it, before I took a very important item from my pocket, and dropped my pants.


Hygiene is important, as I put the condom on, and then kissed her clit again, and moved up her body, kissing her as I slipped easily inside her body, feeling her tight grip on me as she raised her hips to meet mine.  I smiled and kissed her neck, and she nuzzled mien with her taped lips in response as we moved together, me feeling her grip with her legs as well as her grip on me inside as I swelled in her.


We helped each other along, as she gave herself fully over, and we moved together, responded together, and brought each other on as we grunted.  It sounds crude, but as she realised her own sensuality, her own desires, she was feeding mine as well…




Christyne’s eyes opened wide as I felt the sudden dampness, but that was the moment I also gave again of what I had, feeling the explosion in her as we both groaned…




Eventually, I pulled out and removed the condom, putting it to one side as Christyne closed her eyes, her body still shaking as she panted through her nose.  Her heels had fallen off when she raised her legs to hold me, but I left them there as I pulled my pants up, Christyne slowly opened her eyes as she looked at me.


“Hhhthnnkuh,” she groaned as I knelt next to her, and stroked her cheek.


“I told you you were beautiful, and were to be worshipped and appreciated as the beauty you are,” I said quietly, “do you believe me now?”


“Hdddhh,” Christyne said quietly, “bhtwhtthpphnsnh?”


“What happens now?”


As she looked at me, I stood up and said “now, you recover.  Our voyage of discovery is only just beginning, Christyne…”


She stared at me, trying I think to process what I said, as I found some more ropes and secured her ankles tightly together, before I tied the crotch rope back to her waist.


Moving her and rolling her onto her stomach, I reached between her legs and pulled the rope back up between them, her soft moans as the rope knot settled just in the right place somewhat comforting.  After I secured her legs above and below her knees, I pulled her ankles back, and secured them to the rope between her legs.


As she rolled onto her side, Christyne looked up at me, as I said “now, I have some things to do, so you will need to amuse yourself.  I think you can find some way to do that, can’t you?”


She slowly nodded, and then tried to move her ankles, the ropes rubbing on her as I left her there, and made my way into the kitchen.  I had some bags to retrieve from my vehicle, which I had parked at the side of the house, such as a cool bag and some more bags of supplies.


I could hear her groaning as she pleasured herself with the ropes, while I opened the cool bag, laying out the tuna steaks, the noodles, limes, red peppers, and other ingredients, as well as a bottle of Chardonnay which I placed in the icebox. 


From there, I picked up the knife, and started preparing the food.  Food is important, and I was sure Christyne would be hungry – and even if it sounds like self-congratulation, I am an incredibly good chef.




It was about an hour later when I walked back into the room, to see Christyne lying there, her eyes closed as she groaned, her body glistening with sweat.  I could see she was exhausted, but then she opened her eyes and looked at me.  It was the look of a woman who had discovered something, and wanted to know more.


“I need you to remain there a little while longer, dear lady,” I said as I squatted down and stroked the back of my gloved hand on her cheek.  “I promise you, it will be worth it.”


She looked up at me, and then I felt her rub her cheek on my hand.


“Don’t go anywhere.”


“Fhnneee,” Christyne said as she wriggled round, and then she groaned as she closed her eyes again.  I stood up, holding a bag in my free hand, and made my way up the stairs.


Leaving the bag in her bedroom, I made my way to the bathroom and looked in the cabinets, smiling as I saw the usual things therein.  My attention was particularly taken by a bottle of bath salts, and when I opened it I inhaled the strawberry scent.


“Perfect,” I said with a smile as I started to run the hot water, placing the plug in the bottom and then sprinkling the salts in as a cloud of scented steam rolled into the air…





When I walked back down the stairs, Christyne looked up at me, her eyes misty as she wrinkled her nose.  “Wthhsthschnt?”


“I am so glad you asked,” I said as I released her from the hogtie, and lifted her up Ni my arms, “I think you need to clean up, so I have made arrangements.”




“You will see,” I said with a smile as I carried her up the stairs and into the bathroom, Christyne inhaling as she said “Mhshlts?”


“As I said, I feel you need to be cleaned up,” I said quietly as I gently lowered you into the water, and then pulled the wet sleeves of my jumper up.  Christyne giggled as she twisted round, before I said “now the bad news – I need to remove the ropes.  If they stayed on you, they will start to constrict and hurt you.  Be assured, dear lady, I will take good care of you.”


“Yhsshhknhh,” she sighed as she sank into the warm water, but I had to sit her up as I started to release her arms and her upper body.  As they came loose, I put the wet ropes into the sink, and then picked up a sponge, holding her hand as I gently washed her arm down.


She closed her eyes and relaxed in the water as I did this, and then gently washed over her chest – and she giggled and twisted round as I did that, running the damp sponge over her nipples, still firm and erect, still so sensitive.


And I could see the effect it was having on her, as I removed the crotch rope, released her legs, and then held them as I washed each one down, looking at her with her eyes closed.  I then gently ran the sponge up between her legs, under the water – and she opened her eyes again, groaning softly as she looked at me.


“Khhpghnhn,” she whispered, so I continued to clean her there, watching her and smiling as she twisted her body against my hand.  It was clear she was enjoying herself – especially when she groaned and smiled.


“I trust that feels better now,” I whispered as I looked at her, “and now I think you need to be able to talk – for a short while.  Nod if you understand, dear lady.”


As Christyne slowly nodded, I removed the gag, watching her work her mouth as she was released from silence.  When she was done, she looked at me and said “thank you – but why are you doing this?”


“As I said, dear lady, to show you you are worthy,” I said quietly as I stood up and dried my hands.  “Now, when you are ready stand and I will put the towel round you.  I then wish you to dress for dinner - but with one additional item of clothing, which I have laid out for you.”


I smiled as Christyne looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and then she stood slowly up, getting out of the bath with my help and accepting the towel.  I allowed her to dry herself, and but on a bath robe before we walked slowly into her bedroom.


Her eyes opened even more when she saw what I had placed on the bed.  It resembled a bikini – well, a string one, with knots in various points of the briefs and bra.  She turned and looked at me, as I said “it would please me greatly if you were to wear this under your dress as we eat.”


“Well – I really don’t have a choice, do I?”


“No – no you do not, but it would please me,” I said with a smile as she removed her robe, and then put on the bra and briefs, the knots on her breasts and also running up between her legs.


“Now, you may choose what you wish to wear over it,” I said with a smile, watching as she walked slowly, warily, to her wardrobe and opened the door.  Looking in, she took out a hangar, on which was a black cocktail dress.  She smiled as she removed the hangar and then pulled it on, the material hugging her upper body as the dress skirt fell half way down her thighs.  She then took some dark hose from a drawer and slipped them on, before putting on a pair of black leather shoes with a high heel.


“There – do you know you are fantastic in that dress,” I said with a smile as I picked up a length of rope from the bed.


“I guess I’m not going to be able to feed myself,” she said with a smile as she walked over.  I could see she was happy with that thought, as she turned round and put her hands together.


“Not there – not first,” I said with a smile as I passed the rope round her arms, gently pulling it tighter as her elbows came together, and then binding them tightly as she bit her lower lip.  The effect of doing this was to pull her shoulder blades back, and force her chest up…


I picked up the second length of rope, and passed it round her wrists, securing them together in the same way, smiling as I watched her wriggle her fingers.  Taking the rope between her wrists made sure it was comfortable and tight, before I held her by the shoulders and whispered “shall ‘I bind your arm to your sides as well, dear lady?”


Christyne had her eyes closed, but she slowly nodded as I took the longest length of rope, and proceeded to tie it round her, forcing her bound arms against her back, framing her chest above and below as the material of her dress was stretched tighter, and the bikini top underneath stretched there as well…


I made sure the rope was cinched by taking it under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm, before tying the ends off and holding her again, whispering “I have one more surprise for you before we go down.  Are you ready?”


“Yes,” she whispered, and so I took a small black box from my pocket, and pressed on the sides.  You see, the underwear was something I had designed and created – and as I pressed the box, a signal was sent out to the small vibrators that were embedded into the knots.


The same knots that were now on her chest, between her legs…


“Oh my…” Christyne said as she opened her eyes wide, and then she tried to walk – but for some reason, her gait was somewhat unsteady, as we walked along the upper corridor, and then got to the stairs.


Christyne than groaned as she started to fall, but I caught her, and lifted her in my arms.


“You…  You have a strange mind,” she said as she looked up at me.


“I probably do, dear lady – but are you complaining?”


“No, no I’m not,” she said with a sigh as I carried her down the stairs, and sat her at the dining table, watching as she wriggled round while I put a clean white napkin on her lap.


She watched me walk out, and then the scent of lime and tuna came through, before I returned with a plate and a glass of white wine.  Putting it in front of her, ‘I smiled as Christyne looked at the seared tuna steak, the noodles cooked with thin slivers of red pepper and lime…


“It smells amazing,” she said as I sat by her, and cut a sliver of the tuna, putting it into her mouth, “hnddhtthstsshnderfhll” coming from her mouth as she chewed and then swallowed.


“Some wine?”


“Please,” she said and then she sighed again, as I held the glass to her lips and let her take a sip.  “Thank you,” she whispered and then she giggled as she wriggled round.


“Something wrong, dear lady?”


“Oh no – nothing at all, my captor,” she whispered as she looked at me, and then she leaned over as we kissed.  A gentle kiss at first, but then she opened her lips slightly as I did so as well, before we broke off.


“Some more food?”


“Please,” she whispered as I continued to feed her, making sure the food was cut and went into her mouth, before she had several more sips of wine.


“You’re not eating?”


“I am here to serve you, dear lady,” I said as I wiped her chin with a second napkin, “I will take care of myself later.”


“But still…”  I fed Christyne some more food, and smiled as she shivered and ate.


“Do you…  Do you have any idea how this makes me feel?”


“The food and wine?”


“As well as that,” she said before she groaned again – although I may have been partially responsible for that, given I had just sent a message to increase the speed of vibrations on her special underwear…


“I want you…”


“I beg your pardon, dear lady,” I said as I put the knife and fork down.


“I want you,” Christyne whispered again as we looked at each other, and then we kissed again – much more passionately this time, as we allowed our tongues to entwine, to play with each other as my hands stroked down her back.


When we eventually separated, I looked at her and wiped her chin, then said “open your mouth.”  Christyne did so, as I gently pushed the napkin into her mouth, the edges sticking out as I lifted her from the chair and carried her into the front room.


I could feel her wriggling round in my arms, as I laid her down on the couch and stroked over her breasts with my hands, watching her lips smiling over the edges of the napkin before I slipped one hand under her skirt.  I could feel how damp she was, as my hand stroked up – and she pushed her hips up to meet my touch, as she looked at me and nodded.


I took my hand out for a moment and pushed the napkin all the way into her mouth, before I started to kiss her again, this time my hand going under her skirt as the panties and bras did their job, her moans growing louder as I felt her rub against my hand, felt the dampness increase…


When she started to shake, I held her in my arms, letting her body work through the orgasm as she twisted round and then relaxed, her eyes full of lust as she looked at me.  I nodded as I lifted her up again in my arms, and said “I think you need to go to your bed, dear lady.”




“Come,” I said quietly as I kissed her again and carried her up the stairs, our eyes locked together as I set her down on her heels on the floor.


“Please,” I said quietly as I removed the ropes, “take your dress off and hand it to me.”


Christyne slowly moved her arms and removed the dress, handing it to me as I replaced it on the hanger and then putting it back into the wardrobe.  I then came back over and held Christyne, my hands stroking over her back and then holding her bottom as we continued to kiss, the vibrators working all the time…


I then said quietly “lie on the bed”, and as she did so I picked up from the floor a long black silk rectangle.  Tying one end to her right wrist, I took her arm above her head and tied the other end to the top of the bed.


“Hyhssss,” Christyne said as she watched me walk round and bind her other wrist with a second black rectangle, so that her arms were spread wide above her.  I then walked down a little way, and slowly pulled the hose and panties down, hearing her deep sigh as they were removed.


I looked at her glistening clit, before taking two more silk rectangles and binding her ankles in the same way as her wrists, her legs spread wide before I removed her shoes, and then the hose as well as the pants.  I stroked my gloved finger up the soles of her feet, hearing her squirms, and then seeing the look in her eyes as I removed my own shirt and pants, then knelt on the bed between her legs.

“Hyhhhhssss,” she groaned as she saw me, and saw how excited I was, before I kissed her between her legs, licking once again her juices as she pushed her hips up against me.


I used my lips and tongue to arouse her again, and also to arouse myself, before I slipped some protection on, Christyne nodding as she watched.


“Phlhsss,” she whispered, her body glistening with sweat as she twisted round, and I felt it was my duty, my obligation to do what she desired.  And so I entered her, feeling her grip me as she groaned, feeling myself throbbing inside her as we started to move once again in perfect unison.


I was gentle, slow, bringing her on bit by bit as she gripped me even more firmly.  I wanted this to be the truly fulfilling experience a woman such as her deserved, everything she might desire at this time.


And yes, there was enjoyment and pleasure for myself as well – I had woken a beast with her, and she was as determined to satisfy me as I was to satisfy her…


Eventually, however, I knew I was ready, and I sensed she was ready as we gave to each other, Christyne’s eyes opening wide and screaming into her gag as she came – and I shouted out as well as I exploded inside her, grateful I had taken all necessary protective steps…


When we were done, I left her and got up, walking to the bathroom and returning with a damp sponge as I cleaned Christyne there.  She looked at me, panting through her nose, skin glistening as I did this, and then I removed the soaking wet and grey napkin from her mouth before we kissed.


“So what happens now,” she whispered.


“Now,” I said as I tore from a roll of white medical tape a strip, and pressed it down over her mouth, “you sleep.”




“Wait and say,” I said with a smile as her eyes slowly closed.  She was asleep, and I took myself to the bathroom, to shower, to change, and then to eat.


And to plan what our next move may be…







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