The Discovery of Susan







“Another day in the paradise that is Uxbridge,” Susan said to herself as she towelled her body dry from the shower.  It was early spring, and the forty-eight year old was preparing for a rare Saturday off – clear up the breakfast things, go shopping on the High Street, and then meet up with friends later.


Nothing wrong with that, of course – after all, she had very good friends, and she enjoyed shopping and walking down the street, especially when she was wearing clothing that accentuated her own body.  Placing the towel on the bed, she started by putting on a black bra and panties, and then pulling over her head a black polo neck sweater, which fitted nicely over her ample chest.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slipped a pair of tights on, and then her favourite faded denim jeans, around the waist of which she fastened a black leather belt.


Standing up, she walked over to her wardrobe and looked at her special place – the row upon row of boots of all sizes, colours and designs.  This was her weakness, her one real pleasure in life – wearing boots and the way they felt on her.


Today, she selected a pair of straight black boots, with a one inch sole and four inch stiletto heels, smiling as she sat on the boot and pulled them up over her jeans, the soft leather hugging her body as they came to just over her knees.  She looked at them, with the little metal details at the ankle, and smiled as she stood up, the heels clicking on the wooden floors of her house as she walked down the stairs, and into the kitchen.


The kitchen was fairly new – another indulgence to herself.  She was a local girl, and had worked for most of her life in one of the local supermarkets, starting there when it was a Fine Fare store.  She had no airs, no graces – although as she looked at herself in the hallway mirror, she saw the first appearance of grey in her chestnut brown hair, and decided a trip to the hairdresser might be a good idea.


Walking into the kitchen, she looked out into her small back garden, and then at the small pile of breakfast plates by the sink.  “Well, these are not going to wash themselves,” she said quietly as she put on a pair of pink Marigold gloves, and started to run some hot water, then filling up the bowl with some Fairy liquid added.


The gloves fitted snugly over her hands, as she watched the washing up bowl fill up, and then picked up the cleaning brush, starting with the glasses and mug, and moving onto the plate and breakfast bowl.


She didn’t hear the front door as it opened, a gloved hand reaching round as it slowly opened inward, and just as quietly was closed again.  The man looked at her, as he had looked at her so often over the last few weeks, her bottom moving as she continued with the washing up, the soft leather boots encasing her legs...


Susan put the last bowl into the draining rack, and smiled as she poured the water away from the bowl, that job was done, it was time to...


Her eyes shot wide open as she was suddenly grabbed, a large leather gloved hand clamped over her mouth as she was pulled backwards against someone.  She reached up with her own hands, trying to pull the hand away as she screamed “Smbddehhlpmmm!”


“Nobody’s going to help you,” whoever was holding her said in a soft Edinburgh accent, “so stop struggling or you will regret it.”




Susan was screaming now, trying to kick back and hurt whoever was holding her – and then she saw it.  The large metal blade as it was slowly brought round, and held in front of her throat.


“You,” the voice said quietly, “are going to shut up and do exactly what I tell you.  Understand?”


Susan’s eyes widened as she slowly nodded, the metallic taste of fear in her mouth as the man said “good – over here.”  He dragged her back, her heels clicking on the floor as she tried to fight, and then was turned round and pushed over the table, her head resting on the wood.


“Please – just take whatever you want,” Susan whimpered as she felt the man crossing her wrists behind her back – and then swallowed hard as she felt something forcing her wrists together.  She tried to feel what it was, but her gloved fingers slipped over each other – all she knew was it was tight, and her Marigolds squeaked as what she instinctively knew was rope held them tightly together.


“Right then, Susan...”


“How do you know my name,” she whispered before the gloved hand was clamped over her mouth again.


“Did I say you could speak,” he whispered as she saw the knife wave in front of her, Susan whimpering as she shook her head.  Pulling her back up, she got her first look at the man as she was spun round.  He had a black balaclava over his head, and was wearing an open necked shirt, jeans and black trainers.


There was a clothes dryer standing nearby, several pairs of tights drying on it, and Susan watched as he grabbed one pair and held them in his hands, the knife against Susan’s throat as he said “Open wide.”


“Please, I’ll be quiet...”


“OPEN YOUR MOUTH,” he growled as the blade was pressed to her throat, Susan whimpering as she opened her mouth, trying not to panic as he stuffed the gusset and pants into her mouth, and then pulled the legs around her head, taking them round twice before he tied the feet together between her lips.  The nylon band pressed into her cheeks as she tried to breathe through her nose, and keep calm.


“Now,” he said as he spun her round and clamped his hand over her mouth again, “You’re going to do what I tell you, aren’t you?”


“Ysss,” Susan moaned into the packed mouth and his gloved hand, as she was pulled backwards, her heels scrabbling and clicking on the floor as she was forced into her front room.  She could see on the three seater settee a large duffel bag, and struggled even more as he held her against him.


“Hmmm – you are a sexy little momma, aren’t you,” he whispered into her ear, as the knife flashed in front of her again.  “I’ve seen you around town you know, walking down the street, those lovely boots of yours reflecting the sunlight as you move.”


“Hthhllruu,” Susan moaned as he pulled her back against him.


“And I just felt I had to come and get to know you better – so I want you to kneel on the floor, and stay perfectly still.  Think you can do that for me, Susan?”


She slowly nodded as she knelt down, looking to the side as he opened the bag and took out a long length of rope, doubling it over and then kneeling behind her as he passed the rope around her body, and pulled tight, Susan letting out a muffled gasp as her arms were forced into her sides, and the rope was passed around her several times, above and below her chest, forcing her breasts out and stretching her jumper over them with each tug.


“Pllsddndthsss,” she whimpered as she shook her head, eyes wide open as the ropes got tighter with each pass – and then he pulled the two bands together behind her back, making her squeal in shock as her breasts were squeezed, and then even more tightly secured as he passed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under her other arm.


“Hmmm,” the masked man then said as he started to fondle her chest, “how does that feel, Susan?  Is this nice?  Does it make you feel good?”


“PLsssttpppp,” she said, tears starting to flow down as with his gloved hands he groped at her chest, his fingers sinking into her breasts as he whispered “You really do have a fantastic chest, Susan – not as nice as your wonderful bottom, or those booted legs of yours, but – well, I can tell you are beginning to like this...”


“NMHNNNNRNRTTTTT” Susan screamed as she threw her head back, hitting his chest – but that only seemed to encourage him as he continued to grope her, her nipples hardening and becoming more prominent as he did so.


“now that, Susan,” he whispered into her ear as he started to rub against her bottom, “your handbag and purse – where are they?”


Susan glanced over to the coffee table, where her large black leather handbag was sitting.  Gasping as he finally released her, she tried to move her arms while he picked up her bag, and put it to his nose, inhaling deeply.


“Ah yes – I do love the smell of leather,” he said with a smile before he opened the handbag and tipped the contents out, scattering them over the table.  Picking up her mobile phone, he removed the back and pulled the battery out before throwing them on an armchair, and then went through her purse, taking her money and credit cards before the purse went in the same direction.


“Plsssjstttktngdggg,” Susan mumbled, her mouth filled by the damp nylon, but as she looked at him she was shocked to see him slowly shake his head, and then kneel behind her, as he ran his hands down her lower legs.


“Hmmm – so nice,” he whispered, before he suddenly forced her to her feet, and pulled her hard against his body.




Susan was shocked to feel his cock against her bottom, firm and hard as he pulled her backwards, and pulled some more ropes from his bag before he pulled her out of the front room, the heels of her boots scrabbling of the hard wood as he started to make her walk backwards up the stairs.


The staircase turned corner two thirds of the way up, and as he went round Susan, in sheer desperation, lifted her legs and pressed her feet against the wall, pushing back with all her might as she tried to make him topple backwards.


“If you try that, Susan,” the man growled as he drew the knife from the rear of his waistband and showed her it again, “This will hurt you.  So be a good girl, and don’t do that.”


“Hnnnnnmmgddnnn,” Susan whimpered again, looking round with eyes wide open as he half pulled, half forced her to walk up the remaining stairs, past the open door to the bathroom and the chest of drawers as she kicked and stamped on the floor, trying to make enough noise to get someone running.


“Nobody is coming to your aid, Susan,” he growled as he pulled her into her bedroom, and looked at her bed – the wrought iron bedstead with the ornate head and foot boards, the floral bedspread and the curtains.  Throwing her face down onto the bed, Susan started to kick her legs up and down, screaming as loudly as she could for help.


“Stop,” he whispered as he pulled her head back, and held the blade of the knife to her throat, “now.”


Whimpering as she felt the cold metal on her throat, Susan nodded and let her legs fall to the cover, and then felt his hands as he crossed her ankles, and lashed her ankles tightly together with rope.  She felt the constriction on her legs as they were held tightly together, and his hands on her as he passed the rope between her legs, the ropes tightening as the leather squeaked under the binding.


“Such wonderful boots,” he whispered as he ran his hands up her lower legs, Susan trying to move her ankles apart – but that just made the leather clad legs rub against each other, the man sighing as he heard the squeak.


“What beautiful music it makes,” he said as he wrapped more rope around her legs below her knees, forcing them together as the rope went around and between her legs again.


Susan looked over her head, sobbing as the masked man rubbed his gloved hands up and down her legs, and then caressed her bottom, squeezing and fondling them in the same way he had molested her earlier on her chest.


To her own surprise and shock, Susan started to moan as he pressed her down onto the mattress, and she struggled, which made the noise of her boots rubbing against each other as well as the rope around them even louder.




With no warning, the man forced Susan onto her knees, and reached round, his legs straddling hers as he rubbed on the boots, and his hands groping and gripping her chest as he did this. 


“Plssdntdtthstmmm,” Susan moaned as she felt her chest firming under his hands, and his legs rubbing on hers, too terrified to offer any resistance as he flashed the knife in front of her, and then sliced through the bottom of her jumper, making a slit in the front – a slit which turned into a ripping sound as he pulled the material apart, exposing her bra to the cool air as the material parted up to her neck.


“Whtthhllll...”  Susan’s eyes were bulging as she watched him flash the blade around, and then slice through the shoulder strap and front of her bra.  The material fell away as his gloved hands grasped her naked breasts, sinking into the firm flesh as he squeezed.


“HSETJSSJSSSS” she called out as he did this, the saliva starting to fall from the corner of her mouth as he pulled her back against him, and she not only felt his cock through both his trousers and her jeans – she could feel it was larger, firmer, and as he rubbed his legs on her boots he groaned and started to throb.




“Hush,” the masked man said as he pinched her nipples, “you have a fantastic rack, Susan, and you should be happy someone thinks enough of it to do this to you.”




“Yes, I am – and admit, you love what I’m doing,” he said quietly, as she felt his rough lips on her neck.




The man ignored her desperate screams as she struggled – and then realised his cock was getting larger, stronger, firmer – so when he pushed her head down onto the bed, and reached round to unbuckle her belt, she started sobbing loudly as he pulled her jeans down to her knees, and then cut her panties away with his knife.


“Oh my – do you know how damp you were,” he said as he held the silk to Susan’s nose, the tears flowing even more as she smelt her own dampness.


“Plssdnttndthsss,” she said as she felt his hands on her bottom, and then his lips as he kissed her, moving all over her and up her back as his hands travelled up as well.


“Your bum looks even better without the covering,” he whispered into her ear, “so soft, so supple, so wonderful...”




“Oh no,” he whispered into her ear as she heard him pulling a zip down, “I am only just beginning, you wonderful boot wearing slut Susan.”




It was bad enough to be tied like this, stripped like this, humiliated like this – but the way he talked, the way he groaned whenever he touched her legs and her boots, and the way he was rubbing against them – it was almost as if he was attracted by them rather than her, that she was an object in his hands to use.


And now he had forced himself into her from behind, his cock slipping into her passage as it stroked over her clit, and she cried out as she felt the throbbing inside her, unable to do anything as he grabbed her from behind.  The rope on her covered wrists was squeaking as well, and she was squealing as she felt him inside her.


His hands groping on her breasts... His legs rubbing against hers as the leather squeaked... His cock inside her swelling and throbbing as he thrust his pelvis against her bottom...


What was true, to her shock, was her body was responding, as she felt the waves of pleasure starting to flow over her, overpowering her fears, her body’s resistance to being used in this way, to being treated as a toy, a vessel for this bastard to...


“HMMGDDDD” she said as she realised she was approaching an orgasm, as she felt him pressing on her from all sides, inside and out, and the sensations washed over her, her screams of fear slowly sinking into the sheer joy of her body finally giving in, shaking as he fired off inside her as well.


It seemed to last for an eternity, before she felt him let go, and she slowly fell to her side, the tears flowing freely as she realised what he had done.


“That was amazing, Susan,” he said as he pulled his pants up, and looked at her, “you are a truly wonderful woman.”


“Plssjstgg,” she whispered, too embarrassed to do anything else.


“Oh no,” he said with a smile, “I want to see what else you may have for me to look at.”


“whtdumnnnn,” Susan mumbled as the tears stung her eyes, watching as she tried to move as he walked over to her walk-in wardrobe and opened the doors.  He almost seemed to sigh in exhilaration as he looked at her racks of boots, high and ankle, leather and suede, neatly stored and arranged.


“I remember you in these,” he said as he took out a pair of brown leather thigh high boots, “walking down the street in your leggings, looking like a million dollars.  You made me so happy when you wore them – and these.”


He took out another pair of boots, and smelt them before rubbing his crotch over them.  “Oh that does feel good,” he said as he looked at Susan, who was staring at him, her eyes wide as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing.


TopBottom of FormShe tried to twist free, the sound of leather rubbing filling the air again as he looked at her.


“Oh yes,” he said quietly as he walked over, and looked in her set of drawers, “I can see you want to do this again.”  He left the room for a few minutes, returning with the bag as he dropped it on the floor, and picked up the knife.


“Don’t move.”


Susan whimpered as he pulled at the band of nylon around her head, and then cut through it, pulling the material from her mouth as she coughed and whimpered at the same time.


“Smell this,” he said as he pressed the boot to her nose and mouth, and she noticed not only the pungent smell of the leather, but his own scent on it.


“Please,” she whispered, “you’ve had your way with me, please just...”


“Now, did I say you could talk?”  Susan looked at the blade in his hand, and closed her mouth as she slowly shook her head.


“No – so here’s what’s going to happen.  I’m going to untie you, and I want you to put on what I tell you to.  Nothing more, nothing less, understand?”


As she nodded, Susan watched him untie her legs, and then slip her boots off, sniffing them and smiling before he pulled her jeans off, and then sat her up. 


“May I go to the toilet,” she whispered.


“I’m sorry.”


“May I go to the toilet – sir?”


“Go,” he said as he made her stand and pushed her to the toilet, waiting outside as she sat and allowed her body to do what was necessary.


“How am I meant to wipe myself,” she said as she looked at him.


“Stand up and turn round.”


As he removed the ropes, she sighed at the removal of the restriction, even though her jumper and bra fell to the ground.  Slowly peeling off the Marigolds, she looked at herself, and then wiped between her legs, flushing the toilet before she said “now what?”


“I found something in your wardrobe that I think you will wear.”




“Just do it,” the masked man said as he took her arm and forced her back into the room, Susan meekly nodding as she sat down.  From the wardrobe, she watched as he pulled out from the very back a white fake leather catsuit, with a zip that ran from the neck all the way down between the legs.


Susan stared at it for a moment.  It had been bought for her by an ex-boyfriend, who had thought she would enjoy wearing it, but she had never worn it.  Instead, the boyfriend had very quickly become the ex, but at the same time she had not thrown it out, always wondering how she would look in it.


“I’m waiting.”


Slowly Susan eased her legs into the outfit, pulling it up as it fitted like a second skin, the cuffs just above her ankles.  She managed to get her arms in, but as she went to fasten it she realised it was actually a size too small, her chest barely held in place as she managed to get the zipper just up to that level.


“Now,” he said as he picked up the tan leather boots, “put those on.”


Nodding, too afraid of what he would do if she did not, she slipped on the boots, and stood up, watching him as he said “Walk round in them.”


She did that, the five inch heels clicking on the wooden floor before he said “Stop.”  As Susan stood there, he picked up the panties from earlier and balled them up, holding them in front of her mouth as the blade of the knife flashed in front of her eyes.




Knowing he was not going to listen, Susan slowly opened her mouth, the acrid taste of herself on the silk filling her mouth as he pushed them in, and then shoved a second pair from her drawer in as well.  Keeping his hand over her mouth, her lips on the glove, Susan whimpered as he said “You’re not going to spit those out, are you?”


Shaking her head, she watched as he went to the bag, and took out a white roll, the tape making a soft squashy sound as he pulled the end free, and then pressed it against her cheek, winding the tape tightly round her head as he continued to press the white material over her covered lips.


“There,” he said as he tore the tape free and smoothed it down, and then knelt, his hands caressing her bottom as he started to kiss her leather covered legs, working up and down before he started to use his hands to stroke her legs.  Susan was too scared to do anything, except listen to his whispered comments of adoration as he licked her legs, running his tongue up the back and inside of her legs and then...


“Whtrudngg,” she moaned as she felt his lips on her covered clit, and then heard him move, forcing her over to the bed and making her lie on her back before he pulled four stockings from the drawer.  Quickly, deftly he used them to tie her spread-eagled to the bed, her arms spread above and her wrists secured to the metal headstand, her ankles spread and secured with the other stockings to the footplate.  This made the zip of the bodysuit go down slightly, her chest spilling out as the material parted.


“Oh my, that doesn’t look right,” he said as Susan whimpered – and then shook her head as he slowly pulled the zip all the way down, exposing her clit as he did so.


Looking down, she watched as he continued to lick, kiss and run his hands over her boots, slowly making his way up as she tried to twist – but the stockings were tied so tightly, holding her so firmly, as he stripped in front of her, and then straddled one of her legs, rubbing himself on it as he groaned.  She could feel how hard he was getting, as he moved from leg to leg, and she closed her eyes, unable to watch as his fingers slipped into her passage and began to tease her there as well.


The electric shocks that ran through her as he did this made her move her hips and legs, which meant he pressed against them even more.  It was like a vicious circle to Susan, who still could not believe someone would do this – wanted to fuck her while she wore her boots, almost wanting to make love to her boots.  It was bad enough he had forced himself on her, but as he closed his eyes and groaned, she realised it was the way he was rubbing on her leather covered legs that was really exciting him.


But the things he was doing with his fingers, the way that made her feel...


She started to shake as he groaned again – and then her eyes opened wide as he forced himself into her again, this time from the front, his cock firm inside her, throbbing as he pushed himself in and out, and making her shake as the orgasm came without bidding, screaming through the silk and tape as he came within her as well without bidding, the waves crashing and drowning her again...


Eventually, she opened her eyes to look at him dressing, her sweat covered body making the leather stick to her, her nipples prominent and erect.


“You were magnificent, Susan,” he said as he tied some rope around her waist, and moved it round so she was lying on the knot, the strand between her legs, “and therefore you deserve a present.” 


“Plsssnmm.”  She moaned as she watched him take something small out of his bag, and slip it into her, the vibrations running through her as he pulled the rope up to hold it in there and tied it around the waist band again.  She then watched as he moved a large standing mirror so that she could see herself in it, her body spread, the white leather and then the brown.


“Enjoy yourself,” he said quietly as he slipped out, leaving Susan to struggle on the bed.  The vibrator placed inside her was sending waves of pleasure through her, and she could feel herself building to another orgasm, and with no freaking way of stopping it...


She looked in the mirror, trying to speak through the white band covering the lower part of her face, shaking her head as the vibrations making her shake seemed to grow stronger and stronger in terms of wanting pleasure.  The fear in her eyes was plain to her – before they suddenly misted off and she screamed out in pleasure, her body shaking on the bed as she arched her back, and then fell down.


As she panted through her nose, she slowly raised her head and looked at herself.  She had been washing up, getting ready to go into town, and now here she was, fucked twice, unable to move, the vibrator starting to affect her again, and wondering who was going to come to her aid.


For an hour she laid there, cumming twice more as the vibrator kept going, and her exhaustion increasing alongside her exhilaration, before she heard footsteps on the stairs.


“Plsshlppmm,” she called out as she looked to the door, only to shake in fear as she saw the masked man come in again.


“Have fun,” he said as he stroked her sweat covered forehead, and then reached down with his knife, cutting the crotch rope and taking the vibrator out as Susan stopped shaking.


“Fnkuuu,” she mumbled quietly as she looked at him.


“Did you really think I would leave you like this, without hope of rescue?  No, no Susan – and besides, I need my bag. “


Taking the knife, he cut through the nylon bindings holding her to the bed, and she slowly sat up, pushing the bands from her wrists and ankles.


“Take off the boots and clothes,” he said as he looked at her, “and then put these back on.”


Susan looked at the Marigold gloves, and then nodded as she removed the boots and catsuit, her body glistening in sweat as she slipped the gloves back on her hands.


“And your black boots from earlier – put those on as well.”




The man merely smiled and held the knife up, Susan nodding as she found the black boots and slipped them on, then watched as he took more rope from his bag.


Turning her round, he pulled her hands behind her back, crossing her wrists before he bound them tightly together, the rope going around and between her arms as it rubbed and squeaked on the gloves.  He made it tight, as Susan wondered what exactly he was going to do next.


“Do you know,” he whispered as he stoked her arms, “even without clothes on, those boots look so sexy on you.”




“I know your secret, Susan – you really enjoyed what happened didn’t you?”


Susan shook her head, and then yelped a she smacked her bottom with his gloved hand.


“No lies,” he said as he took more rope, and began to wrap it around her upper body, her arms forced into her sides as he forced her chest out, the bands of rope pressing from above and below, before he wound it around the back of her neck, under her arms, between and around her chest, so that her breasts were encircled and encased in a rope harness.  It felt tight – too tight – and yet there was something almost sensual about the way it made her feel...


“There,” he said as he started to kiss her neck and grope her chest, “now tell me that does not feel good?”


“Nnntssdsntt.... nnnn...   hgddd......  Hmswwtgdgdd...  Plsss......”


The groping and kissing continued, as Susan started to rub her legs together, feeling the warmth between her legs, the desire she could not understand, yet wanted so much to embrace...


“Walk,” the man said as he forced Susan in front of her, continuing to massage and grope her chest as they went into the bathroom, and he looked at the bath.


“Get in,” he said, as Susan stepped into the bath tub and sat down, watching as he produced yet more rope, and then bent her left leg before he bound her ankle to her thigh.   The rope bit into her upper flesh, and squeaked on the leather boot, before he passed the rope between both parts of her limb to tighten it more.  He repeated the process on her other leg, before using a flnal length of rope to bind her chest harness to the pole supporting her shower.


As she struggled, he looked at her and said “It has been a real pleasure meeting you Susan – I look forward to seeing you again.”  He then turned on the shower, the warm water flowing over Susan as she tried to get free.


She saw him return to the bedroom, and then collect the bag before he left, his shoes on the stairs and then the front door closing to, as Susan screamed and tried to move...






“If your neighbour hadn’t seen your front door was open, you might have been left there all night?”


Susan nodded as she looked at her friend, her hands around the coffee mug.  She had been left in the bath for two hours before her next door neighbour had found her, untied her and called the police.  They had taken her statement, taken forensic evidence, but the water had apparently washed away anything useful from her.  So far, they hadn’t found anything to help identify her assailant.


She was wearing a tight blue sweater, with a wide black leather belt around her waist, a knee length tan leather skirt and her brown boots, and as she stood up with her friend she said “Well, I need to put it behind me now and move on.  They’ll catch him one day, I’m sure of it.”


“Are you coming shopping tomorrow?”


“Try and stop me,” she said as she showed her friend out, and closed the door behind her.  Taking the mugs to the kitchen, she washed and placed them n the drainer, before she looked out of the window.


There was still something that bothered her, and yet she found different – his desire to see her in her boots.  A strange fetish, true – but she loved wearing them.  Maybe she had one too?


“Don’t think that way,” Susan said to herself as she pulled the full bag from the rubbish bin, tied it off and took it out to the larger wheeled bin outside.


Coming back in, she closed and locked the back door, before walking back into the front room.  It was only once she was inside that the large gloved hand clamped over her mouth, and she felt his hard cock as she was pulled against him.


“Hello Susan – I like your outfit.  Are you ready to play?”







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