Paige’s Day Off


By Rayron D’Olier




Paige was sitting in her bedroom in a cushioned rocking chair looking out the window. The window was on the second floor of her old Victorian house and looked out over her backyard. It was Saturday morning about 11 o’clock and Paige was watching the squirrels in the oak trees. It was a very nice day in the early spring and Paige noted to herself that it would be a fine day for a bit of gardening. It fact, when she had awakened three hours earlier it had been her plan to be very busy with a number of things today – gardening, some paperwork from the office and perhaps a long run in the late afternoon.


Instead, she was doing none of these things and, in fact, was completely unable to do them because she was sitting in her chair with her hands tied tightly behind her and the door to her bedroom locked from the outside. She was otherwise unbound and alternated sitting with walking impatiently around the room and thinking about how to get her hands untied. She would look at them in the full-length mirror and struggle in frustration.


As we see her now, she is sitting in the rocking chair with her wrists crossed behind her. They are tied with a sufficient thickness of thin, white, cotton rope that would make escape by mere struggling impossible. She has crossed one leg over the other and is swinging that leg up and down and pointing the toes of that foot. The foot on the floor is alternately flat and up on the ball of her foot in order to rock the chair. She is very impatient with the fact that she has been rendered helpless by such an inconsequential thing as thin, white, cotton rope wrapped around her wrists. In fact, she can’t think about anything else for very long.


She is dressed in a knee-length, silk nightgown. The nightgown is smooth except around her bosom where the fabric is lightly embroidered and a thin ribbon circled just below with a little bow between her breasts. Very thin straps hold the gown on her shoulders, but these have slipped off and Paige is a little worried about being further exposed.


An observer would encourage further exposure, however, because Paige was a very lovely woman indeed. She was 34 years old and kept very fit by her constant dance classes and a bit of weight training and running. It can be seen that her arms and shoulders are pleasingly defined; her waist is as thin as it is possible for it to be and her legs are long, shapely and powerful looking. Her bosom is ample and she is capable of displaying a most impressive cleavage. Her hands are delicate and her feet are high-arched and slender with short little toes at the end. All extremities are sporting pale pink polish on their clipped, manicured nails. She is a small woman, only 5 foot, 2 inches, but she exudes a definite, but feminine, authority. Her face is not classically beautiful, but it has broken many male hearts. Her olive-shaped, green eyes are nothing less than huge and are set together a little too closely. This gives her a very slight cross-eyed look that is more endearing than ridiculous. Her cheeks are full and soft and they taper down to a smooth, round chin. Her nose is slightly hooked, but is delicately pointed – this adds interest to an already lovely face. The mouth below this is wide, with thin lips and, when smiling, widens dramatically to put the loveliest dimples in her cheeks and reveal rows of perfectly straight white teeth, but with a tiny gap between the two upper front teeth. Paige’s skin is very pale, almost perfectly white and is a dramatic contrast to her hair, which is black with a natural, gentle wave. She wears it past her shoulder blades and, when hanging loose, the wave gives her hair enough volume to reach out to her shoulders. This morning she had pulled it loosely back from her forehead and gathered it under a wide, tortoiseshell hair band that kept it behind her ears and made most of it fall behind her back. Her hair’s thickness gave it a sort of pompadour shape that framed her forehead. With her hands unable to pat it back in place, some long, unruly strands of hair had predictably begun to fly around her head and face. This was currently a source of fury to Paige.


In fact, as she sat in her chair, occasionally twisting her wrists and shoulders against the ropes, her primary emotion was one of cold, smoldering fury. The contrast between her current state of helplessness and her usual state of organized, decisive action was more than somewhat exasperating. She looked at the window that she could not open. She looked at the closet door that she could not open – a closet door that led to clothes and shoes that she could not put on. She shook the hair that she couldn’t brush out of her face. She contemplated the possibility that her nightgown would slip below her bosom, because she couldn’t lift the straps back on her shoulders. Because she was wearing no underwear, she did go to the toilet and pee after her first hour of captivity, but using the toilet paper was out of the question.


She had tried to find something in the bathroom that she could use to cut the ropes, but her captors had made sure that this was all out of reach. They had made a quick search of her bedroom and bathroom before they went out the door and locked it with one of the old skeleton keys that could lock any internal door in the house from either side – closet doors included. She looked at the phone. Her captors had taken the cord and locked it in the closet. Paige had had the thought at one point that she should feel lucky that they hadn’t tied her feet, but the next thought that popped into her head was that having her feet free, but not her hands only gave a false sense of freedom. She could walk around in circles all she wanted, but her bound hands meant that her entire range of movement was limited to this one room until her captors decided to free her. They had promised to so later that night, but they didn’t give too many more details.


Paige leaned forward in her chair and put her feet together, flat on the floor and envied the freedom of the squirrels. She saw the yard that was only some 30 feet away, but that might as well have been 30 miles. All because of some thin, white, cotton rope that was wrapped, cinched and knotted around her wrists. She was grateful that it wasn’t painful. She had never been tied up before and had always assumed that it would hurt, but she soon noticed that if she were still, the ropes would seem to relax and feel no tighter than a thick sweatband on her wrists. But if she struggled against them, the ropes almost seemed to become alert and tighten their grip.


She stopped looking at the yard. On the floor in front of her chair, was a pair of simple, but dressy, leather ballet flats of the type that she often wore with her business clothes. She absent-mindedly slipped her bare feet into them and stood up. She found it surprising that slipping on a pair of shoes made her feel a little less vulnerable, but there it was. She walked over to her antique, four-poster bed and started to try and push her shoulder straps back up by rubbing against one of the sharper shapes of the ornate piece of wood. She was partially successful with both straps and felt a bit better about the privacy of her breasts. She had achieved something. She felt hope rise up in her. Perhaps there was a way out of this predicament that she hadn’t thought of yet. She began softly walking around the room, thinking as she tried to imagine how to get out of these ropes and out of this room. The room had a large, circular carpet in the middle, but on the edges of the room there showed a polished hardwood floor. Paige was careful to tiptoe on the wooden part of the floor.


When she felt, once again, that she was just walking aimlessly in circles to no purpose, she decided to go and sit where she could see the whole room and think. The bed was in the middle of the room and was the highest piece of furniture, so she went over and awkwardly backed up to the bed and jumped up on it. Bracing with her hands so she wouldn’t fall over, she moved her feet up on the bed and inched back so that she could lean against the pillows and headboard. Since her hands were crossed so that their natural position was near her butt, she found that leaning back made the ropes feel too tight, so she crossed her legs Indian style and leaned forward.


Paige didn’t usually spend a great deal of time in her own head. She thought of herself as a problem-solver and a busy person, but her present state of enforced inactivity had set off many trains of thought at once and she kept rerunning the little mind movie that featured her capture. She had gotten up around 8 o’clock and was sitting in her den/office that was at the back of the house across the hall from the kitchen. She lived alone and was accustomed to being disturbed by unexpected visitors at this time of a weekend day. But her visitors didn’t bother to announce themselves as such. As Paige sat curled on a leather couch in her nightgown, reading a novel and sipping coffee, she heard what she thought sounded like a giggle from the kitchen. She looked up and coming through the door were two very young girls, at least 10 years younger than Paige. They were dressed in jeans and had on cloth coats, appropriate for this crisp morning. One of the girls had very long, straight blond hair and the other was a redhead whose hair was a tumble of tight tangled curls cascading down on either sided of her head and engulfing her shoulders. They were both in their stocking feet – the better for sneaking around the house Paige decided later – and were holding their shoes in their hands. The blonde was holding a pair of high-heeled mules that looked like round-toed pumps in front and the redhead was holding a pair of thick-soled maryjanes.


They both stood there, side by side, smiling and looking cute and innocent. Paige was about ready to simply scold them for being idiots, when the redhead reached in her jacket and pulled out a large automatic pistol. She didn’t point it at Paige, but she laughed and dangled it in front of her for a moment. Paige froze. Then the girl quickly took the pistol in her hand and jacked back the slide so that it was cocked and ready to fire. The blonde stepped forward with both hands making a reassuring gesture and said, “Don’t even think about being afraid. I take that back. If you sit there and don’t move you don’t have to be afraid. But we’re gonna get a lotta money today and if you try to stop us we’ll have to do something to you we don’t wanna do.” The blonde took a six-inch metal tube out of her jacket and jerked it forward. Some 18 more inches of heavy steel telescoped out of it. She said, “Do you know what this is?”


Paige said, “No and I don’t know who you are either. Would you care to explain?”


The blonde laughed and said, “This is a tactical baton. If I hit you with it, it will hurt a lot. If that doesn’t stop you, my friend will shoot you. Believe me, if you relax and do exactly as we say, nothing bad will happen to you. As for who we are, we can’t really tell you that. We need to use your house for a while. When we’re gone later today, I imagine you’ll be able to figure out some of what we’ve done, but we’re working for some people who are a lot smarter than us and they’ve got this all planned out. We’ll get what we’re after no matter what you do, so it would be best if you just went along, OK?”


Paige let her novel fall out of her hand and noticed that her coffee cup was trembling a little so she set in on the end table by the couch. She looked at them and saw that they looked calm and capable. They didn’t seem like amateurs despite their obvious youth. Paige found the silence unnerving. They obviously expected her to say something and were waiting to hear what it was. Paige thought her voice sounded commendably calm as she said, “I want you to slowly, carefully tell me exactly what to do so that there is no confusion – no misunderstanding.”


The blonde looked at the redhead and the redhead said, “That is so great for you to say that. We’ve got a lot to do here and I just really don’t want to worry about you being all scared and stuff, OK? The one bad thing that has to happen is we have to tie you up just a little, OK? Not much, but we can’t watch you and we don’t want you watching us.”


Paige said, “I understand. I would rather you didn’t tie me up though. I promise not to try anything.”


The blonde said, “It won’t be so bad, I promise, but we do have to do it. I’m sorreeee.”


Paige watched as the blonde put the steel baton on her desk and started rummaging in a festive shopping bag she had brought in with her. She had the fleeting thought that they looked so ridiculous standing there with their little stocking feet poking out from under the legs of their flared jeans while holding weapons and making sweet, reassuring but quite serious threats. The blonde pulled a length of rope out of her shopping bag and said, “OK, now stand up and take a few steps forward.”


Paige did this slowly and saw the blonde walk around behind her. She felt the blonde’s tiny hands grab her wrists and cross them. Then she felt turn after turn of soft rope wrapping her wrists together. After that she could feel dexterous fingers wrapping the remainder of the rope between her wrists and then finally she felt and heard a knot being tied. When the blonde took her hands away from Paige’s hands, Paige flexed and twisted against the ropes a little and was astonished at the feeling of unyielding softness that circled her wrists and made them unmistakably fast behind her. She had lost the use of her hands. The redhead put the pistol back in her jacket and went back into the kitchen where Paige heard her pick up the phone and begin dialing.


The blonde grabbed Paige by one of her upper arms and began leading her down the hall to the stairs, gabbing all the while, “We know all about you, and my friend and I were talking about you last night and we want to be just like you when we get older. I mean, you’re an accountant and have your own business and this beautiful house. You must be loaded. Don’t worry, we won’t steal any of your stuff or anything, we’re not burglars really, we’ve come for something else, but man I love this house. And you’re so pretty and stuff. OK go up the stairs and I’ll follow you.”


They arrived at the top of the stairs and the girl said, “Take me to a back room.”


Paige led her to her bedroom and the girl looked around. She left Paige standing in the middle of the room. Paige wasn’t used to feeling so helpless and the fact that she was in her nightgown and was barefooted as well as having her hands tied made her feel much too vulnerable for any degree of comfort. She looked forward to being left alone. She felt like she might as well be stark naked in front of this total stranger.


Without saying anything, the girl went into the bathroom and began going through the drawers and putting their contents into cabinets that lined the top of the wall. She came back in the room and went through the drawers of the vanity and the dresser and took out all scissors, nail cutters, files anything else that might allow a person to cut the ropes binding their hands. She took all this clutter and put it on the top shelf of the closet, which was next to the vanity. As she was leaving the closet, she looked at the shoe rack and exclaimed, “Cute shoes!”


Then she turned to Paige and said, “Is there a key to those locks in the doors?


Paige said, “Yes, look in the jewelry box. Top drawer.”


The girl fetched the key and locked the closet door. She looked at the bathroom door and said, “I’ll leave that open for you.” She smiled and moved to the bedroom door. She assumed a serious look on her cute little face and said, “OK, we’ll be downstairs and I’m going to lock this door behind me. If you somehow manage to get untied and get out of here, which you won’t, but if you do and we catch you we’ll tie you up really good OK? I mean is that all right? That’s fair. You can walk around and look out the window. You might be all bored if we tied you up more.”


Paige just looked at her. Her reflex was to thank her, but she felt a rush of anger, so she said nothing and tried to betray no emotion.


The girl smiled reassuringly and said, “Really, don’t worry. I’ll come up here every now and then and make sure you’re OK. Bye.”


The girl spun around gracefully and with a swish of her long blonde hair she disappeared as she closed the door. Paige heard the key turn in the lock and she began struggling with the ropes binding her hands. But her first impression had been correct. Her hands, it seemed, had been expertly tied behind her back and the knot was out of reach. She could see the knot in the mirror and it was frustrating beyond belief that her fingers couldn’t reach the extra couple of inches that would have given her freedom.


So that is how Paige came to be sitting on her bed, locked in her bedroom with her hands tied behind her back on a sunny, spring day. But now her attention was focused like radar. She began to prioritize.


She decided to banish from her mind any hope of struggling free from the ropes. It wasn’t an option. Getting out of the room was the first step for getting out of the ropes. Getting the door unlocked was the only way to get out of the room and the only hope for that was if the key had been left in the door. Paige had a light bulb of a thought go off in her head, but it was still unfocused. She thought it out. “Let’s say the key is in the door. If it fell on the floor in the hall, how would that do me any good and how would I push it out to begin with. Paige worked herself off the bed and went to the door where she peered into the keyhole. She couldn’t see into the hall! The key was there! She looked around the room. She needed two things – something to push the key out of the door with and something else. She looked into the sitting area next to the bed and on the couch was a newspaper and a pencil where she had been doing a crossword puzzle the night before.


She forced herself to slowly walk over to the couch. She backed up to it and crouched down to bring her hands close to the paper and pencil. She looked around her legs and picked up a sheet of the newspaper with the fingers of one hand and the pencil with the other. Her heart was beating fast as she crossed the room to the door. She dropped the paper to the floor in front of the door and smoothed it out with one foot. Then she carefully shoved the paper under the door until two thirds of it was out in the hallway. She backed up to the door and twisted her arms so that her bound hands were in view if she looked back past her bosom. She inserted the pencil into the keyhole and it was too goddamn thick. “Damn, damn, damn, “ she growled.


She strode over to the vanity and found an eyelash brush. Back at the door, she saw to her relief that it as a perfect fit and she gently pushed against the key. She was rewarded with a faint metallic ringing as the key hit the floor. She was filled with suspense lest the key had missed the paper. With one dainty shoe, she slid the paper under the door and there was the key. She squatted down and leaned her back against the door and braced herself. Her fingers groped for the key and found it. She leaned forward and raised herself to a standing crouch, inserted the key, turned it, turned the knob and ever so quietly pulled the door open into the room. Finally she could take some kind of action.


Paige crept down the stairs. At the bottom was the front door to the house. She backed up to it and grasped the knob. It turned freely, but the deadbolt was locked. She strained to reach it, but it was too high for her bound hands to reach. She decided to establish where the girls were. Paige crept down the hall and listened. They were in her office. She could hear a low conversation between them at first, but then there was nothing. Paige decided she would go through the front parlor, through the dining room and into the kitchen and maybe find that the side door was unlocked. She had opened it earlier this morning and maybe she didn’t lock it back.


Paige found it so strange to be sneaking around in her own house, past all her familiar belongings and she still couldn’t get over the feeling of having her hands tied behind her. It was such an inconvenience. But she did thank God that she had put on some shoes in case she had to run across the yard. Leather flats weren’t great running shoes and, in fact, seemed designed to fall off of a girl’s feet at every opportunity. They were very comfy and sexy, but not too great for escaping two young girls who could probably run very fast indeed.


In the dining room, Paige paused and listened. She heard nothing but a low hum that probably came from her computer. She approached the swinging kitchen door and began pushing it open with one shoulder. She peered into the kitchen and saw that the coast was clear. The side door was to her left behind the now open swinging door. She turned so her back was facing the direction of the side door and moved so that the swinging door was resting against her back and started to let it slide along her back and arms so it would close without any noise. As soon as the door swung back into place, Paige let out a scream as she felt four hands grab her from behind. Then one hand clapped itself over her mouth.


Paige began twisting and struggling with all her strength, but four hands against none meant that it was no contest. Paige stopped moving and heard giggling behind her as the girls tightened their grip. The voice she recognized as the redhead said, “I thought you said she couldn’t get away.”


The blonde whined, “Come on, I don’t know how she did it. Don’t tell, OK?”


They kept their grip on her arms and the one hand over her mouth and marched her out of the kitchen, through the dining room and into the front parlor. Paige felt one pair of hands leave her and she stood there being held with one of the girl’s arms around her upper body and a hand over her mouth. She tried to struggle and say something, but she heard the redhead’s voice say, “Will you be still? We warned you about trying to get away and it’s only fair that we get to tie you up some more. You’ve really given us no choice.”


Paige heard the blonde come back in the room. She cut her eyes around to see the blonde stick her face in front of Paige, poke her tongue out at her and then disappear behind her again. The redhead let go of her mouth and pinched her nostrils together. When Paige opened her mouth both to breath and protest, she felt a knot of fabric crammed in her mouth and then felt more of the fabric being wound in both directions around her head and between her lips and teeth. She felt someone knot it tightly behind her head. While one girl held her shoulders, she felt the other begin to wind turn after turn of the familiar cotton rope around her arms and body, just below her bosom and above her elbows. Then when the rope was quite thick around her, she felt them cinch it between her arms and body on both sides and then pull it all a degree tighter before they knotted it between her shoulder blades. When they took their hands off her, Paige was deeply shocked to find how much more helpless, how much more snugly bound she was. She turned around to protest and said, “You don’t need all this much rope,” she was equally shocked to hear an unfamiliar, muffled voice say, “Oo ont eeev awe iff mmuuh ooph.”


The redhead was already padding in her stocking feet back to the Paige’s combined den and office and the blonde was grabbing the shopping bag, that Paige could now see was full of rope. The blonde looked reproachfully at Paige and said, “Now you’ve done it. My friend’s mad at me. Well. I’m sorry, but you won’t get away this time. Go back up the stairs.


Paige sighed and turned and went back up the stairs and into her room. As they went in, the blonde looked at the newspaper on the floor and the eyelash brush and said, “So that’s how you did it. Man, you are a brain. No wonder you’re so successful. I wish I were smarter. I might be, but I damn sure can’t tell.”


Paige was tired of this. She just wanted to sit down, let the girl tie her up and be left alone. Paige went over to the couch on the other side of the bed from where they were standing and sat down. She absentmindedly crossed her legs and waited for what was coming next.


The blonde put the shopping bag on the bed and said, “Not on the couch. Up here on the bed please.”


Paige wearily got up and walked over. The bed was high and the girl had to help her up. Paige remembered that earlier when there were no ropes lashing her arms to her body, that she hadn’t needed any help. The girl helped Paige lean against the headboard and rearranged the pillows so that Paige could lean back comfortably. The girl got up on the bed and lifted Paige’s legs so her knees were bent. She wrapped a long piece of rope around Paige’s thighs, just above her knees, cinched it and knotted it. Then she tied Paige’s ankles together the same way. Paige thought she was done, but the girl produced another piece of rope that was probably six feet long. She tied one end of it around the cinch that held Paige’s ankle ropes tight and then tied the other end to the bedpost, off to the side and out of Paige’s view near the floor. Then the blonde stood up and clapped her hands together and said, “Hey, you look great. Maybe we can arrange for some studly friend of yours to come rescue you later. We’ll have a little chat together before we leave. We’ll even untie you for a little while if you behave yourself. I left you a little wriggle room with this long rope, but I wouldn’t advise trying to hop around tied up like you are. You won’t have any balance at all. I’m also going to lock this door again and take the key with me this time.” The blonde was laughing and wagging a finger at Paige.


The blonde paused at the door and said, “We’ll be out of your hair soon, OK?”


Paige saw the girl’s happy face disappear and the door shut. The key turned in the lock and she heard the girl skip off down the hall and down the stairs.


Paige had now been tied up for about three hours and was surprised that it still didn’t hurt. It wasn’t even all that uncomfortable if she stayed still, but she felt obligated to test the new ropes. Her body and arms felt like they were locked in a sort of soft, but unyielding bear hug and her hands were much more securely behind her as a result – their side-to-side movement was much curtailed. She looked down at her strong, lovely legs stretching out before her on the bed. The girl had pulled her nightgown up so that she could tie the ropes above her knees and Paige could see all of her legs beneath the gathered silk near the top of her thighs.


She pulled and pushed against the ropes and was once again fascinated and appalled that such seemingly powerful limbs could be held together so firmly by such thin, soft cord. She gave up flexing her legs against the ropes and just looked at them. The ropes seemed to accentuate their shape. She noticed the little flat shoes had slipped off her heels, so she shook her feet and pointed her toes until the shoes came off altogether. The cool air on her graceful, little feet felt nice and she began to absent-mindedly rub them against each other. They felt much more sensitive than usual.


Paige didn’t make a conscious decision to do so, but she began to relax and retreat into her own mind. “What did that blonde bitch mean when she said maybe they could get a “studly” friend of mine to come rescue me?”


As the girls had mentioned, Paige was an accountant and did have her own business. In fact, she had always had her own business since getting out of school and was quite determined never to be anyone’s employee. Paige was self-reliant and independent to a fault and as she lay there on the bed about as helpless and dependent as she could be, she had to admit that her fierce insistence on uncompromising independence had played havoc with her love life.


She had had fun with men and had even been deeply moved by what she thought might be the occasional flirtation with actual love. But in the end, her relationships had savored too much of the “best buddy” syndrome. Men pursued her with satisfying zeal, but when she let herself be caught, she somehow always collided with them. Sooner or later, it was just one big struggle to see who could gain the moral high ground. As an accountant, she met many successful fellows and just happened to be dating one at this very moment. He was in publishing. He published a line of magazines and books that were quite specialized and highly literate. It was something of a boutique operation, but since he had a specific market mostly to himself, his company had grown exponentially in the 15 years since it had started.


His name was Gary and he was about 45 years old. He was an intense person and Paige found herself fascinated by the sight of him naked, because, while not a really large or bulky man, every muscle in his body was as well defined as if his skin was stretched tight over steel cords. Paige had seen muscular men before, but Gary was something special. He also had what looked like scars from punctures and slashes here and there. One day about a month ago, they had been lying around naked in this very house, downstairs in the living room and Paige had been poking at him and investigating his body from every angle. She didn’t try to hide her curiosity. She kept asking him how he got his muscles to do that and how he got those scars and what did that tattoo mean on his upper arm? He had a tattoo of two dominos – tilted at an angle in a three-quarter view. Instead of white dots, the dominos had tiny skulls on them. Gary had just smiled a little ruefully and said, “My sweet patata, we will have to know one another so very much better before I reveal the story of my impulsive and silly youth.”


At this statement, Paige had looked him straight in the eyes and she enjoyed what she saw there. His face seemed to promise a fascinating story as much as his body did. He had a long, narrow head with wavy black and gray hair. He was classically handsome, with an athlete’s jaw, protruding chin and deep-set eyes in a weather-beaten face. There were two jarring notes to this impressive face. The eyes were a pale gray that, except for their usual fun-loving expression, seemed to belong more to an animal than a human and the bridge of Gary’s nose looked like it had been hammered flat at some point and not really put back in place very well. This made the rest of his nose seem a bit bulbous, but the overall effect was quite exciting. He didn’t bore Paige and her interest in him hadn’t flagged in the six months they had been sleeping together and going places together.


Gary was also different from most men she knew in that he seemed to revel in her company, but he didn’t try to put his hooks in her. This piqued her interest more than a little. And to top it all off, he was a fount of literary and historical knowledge as well as being one of the most hilarious people, in a dry way, she had ever met. Paige was almost willing to give this man pretty much whatever he wanted, but he seemed to be content to let things between them just go where they would.


As these pleasant thoughts drifted through her mind, carnal feelings began to circulate though her body, radiating from between her legs. When she tried to move in order to accommodate these feelings, by perhaps rubbing her breasts with her hands or putting a hand between her thighs, it was as if she had been shocked by electricity when she was once again reminded that her body was just a little tied up right now and wouldn’t be available for any autoeroticism. With the image of Gary still in her mind and the mounting desire coursing through her body, the reminder that she was bound and gagged somehow, and quite suddenly, increased her urgency by the order of two or three times. She had never, ever had such a jolt of sexual energy while merely thinking about being with a man and rarely while actually with one.


Slightly confused thoughts began to link themselves together as she leaned forward and gently struggled. “I cannot get over the fact that I am really, truly tied up and helpless. Am I so excited because I’m tied up or in spite of it? Because I can’t touch myself with my hands and because my feet can’t walk across this room, is my vagina demanding that I redouble my efforts to give it satisfaction?” Paige remembered something she had heard about how people who had lost the use of one sense would sometimes find that their other senses became much more acute. “Does this mean,” she mused, “that the images in my mind now have that much more power because my body is so helpless? How do I feel? I want Gary here. I feel vulnerable and beautiful. Wow! Now that is not like me.”


There was a deep rhythm moving between Paige’s legs and the rest of her body was squirming to that rhythm. Sometimes Paige felt almost desperate to get loose and the next moment the feeling was that the ropes were actually a spur to this delirious feeling of ascending into a sexual dream world, where her images of Gary naked, in the office, laughing as they drove in his car, were impossibly vivid. The ropes binding her were like a lever that moved her emotions more effectively than she could ever have done if she were untied. And the most vivid image of all as she sat up on the bed, slowly and not so slowly twisting and pulling at the ropes, was almost like an orgasm in and of itself. It was the image of Gary walking in the room and finding her this way. She wanted him to find her all tied up and take her without any preliminaries.


This shattering realization made her give a squeal of delight behind her gag and she found to her great surprise that she had thrown herself back down on the bed and was laughing. The girls were going to somehow get Gary to come rescue her. She didn’t know how that would work, but she knew that was the plan. Gary was the “studly” fellow. Well, thought Paige, he certainly fills that bill and he’s going to fill something else a little later too.


Then a horrifying thought occurred to Paige. She was supposed to call him that evening! They had made no definite plans, but she was supposed to call him. It was not unlike him to sometimes abandon indefinite plans in favor of something more certain. “Now calm down. There’s nothing you can do about any of this. These feelings will still be here when you see him again and you might as well try and relax. So just relax.”


Paige was sitting up on the bed and looking at her bound legs and feet. She had simmered down a little from her close-to-orgasmic state of exaltation and the insistent throbbing between her legs was more distant and muted now. She decided that a bit of activity was called for to take her mind off of all the things she could do nothing about. That was almost everything, but she could hop around the room a little. Perhaps a change of scenery would be nice; like maybe a little trip to sit in a chair for a change.


Paige began moving toward the side of the bed, following the long rope that connected her ankles to the bedpost near the floor. In sliding to the edge, her nightgown became completely drawn up behind her and her naked butt was on the cold sheets. This made her feel twice as naked and vulnerable of course and the uncontrollable excitement began to mount once again. Paige decided to enjoy it. “What choice do I have?” Paige reflected on that statement as she let her legs fall over the edge of the bed as one bound unit, “I think ‘what choice do I have’ will have to be my mantra for the rest of this day.”


She was sitting on edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the side and deciding what to do next. Her feet where swinging back and forth a little and they were playing with each other – alternately pointing at the floor and then all the way up and out. Her legs were completely exposed and the cool air hitting her vagina made Paige realize that she was quite wet between her legs; she was “gooshy” as she and her friends used to say.


Her breasts were mostly exposed now and while her nipples had not quite escaped, there was precious little silk hiding them. The only thing that kept her gown from dropping to her waist was the thickness of soft, white cotton rope that encircled her body just below her breasts. Paige sat still except for her feet playing their little game with each other and her hands waving around behind her in a similar spirit of fun.


She jumped down and stood still, feet flat on the floor. She took a couple of experimental, stationary hops and decided that this was going to feel very precarious. She decided to go for the rocking chair by the window where she had been sitting earlier in the day when she was almost free compared to how she was now.


Paige hopped the several feet to the chair and was once again overcome at the strangeness of having so much trouble to just go from the bed to the chair. It wasn’t so much that she was so physically constrained that impressed her; it was that she had to think about something that was usually unconscious and instant.


She got to the chair, hopped in a circle and sat down. She just barely had enough slack in the rope attaching her to the bed. There might have been a foot left. She lifted her legs straight out in front of her and let the chair rock back and forth in response. She watched her feet for a while and then put them back on the floor with her legs lifted on the balls of her feet. She thought of Gary again and decided to let herself get as hot and bothered as she could. It was frustrating though, when her body would forget it was so thoroughly bound and would try to participate in all the excitement. Her hands especially would wave around behind her. Paige was thinking of how unbelievably magnificent her orgasm would be when she could eventually contrive to have one. She knew that delaying like this would be like water building behind a dam. The more water and pressure that could be maintained, the more explosive the results when the dam finally burst. But she could only amuse herself with imaginary scenarios. What happened and when it happened would be the decision of the two absurdly young girls downstairs and Paige’s “studly, old dude” as she imaged they would call Gary.


Paige just sat there thinking and squirming, but she hadn’t been more than about 30 minutes in the rocking chair when she was startled to hear the key turn in the lock of her room. She turned to see both girls walk into the room, smirking a little. The redhead announced, “OK, we’re all done and I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen next, OK?”


Paige said, “O Phay.”


The redhead sat on the bed and faced Paige. The blonde untied the long rope attaching Paige to the bed and stuffed it in her absurdly cheerful shopping bag. Then she walked behind Paige and untied the gag. She didn’t put that in the bag, but untied the knot she had put in it and began smoothing it out.


The redhead began, “So do you have somebody you can call when we’re gone? We’ve decided to leave you tied up, but so you can get to the phone. Is there anybody?”


Paige opened her mouth wide, “Ha! I know. I’ll call those guys at the police station. Maybe they’d be interested in dropping by.” Paige continued to laugh under her breath.


The redhead looked a little pained, “Weeeell, you can do that if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I won’t tell you why, but I’d do a meeting with my boyfriend, Gary, before I checked in with Mr. Policeman. I really would.”


Paige’s hands struggled to come from behind her back as she almost barked, “How do you know Gary?”


The blonde giggled, “We don’t know him and we’ve never seen him, but all this has something to do with him. He doesn’t know about it, but it would be good if you were the one to tell him. It would be best for you both. He’ll know what to do and you need to listen to him.”


The redhead cut in, “So anywho, call whoever you want, but that’s our opinion. So it’s about 4:30 now and we have to hang around here for another hour or two, but we don’t have to leave you up here by yourself so we’re going to mostly untie you for a while and then when we leave we’ll put you where you can make your call. Questions? Comments?”


Paige said, “So you’re going to untie me now?”


The redhead jumped off the bed and they both began untying her. When they were done Paige pulled her nightgown straps back on her shoulders and stretched and turned.


They let her do this while they gathered the rope and put it back in the shopping bag. Then the blonde came forward with the scarf Paige had been gagged with and said, “Now, put your hands together. Palm to palm.”


Paige looked at her, rolled her eyes, put her hands on her hips and began to almost lecture them, “Before you do that, please just let me do one, no two things. I am a complete mess and I need a shower. I’ve been tied up for almost five hours and I am a wreck. I need to get clean and I need to brush my teeth and if somebody is going to come in here and find me bound and gagged, I want to be fully clothed instead of half-naked. Now is that too much to ask? You’ve got plenty of time and I’m not going out the window or anything. Lock the door and put the key in your pocket. Hang around in here and watch me.”


The redhead shyly said, “I’m sorry. We didn’t think. Yeah, go ahead.”


As Paige began walking to the bathroom she said to the blonde, “Could you bring me a large water glass full of ice and scotch while I’m doing this. The bar is in that front parlor where you put all that rope on me.”


The blonde looked at Paige brightly, “Yay, a drink,” and she bounded out of the room.


Paige felt curiously unselfconscious in front of the girls as she went about getting ready for what she had already decided was going to be the date to end all dates. They all talked as she showered and did her makeup and brushed out her long, black hair until it was a dramatic, shimmering, wavy cascade on either side of her face, parted perfectly in the middle. She decided that her only undergarment would be a garter belt. The girls looked knowingly at each other and had to stifle a giggle.


Paige selected some very nice stockings. They were sheer, white, nearly opaque and had a slight sheen to them. But on top of this wantonly sexy and elegant foundation, Paige decided to go for a bit of innocence. She put on a tight black sweater with a small turtleneck and full-length sleeves and then under that a black and light gray tweed skirt that hugged her legs closely to just below her knees where it had slits in front and back She was purposely constructing the sexy-librarian look and since she had finally had a chance to take out her contacts, she topped this off with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses with oval eyepieces.


At first Paige had decided to dispense with shoes as she imaged that her lovely stocking feet struggling beneath some tight rope would be devastatingly effective, but on second thought it occurred to her that stocking feet would be doubly effective if they could also lose their shoes in the desperate struggle. Paige looked at her vast selection and picked some black leather pumps. They had moderately pointed toes and thin soles and they revealed a bit of her toes. Above this were a pair of thin straps that crossed over her instep. They had medium-height Cuban heels and would accentuate the innocence of this evening’s look. These shoes would also be easy to kick off, but not too easy. She would lose them gradually and if things went as her overheated fantasies expected, she would have plenty of time to do so. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and was happy with what she saw, but even happier at the thought of two masculine hands groping around under all those clothes and finding nothing but skin.


She turned around and said to the two admiring girls, “Now, where were we? Oh yes, you wanted to tie my hands, I believe? If you must, you must.”


Paige held her hands in front of her palm to palm. The redhead tied them together with the scarf, formerly the gag, by wrapping it around her wrists in both directions and then changing direction to put a double cinch between her hands and then knotting it beneath where no hands or teeth could get to the knot.


Each girl grabbed one of Paige’s arms and they escorted her down the stairs to the parlor where they all sat down and had a large water glass full of ice and scotch; Paige’s favorite drink.


Paige sat on her leather loveseat, while the girls sat on a couch that faced the loveseat. They were in an area of circled furniture calculated to encourage conversation and as they sipped their drinks, they conversed. The girls were obviously much taken with all the evidence of Paige’s success in life and asked many questions calculated to determine if Paige was at all indebted to a generous man or if all these possessions were from her own efforts. Paige was open and forthcoming, but part of her mind detached itself from the conversation and became the neutral observer. For the thousandth time that day, Paige was fascinated by the incongruity of the normal scene of three women having a delightful and funny chat in Paige’s own house. It was as if they were her guests and everyone was just ignoring the somewhat jarring fact that one of the women had her hands tied tightly together in front of her. Paige continued to be surprised when she tried to gesture with her hands and found them suddenly, awkwardly unresponsive. She also had to carefully hold her drink between both hands and meet the drink halfway with her mouth. After one particularly strange-looking, interrupted attempt at gesturing with her hands, Paige brought her hands up in front of her and tugged at the scarf experimentally, critically appraising how the girls had used a simple scarf in such a skillful way that her hands were quite effectively lashed together.


The redhead noted Paige’s tentative, thoughtful struggling and said, “We talked about leaving you totally untied? Until we left? But after you almost got away we figured we can’t really trust you. You’re smart and you’re not really scared of us and we figured there was a chance you might make a break for the door. Is that OK? You don’t hate us do you?”


Paige let her hands drop to her lap and looked at the redhead and said, “Well, I can’t say I exactly hate you, but you must admit it’s a bold imposition to break in my house, threaten me with scary weapons and keep me tied up all day,” they all giggled, “But as for running away, I don’t see how having my hands tied in front keeps me from doing that. My feet aren’t tied and that’s what I usually use to run with.”


The blonde piped up, “I think you’d be totally surprised if you tried to run. You can’t run really fast with your hands tied and when we caught you, you couldn’t fight or anything. You would totally have so much trouble getting loose if we left you like that. You could do it easier than if they were tied behind, but it would take a while, especially with the knot under your wrists.”


Paige considered this, “You two sure seem to know a lot about this tying up business and I must admit; even though I couldn’t even hope to get loose at any time today, I was really not in any pain or much discomfort at all. Should I be forced to admit that I admire your technique?”


The redhead giggled like mad, “We’ve been tied up a lot. Both our boyfriends tie us up and we think it’s fun. Our boyfriends sometimes tie us up together and leave us to try and escape, so we’ve had plenty of time to see how it’s done. It’s really fun. If you’ve never had a man make you come while you’re tied up, then you’ve missed the really big one. You can’t even move and you don’t know how long it will take and it’s like a bomb.”


Paige kept her composure. Five hours ago, she would have dismissed this last as total nonsense, but an hour ago, she had had the revelation that they could be absolutely right. An intense anticipation began to build deep inside Paige. She hid it by looking away and picking up her drink.


The blonde squealed, “Oh my God, you’re blushing! Ha, ha.”


Paige said, “I am not, but even if I was, you don’t know why.”


The redhead said, “Somebody’s going to call Garyeeee.”


At this moment Paige heard a cell phone go off in the redhead’s pocket. The redhead stood up, opened the phone and began leaving the room as she said, “Are we ready?”


The blonde stood up and said to Paige in a little musical voice, “Well, it’s time to get you all ready for a certain visitor.”


She went over to the shopping bag and took out a longish length of rope. She kneeled at Paige’s feet and pulled them out from the loveseat where she could turn the rope around them unimpeded. Paige watched carefully to see what it was they actually did to achieve such effective restraint with so little discomfort. She especially noticed the increased snugness when the blonde cinched the rope between her ankles and took note of the square knot that she tied right on top after pulling the rope through a loop that nestled next to the cinch.


When the blonde was finished, she got up and went over to the shopping bag again. Paige lifted her feet on their heels and felt the now familiar tension that signaled her complete inability to move her legs and ankles apart.


She looked up to see the blonde with another length of rope. The blonde said, “We’ll have to tie your hands behind you, but don’t worry, we won’t gag you and we’ll make sure you can dial the phone with your nose. We just can’t make it too easy. We’ve got to have a little time to get away. Let me help you stand up.”


The blonde helped pull Paige to her feet and steadied her when she wobbled a bit. She untied the scarf holding Paige’s hands together in front of her. She said, “Turn to the side with tiny little steps. I’ll hold you so you don’t fall.”


Paige pushed up on her toes and sort of duck walked until the blonde was at her back. Paige felt the girl pull her arms behind her back and position them a little differently than they had been earlier in the day. Paige’s hands had been tied with her wrists diagonally crossed so that the backs of her hands had been resting on top of her butt. This time her forearms were pulled up to almost a 90 degree angle and her wrists were parallel to one another, which meant that when the girl roped her wrists together, the backs of Paige’s hands were now held in the small of her back and were pointing in opposite directions.

When the girl had cinched and knotted the rope, she stood back and watched as Paige twisted against this unfamiliar binding, which she found to be significantly more restricting than the way she had been tied earlier in the day.


The blonde said, “Trust me, if you’re going to be sitting around for a while, your arms will be much more out of your way like that if you want to lean back in a chair or something. OK, just stand still and wait right there, I’ll be back in a jiff.” She ran out of the parlor and down the hall toward the den/office.


Paige stood there feeling again that odd disbelief that thin, white ropes were master of her body and that she couldn’t freely move around her own house. She also noticed a certain rising anticipation return when she saw the girl go skipping out of the room and contrasted her own situation with the girl’s total, graceful freedom to move at high speed and even use her hands. Presently, she heard a rumble in the hall and around the corner came the blonde pushing Paige’s antique, leather office chair on its big, old rubber wheels. She pushed the chair behind Paige, grinning as she went by, and grabbed Paige by the shoulders and pulled down into the chair. The girl said, “Lift your feet and hang on. Ha, ha. You can’t hang on.” The girl tilted the chair back and rolled Paige out of the parlor, into the hall and all the way back into the den/office where all of this had started some six hours ago when Paige had been curled up with her coffee. During this brief ride as a helpless passenger, Paige had involuntarily kicked her legs in the air and had a flashing thought that her legs looked quite nice tied together in their stockings and shoes. But then as her feet scrabbled to find a perch on the wooden pieces that spread the wheels out from the chair, she lost one of her shoes.


She situated Paige near the door of the den/office, but not before spinning her around in a complete circle. Paige presumed this was supposed to be fun, and it was a little touching and amusing, so she let out a weak, “Wheeee!” The girl pointed the chair so Paige was facing into the room and she saw the redhead standing by the desk along the far wall listening into her cell phone. Paige, from her chair, and the blonde, standing beside her, watched as the redhead listened and then finally just said, “Got it!” and hung up. “OK, you guys, we’ve got to hurry. Ma’am, here is the phone on the edge of the desk where you can get to it no problem. I’m sure you can either dial it with a finger or with your nose if you’re careful and go slow. Have you got Mr. Big Stuff on the speed dial?”


Paige smiled and said, “Yes, come to think of it I do.”


“Great, you’ll have no trouble. We’ll leave you in your chair all the way across the room so it’ll at least take you long enough for us to get down the street. We’ll leave all the doors unlocked and we won’t actually tie you to anything or gag you, so if you want to roll yourself on the porch and show everybody you’re tied up and need help you can do that, but I can tell you, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re liable to get some icky guy to come help you or worse not help you. And last, if you’re thinking about hopping around and trying to get yourself loose, I would not do that. Hopping around is fun and all, but if you fall, you’re fucked. You can hurt yourself and even if you don’t, the way you’re tied, you’ll have a bitch of a time getting back up off the floor. Any questions? Comments?”


Paige couldn’t help but smile at this rather thorough “briefing” by such an innocent-looking criminal – one of two who had forced their way into her house, armed to the teeth and kept her tied up all day, but who had also been quite solicitous and careful not to cause her any more grief than they thought they had to. Paige said, “Two favors are all I ask. I want another tall scotch on ice – you’ll find a drinking straw to put in it in a cup on the bar. Just put that on the desk where I can reward myself when I finally roll over there. Also, could one of you go get my shoe out of the hall? I seem to have lost it and I do so want to appear fully dressed when I am first viewed by “Mr. Big Stuff,” as you have so charmingly named him.


The redhead and the blonde looked at each other and instantly went about fulfilling these modest requests – requests that once again drove home to Paige how helpless being tied up truly made her. “I can’t go make my own drink. I can’t go pick up my own shoe or even put it on. I still can’t brush the hair out of my face or scratch my nose. And when Gary walks in here and sees me and I want to jump up and hug him and kiss him and tear his clothes off, I won’t even remotely be able to do any of that. In fact, I won’t be able to control what he does at all. He can touch me or not. He can untie me or not. He can kiss me all over my body or nowhere at all and there’s nothing – nothing – I can do about any of it at all. I wonder if one can ever grow used to the constant surprise one feels at being well bound. Perhaps the surprise is the key to this delirious excitement – a constant emotional ambush caused by complete physical helplessness.” Page was unaware that her hands were waving behind her back and her feet had pointed their toes against the floor and she was bouncing her legs up and down in an obvious display of urgent physical need – her body wanted to begin moving toward what it wanted. The ropes were insistent that her body stay right where it was.


At this last thought Paige despaired of any further analysis because the rising urgency to be touched and fondled by Gary’s large, blocky hands began to overwhelm her. She was a little startled to notice that the blonde girl was standing in front of her holding Paige’s shoe and had evidently asked her a question. Paige said, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”


The blonde was barely stifling an overload of laughter and said, “Yes I did. I asked what did you want me to do with your shoe.” The blonde had her index finger in the heel of the shoe and was twirling the shoe around in circles.


Paige forced her mind to consider this surprisingly difficult question and it didn’t help that the blonde’s suppressed hilarity was becoming contagious. Paige began laughing and blushing brightly and said through her giggling, “Yes, the shoe, well, here, lets put it back on my foot. Ha ha.”


Paige stretched out her lovely, white, silken legs and the blonde bent down and slipped the shoe on her foot. Paige put her feet back down on the floor and wriggled her feet a little to better situate the shoe on her foot.


At this, the two girls displayed a flurry of activity – a series of fast movements around the room, using their hands and feet – that predictably riveted Paige as she almost eagerly watched how people act when they are in a hurry but are not bound hand and foot. She was not surprised when her sense of urgency and anticipation was vastly increased by the stark contrast between their freedom of movement and her inability to do anything but sit there and watch.


The girls gathered their purses and coats. They put on their shoes and quickly finished the drinks they had brought in from the parlor. They ran to the front door and the back door and made sure they were unlocked and then they ran up to Paige and each gave her a little hug and a kiss and said, “Bye! Don’t get up, we’ll find our way out! Have fun!” Paige heard them run out the side door of the kitchen, through which she had almost escaped a few hours ago, and heard them clicking in their heels down the flagstone path to the front of the house. Then she was alone.


“It’s time for action,” Paige said aloud. But she didn’t do anything at first but look around and think. She found it curiously appropriate to sit right where she was. She was still a little stunned by her latest storm of emotion and her unsuccessful attempt to fully understand how a bound body could free such a deep well of physical and mental desires. She struggled around a bit and decided that the ropes seemed to have minds of their own. If she sat very still, the ropes relaxed with her and minded their own business except for a soft pressure around her wrists and ankles, but if she tried to move, the ropes sprang to attention and seemed to tighten their grip. Paige actually had some range of movement with all of her limbs capable of moving around some inches in several directions, but ultimately that gave only an illusion that there was any hope of escape.


Paige also discovered that even with the deep anticipation she felt to see Gary walk through the door, find her and hopefully do some wonderful things to her, she was also feeling what could only be described as stage fright. A part of her character was still rebelling against being helpless in the presence of a man, especially such a man as Gary. She had tried during the last six months to pigeonhole him as just another pelvic affiliate – a best buddy with a dick. But she had been haunted all along by a creeping suspicion that an unfamiliar passion was growing in her and he was the object.


Paige was leaning a little forward in the chair. Her hands and fingers were waving around with a gesture that any of her friends would have recognized as a sign that she was pondering deeply. Her legs had risen up on the balls of her feet and her shoes had slipped off her heels. Paige was vaguely aware of how nice the cool air felt on her stocking-clad soles. She found her attention riveted on the phone on the desk. She would not waste her time and energy hopping around and trying to get free. She didn’t want to get untied. She wanted Gary to have that privilege if he chose to exercise it. Paige laughed when she realized that she didn’t particularly want him to untie her either. “Who the hell am I? What is happening to me? What is it about being all tied up that is so damned… whatever it is?” She reflected that Gary was the necessary added ingredient to the delicious mix of powerful feelings that were swirling around inside her.


Paige looked around the room, leaning back in the chair and swiveling it around by pushing with her bound feet. How strange it would be to be able to move around this room freely at some point later on. How strange that she couldn’t now. She stopped the chair when it came around to face the phone again and her anticipation became keen and her stage fright almost paralyzed her. But she began rolling her chair toward the desk. It was an easy thing to do, but it seemed to take forever.


When she got to the desk she leaned over it and sipped some scotch through the straw. “I’m glad I thought of that. I need a drink.” She looked at the phone no more than six inches from her face. She found it amusing to say aloud, “The phone isn’t designed to be worked with a person’s mouth and nose, but my hands are tied behind my back so I have no choice.” As the moment of decision approached to knock the phone off its cradle and attempt to push the speed-dial number with her nose, she had a sudden bout of confusion concerning what exactly she should say. She tried a few lines out loud: “Oh Gary, I’m all tied up and I need you. Please help me.” and  “Guess what happened to me Gary. You can’t? Well, why don’t you come over and see?” and “Gary, come on over and have a few drinks.” This all sounded out of character.


Should she surprise him? Tell him all in advance? How would he react? What would be fun and exciting?


This fascinating reverie was shattered by the phone starting to ring, and Paige almost went through the roof, ropes or no ropes. She stood up and her straightening legs pushed the chair back. Her arms and hands once more decided that Paige needed them and struggled to get out of the ropes. Paige stood there slightly crouching and listened to the phone ring; once, twice. Paige hopped back a couple of feet so she could sit back in the chair and rolled it back up to the desk as the last ring sounded before the answering machine picked up. Every nerve was focused on what she would hear and what she should do in response to the unknown caller.


The answering machine greeted the caller and Paige’s anticipation mounted. Then with a rush of many emotions, she heard Gary’s voice say, “Helly-oh my little cupcake. I’ve been waiting here by the phone all day, my heart pounding and my soul yearning to hear from you etc., etc., etc. Have you decided to dash my hopes for a…”


Paige bent over the phone and knocked the receiver off its cradle with the side of her face. It clattered to the desk and she arranged it with her nose so that by laying her head on top of it she could both hear and speak, “Gary? Gary are you still there?”


“Well of course my love button, my raven-haired cutie. Were you asleep?”


“Gary, listen, I’m having a little trouble talking on the phone so just listen OK? Gary, you won’t believe what happened. I’m tied up.”


Gary said in a subdued voice, “I see, well, it’s only 7 o’clock. Will we be able to get together later tonight or should we just shoot for another day?”


Paige rolled her eyes and struggled to stay close to the phone. Her excited feet kept trying to roll the chair away from the desk and they kept slipping out of her shoes. Her hands were waving like mad behind her back and her fingers were opening and closing in extreme frustration. She said, “No, I mean I am really, literally tied up. Like with rope? Hands behind my back? Feet together? Tied up? Bound hand and foot? I am not kidding?!”


Gary’s voice lost all its humor and she could hear him get up and start walking, “Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Are the soon to be dead people who did that to you still there? Tell me as much as you can but don’t let them catch you talking to me. I want to surprise them.”


Paige found herself about ready to swoon at his reaction. She found it intensely endearing and exciting and she had a vivid image of him swelling with violent intentions toward the villains who had bound his damsel.


She found herself absurdly unable to stop from laughing as she reassured him, “No, no, no, I’m fine. I’m not in pain or injured and the people who tied me up are long gone. Believe me I’m fine, but (ha, ha, ha) I would appreciate the benefit of your company as soon as possible. In fact I’m rather looking forward to seeing you more than just a little bit.”


Gary sounded incredulous, “So how are you using the phone?”


Paige said, “I’m tied in a chair at my desk and I pushed it off its base with my face. Look, I’m really OK. I’m not even scared. Two girls broke in, tied me up, but made sure I was comfortable and did something in my office all afternoon. We even had drinks and they left me so I could call you. I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.”


“You hadn’t gotten around to it yet. You mean to tell me you were sitting there tied to a chair in front of the phone and ‘hadn’t gotten around’ to calling me?”


Paige was about to crack up completely now, “I’m not tied to the chair, I could hop around if I wanted to, but just come over. It’s an amazing story. It’s really funny. I know you; you’ll love it. Don’t worry, be happy, come on over and let yourself in – the girls left the doors unlocked.”


Gary sounded relaxed and normal now and he said, “You’re amazing. You really had me going there for a while. Why would you want to pull my chain like that you dear creature? Hmmmm? Are you dropping a little hint?”


Paige almost shouted into the phone and her ear completely lost contact with the earpiece, “Listen to me carefully. I will talk slowly so that you can understand. I am not scared, I am not hurting, the bad people have left the building, but I am tied up tight and cannot get loose. I cannot pick my nose, I cannot make myself another drink. I cannot walk across the room. I miss your handsome, but somewhat brutal face and I would consider it a great favor if you could grace this house with your presence.”


“Now that sounds like the girl I know. Should I bring anything with me? Should I make a congealed salad?”


Paige said softly, with a smile on her face, “Just get over here stupid. I might not be able to hang up the phone so don’t call back, just come over now.”


Gary said with a cheerful carelessness, “OK, it’ll take me a little while longer than usual, but not much. Bye.”


Paige said, “This is no time to take a little longer than usual.” But the phone was dead. “A little longer than usual,” Paige ran the phrase over in her mind. “Hell, that’s what we’re looking for I guess.”


If her hands hadn’t been lashed behind her, she would have hugged herself with excitement and if her feet hadn’t been tied inescapably together she would have skipped around the room. Of course if she hadn’t been thus bound, his impending visit wouldn’t be such a special event.


As it was she made two tight little fists, pointed her toes and squealed in delight. She picked the phone up in her teeth and dropped it on its base and made it hang up with her nose. Paige noticed that her glasses were about to fall off the end of her nose so she carefully leaned backwards and started shaking her head until they went almost all the way back to where they should be. Then she pushed away from the desk with her feet. During the phone call, both shoes had slowly worked their way off her feet so she sat there twisting against the ropes in gleeful anticipation and tried to figure how long it would be before he got there. She wanted to compose herself in case there was a fun game to be had with this situation.


Paige looked around the room to decide where she should be found and decided that a proper hostess would be found sitting primly on the couch on the other side of the room. The couch was under a back window of the house and was the center of a semicircle of a two loveseats placed so that a number of people could sit together and see her large TV. Her desk and computer work area was behind the shelf that held the TV, so Paige was looking at an obstacle-filled journey across one of the largest rooms in the house. She began by creeping back up to the desk and working her feet into her shoes. This required some dexterous work with her toes because one shoe was upside down and the other was under the desk, barely within reach, but she finally got both back on. She decided that hopping across the room would be less awkward than trying to negotiate the big old office chair between the furniture.


Paige stood up and lifted herself on her toes. It worried her that her shoes might trip her up. She took a couple of test hops and found that they started to come off so she sat back down. She rolled back over to the desk and lifted her legs on the desktop where she worked her feet back and forth until her shoes were lying on top of the desk. She stood up, bent down and with her teeth and tongue grabbed the thin, crossed instep straps on the top of each shoe and she began the long hop across the room. Her journey went quite well and she only came close to falling down once. The necessity of hopping made her bound and helpless state that much more vivid and as she made her jerky progress toward the comfy old couch, she found her feelings of vulnerability and sexual urgency much increased. It didn’t hurt that her braless breasts were bouncing up and down and rubbing against the fabric of her tight sweater. When she sat down at the end of the couch finally, she dropped the shoes out of her mouth as close to her feet as possible and then twisted back and forth to make her breasts rub against the sweater some more. “God that feels good, but if I could I’d be making myself come right now. I can’t get over how strange this is to need to touch myself and to simply not be able to.”


All the hopping and twisting had made Paige’s long, wavy hair move over much of her face and she spent a few moments with her head thrown back, shaking the hair out of her face as much as possible, but the results weren’t very effective. She also knew from the way it fell over her shoulders that her hair was now a little wild and standing out much farther from her head than it would normally. “He’ll like that though.” Every time she thought of Gary now it was like an electric shock that had an aftereffect that felt like an excruciating itch between her legs. “It’s a marvel that such a wonderful feeling must now be endured as much as enjoyed because of its sheer power and my total helplessness to satisfy it. I’d better not analyze this too much.”


Paige leaned back on her bound arms and decided to be as still as possible. The stillness quieted some of the urgent excitement, but the sense of anticipation grew apace. Every noise might be Gary. Paige found herself loving the feel of the carpet on the soles of her bound, stocking feet, but this reminded her that she needed to get her shoes back on in order to achieve the effect of total, but erotic, innocence that she knew she projected. First she lifted her legs and feet up and admired how they looked with the tight ropes around her ankles. She pulled and pushed against her bonds a couple of times and then set her feet the task of getting themselves back in their shoes. She was in no hurry and did the whole thing by feel while she continued to lean back against the backrest of the couch in a comfortable, upright and, hopefully, dignified posture. When her shoes were back on her feet, she drew her feet up to the bottom edge of the couch and sat very still – listening. She willed herself to sit motionless and succeeded except for an unconscious raising and lowering of her legs on the balls of her feet, letting her shining heels slip out of her shoes and then slipping them back in. She maintained this vigilant stillness until it began to feel like a dream state and for the first time since she had been first tied up hours ago, she achieved a very unfamiliar combined feeling of excitement, anticipation and serenity. This would be fun. It would be a lot of fun and there was no sense worrying about it because she could do nothing about it. Her trust in Gary to be just right in his role was a revelation to her. Paige could just sit back and let it all happen.


Then she heard the front door open and then close. Gary’s footsteps paused at what she guessed was the coat rack and she heard some rustling. His footsteps came slowly down the hallway. It seemed that he would pause every now and then as if he were contemplating the pictures hung in the hall. The she heard him go in the little bathroom under the stairs. The door shut. Minutes passed and then the door opened. Paige was about to burst. She was biting her lower lip and at one point experienced a little spasm that shook her whole body. Her hands were clenched and her toes were curled up tight in her shoes. She forced herself to relax. She thought, “He knows exactly what he’s doing.”


His leisurely steps came closer and then there he was. He was dressed in a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. He didn’t pause at the door or betray any sign of noticing anything at all out of the ordinary. He strode right up to Paige saying, “You look fantastic,” and leaned down and gave her a long, deep kiss. As he detached his mouth from hers, she tried to follow it, but caught herself and gave what she hoped was a pleasant smile of greeting, but Paige now felt as if she was stark naked and could tell her face was glowing a bright red.


Gary backed up a few steps and said, “Have you had a nice day?”


“Yes, it’s been quite eventful, but I didn’t get anything done I had planned to do?”


“I’m going to get a drink, do you want one? Your usual?”


“Sure, that would be very thoughtful of you.”


Gary went out of the room and Paige felt herself begin to break into a sweat. Her body made a brief, but earnest, struggle to get free. One shoe slipped off her heel and her movement shoved it out from under her foot so that her toes were still barely in it. Gary came back with the drinks and put hers on the end table next to her. He smiled and walked to the desk and grabbed the drinking straw out of her old drink and positioned it in her new one where she could get at it. While he was next to her, he smoothed her hair back from her face and bestowed a longer, deeper kiss. While Paige was occupied with this devastating pleasure, he also began lightly stroking her left breast. When he did this Paige tensed every muscle, sharply breathed in and then gave out with an involuntary “Hhmmmmm!” Then Gary broke off contact and fetched the office chair. He rolled it to about ten feet away from Paige where he could see her from the front and side and made himself comfortable.


What Gary saw moved him deeply. Because every muscle in Paige’s body was poised and ready for action, she had assumed an almost rigid posture made positively prim by the position the ropes forced her to remain in. If her hands hadn’t been tied behind her, her physical attitude would have looked more natural with her arms folded across her bosom. Instead, because her arms and shoulders were drawn back, her bosom seemed unnaturally prominent and this was, in turn, made even more dramatic by the soft and uncontrolled way that her braless breasts moved under her schoolteacher’s sweater. If her feet hadn’t been tied together it would have been more natural to have seen her with both shoes firmly in place, but instead the shoe nearest Gary had fallen off and Paige’s toes were wriggling and pointing under her stockings. Both feet were turned somewhat pigeon-toed and the other shoe had dropped off the heel of the foot that was still shod.


Paige’s face was almost unfamiliar to him. She was usually so elegant and composed when not actually displaying a certain assertiveness. In sexual matters, Paige was frequently a little aggressive or aloof, but now she was the opposite of both. Gary could tell she wanted sexual attention and release very, very badly, but since she was tied up, she had the choice of meekly waiting or actually begging him. Right now she was waiting and probably enjoying the mounting frenzy of emotion, but Gary knew that at some point she would try to prod him into doing something. He decided to wait and see what happened. He rather enjoyed the sight of her bound hand and foot anyway. He kept trying to think of an excuse to add a gag. Perhaps she would give him one, but it was hardly necessary.


They sat there sipping their drinks for a few moments – feasting their eyes on one another – and plotting their strategy.


Paige wondered if a little writhing around might prompt Gary to come touch her and she began to flex against the ropes and arch her back a little – not so much as to be obvious, but as if she were just stretching a little and getting comfy. She smiled and said, “That’s a nice suit. Did you work today or is it for my benefit?”


“It’s for your benefit completely. It’s a pleasure to dress up for you. If you haven’t dressed for me, I assure you, you might as well have. I love everything about your outfit. Everything.”


Paige kicked off her remaining shoe and pulled her legs up on the couch so they were curled around her with her heels nestling against the side of her butt. This took a bit of struggling to achieve and then more writhing around to get comfortable and Paige kept expecting Gary to come over and help her – that is, to touch her and get within kissing range. He just sat there, but she could see a reaction on his face. Paige placed her legs were where he could see every bit of them and their position made them naturally taut and made the ropes look, and feel, tighter around her ankles. She began gently flexing them against her bonds.


Gary finished his drink and put the empty glass on the floor and said, “It’s still not 9 o’clock yet. Do you want to go out or anything?”


Paige was now having to stifle many things: Laughter, little spasms, erratic breathing. She somehow said, “I don’t think so. I feel so nice just sitting here on the couch. Why don’t you come sit next to me and we can watch TV.” Paige pointed with her shiny, stocking feet at the place on the couch next to her and patted the place with them.


Gary smiled and said, “I’m comfortable here for the moment. I like looking at you. You’ve been in my mind all day and now I can really see you. I’ll go get us both another drink.” He got up and left the room.


Paige watched him walk out holding two empty glasses and had that sense of amazement from watching someone move about freely while she was unable to move at all without effort. She found herself looking forward eagerly to his return because when he put her drink down next to her, he might kiss her again. “And please God let him touch my breasts and pretty please let him do it for a long time. What a small thing to long for so desperately,” Paige marveled. She played the ‘stating the obvious game’ that she had amused herself with from time to time during the day and started thinking, “I would go after him and grab him, but my feet and hands are tied. I would pull his head down and kiss him, but my hands are tied behind my back. I would run away from him and play hard to get, but my feet are tied together with thin, white, cotton rope. I could start hopping around. He would have to touch me then. Maybe I should just ask for what I want. I’ll bet that’s all he’s waiting for.”


Gary came back with the drinks and sure enough, he bent down over Paige and gave her another long, deep, wet kiss and this time he let it go on and on and on. She felt one of his hands begin creeping up between her thighs. Paige began bucking on the couch in an attempt to get closer to him and meet his hand halfway, but he withdrew the hand after some gentle stroking in not quite the right place. When he broke the kiss he remained looking into her eyes and with one hand he cupped and fondled a breast. He lightly ran his other hand over her stocking feet. Then he gave her a brief kiss and turned around to go back to his chair. Paige twisted violently against her bonds. Her hands made spasmodic movements and her feet waved around. She instantly caught herself and by the time he had turned around and sat down to face her, she had stopped moving and merely looked like a smoldering, hungry animal.


She opened her smiling mouth and said, “Please come do that some more. Please?” She swung her feet down to the floor so she could lean toward him. He saw her legs bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet and her fingers waving around behind her. He saw her breasts hanging loose in their tight sweater and he saw her tangled mane of black hair swinging around a face that was sincerely begging him to come kiss it. The ropes were fully alert now and were holding her fast. Gary loved the way her shoulders were pulled back and the way her stockings were wrinkling around her heels and ankles under the ropes. Her cute little toes with their red nails showing through the stockings almost made him melt.


Gary sipped his drink and looked thoughtful. He said, “You know, I think I’ll do just that, but first I want to finish this drink. Why didn’t you get anything done today sweetie?”


At this Paige stood up and began hopping toward Gary. Gary thought he had never seen a more adorable sight. When she came to within two feet of him, she stopped and stood there swaying slightly and rather loudly said, “You listen to me. You either carry me back to that couch and start kissing me and touching me or you untie me right now!”


Gary felt a little thrill of victory. Paige was the first to break character. Gary picked her up like a bride being carried over the threshold and said, “Well, I think we both know I can’t untie you while you’re so upset.” He carried her over to the couch and sat her back on the end. He stood back with his hands on his hips and looked at her. She looked nervously at him. She was now his prisoner it seemed and for real. She experienced a wave of sheer, unadulterated desire, but something about what had just happened tickled her immensely and she found that she couldn’t stop a low, bubbling laugh from rising out of her. She was laughing like a lunatic and squirming around with far too much unquenched desire for any person to handle. Gary decided that maybe he had let things go just a little too far. She needed help now.


Gary came back to the couch and pushed her over until she was lying on the couch on her side. He put pillows under her head and he got on his knees and began kissing her. He didn’t stop this time. His hands were moving all over her and for Paige, it was like a long cool drink for a very thirsty woman. At the same time there was a slow, exquisite rise in sexual tension that she couldn’t control. Gary had the controls and he was finally using them. She closed her eyes and felt him all over her – lightly touching her in all the right places and the way she felt now, there were really no wrong places. She could feel the ropes holding her hands and feet, but she had now learned that the feeling of being bound was what enhanced her sexual excitement to the point that it was almost hallucinatory. Her body bucked and stretched and struggled in response to her increasingly desperate need to embrace a massively acute flood of pleasure that was bursting through all the boundaries of her previous experience.


As her helpless body was stroked and fondled into one magnificent pleasure center, so her mind entered a state of delirious happiness where one image followed another.


She saw herself in her bedroom, her hands bound behind her and wearing only a slip and stockings. With her legs and feet she was practicing dance movements and she could feel the floor slide beneath her stocking feet. Then she saw Gary come in the room and pick her up and place her on the bed and kiss her.


She saw herself tied to a kitchen chair, fully clothed in a business suit, pantyhose and heels, with ropes around her ankles, legs, body, arms and wrists. She was gagged and straining and twisting to get free, her shoes fell off her feet and her breasts strained tightly against her blouse. Gary entered the picture and pulled her blouse away from her breasts. She tried to stop him, but no amount of struggling could keep his hands from searching beneath her clothes – his hands found their way everywhere.


Paige saw herself in the living room in a calf-length peasant dress. She was wearing white tights and black, leather flats with little bows above her toes. Gary walked into the room and kissed her gently and then turned her around and tied her hands behind her. He led her to the couch, tied her feet together and gagged her with a silk scarf. Then he knelt down and took off her shoes and began kissing her feet. He pushed her dress all the way up to her waist and put his hand between her legs and kissed her lightly on her gagged mouth.


Now she was back in her bedroom. She was sitting naked on the edge of her bed and her hands were tied behind her and her mouth was full of a very large white scarf. Her feet were tied with her ankles crossed and she saw Gary come into the room. He was also completely naked. He approached her and bent down and kissed her feet again. Then he inserted his head between her legs and then his whole body followed. Her bound legs were now wrapped around his body and she felt him enter her.


Again in the bedroom, she was tied to her bed. Her hands were tied together over her head and were lashed to the headboard. She was gagged. She was wearing a skimpy white blouse and jeans. She had on thin, white ankle socks and brown clogs. Her feet weren’t tied. Gary entered the room. She squirmed to keep his hands off her, but he took off her clogs and began taking off her jeans. She fought and twisted, but soon her jeans were on the floor. Gary took off her panties and he lashed one ankle to the left bedpost and the other ankle to the other. He unbuttoned her blouse. He fondled her all over.


All of these mind-movies had been accompanied by some sort of music, but increasingly it was drowned out by a massive rumble that began to fill her head.


The rumble blocked out all other sound and she suddenly felt as if there was something within her body that was about to explode. She wanted it to explode, but she teetered just at the point of explosion, her body straining and bucking until finally, slowly the explosion came. There was a moment of unbelievable shock at the first impact. It felt as if all the excitement and pleasure in the entire universe had taken control of her. The release came in the form of a series of quick, violent spasms where her body curled into a ball in an attempt to get closer to the explosion. And then the time between spasms began to get greater as the spasms grew more powerful and then they diminished and she felt total release. Her mind had been wiped clean of imagery by the flash of sheer animal pleasure and was now descending into a place that was dark, warm and sleepy. She opened her eyes and found herself looking at Gary. He was kneeling on the floor still and beaming like the cat that ate the rat.


Paige gave him a smile of pure love and complete satisfaction. She was still tied up and that was fine with her. Her hair was everywhere and she was wet with sweat. She found that she was laughing uncontrollably. She finally whispered, “God, that was the best ever. I can’t describe it. I’m still dreaming. Are you going to untie me now or am I still your prisoner?”


Gary laughed, “I think it’s safe to cut you loose. You seem a bit less dangerous than you did.”


Paige felt him untie her and the use of her hands and feet now felt totally unfamiliar. She sat up and drained the rest of her drink. Gary took off his shirt and tie and helped Paige pull her sweater off. He made her stand up and he unfastened her skirt. She sat next to him in just her garter belt and stockings. He hugged her and pulled her down so that they were lying on the couch in a way that he was behind her and she was nestled in his arms. She moved her feet and hands around and stretched her whole body.


She sleepily said, “Don’t you want to come now? That seems an inadequate word after what just happened to me. I’ll never be able to explain it, but it was like a force of nature – a tornado that makes pleasure instead of destruction. Can we do that again? Can that be our little game? Do you know how to tie a person up?”


Gary was running his finger around her ear and said, “Don’t you worry about me. I came all over myself just watching you. We’ll have another shot at it together. As for describing what you just went through, just watching you was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. It was like you were literally possessed. I can see we’ll have to tie you up every now and then just to keep you in good maintenance and, yeah, I know how to tie a person up and I noticed somebody thoughtfully left a bag of rope over by the desk.”


Paige didn’t want to go to sleep. Life was too delicious to be unconscious. The images flowed through her mind just as they had earlier. She said to Gary, “Don’t you want to know what all happened to me today? I think it involved you. Shouldn’t we call the police?”


Gary said seriously, “Tomorrow’s Sunday and we’ll talk about it then, but if I thought it was really important I would have insisted on hearing about it immediately. We’ll talk tomorrow. I think I know who they are and what they want. It’s nothing much to worry about.”


Paige said, “Tomorrow’s another day off. Maybe I won’t want to tell you anything and you’ll have to tie me up until I tell you what you want to know. I promise I’ll resist.”


She drifted off to sleep with Gary’s quiet laugh far in the distance.


Copyright, Rayron D’Olier, 2005 





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