A Dangerous Man


Phoebe believed that Brody was the man of her dreams - but one night she discovers there was a lot more to him than she had suspected...


A Friendly Rivalry


Cindy is petite, beautiful - and one of the most deadly assassins in the world.  So who is it this man who is capable of capturing her, and being so charming about it?


A Friendly Wager


A quiet night in was what Audrey had planned - but her roomate has a proposal to make...


A Wellness Day


For Ginger, the two burglars were only the first of many surprises that day.  WARNING - Definite Adult content in this story.


An Unexpected Pleasure


When Lisa agreed to be a babysitter for her friends, she did not expect the night to be one of self discovery....


Forced to Play The Game


Holly had no choice in the matter - but was it just hi jinx on the part of her girlfriends, or something more?


Honey, I'm Home!


Anne has sent the signal - now she is looking froward to a very special evening.  What could possibly go wrong?  Adult contant warning...


Nothing To Do and Nowhere To Go


Abigail liked her job at the detective agency, and liked her boss - but one afternoon, some visitors taught her a very valuable lesson...


Paige's Day Off


She had had some plans for the day - some gardening, some shopping, other things - but the two young women who have confronted her have other ideas.


Perils of Snooping


For young Emily, the desire to find out if she is right about her suspiscions should really have been fought...


Rescued: Whether she likes it or not


Another screenplay from Rayron, set in the Forties...


Screenplay: Elle's Life Experience


As the scene opnes, young Elle thinks she knows what is about to happen. She is wrong...


She Asked For It


When Denise and Melissa talk about their boyrfirends, events take a totally unepected turn.  WARNING - Adult content and themes.


Whether She Likes It Or Not - Part 2


A continuation from Rescued, as the lady is taken for a comfortable night.


Working Late


For Suzy and Betty Anne, a late night at the office provides mroe excitement than they had expected...




He won't be...




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