A Neighbourly Call








“Did I hear Mandy pull up outside,” Sue said as she looked in the front room.  Her partner Mel looked over and said “Not sure – is their car in the driveway?”


Sue walked over, the square heels of her black leather boots clomping on the wooden floor, and glanced out of the window.  “Yeah – once we’ve had our coffee, we can take the parcel round to them and find out where they are planning to take us tomorrow night.”


“Sounds good,” Mel said as she looked at Sue.  The legs of her grey leggings were tucked into the knee length boots, while she had on her upper body a long sleeved blue sports top.  Sue’s long brown hair fell over the deep round neckline, while Mel’s long blonde hair fell over her own grey woollen Sloppy Joe top.  Mel was also wearing faded blue jeans and taupe trainers.


“Yeah,” she said with a smile, “Coffee first, then we call round…”



Their neighbour, Abigail Helmond, was in her late forties, with lightly curled blonde hair tinted with grey, and was standing in her front room, wearing a long sleeved black dress that came to her knees and black suede heels.  She was watching her twenty year old daughter Rita as she slowly crossed the room and pulled the curtains across the windows.


Rita had long dark brown hair, and was wearing a long sleeved grey mesh dress with a black leopard print on it, dark tights and knee length black suede boots.  She then turned and walked back to her mother, her eyes fixed on the gentleman who was smiling as he watched her.


“Thank you Rita,” he said with a smile as she joined Abigail, “your cooperation is very much appreciated.”  He was tall – about six foot seven Rita reckoned – and was wearing a black leather jacket over a roll neck sweater, dark pants and shoes – as well as black leather gloves over his hands, and a black balaclava that covered his head, only his eyes and mouth showing.


“You never said who you were,” Abigail said quietly.


“How remiss of me – allow me to make the introductions.  My name is Mister Tall, and my colleague is Mister Small.  A true pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


“It may be for you,” Rita said quietly, “all I see is a masked man holding a gun and pointing it at us.”


“True – but a necessary part of our modus operandi,” the tall masked man said as his partner came back in.  He was identically dressed, but a full foot shorter in height, as he said “the alarm and security systems are disabled, Mister Tall.  May I trouble you ladies to take out your own mobile phones and hand them to me, please?”


Rita and Abigail looked at each other, before they removed their mobile phones and handed them over, Mister Small saying “thank you” as he placed them in a holdall, and then drew out two length of rope.  “Now, we must be about our business, and I regret to say that part of that business is to ensure neither of you can raise the alarm.  Please, would you both place your hands behind your back, so that I may secure your wrists together?”


“I guess we really don’t have a choice,” Rita said as her mother nodded, and she put her hands behind her, feeling Mister Small as he guided her wrists and crossed them, before she felt the rope rubbing on her wrists as he bound them together.  She could feel the bands forming, and then the tension increase as it was taken between her arms.  She wriggled her fingers as she felt the masked man securing the ends together, then looked over and watched as he doubled the second length of rope over and crossed her mother’s wrists.


He was fast, skilled, efficient – within five minutes, Abigail knew her wrists were secured tightly together as well, as Mister Tall smiled and looked at them.


“Now, Mister Small, would you kindly ensure that Rita is made comfortable, while Abigail accompanies me on a tour of the residence?”


“OF course,” Mister Small said with a smile as he indicated one of a pair of chairs in the room.  They were made from a dark wood, with a low rounded back, and were upholstered in a yellow and gold fabric.  “If you would kindly take a seat, Rita?”


“I’ll see you later,” Abigail said as Mister Tall took her by the arm, removing a smaller bag from the large one as he did so, and walked her out of the room.  Rita nodded as she sat down, allowing Mister Small to guide her bound wrists over the chair back, and then watched as he took a much longer length of rope from the bag and doubled it over.


He then walked behind her and passed the rope around her waist, then fed the ends through the loop behind her and pulling it tight.  As a result, Rita felt herself pulled against the chair back, the rope sitting under her chest as he then took it up and round her upper body, forcing her arms against her sides as he did so.


He wound it round her several more times above and below her chest, both forcing her against the chair back and ensuring she would not get up, and also making sure her arms were held tightly against her body.  He then passed the rope under the chair arm at the side, pulling it up so that the ropes tightened still further, and passed it around the back of her neck before he took it under the other arm.


As he tied the ropes off, Rita looked at the way the bands of rope were stretching her dress over her chest, and also noted that she genuinely was secured to the chair now, only able to twists slightly from side to side.


She watched Mister Small as he walked back to the back and took out three lengths of rope, then knelt in front of her and started it bind her ankles together.  She could see the soft black fabric compressing under the shite cords, even lightening slightly as he ensured her ankles were held tightly together, and then how her tights also seemed to lighten as he secured her legs together below her knees in the same way, the band of rope sitting on top of her boots.


He then tied the third length of rope between her ankles and pulled her legs back under the chair seat, securing them to her wrists so that’s he truly was fixed to the chair.


“There now,” he said as he stood up and walked round, “I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


“I guess not,” Rita said as she twisted round, “now what?”


“Now,” Mister Small said as he took from the bag a roll of white tape and a red sponge ball, which he compressed in his gloved hand, 2I regret to say you must be kept quiet.  Kindly open your mouth for me.”


“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Rita said with more than a hint of sarcasm, but she obeyed his request, feeling the sponge as it was pushed into her mouth expanding and pressing her tongue down.  But then she also felt his leather gloved hand clamp over her mouth as they both heard the front door open, and a female voice say “it’s just me, Abigail – we have a parcel for you.”


Abigail could not answer – the large hand of Mister Tall was covering her mouth as she stood in her bedroom, the contents of various drawers now in the smaller bag…


“Hey, where are you,” Sue said as she and Mel walked into the front room, Sue carrying a large box – and then they both stopped as they saw Rita in the chair, the bands of rope around her body and her legs – and the black masked gentleman who was standing behind her, his leather gloved hand over his mouth as he smiled.


“This is an unexpected pleasure,” he said as Rita looked at them, “would it be impolite of me to ask who I am speaking to?”


“What…  What have you done to Rita,” Mel said quietly.


“All in good time – I would ask Rita to make the introductions, but I am afraid she has something stopping her talking for the moment.  So, you are?”


“Mel – this is Sue.  Now who the hell are you?”


“I am known as Mister Small,” the masked man said as he looked at them, “and at this moment in time, my friend Mister Tall is upstairs with Rita’s mother.  I am sure you do not wish any harm to befall either of them – so, please, leave the parcel where we can all see it is safe, and then kneel down, with your hands on your heads.  Once I have completed ensuring Rita’s silent cooperation, I will be able to make sure you both remain just as helpfully quiet.”






“So it would appear,” Mister Tall said as he removed his hand, “so not a word for the moment please Abigail.  Shall we go to your daughter’s room now?”



“Rita, can you say anything?”      


As the gloved hand was taken from her mouth, Rita said “Hdhtfhknsh,” both Sue and Mel seeing the blue between her lips.  They watched as the masked man picked a wide roll of white tape, tore off a long strip and pressed it firmly down over the young woman’s mouth, the shape of her lips visible underneath as they both sank to their knees.




“What is,” Mister Small said as he looked at Sue while walking to the large canvas bag.


“Your name – seriously, Mister Small and Mister Tall?”


“Simple and true,” the masked man said with a smile as he collected two lengths of rope from the bag, and walked behind the two women.  “Now – Sue, correct – kindly put your hands behind your back.  I regret to say, you will both be spending some time together in this house as well.”


“Unable to speak?”


“Or move – much,” Mister Small said as he crossed Sue’s wrists behind her back, and she felt the rope as he started to bind them tightly together, taking the cords around and between her arms.


She looked at Mel and nodded as he tied the ends off, and then did the same to her partner, the blonde haired woman watching Sue as her own wrists were bound tightly together.


“Shrrebhtths,” Rita mumbled, the tape moving with her lips as Mister Small fetched two more lengths of rope from the bag, and secured the ankles of her neighbours, the rope rubbing on Sue’s boots as Mel stared ahead.


“Ah – I see we have some unexpected guests.”


Both women turned their head to see the second masked man, a full foot taller than the one behind them, coming into the room with Abigail – and she also had white tape covering her mouth, as well as rope holding her wrists behind her back, and around her arms and upper body, her black dress stretched tight over her chest.


“Shhh?  NMhl?  Hmshsshrrhheee…”


“Okay – I get it now,” Sue said quietly as the taller masked man walked Abigail over to sit next to Rita, the two of them looking at each other as he took more ropes and knelt in front of her, binding her ankles to the front legs of the chair.


As he was doing this, Mister Small also went back to the bag.  “It is truly fortunate we always ensure we have more than adequate supplies,” he said quietly as he took two longer lengths of rope out, and walked back over, doubling one length over and letting the other one drop to the floor as he knelt behind Sue.


“Well, this could be about to get interesting,” Sue said quietly as he passed the rope around the upper body, pulling it tight under her chest before he started to wind it round her, forming two bands that framed her chest above and below as Mel looked over.


“Hey sexy.”


Rita and Abigail looked at Mel as she smiled, Sue twisting round as she said “not the place, lover…”


“Ah – well it is indeed a good thing to spend time like this with those you love,” Mister Small said as he pulled the rope tighter and secured the ends, then used two smaller lengths to tighten the bands between her arms and body.


“My turn I think,” Mel said as he then proceeded to bind her upper body in the same way, while Mister Tall put a cushion on the floor and helped Sue to lie on her stomach.  He then took more lengths of rope from the back and secured her legs together below her knees, taking the rope around and between her legs to do so.


“Whtddhthhthk.” Rita mumbled as she looked at her mother.


“Fhrrfhfnn - jhhls, mhnee, fhrffhn,” Abigail mumbled quietly as they watched the Gentlemen hogtie both Sue and Mel, then push compressed white sponge balls into their mouths before the white tape was pressed down firmly over their own mouths.




“Shldbhwhrss” Mel said as she rolled onto her side, a smile under the tape as she looked at Sue.  Her girlfriend nodded as Mister Tall and Mister Small looked at the four captives.


“We thank you for your hospitality,” Mister Tall said as he looked at Abigail and Rita, “and for your cooperation under unexpected circumstances,” he said as he looked at Sue and Mel.  “The Gentlemen Robbers bid you adieu – may we never meet again?”


“Hrrrhrrr,” Rita laughed under the tape as she felt the sponge getting wetter in her mouth, while the two masked men disappeared into the hallway, and then out of the house…







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