Respect Your Elders







From the van, they both watched as Annie Macleod walked along the street, her Gucci handbag over her arm.  She was in her early forties, with her hair cut in a bob to shoulder length, the bleached hair showing her brown natural colour at the tips and scalp. 


“So she is the person we will be paying a visit to today?”


“Indeed – a very successful writer, and I am sure she will have many things that we can put to good use.  I do not envisage any major issues.”


They looked at her again as she passed – her designer jacket was made from soft olive coloured suede, cut with a large round neckline which they could see the front of her grey dress through.  The skirt of that dress came to just above her knees, her high heeled shoes in the same shade of olive coloured leather.


“Well, she has a certain style, I grant you that.  How long shall we allow her?”


Glancing at his watch, the man said “We’ll allow a few minutes for her to do anything she may need to do – and then we pay a pleasant visit…




“I’ll put the kettle on Mum,” Annie said as she walked down the stairs, heading for the kitchen and filling the kettle with water before she plugged it in and switched it on.  Looking in another cupboard, she found the cafetiere and sat it on the work surface, removing the lid before she went to another cupboard and removed a jar of filter coffee.


“There we go,” she said to herself as the kettle switched off, and she rinsed the glass container with hot water before adding scoops of the coffee, then pouring the hot water over it before she gave it a stir, and put the lid back on.  Smiling, she found a tray and put two coffee cups on, as well as a small jar of cream, and then put the cafetiere on the tray before she picked it up and carried to into the drawing room.


As she set tit down on the coffee table that sat in front of the long couch, she heard the doorbell ringing and made her way back into the hallway.  “I wasn’t expecting a delivery,” she said to herself as she opened the door, and said “yes – can I help you?”


“I believe you can, Miss MacLeod – please, allow us to come in, and say nothing for the moment.”


Annie looked at the two men who were standing there, before she slowly walked backwards, raising her hands in the air as they came in.  They were identically dressed – black leather jackets over roll neck sweaters, dark trousers and shoes, and black balaclavas covering their heads so that only their eyes and mouths were visible.


They also had black gloves on, the gun in the hand of the taller of the two pointed at her as the smaller man closed the door and turned, smiling as he held a large canvas bag in his hand.


“Who was at the door, Annie?”


Annie said nothing as the two men looked behind her, only hearing the footsteps and then the voice saying “ah- I see we have visitors.”


“You do indeed – I believe you are Mrs MacLeod?  Please, come down and join your daughter, and I would be most grateful if you were to raise your hands as you do so.”


Annie turned and looked as her mother came and stood beside her.  She was twenty years older, with her grey-blonde hair swept back, and was wearing a sleeveless dress made from black cloth, a white top panel at the top and stripes coming down to the sides.  She was also wearing dark hose, her feet in a pair of high heeled strapped sandals.


“At least you are well mannered,” she said as she slowly raised her hands, “would it be possible to know who you are?”


“Of course,” the armed man said, “I am known as Mister Tall, my friend Mister Small.  We must ask you to cooperate with us, and do what we say – in that way, nobody needs to be hurt or unduly upset.”


“I’ve heard of you – The Gentlemen Robbers?”


“Our fame precedes us again,” Mister Small said as he looked at the two women.


“Miss and Mrs Macleod is so formal – my name is Moira, my daughter Fiona.  May I presume you intend to secure and silence us?”


“In due course, and with deep regret,” Mister Tall replied with a smile.  “For now, I would like to know if you are expecting any visitors?”


Fiona looked at Moira, and then shook her head as she said “No – we were just going to have some coffee…”


“An excellent idea – why don’t you both go into the room where the coffee is – and I would ask you to draw any curtains across the windows before you seat yourself, Fiona.”


“I do no think we have a choice,” Moira said quietly, Fiona nodding as they walked into the drawing room.  The Gentlemen waited outside the room with Moira as Fiona drew the long dark curtains across the windows, before they allowed both women to sit down, Mister Tall talking a seat as he said “Mister Small, would you leave our bag here, and then make sure that the telephone, internet and security systems are disabled?”


“Of course, Mister Tall,” the second man said as he left the room, Moira smiling as she said “I thought the naming was an affectation, but there is a genuine height disparity between you.”


“Oh yes – please, feel free to pour,” Mister Tall said with a smile, Fiona moving forward and depressing the plunger before she poured the coffee into two cups.  Moira watched, her legs together, her ankles to the side as she accepted the cup and put it to her rouged lips.


“So what are you going to do,” Fiona said after she had sipped from her own cup.


“For now, allow you both to have your drink,” Mister tall said with a smile, “but eventually, I will invite you, Fiona, to come on a tour of the house with me while your delightful mother stays here.  Be assured, you will join her when we are finished.”


“And I presume I will be unable to raise the alarm while you do this,” Moira said as she looked at the masked man.


“With regret, yes – but I will make you as comfortable as possible,” Mister Tall said with a smile as Mister Small came back in.  “Communications and security disabled – I took the liberty of removing the disc for today form the recorder.”


“A good idea – my apologies if you felt that may be if use later, Fiona.”


Fiona looked at the two men, and said “how did you know?”


“Not really important,” Mister Small said with a smile, “what is important is that I knew, and I also retrieved your mobile phone Moira.  On which note…”  He walked to where Fiona had left her handbag, opening it and removing her iPhone before he placed both of them on a high shelf of the display cabinet.


“Ah – well, that was also worth a thought,” Moira said before she took another sip from her cup.


“Mister Small, I wonder if you would ensure that Moira’s legs are secured while you sit there.”




“Indeed,” Mister Small said as he opened the canvas bag, and drew out a length of white rope which eh doubled over, “forgive me if I ask you to remain as you are.”


Both women watched as he knelt next to Moira, and wrapped the rope round her ankles. feeding the ends through the centre loop and then pulling back.  Moira felt the pressure on her ankles as they were forced together, and Mister Small wound the rope round in neat bands.


“I though it would feel rougher,” she said as he tucked the ropes round the top band, separated the ends and then pulled them round the bands between her legs, making it tighter still.


“The rope is made from silk threads,” Mister Small said as he pulled the rope tight, and then tied the ends together at the back of her legs, “as benefits two ladies of your standing.”


“You’re joking,” Fiona said, unable to stop watching as Mister Small went back to the bag and drew a second length of rope form it, doubling it over as he knelt down and then started to bind her mother’s legs together below her knees.


“oh no – as I said, we wish you both to be as comfortable as possible,” Mister Tall said with a smile as Moira felt the rope bringing her legs together, and then the bands tightening as the rope was taken between her legs.


“Do you know, I can believe you on that,” Moira said as the rope was tied off, and she looked down.  “Forgive me for this,” Mister Small said as he came back with another length of rope, Moira nodding as he folded her skirt back a little, and then bound her legs together above her knees.


Fiona shook her head as she finished her coffee, putting the cup down before she said “I imagine you are going to bind my legs as well?”


“Eventually,” Mister Tall said as he and Mister Small stood up, Moira twisting her legs from side to side as she saw the way her hose was lightening under the tight binding.  “For now, however, I would ask you to stand up, and to put your hands behind your back.”


“I think it may be that he is going to bind your upper body, as they have bound my lower body,” Moira said as she picked her coffee cup up and took another drink, watching as Mister Tall walked behind her daughter with a length of the white rope in his gloved hands.


“You may be right,” Fiona said as her hands were taken behind her back, and she felt him cross her wrists before the rope pulled them together.  “Oh,” she said quietly, “you were right, Mother, this rope is soft.”


“But it is strong, and they are doing a good job of securing us,” Moira said as Fiona felt the rope going round, and then between her wrists as the binding grew tighter and tighter.  She felt the tug as the ends were tied oof, and then watched Mister Tall as he walked to the bag and drew out a longer length of rope, shaking it loose and doubling it over as he walked back.


“What is he doing,” Fiona said as the rope was passed round her body below her chest, and then she gasped as she felt the rope tighten, forcing her arms against her body as a second pass went round above her chest.  She stood stock still, trying to process what was happening as the rope went round above and below, and then was fed under one arm, up and around the back of her neck and under the other arm.


“My apologies if you were embarrassed by my touch,” Mister Tall said as he pulled the rope tighter and tied the ends off, Fiona looking down as she saw the way her jacket was almost bursting open under the tight bands.


“If..  If I was not wearing the jacket I think it would be a different matter…”


“Indeed,” Mister Tall said as Moira looked at her.  “Now, why don’t you give me that tour of the house I proposed – Mister Small, can I entrust you with making sure Moira is comfortable, and clearing the coffee away?”


“Of course,” Mister Small said as Moira looked at him walk to the bag.




“Just go with him – something tells me I will be fine,” Moira said, Fiona nodding as she left the room with the taller of the two intruders, before she put her cup down.


“My turn?”


“Your turn,” Mister Small said as he walked over, “please, lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”


“I suppose I should thank you,” Moira said as she complied, and the felt the soft rope on her own wrists.


“For what?”


“Two things,” Moira said as she felt the rope forcing her wrists together, “firstly, for your care and consideration towards both of us.  It may sound strange, but in the case of you two, manners do maketh the men - your reputation and name are deserved.”


“All compliments are received wit thanks,” Mister Small said as he tied the ropes off, Moira flexing her fingers as he walked to the bag and then drew out a second longer length, “and the second thing?”


“this may sound even stranger - and I’m not sure Fiona would understand,” Moira said as he passed the rope over her head, and pulled it tight under her chest, “But – thank you for doing something this exciting.  Bring held hostage like this – it brings to mind memories of past experiences…”


“this may surprise you,” Mister Small said as he took the rope round her, forcing her arms against her sides as the bands formed above and below her chest, “but you are far from the first lady we have had to secure who has said that.”


“I can imagine that is true,” Moira said as she felt him feed the rope under the lower band on her left side, and then the bands tighten as he pulled it up and took it around the back of her neck, “but for myself, thank you.”


“You are, again, most welcome,” Mister Small said as he fed the rope under the other side of her body, and then pulled it through before she secured it behind her back, Moira looking at the way her chest was apparently more prominent under the tightly stretched fabric of her dress.  “Naturally, we do not seek to take advantage of your predicament.”


“I’m not sure it would bother me if you did,” Moira said with a small smile, “but thank you anyway.  Now what?”


“Now I assist you to lie down,” Mister Small said as he helped Moira to lie on her side, bending her legs so that her feet sat at one end of the seat, and putting a cushion uber her head as she rested it on the arm on the other side.  “I hope this is not too uncomfortable.”


“no – but I get the feeling I am going to be quiet now.”


“I regret to say, that is the case,” Mister Small said as he removed from the bag a roll of white tape, and two plastic bags.  Placing them on the coffee table, he opened one bag and removed a clean white scarf from it, folding it into a pad as he said ”Moira, is there anything else you wish to say while you can?”


“No -except thank you.”


“You are most welcome – please open your mouth, and then close your lips after I have inserted this.”


Moira nodded as she opened her mouth wide, tasting the slight hint of perfume on the scarf as Mister Tall eased it into her mouth, using his gloved fingers to ease it in before she closed her lips over it.  She then heard the soft peeling sound as he removed a strip of tape form the roll, and then felt the soft tug on the skin round her mouth as he smoothed it into place, the tape forming to the contours of her face. 


As Mister Small looked at her, he said “I wish to make an offer to you, Moira, to enhance the experience.”




“To blindfold you – if you wish this, nod and then close your eyes.”


Moira looked at him as she thought, and then she nodded and closed her eyes, hearing the peeling sound again and then the pressure over her eyes as he pressed the tape gently over them.


As she lay there, she allowed herself to relax as she heard the sound of the cups being replaced on the tray, and then the soft footfall receding out of the room.  She then heard the sound of water running, and realised the masked man was genuine when he said his friend needed to take care of the coffee cups…





“Ah – I see your mother is indeed comfortable,” Mister Tall said as he and Fiona came back in.  she looked at Moira, lying on her side on the couch, white tape over her mouth and eyes as she said “Mother – are you all right?”


“Hmfhhn,” Moira mumbled, Fiona seeing the shape of her lips under the tape as she nodded her head. 


“Excellent – I see a chaise longue there.  Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, Fiona, while I fetch more ropes?”


“I have a choice?”


“Not really, no,” Mister Tall said with a smile as he watched her walk over and lie on the leather recliner, her head on the top as he fetched three lengths of silk rope and walked over.  She then watched as he crossed and secured her ankles together with the rope, her hands pressing on the small of her back as he did so.


“What’s going to happen when you go?”


“I suggest a time of relaxation and contemplation,” Mister Tall said with a smile as he passed the second length of rope under her legs,, fed the ends through the middle, and then pulled it tight under her knees.  Fiona was beginning to realise how her mother must have been feeling, as he secured her legs there, and then above her legs before he ensured her skirt had been pulled down.


“Ah – did you have a fruitful tour round, Mister Tall?”


Moira was lying still, realising it was best to relax, the scarf getting wetter in her mouth as she heard Fiona say “I guess you’re going to gag me now as well – and blindfold me?”


“I offered your mother the choice,” she heard Mister Small say, “but the decision is yours.”


Fiona looked over as her mother nodded, and then said “very well then – we will both be the same.”


“Excellent,” Mister Tall said as he opened the second plastic bag on the coffee table, and then removed the white scarf before folding it into a pad, “please, open your mouth.”


“thank you,” Fiona said as she opened her mouth as wide as possible, then closed her pink lips together after Mister Tall had pushed the scarf into her mouth with his gloved hands.  She then watched as he peeled a length of tape from the roll, before he gently pressed it down over her mouth.


As with the ropes, she was surprised at how soft it felt on her skin, but as he formed it to the contours of her face she soon realised that, like the rope,” it was going to hold firm and keep the scarf in place.  Mister Tall then peeled a second length off, and said “close your eyes.”


Mister Small watched as his partner pressed the tape gently down over Fiona’s eyes, both women lying still as Fiona said “Mhfhrrr…”


“Whllbhfhn, jhstkhshthl,” Moira said as she wriggled round, enjoying the experience as the two masked men looked at each other.  Mister Tall then took the canvas bag from the room as Mister Small checked the bindings of both women.


“We will inform the authorities of your situation after a suitable period,” Mister Tall said as he walked back into the room.  “The Gentlemen Robbers bid you both adieu – may we never meet again.”


Both women listened as the footsteps left the room, and then the front door opened and closed before Fiona said “huhhlrhhrtmhfhhr?”


“Hmfhhn, uh?”


“Hfhnksh – htfhllshtrnhj…”


“Hnhhn,” Moira said as they lay in the quiet, in the darkness, each with their own thoughts…









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